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Telegraph: Galaxy Nexus Launching in the U.S. After November 17

An article published by the UK’s Telegraph this morning has our inbox filling up with worried future Galaxy Nexus owners. Could the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich device launch in Europe on November 17, but not in the U.S. for another couple of weeks? According to this article, that’s exactly what will happen. Here is the quote from the piece that has scared us all:

“At a recent Samsung European launch…the company confirmed that the European launch will precede the device going on sale in America and the rest of the world.”

Uh oh. Could it be? Last week, the internets were abuzz when Samsung announced in London that the device would most definitely be out on November 17 in Europe, but this is the first time we have seen “America” brought up. I would say that most of us were under the impression that the U.S. version would more than likely be out at that same time to make for one big Euro-American launch. Now, I wasn’t at the event to know if Samsung actually used the word “America” or not, so I would say that we shouldn’t freak out too much at this point and look at this as purely rumor. This is the first time we have seen any news publication use something other than that the phone would roll out in Europe and the “rest of the world thereafter.”

Verizon has told us that the phone will be out some time this year – whether or not that’s November 17 is still a mystery. You can all survive for another week or so, can’t you?

Via:  Telegraph

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    the gs2 is looking better every week.

  • Anonymous
  • Pennywise

    Sounds like December. I sure an glad I upgraded my OG to this Bionic; been an awesome phone!

  • I’ve got my money in my drawer, Samsung give me something to spend it on before I get tired of waiting and go to Moto or HTC.

  • Anonymous

    Well if there isn’t a date by November 10th Droid RAZR here I come.  I don’t really need to buy a new phone, but I can and I am tired of waiting lol.  

  • Anonymous

    This is getting f***ing old!  I’m tired of dealing with my automatic rebooting moto droid1 and i’ve been holding out for the nexus since moto totally screwed the bionic (and xoom)!  I might as well just go get a dam iphone 4s as i know what i’ll get. A phone that works, fits in my pocket, and is cheaper.    I might as well switch carriers while i’m at it as i’m SICK and TIRED of being toyed with by VZ!  Why is the largest carrier in the US the last to get the good phones? AT&T & Sprint carry the S2 and all VZ is doing is selling rebranded Moto phones!

    • Pennywise

      I don’t even slightly regret getting the Bionic; it’s a fantastic phone and getting tons of support from the dev community.  I don’t think your problem is with manufacturer’s or carriers…

  • Is VZW really that stupid to launch this thing on Black Friday?  This will not cause Black Friday traffic to their store.  All it will do is have techno geeks like us stopping it at most.  

  • ashy larry

    tthis has got to be the worst news ive heard all year. words cannot describe how pissed off i am right now. i gotta put up w my P.O.S., broken, dying droid 2 for at least another 3 weeks. this is causing a major inconvenience on my life

  • Sporty

    My opin: Moto has Verizon by the balls. Their Bionic sucked. Everyone was waiting for the GNex. Somehow Moto was able to slide another of their POS locked down tight phones in before the GNex comes out,putting the GNex back behind it and getting Razr in before it with Verizon specifying release dates while purposely keeping the GNex release date quiet. I think it’s because of Razr and Moto holding Verizons balls is why we have no GNex release date and why GNex is falling further and further back….

  • hatethanet

    Although it’s disappointing, with the “Available Later This Year” ads Verizon was running, I’m not surprised. 

  • streetkid

    I enjoy this news.  I ordered my iPhone 4s the other day.  Its half the price of these new phones, it will actually fit in my pocket, it runs smoother than any other phone out there, and.. its available now!  I’m out of town for the next week, when I get back it’ll be waiting for me on my kitchen table.

    I figure in 20 months when I’m due for an upgrade again, 4G phones might actually be at a reasonable uninflated price, and android might barely be on par for smoothness.

    I’ve had the OG Droid for 20 months, I love it, but its dying (bullshit that a phone can’t even last 2 years anymore), and I’m not going to pay $300 to get the same phone, but just be faster.  I’m looking forward to playing with something new and unfamiliar.

    • Anonymous

      cool story, bro

    • Anonymous

      I made the jump from thunder bolt to iPhone 4 a couple months ago and have no regrets. But must say I have my eye on a nexus

    •  I don’t necessarily disagree with you.  Unfortunately for me, I need to tether.  There is no way to do that with the iPhone 4S without jailbreaking it or paying the carrier for the service.  These are 2 things I won’t do.   I do not tether often.  However, when I do, there is a reason and need.

    • Not sure where you went to school, but $199 is not half of $299 – plus, the 32GB iPhone is the same price.  Also – why do you “enjoy” this news?  How would a potential delay in an unrelated phone benefit you in any way for your iPhone 4S purchase?

  • Anonymous
  • Dominick DeVito

    OG still rocking stronger as ever – don’t know what you babies are crying out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m predicting a November 25th US/Verizon release.

  • Anonymous

    Razr 10th, Rezound 17th, Gnex 24th

  • babadush

    This says alot about the priority of the US. we are starting to get phones last

    • Dominick DeVito

      Google’s best services (i.e., Google Voice) have always been US first. The UK has had to wait almost every time, sometimes for months or even a year.

      Don’t cry over a few weeks. Get over it.

      • babadush

        The sgs2 was more than a few weeks. Now our own companies are delaying our phones. America isn’t what it used to be. We are not the top market anymore. China and Asia are.

        • Pennywise

          Where were you raised? America has never, ever been the ‘top market’ for consumer electronics. And cell phones in particular?! 

          In fact, the U.S doesn’t get ANY of the state-of-the-art phones, such as those from NTT DoCoMo…

  • Pretty sure my Bionic can hold out til then :P. I do feel bad for those that still have an OG Droid that’s dying a slow painful death though. You guys have my sympathy, no BS.

  • Bostoneagle1

    mw2 then this hell ya i love november

    • Anonymous


  • Kevin Kim

    Well, truth be told, even if it DOES comes out on 17th, Europe WILL get it first. They ARE ahead of US in few hours…

  • Anonymous

    Now that I’ve installed the SDK ICS on my Nexus S… I feel l could last a few more months without that Galaxy Nexus… Sweet Sweet Nectar…

  • Bryan Williams

    I can confirm that it was definitely announced in the UK last week that it will in fact “launch in Europe on November 17th and across the globe shortly after”.

    That’s a quote taken directly from the video from Samsung.  Wanna see it yourself?  Go to 50 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.



  • Anonymous
  • Dongwenal

    My contract is up next week verizon mmm buy Razr or go to sprint G SII.

  • Sonicboomin

    If by Saturday no date announced. No HTC or razr. I’m getting iPhone. I’m sick of this waiting crap.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I’m thinking as well.   The iPhone is good enough.   Although part of me wants to make VZW pay for not delivering on time and get the faster 4S from AT&T.  

      • Sonicboomin

        Trust me iphone is in same boat as nexus. Not bloated so they wont push it

  • Damnit Verizon, TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Anonymous

    Someone probably quoted Verizon wrong when they said later this year. I can see it now:

    Verizon Rep: We will release the Galaxy Nexus on January 16, 2012. What do you mean that’s not later this year? It’s before the chinese new year isn’t it?

  • And thus continues the Galaxy Nexus/Verizon circle jerking….

    sigghhhhh   they’re gonna drag this out as long as possible, but they’ll have to release it some day…

    • Anonymous

      not really it could end up like the nexus one with there being a verizon one on the site and then a few days before launch it is gone and we get stuck with the inc.

  • My question is this: “A week after November 17th” is Thanksgiving in the US.  Is VZW really going to launch a major phone on a holiday weekend?  Have they ever launched a major phone on Thanksgiving?  Sadly, that probably means we won’t see this thing until December, rather than it launching earlier than 11/17.  I’m trying to hold out for this and not buy some crapware filled HTC Rezound.

  • John Mozelewski

    might get rezound now if it comes out first

  • Oh “F” no……..Why am I screwed on every phone I want?

  • Good god, will I ever get a new phone!? I was all for getting the Bionic, wait, wait, wait, okay it’s out and the screen sucks. Okay time for the HTC Vigor, wait, wait, wait, now named the Rezound it still doesn’t have a confirmed release date and new phones are on the horizon that make it look like crap. Okay Galaxy Nexus then, okay should be out in the next couple weeks, or NOT, wait, wait, wait.

    My Incredible is on it’s last leg here people!

    • Sporty

      Exactly how I feel except I’m still using the OG Droid which is so freaking lagged out I’m about to just bury the thing myself!! My OP….F Samsung and Verizon! They’ll put out a ‘exact’ date for the fricking pos Razr,but leave us hanging on the best phone coming the Gnex. I’m so done waiting…..it’s the Rezound for me now….and it BETTER be the fk out on the 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt2783

    I, for one, never believed the GNex would be out on the 17th. This is VZW were talking about. When is they last time they got a flagship phone out in a reasonable amount of time? They’re perpetually behind the curve, and it won’t be any different this time around.

  • Rational Man

    I’m actually happy that it’s going to be taking longer for it to come out. If it was coming out this week I would have impulsively grabbed it, because I was in that buying frenzy. The longer it takes to come out, the less likely I am to buy something that I really don’t NEED, but rather WANT. 

    So take your time Verizon, the longer you delay, the more money I have in my pocket.

  • Earleepa

    I would just like to know why we are treated like a third world country when it comes to phone releases?

  • Anonymous

    As long as it hits in November, no biggie…although the 17th would have been sweet.  But I did always have doubts about all 3 of these launching so close to one another…..

  • Lumpysherman

    No I can’t wait! I’m on a OGD that is getting slower by the day and I really don’t want to re-flash my ROM. Just release it already!! The thought of getting a Moto Rzr makes me want to puke, refuse to get an HTC. Might as well get an i**** (not gonna happen either).

  • ajlsfjalksdfajsfasfl!!!

  • Mad, Violent, Brutha

    I’m mad, bros.

  • OverIt

    Could this be any more of a clusterf**k on the part of Google/Verizon??? The whole thing is just becoming laughable. I don’t think they want to sell a single phone.

  • If it comes after the 21st that means i get another extra month to pay for it when i put it on my bill lol

  • Bridgette Mueller

    I cant stand having a stupid phone. I need a smart phone and I need it now. If the Nexus doesnt release in the next 2-3 weeks im going to have to go with the Razr.

    • rocketdaddy

      Verizon’s plan exactly.

  • Anonymous

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Pdxfrolfer

    VZW is going to end up making my decision between the Razr and the Nexus for me it seems. With my OG dying and my lack of patience as well as a locked bootloader not a huge selling point for me, the Razr may win out with its availability next week.

  • Naibas9

    I realize now that since I’ve been eligible for an upgrade since June, and VZW waited too long on the bionic and now are waiting too long Nexus, that my FULL 2-years are up and I am free and clear to go to any carrier.

    • Exactly my situation.  I just wish they’d take my money already.

    • hold out dude. it won’t be that much longer

    • Sporty

      I am seriously considering going to T-Mobile and get the GS2. Saw it the other day in the store and it is ONE sweet phone!!!!

      • Sporty

        And the fricking thing is out…a huge huge plus….

  • Anonymous

     I am seriously thinking about buying a used nexus S from ebay or something.. loading it up with ICS and satisfying my ICS itch. Of course, I’ll still be with Verizon and keep my TB until the Gnex is released.

    What say guys? would that be worth it?

    p.s. Money is not an issue for me.

    • Anonymous

      being that im now on sprint and got the 4S thats what i did…got a used Nexus S…loaded 4.0….but found myself going back to MIUI the next day

      • Anonymous

        Please elaborate on your experience with ICS on the Nexus S.

  • Anonymous

    December release looks more and more realistic for everyone other than Verizon. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one week before Christmas. If it was indeed November release for AT&T, they would’ve announced it already.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll still wait…need to see a drop test before throwing down for either the Nexus or RAZR. That “no Gorilla Glass” bit of info has me worried. I don’t consider the Rezound (considering the Thunderbolt debacle) a contender, but to each his/her own.

    • It will most likely be Dragontail glass.  It is not straight glass like the 4S.  There is no way to create a curved glass screen without some strong gorilla type glass.

  • Anonymous

    My OG droid has a dead screen, and my upgrade is ready.  I’m usually pretty patient, but this phone needs to launch now.  Not having a caller ID, End call button, etc sucks!

  • Anonymous

    Q1 2012. You heard it here first.

  • Rakoskjc

    Please stop posting until we no facts. All this he said she said about this phone is annoying. I will buy it when it comes but unless we know its coming out tomorrow why get everyones hopes up. At this point quad core phones will be out soon

  • Robbie Gerling

    did anyone bother to question why this news was coming from a UK news site?  Why would a news site be privy to the limited exclusive launch of the VZW LTE version of the gnex?  Could it be that the EU is getting the i9250 before the US gets the i9250 model?  Remember that there is ample documentation on two markedly different handsets that will be launching for the Galaxy Nexus…  this news snippet could very well be only attributable to the GSM/HSPA variant and *not* the LTE model.  that is all

  • This would really suck balls.  I am waiting for this device, but for only so long.  There is very little difference than the Razr.  The bootloader will be unlocked and ROMs by the end of the year for it.  I may even have to look at the 4S.

  • Restless

    I think I have most people on here (droid owners anyway) beat when I sat that i’ve out-waited all of you for the past two years with my DROID ERIS that i’m still toting around waiting on this phone to “upgrade” to. 

    Release the phone already. 

    • Yeah um, I’m using an LG Dare bro. I REALLY want this new phone.

  • Cam

    Let’s say I were the type of person that would shoot someone in the face to get this phone now; who exactly would I be shooting, and where can they normally be found?

    • Anonymous

      One of my all-time fav comments. I’m with you!

  • Anonymous

    does verizon really think that as long as they don’t release any info on the phone, then a delay won’t be noticeable?

  • Scott Sanders

    This is killing me…I cannot wait another WEEK!!! But I am not getting the RAZR…I will wait!!!

    • I will wait as long as it takes.  I cannot buy another skinned phone, especially from Motorola.

  • Aaron Otrin

    My OG Droid’s touchscreen only works on the left half, I need this phone now before the entire phone goes kaput. 

  • Anonymous

    The RAZR looks very tempting all of a sudden.

  • Take to twitter and email telling them to release it…the phone is ready release the damn thing…..

  • Anonymous

    I see the Bionic saga repeating itself all over. By the time this phone is released, people will lose interest and there’ll be one around the corner that’ll be much much better.

    • Marc Pacheco

      Then when that phone isn’t released for another few months after announcement, there will be even better phones. It’s a vicious endless cycle.

  • Titus Chow

    I live in the google world, gmail google docs chrome, but this is why people switch to iphone…. 

  • Bionicman

    i think we all have to realize that Verizon doesn’t care about the GNex as much as some of us do. They are obviously going to push the Droid Razr and HTC Rezound first and foremost. It’s actually pretty disappointing actually because there is a lot of great, attractive features on the GNex…

    • Anonymous

      lets be realistic…big red never really wanted to release a nexus in the first place…the outcry from the dev community must be the reason why they gave in….IMO this will be the first AND last nexus we ever see on verizon

  • Anonymous

    and this is the same people who call iphone users isheep -___- SMFH….hypocrisy at its finest…

    • Huh?

    • its different when people are actually looking towards a product thats worth having, and not a product that only sells because the creator was one of the most persuasive people on the planet.

  • shdowman

    Makes sense.

    They throw out a hastily done press release just to stop people from spamming their twitter/facebook. We have all sorts of info on RAZR / Rezound being released in the next week or two.

    I am betting that they are releasing this, at the minimum, 2 weeks + after those two phones drop. I know you all can guess why….

    • Nobody

      Yeah, greed. Pure and simple.

  • Jake

    A few of people at my workplace were ready for upgrades and I talked them into waiting for the the Galaxy Nexus. Well, they both got tired of waiting and not having a real date for availability or even pre-order. Guess that they pickd up…yep, the 4S. All three of them. They shouldn’t have an official unveiling of the device if they’re not also going to give precise dates and prices.

    • Anonymous

       as much as I love android.. I admire apple for their no-nonsense and serious approach toward their phones and launch. google sux at this.

      • The Nexus has little to do with Google, and more to do with Samsung and Verizon…..ok mostly Verizon.

        • Madcow06

          How can you say that a nexus device has little to do with Google? Sure the delay probably has something to do with Verizon or a problem with their version of the phone but this is a pure Google phone, they were involved in every aspect of it.

        • wrong. i believe that the event where the phone was revealed was a Google/Samsung event

      • Anonymous

        this is true…when apple announces iphones they’re released the very next week…dunno why the carriers choose the release of android devices but cater to apple

    • Sporty

      They’ll give dates for Moto devices and hype them up big time…who’s in whose pocket,hmmm…..

  • Anonymous

    I am still confident that it’s gonna land on the 10th. .. and a week later in UK.

    • Notsurprised

      what are you smoking because i want some lol

      • Anonymous

        don’t forget that is the date according to Verizon’s own MAP… and also don’t forget Verizon hasn’t announced any dates yet.

        • Notsurprised

          yes but MAP dates do not equal release dates

          • Anonymous

             and he said she said also don’t equal release dates. My point being.. who are you inclined to believe more? Verizon or the rumor mill?

    • i still say the 17th

  • Nobody

    I’m not amused!!!

  • No, I cannot survive another week or two – especially given it’s VZW.  “A week or two” in Verizon language means “You’ll get it when we want to give it to you, you’ll like it, and you’ll pay through the nose for it – and like that too!”  I’m thoroughly disappointed, disgusted and annoyed with Verizon’s obstinate ways when it comes to hardware.  If this doesn’t hit VZW before Thanksgiving I’m done with Verizon.  

  • This sounds like bs to me.  I’ve had a crack in my phone for a while nothing major but if verizon screws this up i’m going to use my insurance wait out my contract and go with one of the underdog carriers.

  • Chris

    My Droid is suffering.  It can barely do anything unless I’m in sight of a cell tower or connected to WiFi.  Something is up with the radio.  I miss and drop calls, texts show up late or never and take forever to send, sometimes requiring multiple retries.  I bought a Palm Pixi Plus, as the cheapest smartphone I could find off contract, to hold me over, and it freezes up once in a while and, when I pull the battery and put it back in, forgets all of my contacts, texts, and logins.

    November 10 is already too long to wait.

  • 360nikond300

    I’m really starting to understand why people chose the iPhone.

    • Marc Pacheco

      Even my urge to get the 4S is growing each day this phone has no release date, and I’ve managed to stay away. Thought I was all in for Google. At least, Apple takes command and doesn’t dick around.

      The fact that I get excited about customizing the 4S with an awesome case makes me want to murder myself.

      • DLposter3

        How anyone can enjoy using iOS is beyond me.  iOS Apps yes, but the OS itself?  It’s so annoyingly incapable and… simple.  I don’t think it possible they could build hardware that would persuade me to use their software, not when their software makes me feel like I’m not getting anything for me money. 

  • Anonymous

    LOL, while you all wait a few more weeks for your holy phone I’ll be enjoying my “outdated” Bionic.


    • I think it’s mad.

    • Dominick DeVito

      I’m with you bro.

      It is outdated

      • Anonymous

        You forgot the quotation marks.

    • shdowman

      And a comment like this serves what purpose exactly? Ohhhh….to do exactly what you complain about other people doing.

      Good job.

      • Anonymous

        Can dish it out but can’t take it huh?

        • shdowman

          I don’t dish anything out beyond trying to help inform the misinformed with what I may know.

          I could care less what phone you like better than another. It has zero bearing on my life in any way.

          • Anonymous

            Than why bother replying to my comment? It was aimed at all the Nexus clowns constantly crapping on everything else.

    • Matthew Rosidivito


    • The bionic sucks man they should of never put that phone out

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you’ll have 2 whole months to enjoy your phone and then 22 months to wish you had a RAZR/Nexus/Rezound.  Sounds like fun.

    • ShootAngelsFace77x

      Like when your penis is really small or deformed but you have to defend it cause it’s yours… is that what it’s like for you McClane?

      • Anonymous


    • u mad?

  • Rob

    My OG Droid is working for dial tone at this point and is spider webbed like crazy. Do I want to drop $50 for insurance to ship me a new one…NO. I have been hanging on by thread since July with this sucker. Here I was hoping for release  just after 11/10. 

  • Abundis5555

    “You can all survive for another week or so, can’t you?”

    Can’t not

    • shdowman

      /shakes head

      CAN NOT.

      • Sporty


  • Anonymous

    Verizon sucks.

  • Mark

    Yeah maybe the GSM model is not coming to the US well after the 17th but Verizon’s model is a completely different model number than the US GSM and International GSM models….Verizon’s will be here either 10th or 17th… book it!

    • Anonymous

      I hope so… I really wish that Verizon will give us a release date already

    •  Is that wishful thinking or do you actually have a reliable direct source?

      • Mark

        No source here… just opinion……

  • Duck Dodgers

    This is sweet news for me if it’s true!! My update isn’t until January 2nd and I want the freshest G-Nex possible. Push it back, push it back lol!

  • Android

    Well Samsung is going to be the one who suffers from the delay. My original Droid is on its last leg. I can’t wait weeks. Looks like a Droid razed is in my future.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no! They’re trying to encrypt the bootloader!

  • John Skinner

    the MAP date is probably the pre-order, like the RAZR

  • Avalidemail

    Verizon is probably making us wait because they have deals in place with Moto and HTC to give the Razr and Rezound head starts. Or no one would buy those phones.

    • Booboolala2000

      With Jo Jonas as the current Rezound poster boy. Looks like they will be pushing that device to teenagers. The RAZR more towards the business user. And the Nexus to us. Phone geeks.

  • Guest

    Of course, even if they European launch and the US launch are the same
    day, technically the EU launch will precede the US, though they are on
    the same day. Time zones are crazy that way.

  • eze on Twitter

    Boy these people always got some sh** going. Just release the summama bi**h. They’re gonna make people flock elsewhere. Phone launches are worse than Dr. Dre’s detox smh sad sad.

  • Anonymous

    How about the VZW document showing the tentative launch date of Nov 10th.

    I’d trust that more than the Tele…

    • Notsurprised

      that MAP date wasn’t a release date and those are subject to change.  The RAZR’s MAP date was 10/27 and while it was available for pre-order that day, the phone still isn’t out yet.

  • JD


  • Druzzedat21

    This is going to feel like the Bionic release all over again. I needed a new phone then…now I’m in DIRE need of one. Can’t wait that much longer. 

  • Anonymous

    Really doubt they’re going to let the launch date slip past black friday. My guess is that they’re talking about the GSM version of the phone, not the LTE. But that’s just idle speculation.

    • Dave

      I wouldn’t put it past Verizon to let it slip past any date. It’s Verizon…they have no discernible pattern in terms of releases.

      At least other carriers have been good about announcing their phones and then releasing them promptly afterward.

    • I really hope you’re right.

  • Dave

    So how about this…they do a direct fill in the coming weeks with a limited supply to appease early adopters which gives them the opportunity to market the Razr and Rezound to the general populace. Then they do a wider store release later in the month or early December.

    Oh how I wish that were so…

  • Rader023

    I have a Bionic and my NE2 discount (whatever that may be) starts on Jan 5.  So please have it by then Verizon.

  • Nsbjj

    Why would Verizon want the Galaxy Nexus to compete with the Droid RAZR?  The RAZR has all the Verizon bloatware on it and will make the company more money.  Verizon will release the RAZR on Nov. 10th and then wait 3 to 4 weeks before releasing the Galaxy Nexus.   Like it or not it’s a smart business move.  It will piss off a very small percentage of people (on this thread) but the vast majority will happily buy the RAZR.   It got me to switch to the RAZR.  I was holding out for the Galaxy Nexus but I am not going to wait until early-mid December to get it when I can get the RAZR in 10 days and it will be getting ICS a month after the Galaxy Nexus is launched. 

    • kep

      i’ll eat my shoe if the razr gets ICS that quick.  Yeah I saw the 6 weeks announcement but between MotoBlur and Verizon it just won’t happen.

  • Anonymous

    big red knows that they’ll sell more of the other 2 phones thats why this was pushed back…yes WE know this is the better device but the average consumer doesnt give a shit or probaly doesnt even know wtf a developer phone is…lets face it…VZW is about making money and the nexus just doesnt sell like htc or moto phones

    • Flatly wrong.  Samsung now outsells Apple in the cellular market.  According to NPR anyway.

      • Anonymous

        samsung yes but im talking about the nexus in particular…since technically this is googles phone..not samsungs

  • Booboolala2000

    At the same time, when pre sales are announced, i could buy the RAZR and take it back and exchange for a Nexus. I’m cool with the restocking fee. And if it costs Verizon money to resell that phone as used, even better.

    • Booboolala2000

      Or Rezound. Hmmm… So many toys.

  • APCBishop

    Folks get a grip already. It has never been stated the device was releasing in the States or VZW in Nov. It is all rumors that have been going around is all. And if you knew the inside skinny on the device in general you’d understand. At this point you should be happy VZW is even getting it seeing as a few backs it was on the brink of being cancelled, but lets give Google a hats off for throwing some muscle behind the scenes so that didn’t happen. 

    And so everyone knows we will be lucky to see if by Black Friday from what I’m being told still. The device still has NOT passed VZW testing so there is no chance in the world we will see it within the next 2 wks. Just relax tho its coming just a matter of when. And in all honesty we should be happy about it. The last thing we need is a device like this releasing with major bugs in it like it currently has.    

    • I bet the current bugs are less than most people’s OG Droid have.  From what I have heard, the device is ready, but I am just another random person on the internet.

    • Yea its been past testing bro….I think your just spittin BS….and you don’t announce a phone if it has not past your tests….when they announced it too, it should of been here within 2 weeks….you don’t just announce a phone then 2 months later release it…its not smart especially with technology

    • Anonymous

      you relax dude…….I’ll be “happy about it” when it’s in my hands.   

      you can be happy that it’s even an option. Not me (or us). We want now.

      “get a grip”    U mad bro?

  • Godsfilth

    ill share an unfounded rumor i heard from a higher up verizon rep who came to my to work to tell us about “the worlds best Android phone that nothing will beat for at least 6 months, its called the RAZR droid” said in a dismissive tone that the Galaxy Nexus will be out black friday and only on verizon in the US.

    obviously large bucket of salt should be taken with this as he there to hype the RAZR and was shocked when i asked about the Nexus, (a little upset when i said stock android was better and the 720P display was hands down better than qHD, his only retort was “ultra thin with kevlar and high resolution camera”)

  • Anonymous

    JUST GIVE US A DATE!  The waiting is somewhat more tolerable if we just have a date!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen less dependency on A&E’s Intervention than around here.

    Relax people. It’s a phone.  

  • Well, technically if they are releasing the G-Nex on Nov 17 in the UK and the US, it is still being released in the UK first.  Just Saying. 🙂

  • I’m not concerned. It seems they are assuming it won’t come the 17th because Samsung didn’t say for dates outside of Euorpe. Just that it would arrive later around the world. So don’t count the 17th. It could still happen and it could be Verizon and/or Google will tell the USA dates.

  • Christephor

    so they lied to us again because the 17th is not early november 

    • Who is they?  All Verizon has said is “Later this year”.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Oh, what will I do now? I guess I’ll settle for a Rezound or a Razr.


    Still love this phone

  • Douglas Bentley

    I’m honestly having trouble waiting…..  I’m on stock OG Droid and clawing my eyes out daily…..  I want the Nexus, but specs are getting better as they sit there and push this thing back even further…

  • Shane Shelton

    No, I can’t survive another week or so.  My Blackberry is a piece of dog sh**.

  • Booboolala2000

    The cynic in my thinks that VZW will screw this up somehow. Will believe it when the pre order screen goes up.

    • KniteLyf

      Preorder doesn’t mean sh**. Remember the TB? The worst launch ever!

  • Anonymous

    no, i can’t survive because my og droid can’t survive. seriously, the thing is on life support. fml.

  • Anonymous

    My Droid 1 bit the dust a little over a week ago. I’m going phoneless until Verizon decides they have the balls to actually sell a real phone.

    • Be careful not to change your plan or put a dumbphone on the line or else you’ll lose your unlimited data.

      • Anonymous

        What he said. Just call vzw and suspend your line, then use Skype on whatever device you can connect to wifi for a few weeks.

  • Arda Akman

    Not too surprising given that Samsung’s Galaxy phones were much more widely available and used in Europe long before the US caught up…

  • Dooonnn’ttttt caaaarrrreeeee howwwww, I want it NOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!

  • Next thing you know we will here Verizon announce “Due to European demand the Nexus will arrive until early 2012” Then after that “We decided we are not going to launch since we have a better device a few short months away”. I will say again despite the official from Verizon “It is coming to our network”, I’ll believe when I see it. If it wasn’t for the complete lack of decent coverage in my area, I would have left them long ago.

  • If you buy a Razr or Rezound because of this delay then you let Verizon win.  I never lose.

    • Booboolala2000

      Not if you return for the restocking fee and get the Nexus. Within the proper window.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone should tell @VZWSupport and @VerizonWireless on Twitter just how they feel. I have been.

    • I did, and as usual, they come back with their generic BS response: :@myermenson I appreciate your interest. Please visit bit.ly/sHmdDq to sign up for more information.^AB”

  • Djlowproz

    C’mon Man!!!

  • Anonymous

    Son of a bi..

  • David Faber

    God-damn-it!  This is so ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    But the thursday after the 17th is thanksgiving! They won’t wait till December 1st, right? They cant…they just cant 🙁

  • Anonymous

    People already taking this as gospel. Big surprise!

    • David Faber

      Because in lieu of any positive information with a fast approaching Nov. 10 rumored release date, it seems likely that news of a pushed release date is likely.

  • The Droid X is dying Verizon. DYING I tell you. Let her rest in peace.

  • Br_hermon

    Flat out that sucks. I wanted the G-Nex Oct 27th as it was thought a while back…. then I figure the 10th… now later? Verizon you freaking suck!! Quit bein a “tease” and come out with it already. I’m seriously tired of Verizon and these other companies and their POOR customer relations / shotty delays. Way to stiff the hand (wallets) that feed you VZW!  *side note*… If it isn’t Verizon, then some bonehead is to blame! Get it together ppl!

    • Keith Sumner

      There have been NO poor customer relations and shotty delays, what the hell are you even talking about?!! Verizon hasn’t even announced a date yet! The only thing we have are RUMORS, and if you take all rumors as solid truth than god help you !

      • Notsurprised

        true verizon has not said anything publicly regarding a solid release date.  however, everyone knows the phone is scheduled to come to verizon “this year” and we all know they release phones on thursdays.  there are only 9 days this phone will be released and they really can’t pick one and let us know?  it is poor customer relations.

        • Keith Sumner

          I can live with it.

      • Br_hermon

        Keith, you aren’t seeing the big picture here. I’m not just talking about the G-Nex… I’m talking about delays for the Bionic, delays and trouble with the Thunderbolt, the 4G service going in and out (3g for that matter too). The fact that phones struggle to last 2 years, the length of time they require us to commit to a device (because I surely don’t have the income to buy off contract) How many OG droid owners are on their last leg waiting for the G-nex to come out? Frankly the tech world as a whole in some ways. THAT sir.. is what the h*ll I’m talking about 🙂

  • foreWard

    Imagine that, the 2 phones that VZW has loaded all of their crap on with launch on the 10th, then we will have to sit and wait for the phone they have no (ok, less…) control over….b.s….I have such a love/hate relationship with VZW.

  • tjmonkey15

    Another week, yes.  Another 3 weeks (or more)?  Not so sure.

    • John Landgrave

      Agreed, If I have to wait until the 17th, I could do that. If I have to wait until December, the RAZR with ICS early next year looks really apetizing

      • Ron


  • Ben

    I’m stuck with a f@#$@#$ motorla citrus.  I have had this P.O.S. for too long, and need a new phone before I lose my sanity.  Why did they taunt me by announcing this phone so early?  I would have rather heard nothing about it and bought the Razr.  Ignorance is bliss.

  • Anonymous

    I think VZW wants more time for Razr so this one gets delayed…..

  • Dominick DeVito


    Not worried, and not getting any other phone


  • John Landgrave

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting to the point where I really don’t care what day it comes out (provided it’s in November), I just want to know when! All I really want is for Verizon to say “The Galaxy Nexus will be launched on November __” and then have them stick to it!

  • big deal, i have my paper cutout i made last night 😀
    that should hold me over for one more week ?

  • LiterofCola

    Not surprised at all.

  • rocketdaddy

    Waiting. Patiently. NOT NOT NOT!!!

  • HoHoHo

    Looks like we are looking at Christmas release.

  • f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! 

  • VZW slave

    Why are you guys freaking out about this?  There’s no official quote anywhere in that article.  It’s all BS speculation.  Why would you link to it??

  • Anonymous

    Verizon needs more time to lock the bootloader

  • Noooooooooooooo!! – darth vader

  • Dave

    I read that this morning and dismissed it. When it comes to Verizon’s release dates, only they truly know and it’s always subject to change.

    No way will it be released on Thanksgiving day (the 24th), so if this article were true then it would be released the day of Black Friday (the 25th), or early December. Has Verizon ever released a phone on Black Friday? I’d figure that day they would want to bring out lots of BOGO deals instead of releasing a new phone. After all, people are looking for cheap deals on that day especially.

    However, at this point, I think Verizon’s lineup is going to go down like this…Nov. 3rd through the 10th = Razr starts shipping to those who pre-order…Nov. 10th = Rezound and Razr available online and in stores…Nov. 17th Galaxy Nexus available in store and on-line.

    Worst case, the Nexus gets released on December 1st.

    • nemov

      prepare for the worst case.

      • Dave

        I always do. 🙁 I really hate Verizon when it comes to their releases.

      • Sporty

        Bionic and its months long wait…here we go again.

  • Joshua

    No I can’t either! I’ve been phoneless (literally) for 40 days now. Verizon better not let us down here.

  • Anonymous

    My OG is having Mini Heart Attacks so hopefully the old fella can last a few more weeks, maybe I’ll reflash him with the newest CyanogenMod Nightly.  I have a strange feeling Verizon is underplaying this device on purpose because of the fact that it will be stock and unlockable.  Verizon is obviously against most phones being unlocked and they reap more revenue from phones that are locked in the form of tethering charges and other bloatware apps they charge for.  They want people to buy the RAZR and Rezound and I think they kind of fear a stock, unlockable Android phone on their precious market.  This is pure speculation but from what I have seen with Verizon there may be some truth to this.

    • Sporty

      This is why they’re hyping the Razr. What you said is true,though. They hate unlocked bootloaders but to keep ‘nice’ with Google,they’re selling the GNex,but putting it at the end of the line with no focus on it, no release date and no hype whatsoever. Funny how the Razr suddenly came out of nowhere and bypassed the Gnex which was in line before it,huh….

    • Jason

      Agreed, they really don’t want to have this phone and are stalling on it to frustrate us into getting the razr. It was working on me this morning when I read this story cause I have been up for my upgrade since august and my OG droid was in a hurt locker, wasn’t even using it really cause it pissed me off more than anything. I just flashed miui for it though and it has almost made it a new phone. I was using cm7 with alot of problems. You should try it and see if it helps. I still have a prob with the far right side of screen but it runs so much smoother now. Going to try and hold out for the gnex.

  • Anonymous

     Let’s look at the facts here..

    1. Nexus devices are sold a LOT MORE in the US than in UK.

    2. Google is an American company

    3. Nexus is their Flag ship device.

    4. Doesn’t matter if the parts are made in S. Korea or elsewhere.. the
    GNex is primarily an ICS carrier.. not a Samsung flagship (the SGSII was
    Samsung flagship).

    5. Google not being on top of Nexus release in US = EPIC FAIL. Period.

    • cardinal

      Well said…I will not wait.  Sure, it may be worth it as some say and it is the first w/ ICS but it won’t be the last.  And as we all know, “pumpkin pie” or whatever comes next is just around the corner.  Just disappointing and if Google and Samsung control the phone how is Verizon at fault?  Sure big red causes it’s share of problems but why would they not want to sell more phones and potentially more phone plans?

      Another failure by a manufacturer, i.e. Bonic, etc.  Why not release the phone worldwide on as many carriers as possible?  Never owned anything other than a Blackberry and really looking forward to my first true smartphone.

  • Bigdaddyellison

    Every time it looks like Verizon is going to do things right, they trip over their own feet.

  • Cutillo

    Seems like anything worth a damn thats 4g = delay no matter what. 

  • Anonymous

    *arms pitch fork*

  • Anonymous

    Can someone get their hands on a Nexus and get us a review. Want to know how battery life is going to be.

  • I am so sick of all of this. Just give us the freaking phone!!!!

  • Keith Sumner

    U all mad, bros?

    • LiterofCola


      • ShootAngelsFace77x

        It’s gone and I wanted to laugh too!

    • Mctypething


  • Anonymous

    Thats it! I can’t take it anymore, I’m buying a Windows Phone.

    I’ll just add Galaxy Nexus to things I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving.

  • SoLame

    Verizon is clearly controlling what happens in the US when it comes to the Galaxy Nexus. It’s a shame. I’m a little disappointed. Why can’t Best Buy, Amazon US just announce when they’ll have the unlocked version like Europe? There has to be some kind of reason for this. 

    • Anonymous

      Then the price will be full (about $600) and then sales will fall down. ….. The US market is in carrier’s hand….. 

    • Anonymous

      The funny thing is you’ll be able to import a Galaxy Nexus from Europe and use it on AT&T before Verizon gets their “exclusive”.

  • JG

    my body hurts

  • Anonymous

    I can’t survive until tomorrow much less two more weeks!

  • Drew

    Nooooooooo, I don’t think I can wait another week…its all big reds fault damn it!!!!!

  • RB

    Honestly, I’ll be surprised (though, pleasantly so) if it the SGN is released in November.  It is only coming to Veri$on – no one else (for now) – so they have a lock on it.  They brought out the Bionic a few months back and now have the Razr recently.  I expect they’ll want to milk these for what they can get out of them before they bring out the SGN.

    • Anonymous

      But they make money off of the plans no matter what phone you have. The more phones= more possible customers it can lure over.

  • Anonymous

    If this turns out to be true that is pretty shitty.

  • Eff that. Verizon Execs are already playing with the device. I don’t want to wait any longer dang nabbit!

  • No.

  • Anonymous

    “You can all survive for another week or so can’t you?”

    NO, I CAN’T!  I’ve been surviving another week or so for the past 10 months!!!

    Verizon sucks so hard!

    • I have been waiting since I was born!

    • zmancbr

      I agree 999%.  I waited on the damn Bionic so long that now it isn’t worth buying.  Now I waited for the Nexus and meanwhile my damn OG droid is dying HARD!  POS barely boots or works anymore.  Its been ridden harder than Pam Anderson on Prom night!!  If they can’t get the Nexus out in Nov sometime I will have to get a Razr…

  • Notsurprised

    is anyone really surprised?!?!  we knew verizon would do this especially after they said “coming this year”!  they are the absolute worst at handling launches.

    • TheAndroid1

      6 months late with the droid bionic, three years late with the iPhone…..
      The list goes on, this is nothing new.

  • Anonymous

    Well that sucks. Looks like my OG Droid will have to survive at least another month.

  • Mikewoods94

    No I can’t actually this Incredible is an incredible POS and I want out of it. I don’t like the quiet treatment….just announce the damn phone already. That kind of crap is what makes me go to another vendor.

  • Anonymous


  • nemov

    Just when you think Verizon can’t suck any more….

    • Anonymous

      I don’t mean to sound like a troll here, but I stick with Verizon because they give good service and nice phones. It’s optional to stay with them – you could always go to another company if you dislike Verizon so much…?

      • EC8CH

        VZW… “nice phones”

        This is the first time since the launch of the OGD that VZW is releasing phones that aren’t a step behind the other carriers.

    • Deegan1212

      They go and release a Nexus device, and totally redeem themselves!

      But seriously, it likely doesn’t have much to do with Verizon.  The wait sucks but it’ll be worth it.

  • Anonymous

    No?!?! Another week? They’ll probably release it right after thanksgiving. or something. Have a big commercial during the turkeybowl games.

  • Anonymous

    lol @ another week or so

    they said same thing about Thunderbolt and that was almost a month after the rumored dates and each week it kept getting pushed

  • Derp


  • Eh

    That sucks. Oh well, it’s not like there’s anything else worth geting before and after the 17th

    • Gizmo

      I wonder if the Nexus is just going to kill nearly all the sales of non-Nexus Android phones on VZW. Hey, maybe there’ll be less Android phones like some here wanted, haha.

      • Lohs

        The bloat, skins  and the Nexus will probably dramatically decrease the sales of all of Verizon’s non-Nexus phones.

        Honestly, the only thing I do with root access is to get rid of the bloated software. I don’t overclock, tether or even use custom launchers. It’s nice to get up to date stock Android without worrying about ROMs, radios clearing my data, etc.

      • Anonymous

        Although many of us Droid-Life readers want the Nexus and nothing but the nexus, I can see the average consumer liking the Razr more for it’s small form factor and durability. 

        The only reason the average consumer may want the Nexus more is if they care about having the latest and greatest Android operating system.  I think they should, of course, but that doesn’t mean consumers will. 

        That being said, I’m waiting for the G Nex cause I’m well informed and know that I’m willing to wait a little longer to get a Google sponsored phone which will have updates before anyone else.

        • Pez

          You think too low of the average consumer.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe, but I used to work for Verizon Wireless when the OG and the Droid Eris came out, and tons of people picked the Eris because it was smaller (especially girls).  

    • Alex Goewey

      The Rezound is a fairly solid piece of phone. 720p screen, 1.5 dual core processor, 4g, HTC’s build quality, not to mention an SD CARD SLOT for cryin out loud. Sure G-NEX has ICS but HTC seems to update their phones regularly, so its only a matter of time. Im tired of being the rabbit chasing the carrot on a stick.

      • LiterofCola

        Exactly.  By the end of next week, the first reviews of the Razr’ll be in and I’ll choose if I’m going to pick it up.  At this rate, by the time the Nexus comes to America, the Razr will already have ICS. :/

        • Bill Mitchell

          With MOTOBLUR though xp

          • LiterofCola

            Very true, but I’m going to play with the thing first…and if the UI isn’t bad then I’ll probably get it.  If it’s horrible, then I’ll wait to see what the Nexus is like in person

      • Knwx

        I rather not be always at least one major version behind the Nexus plus bloat/skins. Hardware is only part of the phone.

      • Anonymous

        As a thunderbolt user I can attest that no, HTC does not regularly update their software. The thunderbolt got Gingerbread literally yesterday for stock users.

        I’ll think long and hard before buying another HTC slab.

  • Stephen

    I cannot survive another week or so.

  • Guest

    In short, no I cannot survive any more weeks.  I’m out of weeks.

    • Anonymous

      Oh dear what does this mean for the Africa launch?

      • Humored1


      • Anonymous

        Ugan-do that to me!

        • Deejay

          these bloggers on dlife are hilarious lol

      • LiterofCola

        lmao, I needed that

    • Seven more days without a Nexus makes one weak.

      • exiOS

        If Verizon was planning on rolling it out this late, I think I would rather they had just given
        us access to the GS2. I really dont like the idea of staring at the near corpse of a phone that is my OG Droid.

        • Anonymous

          i hope it didn’t hear you say that.

    • WojoDroid

      I agree my OG droid is not working for anything but texted and sometimes phone calls. I need a new phone badly…

      • Anonymous

        Same here, my speaker phone stopped working, and if I don’t slide the screen open right before the end of a call, the phone goes dark and only a battery reboot (or jesus) can resuscitate it! Bring on the Nexus, PLEASE!!!

        • Anonymous

          I bet Tim Tebow could resuscitate it.

          • kep

            or chuck norris

          • Er

            or Jack Bauer

          • exiOS

            or Bill Brasky

      • Anonymous

        I quit waiting and bought the Samsung Exhibit 2 off contract for $199 and could not be happier.  My OG Droid was biting the dust. 

    • Anonymous

      1 week after the 17th is the 24th.  That’s Thanksgiving.  Does VZW release on Thanksgiving?  Black Friday?

      1 week after that is December 1st.  That’s….not November

      • LiterofCola

        I don’t think they ever said that it owuld be released in America in November, just that it would be released in November.

        • LiterofCola


        • Good point. The only real news we have about release in the US is ‘later this year’. A December release is a very real possibility.

      • Lumpysherman

        I think the first BBerry Storm was released on Black Friday.

        • NEGivenSundae

          No it wasn’t…may have been a week or two before. I know, I was one of those who waited out for hours in the cold for the phone that changed my life…it drove me to Android!

      • ShootAngelsFace77x


    • FortitudineVincimus

      its amazing to me that people freak out so much over stuff like this.

      • Anonymous

        We are as excited about our phones as you are about your “RealDoll”. http://www.realdoll.com

        • ShootAngelsFace77x

          No, he inserts his favorite toys.

    • Anonymous

      This is not the kind of Nexus news I wanted to hear.

    • Anonymous

      so much for giving us motorola fans a hard time due to the bionic being delayed huh?

  • John


  • Chris G

    Likely before it is widely available in the US.  IE, not on VZ.

  • This is bull sh*t, what happened to the MAP 11/10 date?

    • John

      dates change.

      • Djlowproz

        plus verizon is not gonna release 3 high end phones on the same day thats to much to ask for.

        • John

          ya. way too much to ask for

        • Why not delay the other 2 

          • Anonymous

            No one will buy the other two if a more coveted device with the latest software and hardware is going to release before them.

          • TheCraiggers

            True, although why should Verizon care?  In theory, each phone is $300 and they make the same amount regardless of which phone is bought.  Now, backroom deals and such may play a part I suppose…

          • Muddy B00ts

            In a word, bloat.

          • TheCraiggers


          • Anonymous

            Verizon bought those phones. They want to get rid of the phones ASAP. If the Nexus is available during the bulk of RAZR/Rezound sales, then a lot of phones will either be returned (Verizon takes a hit for selling a used device/opened box, hence the $75 restocking fee) or not sell at all.

            Really, only the enthusiasts like us here on Droid Life/Android Central/Phandroid/etc truly know about the Galaxy Nexus. The average consumer does not and isn’t disappointed at all. What we should all do is take a chill pill and be ready to wait. Besides, the extra few weeks means more polish, ensuring that our Nexii work perfectly out of the box as of day 0.

          • Anonymous

            this phone in reality is only coveted by the hacker community..not the average consumer

          • Anonymous

            what he said

    • Ads

      you actually believe those things when you see then. Those are almost meaningless 95% of the time. I’ve had info for yrs from friends who work at VZW and it is very very rare that a device releases when they original plan on it releasing. Heck go back to the original Droid it was over 3 months behind from when it was suppose to originally release. Everyone needs to take some of this rumor info with a grain of salt when it comes to release dates  

  • Anonymous

    Guess they want to avoid those RAZR returns.

    I’ve been pumped for this phone for a few months now, another couple weeks won’t hurt. There’s more important things in life to actually be upset about.

    • Anonymous

      I suspect more people will be returning the GN than the Razr once they find out about Samsung’s build quality and poor radios.

      • Anonymous

        nexus devices have never sold that great and i highly doubt that this one will outsell the RAZR or the rezound…people remember and love the RAZR…most dont know what the hell a nexus is

        • Anonymous

          I’m not predicting mass returns, but I imagine every time they release a new phone withing the return period of another flagship phone they see returns.  Not a matter of “better” but people who desire what’s new.

      • Anonymous

        I’m no fan of Sammy, as a matter of fact never bought a phone from them and only am because of Nexus.  However I find it strange the most popular Android phones are made by them but somehow at the same time they are built the worst.  They outsell both HTC and especially Moto, but someone are total junk?  Just doesn’t quite add up.  That’s coming from a big fan of my DX and HTC phones in the past.

        EDIT: Plus my point was more about people wanting whats new, not that its better of worse.

  • OG Droid

    Everyone kept asking how does VRZ screw this up. This is how pushing this back to spread out the razr and rezound then the galaxy.

    • FYI, the correct abbreviation for Verizon is VZW

      • OG Droid

        haha, yeah typing fast.

        • Anonymous

          it’s the same amount of letters.

          • Anonymous


      • ShootAngelsFace77x

        Which is more pathetic, the fact you bothered to make this comment or that so far 8 people liked it?

    • LiterofCola

      How do you know this is Verizon’s fault?

      • Anonymous

        More importantly, how do we know that the source’s “source” wasn’t just speaking of the HSPA version, and not the LTE version. We pretty much know Verizon is getting it first in the US at least. Clearly that could be the miscommunication.

      • Michael Potter

        It would be easy to assume it is Verizon’s fault because Samsung has already announced the Euro release date… With that being said, the phone is completed testing and is in production, Google’s ICS is finished and everything on the manufacturers side is running smoothly, so we are all to assume Verizon is throwing a hissy fit because they are being pressured to release a phone without a locked bootloader and with no bloatware to make them extra $$$.

  • Anonymous


  • David

    I’m still holding out hope for a pre-Thanksgiving purchase.  

  • Jose Lopez

    Well that means I have more time to save some $$. Now will I get my Bionics data issues fixed first or get the GNex, that is the question.

    • ShootAngelsFace77x

      You should have to keep your Bionic as punishment for your impatience. 

  • Lame.  That’s all I have to say.

  • Anonymous

    no !!!!!!!!!!!!