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Nova Launcher Takes the Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher to New Levels


It was only a matter of time before the stock Ice Cream Sandwich launcher was improved upon. Many of you were not excited to see that long pressing on the home screen no longer gives you a widgets menu and that you could only add them through the app drawer. Those frustrations will be tossed aside if you load up the newest launcher on the block called Nova Launcher. It’s Ice Cream Sandwich-based (meaning you have to be running ICS in order to use it), and simply builds upon the stock launcher by adding in a ton of customisable options.

You will find a 3D cube transition between home screens, compatibility with ADW icon packs, long press menu from home screens, grid adjustments, and the removal of the locked Google Search bar up top.  

Download:  APK | Zip (install) | Zip (uninstall)

To install you have a couple of options. If you want the widgets menu to work from within the app drawer, the app has to be installed in /system/app which cannot be done by simply installing the .apk.

Option 1 (widgets menu non-working):  Install the .apk file like you normally would an .apk. The Widgets menu in the app drawer will not function this way though.

Option 2 (widgets menu working):  You need to download and install the “Zip (install)” file through Clockwork recovery. Download to phone, reboot into recovery through ROM Manager, “install zip from sdcard,” and choose the NovaLauncherUpdate.zip. If you want to remove it, repeat the steps but select the NovaUninstall.zip instead.


Via:  XDA

Cheers Samuel!

  • Krister

    Thanx, that’s more like it 🙂

  • widets drawer now works in 4.0.4. just installed using apk.

  • Vdom39

    does this work with kang cm9?

  • Yes, it has landscape if you enable auto-rotate

  • They work from the home screen yes but are not available through the app tray

  • You can install it as an .apk without being rooted or unlocked, but to have it installed as a system file you need to be rooted I’m pretty sure, for access to the widgets in the app tray

  • Same thing happened to me, I have to reflash it every time I want to go into CW recovery

  • George Moundroukas

    is this a launcher for phone that don’t have ics or a launcher for phones that do have ics?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why fanboys come into Android forums and rag on what is evidently one of the best operating systems on the market. When I was a Blackberry owner, I went to Blackberry forums. When I switched to Android, I came to Android forums.

    I have NEVER gone into an Apple iPhone forum and trashed the iPhone. Mostly because I have a life and I prefer spending my time productively.

    I honestly don’t understand why these idiots find it enjoyable to come into forums and provoke people. The best way to handle them, IMO, is to completely ignore their comments and not add fuel to the fire of jackassery.

  • I’ll take it any day over iOS which Apple throws down in front of you and says “this is all you get, whether you like it or not and no one is improving upon it but us..

  • Anonymous

    So far, my brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus is incredibly surreal in just about every way. This is THE Android phone I’ve been waiting for. Pure google limitless possibilities. Just unlocked the bootloader, rooted it, installed slick new Nova Launcher, etc.

    Let me tell you…anyone who’s on the fence about picking up a G-Nex, well, let me tell you, friend, get the hell off it, ’cause you will NOT regret buying this phone.

    But don’t do it for yourself, do it for all of Droid-kind!!

  • Anonymous

    Sounded cool at first but didn’t seem it was working like it’s supposed to. I updated it to the Beta 3 and I felt like it slowed things down when scrolling through desktop pages. Also, when scrolling through the drawer there was a page where it was left blank. I pressed and held to see if anything would happened and an app got installed on one of my desktop pages. Apparently something went wrong in that beta 3 version. I tried uninstalling it through clockwork recovery but it didnt uninstall at all? Any ideas?

  • Kelly

    Thanks! Works great so far!

  • my upload and download speeds are incredible,been peggin the meter, ran speed test when I had 4 full bars on 4g and got 34152 kbps on download and 22696 kbps on upload,not sure if anyone is beating this, but….wow  right

  • anyone else have this camera problem, when I take a pic its perfect,then the pics goes up to the corner and camera is ready for next shot, when i touch the pic in the corner it comes back to full size and is still perfect, but when i tap it again or just bring it up from the gallery its always darker,this happen on all phones or just mine ? it should stay bright

  • Migamix

    faster than going into recovery (since im having probs getting CWrecovery to stick). just drop this app into the /system/app directory, then pres home, you should see it as an option…

  • guest

    For some strange reason, when I boot into recovery, I get the android laying down with a red triangle and exclamation point.

    • guest

      Nevermind, I just had to reflash Clockwork recovery. Tried again and it worked.

  • Jukboxhero

    i thought this was a post about a new launcher and i scroll down to read 80 comments having nothing to do with how this launcher actually is…

  • LewD1

    Im just using a golauncher ICS theme, uses the same icons plus gives me a menu button on the bottom that I was missing a lot and removes the annoying google search bar. 

  • Anonymous

    pretty cool if any one is wondering this does work on my dinc running ics-deck pre alpha 5… even though this is now nex-life lol i thought anyone with a droid running a custom ics rom this works pretty well. and i may be one of the very very few but i kinda like the google search bar, not that i use it all the time but it was so small and out of the way it seemed like it belonged there. so my one complaint about nova is that i cant add back my little clear and out of the way search bar i am stuck with this big ol gray ugly box.

    • Tom Craig

      I’m with you in liking the stock ICS search bar.  I like the other things Nova brings to the table, but does anyone know a way that I can put that search bar back instead of the grey one?  Not sure if there is a file for it floating around I could just install.  Thanks!

  • Barajas2005

    Twice already my phone has powered off using this Launcher. Uninstalled.

  • LionStone

    Nice…the screen looks ten times better without the search bar plastered on the screens. Didn’t think it would take long for someone to omit that. 

  • Tim Buchanan

    Do I have to be rooted to do this, or just unlock the bootloader?

    • Anonymous

      To install it via ROM manager, you would need to have root access. ROM manager is a superuser application.

      To install it as an .apk file maybe not. I installed a couple of .apk files before I unlocked the bootloader. 

      You ask a good question there.

    • webby

      My Nexus is neither rooted, nor is the bootloader unlocked.  I downloaded Nova Launcher last night and set it up to my personal preferences.  It seems to be working fine, tho haven’t used it enough to tell yet if it is bug-free.

  • Anonymous

    How can i add the locked search bar? Btw voice to text is much worse than before with any background noise at all

  • Anonymous

    Moto’s skin looks similar to ICS in many ways. I will not be surprised if Moto’s ICS is almost identical to Google’s.

    • Guest


  • Hey Salem

    Is the app version for root only?

  • thanks i like this.  i wonder what is better this or adw ex

  • Kris

    Nice to see the so called open-source-freedom-loving androidians flagging every dissenting comment/opinion about Android.

    talk about hypocrisy! LOL.

    • Why do you even care?

    • Adam

      Having fun trolling? 

  • Haproot

    Just loaded the apk and my widgets menu works from the home screen…

  • Msh12

    Are there any ics launchers for Gingerbread?

    • Anonymous

      There are ICS themes for ADW EX and Go Launcher EX.

  • Ryan

    How do I access my things I have downloaded through the browser on this thing?

    • Downloads app.

    • Kelly

      Or install a file browser and goto the downloads folder

  • This is like saying Windows / OSX sucks because I don’t like which shortcut icons are pinned to the dock when I started up the computer for the first time.

  • Anonymous

    So take this into consideration, with the new ICS widget implementation, it actually is quicker to get to your widgets. Think about it, before ICS, the longpress took longer than one click, then you had to click Widgets and the you get the scrollable list; whereas now, with ICS, you click the launcher, click the Widgets at the top and there you are. I know we’re talking milliseconds, but that is called improvement in my book. And the fact that you get an idea of how it will fit is even better than before.

    Opinion, humble, blah blah blah

  • Steve

    I unlocked and rooted my bootloader, why am I getting an error when I reboot into recovery?

    • Try flashing clockwork mod recovery every time you want to reboot to the bootloader, I was getting an error message too and this is what i’ve had to do to get around it.

  • This is fantastic.

  • TheRobotCow

    Quick question. Will this only work for 4.0 or will this install just like any other launcher?

    • Anonymous

      the answer is in the article, read it.

    • Every application has minimum requirements, since Android changes (read updates) most, if not all, of their APIs for new versions of Android. The new APIs are backward compatibly (the 2.3 or 4.0 APIs can handle 2.2 applications) but are not forward compatible (4.0 applications can’t use 2.2 APIs). I am assuming that this launcher was created with the 4.0 APIs.

  • Guys, don’t whine about the widget placement.  ICS is half about making the genius of this phone available to people that aren’t as tech focused as we are.  They took a page out of a competitor’s playbook and gave my Dad a better chance of figuring out what a widget is – as long as I can make it work the way I want it to as well I am fine with that.

    • Keith Sumner

      You heard it here on Droid-Life, folks, ICS is for dads.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more I have switched both my parents to droids and yet both don’t really get the whole long press and dragging but open a menu and click they can even do that.

  • Franzie3

    I’ll take it over stock for now as long as it doesnt lose any speed…I like the additional features it brings and im sure once ADW is updated with some more newer ICS features i’ll go to it.  but this is why we all love the Android OS, someone can put something together like this and we can all feel free to try it out.

    Kellex – Do you know if the Develeoper has a thread on XDA or Rootzwiki about it that we can report bugs (if any) or request additional features if he is willing?  Its something not in the market yet correct?

  • Anonymous

    This launcher is awesome.  Everything that the OS should be by default!

  • Anonymous

    I might be in the minority, but I actually kinda like the way you add the widgets! I am slightly annoyed with the Google search, but don’t forget, Google had their name removed from the outside of the phone, they need face time SOMEWHERE. BTW, these headphones don’t suck!

  • CivilDroid

    Anyone getting the “problem parsing the package” warning? Iv’e DL’d it with my phone and my computer and it does it both ways when I try to install it.

    • CivilDroid

      Nev mind. Im dumb. ICS only. Will it work on a ICS Rom then or does it have to be stock?

      • Anonymous

        You’ll have to wait and see what the Devs integrate into their ROMs. I am sure it will be that and more.

  • DroidzFX


  • Kenpinzon

    Launcher pro work just fine on mine. No issues yet.

    • Bryan Williams

      You haven’t added the calendar widget to a screen yet apparently.

      • Anonymous

        I have. It’s working fine. What’s the problem on yours?

        • Bryan Williams

          Constant crash loop.

  • mike

    guessing you have to unlock bootloader and root for this to work? at least to install from zip?

    • Anonymous

      I applied a couple .apk files directly via download before I unlocked the bootloader. But in this case you have to install from zip so you will at least need to unlock the boot loader.

      You only need to be rooted if you want to install it via ROM manager, which is an app that requires superuser access.

  • hawgpapa

    Great launcher. The greatest piece is the auto-rotate in the Home screen! I am starting to like my rooted Nexus that much more…Running Android Revolution Hd 2.1.0. Looking forward to a whole new world to be developed!

  • This is tempting. I just wanna make that damn google search bar disappear. I never use it. Takin up useful space.

    • Anonymous

      IMO they should have left the search button instead.

      • Anonymous

        You seem to be in a bad mood today fvqu….LOL

  • will have to test this out

  • Anonymous

    Omg look at this video I found of previews of Android Jelly Bean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFt6MyiVx54&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • Anonymous

      that’s wonderful! it must have been so great that the guy at the end was playing with his balls

      • Anonymous

        Lol. Funny stuff. I think that is my favorite youtube video ever.

  • Br_hermon

    For those of you who, like me, aren’t sure if you like the horizontal page app drawer. Try Organized Drawer. I just installed it today and it works like a charm when combined with Nova Launcher.


  • galaxynexusprime

    Meh. Stock is great. 

  • Tuan

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, lets open up the flood gate on this bitch! =)

  • Can you change the dock icons yet? I hate those damn stock icons.

    • Anonymous

      There are flashable mods that change the look of the icons and there is also a mod to add the search back to the soft keys.

  • J_Godd

    Think I will just stick with ADW EX

  • Kris

    and  ladies and gentleman..this is why android is so great.. it lets you customize anything and everything… (doesn’t matter if the “customizing” is actually fixing something in stock or to make it function the way it is supposed to).

    • You mean like Apple did in copying no less than 10 important features for iOS 5 from Android that iOS should have had from day 1, how many years later to make it function like it is supposed to???

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you don’t know a damn thing about Android.  This doesn’t fix anything–Google changed the way widgets work to better mesh with the tablet experience.  So now, instead of holding on the home screen, you open the app drawer and click the widget button at the top.  Seems pretty intuitive to me.  This only people who have issue with this are those who want to rely on muscle memory from past devices.  This isn’t a fix, it’s a customization to bring back an old methodology to a new system.  It’s not necessary, some people just prefer it better.  The ICS method of handling widgets works fine for the average user.  

      But let’s really look at your point.  Your’re telling us that the crap notification system in iOS for all these years was impressive?  Apple’s multitasking implementation has always been perfect?  The fact that Apple was late to the multitasking game was never an error on their part?  Apple first releasing the iPhone with no ability to make 3rd party apps and expecting that developers would be happy making HTML-based apps suggests careful consideration?  The features developers make available on jail-broken devices that don’t exist on stock iOS don’t suggest something’s not right?  Let’s not forget that the jailbreak community fixed the notification system a long time ago in iOS, well before Apple opted to build a notification system similar to Android.Stop holding your tech companies up to some godly level is if it requires evangelicals to save the sinners from their heathen operating systems.  Find tech that does what you like, and move on. Go off and do something meaningful that actually matters rather than trying to create some higher social status out of owning a product someone else designed and built.  You’re not special–all you did was buy a product.  The people who built that product, they are special.  All you are doing is trolling around the web trying to ride off their success by virtue of your ownership.  As your buying-in to their wonderful creation makes you better or smarter than any other consumer.  People buy products to fill their own need, not to impress the likes of you.  How empty and meaningless your life must be that you need to use web forums of competing products to build yourself up as if you were part of the special group who made something good.When you drop into Android forums and start spouting off like Apple is your God, you come off desperate to justify the reasoning behind your material possessions.  You’re certainly not providing any well formed argument with factual analysis and concrete facts, so it’s not like you came here to actually debate the merits of the Android OS usability versus iOS, or the different development philosophies behind each format.  That suggests you have no real motive other than to build yourself up as being better than everyone else who owns something different than the phone you opted to buy.  You don’t need to troll to feel better about yourself and the possessions you own.  That is, unless you want to spend the rest of your life in a pathetic existence squeezing as much as you can from the false satisfaction one receives through touting the success of others’ inventions, as if your ownership puts you at the same level as those who created your material possession

      • Anonymous

        You rant bro?

        • dblj

          That was honestly the only “bro” comment I laughed at..

      • Seriously? Calm down. Geez. He didn’t even mention iOS. You did….

        • dudetastic

          You missed his other posts that were since flagged. He was trolling pretty hard about Apple making the best phones and what not.

      • Tanqueray856

        woah… what a d-bag

    • awww little krissy is mad…… 🙁 …. i would be oh so mad too if i was stuck with a 4S that has tech. from 2 years ago and calls it “innovative” muahahhahaha

  • Hot damn things are heating up FAST in Nexus land….and I think I like it >:]

  • ill stick with ADW EX

  • Flyinion

    Just one question, does it enable landscape mode?

    • Anonymous

      No landscape…

    • hawgpapa

      Yes, it does allow landscape – auto rotate in the Settings for Screen orientation

      • Flyinion

        Nova Launcher will do landscape?  Just checking.  I know LP, ADW, and Go do, but the stock ICS does not.  The phone supports landscape for apps of course, but the stock ICS launcher does not do landscape. Since Nova sounds like a modified stock launcher, that’s why I’m asking.

  • Kris

    Typical Android. Stock is either lacking in common sense functionality or simply sux.. hence rely on third party modifications to do what it is supposed to do out of box.

    • Keith Sumner

      isn’t it funny? People complain that phones like the Bionic are not a stock experience but have third party software (blur). Then they get a Nexus and have to install third party software  anyway to make it better.

      • People don’t complain about Blur because it isn’t Stock. People complain about Blur because Blur sucks. 

        • Keith Sumner

          Blur doesn’t suck anymore, performs very smoothly.

          • Jeremy Turnley

            Just because it sucks in a smooth manner doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

            Moto changes the most base settings and restricts access for no reason at all. My Droid X’s button lights would stay on all night in the cradle and nothing could turn them off, because Moto said so. Why?

          • Duke Blue

            That’s so true blur has sucked from day one. What’s that old saying “You can’t polish a turd”

          • Anonymous

            you can if you bronze it first… see newest iteration of  moto overlay. 

          • honk

            you can but it is still a polished turd.


          • You’re missing the point. People don’t complain about Blur because it’s not stock android (although I guess a few do). People complain about blur because it’s very intrusive and isn’t an improvement over stock android. 

            If blur were beautiful and a joy to use, and if Blur didn’t delay upgrades to new iterations of Android, people would welcome the change over stock (or at least most would).

          • My DROID3 is not smooth at all.  I finally had the root the thing just to get it functiional and not have a screen redraw every other home press.  

          • Kswaney

            You said enough when you opened your mouth in spit the words Droid 3…..new blur on balling ars hardware is sexy n blazing fast….just ask my razr

          • I take your razr and raise you a Nexus…

          • Guest

            your right man……blur = major fail!!!!

        • Guest


      • Anonymous

        People wany to customize the device themselves, not have someone like noto or htc do it for them thats why people complain . I want to start with stock then hook it up the way i want

      • Guest

        you mad bro?

    • Or you can look at the positive which is, Android gives users the opportunity to improve upon things. I’ll take it any day over iOS which Apple throws down in front of you and says “this is all you get, whether you like it or not and no one is improving upon it but us…12 months later.”

      • For the techies out there, of course Android is the preferred OS, but for all your friends and family that know nothing about dual core processors, 720p display, etc, iPhone is still a good choice. 

        • DroidzFX

          Its not my fault your friends and family are not educated

        • Kris

          thats not true. the iphone just like the mac (and I don’t know if you’ve worked with macs before).. can be simple and elegant..and yet under it’s hood.. packs a lot of functionality for advance users.
          SSH, accessing webDAV servers etc.. are much more elegant and bug-free in ios than in android.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think he’s talking THAT advanced but more in terms of how easy modification is on Android. Google at least lets us have the ability. You’re always going to see features that make you think “that should come stock” simply because of the sheer number of things you can customize. 

            Google has also picked up the ball on many features that devs have introduced, and added them to Android. Also, I think the ICS launcher is perfect for the average user. This just adds more.

        • Anonymous

          I acknowledge that iPhone is a good device, but you don’t have to be a “techy” to enjoy Android. I wish people would stop making that claim. 

          My sister and wife are not techy people but love changing the look of their phones when they want to. 

        • Anonymous

          Ive said it a milliin times, the iphone is a high end jitter bug

      • mrpotatohead99

        Couldn’t agree with you more Kellen. That’s the beauty of an open company (Google), open-source, and the open-source community! Nothing else can come close because non-open-source must rely on a limited and small set of hired programmers and engineers to develop, fix, and improve the product(s) and ensure security. On the flip slide, open-source literally has thousands and thousands of programmers and engineers that continually come up with new and innovative ideas, ensure security and find holes, and enhance the overall product(s). Pretty awesome and impressive!

      • Kris

        yea.. but then whatever apple “throws down” .. it is done after careful scrutiny of what works.. and what is the best way to make it work without compromising other functionality. 9.9 out of 10 times.. is why Apple gets it right.

        • Some Random Dude


          • Some_Other_Random_Dude

            Is that you Kellex

        • Apple gets it right to the tune of…what is the market share again?  Like 10 percent?

          • Anonymous

            I’d like to know what percent of US sales for $250+ smartphones they have had in the last two years. I’d bet it is much higher than Android (unfortunatly).

          • Thaddix

            Apple is still King of the high end smartphone sales. They do this and still only really come out with a new phone every 2 years. The orignal iPhone, iP3G and iP4 were all so far ahead of everyone else, that with the 3GS & 4S were only done with incremental upgrades and still go toe to toe and outsell every other phone out there spec wise. Whether you prefer the oneness of Android or controlled iOS approach, you have to give them props. I have both android and Apple phones, and I’m able to appreciate and enjoy both systems.

          • Calvin Williams

            The iP4 and the Evo were about as good as each other if you don’t include the battery life.

          • richard melcher

            There king of the high end smartphone sales because they sell lots of ordinary phones at high end prices. 

          • lostsync

            It’s kind of amazing how militant people can get over software. Any software that gets heavy use and has a solid competitor also has a pitchfork wielding mob behind it.

          • Thaddix

            No one makes more profit in this than apple, and comparing market share of all andoid devices to iPhone is really like apples to oranges. A fair comparision would be to compare one phone, say the Galaxy S II to iPhone market share. No single phone on the planet actually outsells iPhone. iOS has a 29% market share compared to Andoird’s 52% according to the latest reports. But there are a ton of android devices out there compared to only a few iOS devices, currently only 4 different iOS models for sale. Apple and Android will coexist, so don’t hate on either whichever you prefer. Apple will continue to innovate new groundbreaking tech, and Android and Microsoft and all the others will copy it, just like they have always done which drives Apple to come up with new innovations like Siri…which now google is trying to copy once again. So the cycle continues. It drives both companies to deliver great products to customers.

          • Anonymous

            Yea, Apple really innovated the hell out of that notification bar, social network integration, tabbed browsing, and cloud syncing. Can’t wait for Android to copy those features in Jelly Bean…oh wait.

          • richard melcher

            Apple didn’t innovate Siri, they bought it. Siri was acquired by Apple Inc. on April 28, 2010.

            Stop acting like Steve Jobs created and innovated everything awesome in the world. Most apple technology comes from the same place every other corporation gets ideas; other small company’s. 

        •  If Apple really got things right, we wouldn’t be on an Android blog now, would we?

          • Anonymous

            Id think i would like to add PWNED to your statement

          • Christian Atencio

            hes in the wrong territory

        • Anonymous

          Kris, Apple has done a good job, but NO, and I mean NO manufacture of ANYTHING is 9.9 out of 10 with functionality especially in the tech world. When it comes to dealing with the public and limiting the functionality because this manufacture says “That’s all  you need. take or leave it” well we have options with Android. Big difference between Apple and Android.

          You can not possibly tell me that Apple is the end all to functionality and no one else, will come up with better ideas or options to make a UI better or more customizable. It like leading a flock of SHEEP!!! .

          Kellex is right you can IMPROVE upon things with a great Android community that the openness of it all. Sure no one has the PERFECT UI or functionality or we would be robots.

          hey everyone has an opinion and that’s what this country was based on I choose Android, You chose Apple and that’s ok, no bashing here just everyone’s right to like what they want to like 🙂

          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Thanks for the Nexus Santa 🙂

        • Anonymous

          LOL…..like how you’re supposed to hold it?

        • If your such an Apple Fanboy why are you on Droid-Life?

        • I don’t like iOS. They definitely do not make it to fit my specifications of good mobile OS… but I can easily make Android fit them with a few tweaks here and there.

          • Anonymous

            Google does the same (better in my opinion). Then they open source it and allow customization, options, and improvements to be made to the already great creation. This is what truly makes Google amazing, and Apple, well…you know…

      • Kevin

        The way I explain the difference between the two philosophies to people is basically that with Apple, their attitude is “Don’t like it? Think you can do better? Screw you, we know best!”… Google’s attitude with android is “Don’t like it? Think you can do better? Change it!”

        And to be honest, for the average non-technical consumer, Apple’s philosophy doesn’t really have any negative effect on them. Or at least not that they realize. I just prefer my freedom, thanks.

    • John

      can’t please everyone. hopefully, LPP dev will put out an update one of these years (hah, i know)

    • Gimme a break. All stock did was move where you access widgets. So someone changed it back.

      This is not about better or worse. This is about preference.

      If anything, this is a testament to Android, not an indictment, because with Android, users can make their phone respond in the way that they want it to (and not the other way around). 

      This is like saying Windows / OSX sucks because I don’t like which shortcut icons are pinned to the dock when I started up the computer for the first time.


      • Kris

        your are wrong my friend.

        here is what the article says
        “It was only a matter of time before the stock Ice Cream Sandwich
        launcher was improved upon. Many of you were not excited to see that
        long pressing on the home screen no longer gives you a widgets menu and
        that you could only add them through the app drawer.”

        Notice the  key words.. improved upon.. .. many of you were not excited…

        So like I said.. this is doing something which stock is already supposed to do.

        • “Improved” in this case is the wrong word to describe the situation, IMHO. I can still access widgets, and personally, I like that they’re now in the app drawer.

          That is my preference.

          An objective improvement would have to do with speed, battery life, performance, etc.

          Where I access widgets is a preference, and it seems like some people prefer the old way (not the wrong or right way).

          • Kris

            I am not sure if this is THAT subjective. I think Kellex is right. Having to add widgets by going into app drawer and then scrolling over to the widgets portion is kind of back-asswards.. considering in past versions of android it was simply a matter of pressing and holding.

          • Anonymous

            You actually don’t have to “scroll over” anywhere.  You simply press the launcher icon, and then press widgets.  In this process, there is no scrolling involved.

            I don’t know if you have actually used ICS, but Google has been trying to rid Android of long-pressing.  They want everything to be laid out in front of you to offer a better experience.

          • Earleepa

            You sir really are an idiot. They can explain it to you all day but they can’t make you understand it.

        • Anonymous

          “Improved upon” – Kellex’s personal preference. I happen to like my google bar up top. Some people do, some people don’t. In contrast to this, the iPhone however has a whole screen devoted to search that you have to swipe all the way to the left for. I’d still prefer a search bar on every screen. Let me just download something to change this over iTunes.. oh.. wait..

    • Dmb1517

      I couldn’t agree more. There are literally zero problems with widgets on the iPhone.

      • Athensjohn

        Very good point.  Widgets on the iPhone work exactly like Apple wants them to.  

        Not to bash the iPhone because it is just technology, but I like the elegant look of Android better.  I like to see my the photos I choose as wallpaper rather than have them obscured by apps. Obviously, I could load MIUI if I wanted that look.  I prefer the to have a clean (and in my mind elegant) look on a phone.

    • Billyrouth2000

      Even with the so called bugs its still better then being stuck with the same exact look on ios. Dont be mad bc u boucht an iphone and now your stuck with 2 year old technology.

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t a case of lacking common sense.  This is a case of users trying to get back old elements of the OS that changed.  The new functionality isn’t bad or lacking at all, it’s just different.  That’s like saying Apple eff’d up when they first released OSX because it had a doc and was different.

  • Anonymous

    That didn’t take long!