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Telegraph: Galaxy Nexus Launching in the U.S. After November 17


An article published by the UK’s Telegraph this morning has our inbox filling up with worried future Galaxy Nexus owners. Could the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich device launch in Europe on November 17, but not in the U.S. for another couple of weeks? According to this article, that’s exactly what will happen. Here is the quote from the piece that has scared us all:

“At a recent Samsung European launch…the company confirmed that the European launch will precede the device going on sale in America and the rest of the world.”

Uh oh. Could it be? Last week, the internets were abuzz when Samsung announced in London that the device would most definitely be out on November 17 in Europe, but this is the first time we have seen “America” brought up. I would say that most of us were under the impression that the U.S. version would more than likely be out at that same time to make for one big Euro-American launch. Now, I wasn’t at the event to know if Samsung actually used the word “America” or not, so I would say that we shouldn’t freak out too much at this point and look at this as purely rumor. This is the first time we have seen any news publication use something other than that the phone would roll out in Europe and the “rest of the world thereafter.”

Verizon has told us that the phone will be out some time this year – whether or not that’s November 17 is still a mystery. You can all survive for another week or so, can’t you?

Via:  Telegraph

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    the gs2 is looking better every week.

  • Anonymous
  • Pennywise

    Sounds like December. I sure an glad I upgraded my OG to this Bionic; been an awesome phone!

  • I’ve got my money in my drawer, Samsung give me something to spend it on before I get tired of waiting and go to Moto or HTC.

  • Anonymous

    Well if there isn’t a date by November 10th Droid RAZR here I come.  I don’t really need to buy a new phone, but I can and I am tired of waiting lol.  

  • Anonymous

    This is getting f***ing old!  I’m tired of dealing with my automatic rebooting moto droid1 and i’ve been holding out for the nexus since moto totally screwed the bionic (and xoom)!  I might as well just go get a dam iphone 4s as i know what i’ll get. A phone that works, fits in my pocket, and is cheaper.    I might as well switch carriers while i’m at it as i’m SICK and TIRED of being toyed with by VZ!  Why is the largest carrier in the US the last to get the good phones? AT&T & Sprint carry the S2 and all VZ is doing is selling rebranded Moto phones!

    • Pennywise

      I don’t even slightly regret getting the Bionic; it’s a fantastic phone and getting tons of support from the dev community.  I don’t think your problem is with manufacturer’s or carriers…

  • Is VZW really that stupid to launch this thing on Black Friday?  This will not cause Black Friday traffic to their store.  All it will do is have techno geeks like us stopping it at most.  

  • ashy larry

    tthis has got to be the worst news ive heard all year. words cannot describe how pissed off i am right now. i gotta put up w my P.O.S., broken, dying droid 2 for at least another 3 weeks. this is causing a major inconvenience on my life

  • Sporty

    My opin: Moto has Verizon by the balls. Their Bionic sucked. Everyone was waiting for the GNex. Somehow Moto was able to slide another of their POS locked down tight phones in before the GNex comes out,putting the GNex back behind it and getting Razr in before it with Verizon specifying release dates while purposely keeping the GNex release date quiet. I think it’s because of Razr and Moto holding Verizons balls is why we have no GNex release date and why GNex is falling further and further back….

  • hatethanet

    Although it’s disappointing, with the “Available Later This Year” ads Verizon was running, I’m not surprised. 

  • streetkid

    I enjoy this news.  I ordered my iPhone 4s the other day.  Its half the price of these new phones, it will actually fit in my pocket, it runs smoother than any other phone out there, and.. its available now!  I’m out of town for the next week, when I get back it’ll be waiting for me on my kitchen table.

    I figure in 20 months when I’m due for an upgrade again, 4G phones might actually be at a reasonable uninflated price, and android might barely be on par for smoothness.

    I’ve had the OG Droid for 20 months, I love it, but its dying (bullshit that a phone can’t even last 2 years anymore), and I’m not going to pay $300 to get the same phone, but just be faster.  I’m looking forward to playing with something new and unfamiliar.

    • Anonymous

      cool story, bro

    • Anonymous

      I made the jump from thunder bolt to iPhone 4 a couple months ago and have no regrets. But must say I have my eye on a nexus

    •  I don’t necessarily disagree with you.  Unfortunately for me, I need to tether.  There is no way to do that with the iPhone 4S without jailbreaking it or paying the carrier for the service.  These are 2 things I won’t do.   I do not tether often.  However, when I do, there is a reason and need.

    • Not sure where you went to school, but $199 is not half of $299 – plus, the 32GB iPhone is the same price.  Also – why do you “enjoy” this news?  How would a potential delay in an unrelated phone benefit you in any way for your iPhone 4S purchase?

  • Anonymous
  • Dominick DeVito

    OG still rocking stronger as ever – don’t know what you babies are crying out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m predicting a November 25th US/Verizon release.

  • Anonymous

    Razr 10th, Rezound 17th, Gnex 24th

  • babadush

    This says alot about the priority of the US. we are starting to get phones last

    • Dominick DeVito

      Google’s best services (i.e., Google Voice) have always been US first. The UK has had to wait almost every time, sometimes for months or even a year.

      Don’t cry over a few weeks. Get over it.

      • babadush

        The sgs2 was more than a few weeks. Now our own companies are delaying our phones. America isn’t what it used to be. We are not the top market anymore. China and Asia are.

        • Pennywise

          Where were you raised? America has never, ever been the ‘top market’ for consumer electronics. And cell phones in particular?! 

          In fact, the U.S doesn’t get ANY of the state-of-the-art phones, such as those from NTT DoCoMo…

  • Pretty sure my Bionic can hold out til then :P. I do feel bad for those that still have an OG Droid that’s dying a slow painful death though. You guys have my sympathy, no BS.

  • Bostoneagle1

    mw2 then this hell ya i love november

    • Anonymous


  • Kevin Kim

    Well, truth be told, even if it DOES comes out on 17th, Europe WILL get it first. They ARE ahead of US in few hours…

  • Anonymous

    Now that I’ve installed the SDK ICS on my Nexus S… I feel l could last a few more months without that Galaxy Nexus… Sweet Sweet Nectar…

  • Bryan Williams

    I can confirm that it was definitely announced in the UK last week that it will in fact “launch in Europe on November 17th and across the globe shortly after”.

    That’s a quote taken directly from the video from Samsung.  Wanna see it yourself?  Go to 50 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.



  • Anonymous
  • Dongwenal

    My contract is up next week verizon mmm buy Razr or go to sprint G SII.