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Looking for Accessories for Your New Galaxy Nexus? May Want to Pass on the Car Dock from Verizon

When the entire Galaxy Nexus accessory lineup was unveiled in a series of videos a couple of weeks back, the Android world was abuzz over the car dock which had a 3-pin connector and charging ports that were mounted in the base attachment. This would allow for you to dock your device, charge it, use an AUX cable to get audio in your car stereo, and also not have cords dangling out the back like most other car docks force you into. It was a beautiful design.

As the device went on sale yesterday, many of you were extremely interested in picking this accessory up as one that Verizon had plenty of. Some of you picked it up and quickly realized this was not the same dock that we saw featured on video and was essentially a $40 piece of plastic. There were no pin connectors and the back end has been opened up so that your AUX cable and mico USB charging can be inserted through there rather than the base piece. So you aren’t getting the full pin charging experiencing, but you also have to drag  your cords up and out of the side of the mount, making your dashboard look like Lindsay Lohan’s life – a mess. 

It’s tough to tell if we will ever see the nice version of the car dock here in the states, but places like Amazon UK and Expansys are doing their best to get them. You may be waiting a few weeks though.

Cheers Nathan, Muffnman, Alex, and Eric!

  • Anonymous

    I was in the Verizon Store picking up a Gnex today. I told the salesman that the car dock sucks and he checked his system and said that it looked like another one might be “in the pipeline.” He could not give me an ETA.

  • Daniel Maginnis

    no one cared anything about the droid 3 dock. that one has a single usb port on the back of the dock that will charge as well as drop the aux out all the way down to the end of the cord. i liked it a lot, but returned it because of the blur cardock. now that i am running liberty, i might consider getting it again.

  • Alexander Amato

    I bought it. I am disappointed. I want power built in. I want to drive to Canada. Why Verizon? Why?

  • Anonymous

    People still buy accessories from Verizon? Wow. Learn something new every day.

  • BOOOO!  They allowed me to use my livingsocial coupon to order accessories parts online and this was one of them.  If I can get the “nice” version for close to the same price, then I will be taking advantage of the 14 day return policy.  Man, they will pull anything to try and save on production costs and pass along the cost premium to the consumer.

    Thank you D-L for the heads up!!!

  • Sh!t I guess I’m returning it. I bought it and is coming on Monday. I will not open it and take it to the store for credit.