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Download: Nexus Prime Boot Animation


The boot animation from the Nexus Prime aka Galaxy Nexus that was teased to us earlier in the week is now available for everyone to play with.  The instructions we have are for flashing in Clockwork Recovery, but if you aren’t rooted, you will have to do it the old fashioned way by extracting and moving the bootanimation.zip into /data/local or wherever your particular phone pulls media from.

Sexy, isn’t it?  

Download:  Nexus_Prime_Boot.zip


1.  Download the file from above an drop it on your SD card.
2.  Reboot your phone into recovery.
3.  Choose “install zip from sd card.”
4.  “Choose zip from sd card.”
5.  Select the file you downloaded from above.
6.  Once it finishes running choose “Go Back” and then reboot!

Via:  MyDroidWorld

  • Wallaballa

    This isnt the Nexus Animation. THIS is it:


  • Blehhhh

    I booted all 5 roms from boot manager and they booted faster than that! lol

  • Dustin carney

    I flashed in clockwork and i flashed used boot animation utility and neither of those ways worked, i just get a black sreen while it boots up….

  • Johan Sundström

    This violates the demo “ten second rule” five times over. You will love it even more when you’re almost out of battery and need to send a text or email, power up, and run out of charge before the whole minute is through.

  • Yaheardwithperd

    Would this work on a T-mobile HTC Sensation (rooted)?

  • Anonymous

    Did not work for me on the Thunderbolt.

  • not working on evo running synergy

  • I just tweaked the desc.txt file and applied this to my HTC EVO and guess what? After the bootanimation, it magically transformed my phone into a Nexus Prime! Woot! …. Now how to I get LTE working?  (j/k)

  • Matthew Harmon

    How can I uninstall the boot animation on my DX?  There is nothing in my systemmedia folder?  Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

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  • Glock

    Not trying to be a hater but me no likey. I liked the Nexus One/S boot animations b/c it screamed Nexus to me…this is just a colorful animation. :-

  • Anonymous

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  • Willfake84
  • Sts86gt

    I love it on my OG Droid!

  • Barlog

    Could someone send me a link or explain how to do this on an unrooted Droid?

  • Barlog

    WOW! …I just finished reading this whole thread, and I’m now sitting next to 3 leprechaun’s, a unicorn just walked up and is asking me if I’ve seen how slow that boot animation took to load, and I just got socked in the face by an Oompa Loompa that just ran by! This is the most craziest, funniest, bizarre thread I’ve ever read on DL …..or maybe it’s just all those pills I took …. 😉 …:-D I don’t know what I’d do without Droidlife you all rock! 🙂

  • Polecats03

    only took 3 hours to turn on…

  • FishPharm

    This isn’t the nexus prime guys…relax..lol

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, been waiting for this. Those whining about boot-time: Continue justifying your decision to skip over this awesome phone, enjoy your Nexus in a month when it has the same exact internals that I’ve been enjoying since September. 

    • Glock

      EXCEPT it doesn’t have the exact same internals…and I’ll enjoy ICS while you stay on GB for FOREVER…oh and when the next iteration comes out, I’ll enjoy that while you’re STILL on GB…

      • Anonymous

        4430 and 1GB DDR2 RAM? Sounds the same to me.

        The Bionic was rooted by day one, had roms by the first week and is well on the way to being unlocked (whether it’s by Devs or Motorola itself). Minus the screen (and Samsung’s meh build quality), the Bionic is largely the same as the Prime, except I’ve had mine to play with since September. 🙂

  • Andrew Dilks

    I dont really like it that much :/

  • Anonymous

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  • alexenglish

    Don’t you think its sad that it takes a minute and a half to boot up?

  • Mneighbo

    Looks decent on the Bionic. Hmmmmm

  • Lanza_david

    THIS IS A MOTOROLA PHONE!  how can it be the prime?

    Has anybody noticed this?

    • Lanza_david

      Well… it is obviously a Bionic…. so it is supposed to be the prime bootup animation on a bionic? 

      • LionStone

        Ding! Ding! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      because if you take the time to check out the source that it came from you would see they say it is loaded on his bionic.

      • Lanza_david

        ooooopssss….. how dumb….. 

  • Anonymous


  • Scott

    Just not a fan of it. 

  • it took 1:21 sec to boot.. that sucks….

  • Anonymous

    This is great. Even my girlfriend thought it was neat, and she couldn’t care less about anything like this. Only takes about 30 seconds to boot on my DX with CM7GB. Thanks a ton, Droid-Life.

  • Daniel DeRosa

    Tried flashing this on my HTC Thunderbolt, it said the installation was successful but there was no boot animation showing up. =/

    • Anonymous

      are you rooted?

    • Anonymous

      same thing with me.. Rooted with TeamBamf 1.7

  • Will DEFINITELY be changing that boot animation on the nexus as soon as it’s possible…
    Thank goodness the phone will be awesome because that is the most homo boot animation on android to date.

  • Coyote

    Danger Will Robinson!

    Tsk Tsk. Why would you do that to a defenseless, innocent Bionic! 🙂

  • Corthney Daniel

    1:16 and 1:18 was that a city/buildings in the background. or am i the only one that caught that

    • Herinel

      I thought the exact same thing I saw some buildings towards the end.

      • It does look like buildings, but I think it was just a glitch in the vid.

    • Barlog

      Yep I saw the same thing

  • Mr. English

    Reminds me of Windows 95. At least in relation to boot up time.

  • Anonymous

    Boot animation is looping on my Galaxy S screen 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Anyone? I’ve tried to flash the stock animation back but nexus prime animation still there and I can’t remove it.

  • Bl,aine

    Still like the unofficial “prime” animation best… just sayin’ 🙂

  • Yiannis

    Why can’t we just eliminate boot animations altogether?

  • Merlin

    Where’s the Vigor?

  • Pnicuh

    ugly, why so u wanna replace it with the Droid Eye?…

  • Booted faster than the CM7 boot animation on my Tbolt.

  • AstralWeeks

    How do you add an .ogg file to it for sound?

  • Granted

    Once again……describing anything electronic, or any technology, as “SEXY”, truly shows the inability to grasp actual things in life that are indeed “SEXY”. Such as the voluptuous curves of a beautiful woman, or the cute idiosyncrasies that the female gender CAN display. But as far as getting your two inch chubby from a boot animation, one word…sad.

    • Andrey Feldman

      noone had this problem until gizmodo decided to write a whole post about it… nobody means that they find it “sexy” like they find a woman sexy…concerning technology, the word sexy has found a new meaning

      • Jerkoff

        so the gizmodo geeks jerk off to “sexy” gadgets instead of to images of “sexy” women? 

  • Almost installed it but felt this would be “smack in the face” to CM Team gonna stick to the CM boot on DX. 

  • Anonymous

    the boot up time on that boot animation takes longer than a newly flashed ROM…i’ll pass and stick with the CM7 boot animation

    • Bline0074

      How do you uninstall

      • Gerrysafford86

        good luck on that one i had to use a backup i had to get this off my boot screen its ugly and a pain….

  • installed it by hand using terminal… why do we never get those instructions? it’s much easier and faster than flashing it.

    also, i’m not a big fan of this animation, i might go back to stock.

  • I have a feeling this will look a whole lot better on the Prime… Looks like crap on my D1.

  • your father

    got it working. resolution looks kinda grainy and not that great on my dx. still pretty cool idea

  • didnt work.. DINC shooter sens3.

  • Lanceramirez31

    like you are being hipnotized…i dont like that piece of crap on my phone!!

  • Lanceramirez31

    that is gay!!!

  • Superdroid

    This would have been worth a million bucks back in the 60s

  • Anonymous

    This is the closest some of y’all are going to get to the prime.  So live it up people!

    • Anonymous

      Ouch that hurts….  But at least the folks over at AT&T will enjoy it.

  • Lreyesinc

    i downloaded the file but cant drop it to my sd crd???

  • Rob Meyer

    where’s the acid when you need it. Eff that.. Ill take the transformer one over that crap any day.

    • Granted

      Huffing the right amount and combination of some household cleaners and solvents, will substitute for some blotter acid when you’ve run out.

  • Anonymous

    Any confirmation of this working on anything with Honeycomb?

  • Prickee

    was there something special that I just watched??? I’m not impressed.

  • Anonymous

    Are you seriously still not acknowledging that the nexus prime and galaxy nexus are two different devices? Come on, just admit that Verizon is getting a dumbed down version.

    A Verizon Customer since 2000, and future Galaxy Nexus owner.

    • KevinC

      and how do you know this?

      oh wait, you don’t.  you just think you do.

      • Anonymous

        and how do you know this isn’t the case?

        oh wait, you don’t. you just think you do.

        • KevinC

          i just prefer to live in reality rather than waste my time speculating over rumors.

          • Anonymous

            What is your reality then? Verizon always gets the dumbed down version of every phone.

            I can only hope that one day they give us the newest spec’d device.

          • Anonymous

            So, somehow in your reality there aren’t two different sets of specs being reported, while one of those (the lesser spec’d device) is said to be a Verizon exclusive. Of course you have proof that the devices are identical, right? Something no tech site has information about or reported on yet?

            I personally denied the possibility of different devices for weeks, supporting that Samsung has ALWAYS used different model numbers for COMA and GSM. However, when you have two different spec’d devices reported from sources who have proved reliable in the past, you’re in a pretty interesting position. Especially when the one device is constantly being rumored as a Verizon exclusive.

  • guest

    do you need to backup the stock boot animation before you flash this on the bionic?

  • jimbob

    Looks like a 2% loss of battery just to boot up that damn phone, ahah.

  • Anonymous

    so i wasted 1:21 min to watch 2 things moto logo and a small bootloop i was expecting a lot more..dumb and boring animation

  • Spc Hicks09

    Here’s a good link to download from http://www.multiupload.com/GFFUUFAJFN

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope they shorten that up before it releases.

  • Steve DeBellis

    Doesn’t work. HTC Thunderbolt.

    • Spc Hicks09

      It will work, rename it to VZW_bootanimation.zip and put it in system/customize/resource. Can be done in root explorer, permissions should look like this:


      • Anonymous

        Now I’m not rooted so of course I don’t have write access to that directory, is there away to to this without being rooted? In the article it says to do it “the old fashioned” way, but im still not sure how?

  • Christopher Cook

    Could anyone explain how to get this to work on a non rooted phone? The instructions to just put it in the data/local directory is a bit vague.

  • That’s a big change from the previous boot animation. 

  • Gerrysafford86

    meh put it on my x color arent that great looking ill stick to my android destroying the apple logo for now..

  • JayDotEllOh

    This boot animation leads me to believe this is not a TRUE nexus device.  Judging from the previous 2 Nexi (nexus’s??) the boot animation is the multi-colored “X”.  This just is too much of a divergence from the nexus boot animations.

    I still believe it is going to be an amazingly awesome stock, vanilla ICS beast, just not necessarily a “nexus”

  • Spc Hicks09

    The link is down, go here to download http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/nexus-prime-forum/9624-nexus-prime-boot-animation-released.html

  • anybody get this on a “gingerbread” build of the Droid Charge yet?

    • jay

      Nop. Im running humble 2.0 and the animation doesn’t work on my phone

  • Spc Hicks09

    Link broke

  • wtf….can’t download for some unkown reason…

  • Albert C

    Can this be installed via rom manager?

  • Anonymous

    That will be very nice for AT&T.

  • KevinC

    jesus, that phone takes way longer to boot up than my og droid,

    • Superior1

      I was thinking the same…..lol

      • Anonymous

        i also was thinking the same thing

        • I was thinking it as well

          • Anonymous

            my thoughts exactly

          • Wyveryx

            I was starting to wonder… Over a minute just to boot? Damn… But it’s mesmerizing 🙂 I kept expecting it transform together to make a symbol or something lol

          • Keith Norris

            that took forever

          • Anonymous

            My thoughts are similar to those listed above

          • Same, loaded on OG droid before watching video… that phone sure boots slow.

          • Gast

            is it just my opinion or is this bootup realy slow?

          • Sts86gt

            That would’ve been awesome.

          • Indeed. I concur. 

          • Barlog

            Sorry if this is off this subject, but i after watching that boot animation video I thought to myself….WOW that took a long time to boot up on a Droid!? I then wondered is it just me?…….yeah I think I’m just tripping….but I wonder maybe …fellow droidlifers thought the same thing watching it?…naw I just need to get some sleep…yeah that’s it sleep…….

        • Anonymous

          i would say maybe its because its not the stock boot animation, but i constantly was changing the boot animation on my OG and it still booted up half as slow

    • Anonymous

      Crap… that took 1 1/2 minutes.  I sure am glad I don’t own whatever Motorola phone that is.

      • yea yea

        You guys are noobs. You mad bro?

        • KevinC

          you don’t make any sense.

        • Anonymous

          I bet whoever owns that Motorola phone is mad at how slow it is.

          • Anonymous

            that’s a dev’s droid bionic

          • Anonymous

            Ouch… That’s embarrassing. I hope the Galaxy Nexus can handle it better.

        • Pnicuh

          hahaha too funnie

        • SugaShane

          This might be the worst “You mad bro” use I’ve ever seen. Everyone is now dumber for reading what you just wrote. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. 

        • IntlGrizzly

          I’m probably going to have to stop using the internet so I don’t have to read these stupid comments such as: “noobs” or “you mad bro?”

          • Anonymous

            You mad bro?

        • pezjono

          These are the kind of comments that dignify a “dislike” button!

      • Anonymous

        someone missed the headline to the article?

        • Anonymous

          Nope… I bet the Nexus Prime boots up far faster than that Moto phone does. 1 1/2 minutes is a bit much don’t you think…. I’m not the one who missed something… you did notice it was a Motorola phone in the video didn’t you?

          • Anonymous

            somehow i completely missed the large red circle with the m in it…sorry to jump on you for that…

          • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


    • Albert C

      the funny thing is that my OG droid has better battery life than my bionic.

      • Anonymous

        Also doesn’t have lte. So comparison is moot since about every 3g only phone has better battery than any lte phone.

      • how is that funny exactly? im sorry did the Og Droid had LTE on it? i dont remember..

      • Yeah, you also have an 800 mHz processor.  I have a dual-core 1 gHz.  Eat crow turd…

    • What

      My Droid X takes longer 🙁

    • Scott


  • This boot animation just made my OG look young again!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I installed this boot animation and tested it  with the video. My og loaded at least 20 seconds faster..

  • Anonymous


  • Steve

    ill stick with my more manly droid bionic boot animation 

  • I wish I knew what Kellex and P3Droid knew about this phone……….. 🙂