GetJar Offering A Slew Of Free Apps Including GRave Defense HD, TweetCaster, And More for Halloween

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Back in August, GetJar started giving apps away in a program called GetJar Gold. They are constantly switching out the apps in this program, which today include a few that might interest you all. TweetCaster will run someone $5 in the Android Market, but go grab it for free from GetJar for a limited time and save yourself an Abe Lincoln. GRave Defense HD which is a couple of bucks, can be had for free too. No one should argue with free, legit applications.

It’s like what Amazon does but on a different time frame. GetJar will have multiple apps for free during a week’s time, where as Amazon has a new app every day. Either way, it’s a sweet little deal. Go take advantage.

Via: GetJar



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