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Internal Trade Commission: Apple Doesn’t Seem To Be Infringing On Any Patents Of HTC

Those bureaucrats are at it again. The ITC (Internal Trade Commission), in an initial ruling has stated that Apple is in ‘no violation’ of HTC’s patents. A final ruling is expected by February of next year, so things can change, but things are looking down for HTC on the court-hearing side of things. Seems as though Apple is just not cutting them a break.

HTC isn’t going down without a fight though – General Counsel for HTC had this to say, “This is only one step of many in these legal proceedings. We are confident we have a strong case for the ITC appeals process and are fully prepared to protect our intellectual property.”

Are there any new thoughts on all these patents lawsuits and court hearings? Seems like every other day these companies are digging themselves into deeper holes in the eyes of us, the consumers. Your thoughts?


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  • Anonymous

    I think I’m starting not to care who’s right or wrong anymore. I see a lawsuit, and I automatically assume you’re afraid of the competition and are no longer 100% sure that you can compete on the merits of your devices. Either that, or you’re a petulant little bitch and you’re suing back because you got sued and think that’s going to somehow do something productive.

    The main issue here is that resources are being wasted that would be better used elsewhere. I’d be happier if they were using the money to gold-plate the toilet bowls.

  • Anonymous

    Apple basically lost in the netherlands.  Of the 3 patents one was thrown out, one was decided to be frivolous and the 3rd required Samsung to make a minor software upgrade to the gallery app.  One of the junked patents was used by Apple in Australia so go figure.

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  • Chad Ramey

    apple needs to burn in h311 right beside steve jobs

    • Adam Elghor

      wtf dude……u mad?

    • Anonymous

      Haters gotta hate.

  • PAJ

    I wonder what % of my income ends up funding something in the judicial system?

  • Jason Purp

    Ah come on, just let ’em have this one. Apple needs to be sued for a change.

  • J

    International Trade Commission.

    It’s the details that maintain an air of legitimacy.

  • EC8CH

    And yet somehow the Galaxy Tab can be blocked from markets because it’s rectangular and flat?

    Only thing that scares me about *pple is their legal budget.

    • Wish people would stop with the “lol they patented a rectangular device” line.

      Yes, Apple’s design patents are probably too generic, but that’s not what they patented.  You don’t see them going after HTC on design patents for the Flyer or Jetstream, do you?

      • EC8CH

        Those are the design patents that they are using to block Samsung products in Germany and Australia.

      • Anonymous

        Flyer wouldn’t count due to size (not that hasn’t prevented Apple from manipulating photos before).  Jetstream has some styling at the front.
        A layperson would think the lack of a huge power button on the front would differentiate the iPad from anything else.

      • Jeff

        They will go After ALL Android devices as well…..

        They actually got a design patent of “Thin”  

        Someone needs to watch the bank accounts of these judges in Europe and Australia….

    • paj

      My kid is fingerpainting right now.  Flat rectangular display with touch interface.  Should I just send @pple a check and a letter of appology?

  • is this the case where they were using Motorola’s patents? or the one prior.. all these lawsuits are getting confusing. 

  • Rob Becker

    My thoughts… stop adding costs to handset with these fn lawsuits. 

  • In other news, Justin Bieber’s new song hit number 1 on iTunes.