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HTC Vigor to be Renamed “Thunderbolt 2”? Samsung Prime Replaces DROID Charge?

OK before we start, we should make sure that everyone knows that we know that there are spelling errors like a mutha up in this leak.  It could be legit, but truthfully, we have no idea.  According to the source – who happens to be a Best Buy employee – this document was handed out by Verizon reps (we’re thinking regional) and describes the expected lineup for them in the near future.  It includes a whole bunch of devices that have long been rumored, so there are a couple of things we should think about with this: could be someone compiling all of the stuff we have been talking about for the last month and splashing it down on paper or it could be legit and the guy just can’t type.  So with that said, let’s talk about what we are seeing.

While the Stratosphere is up there as replacing the Fascinate, we are more interested in comparisons two and five lines below that.  Thunderbolt 2?  The Thunderbolt 2 is as many of you know, the HTC Vigor (first pictures).  In a leaked roadmap back at the beginning of August, we saw then that this device would be replacing the original Thunderbolt – a device that has really only been out for 7 months.  Is Verizon planning to rebrand it as the Tbolt 2 though?  Interesting idea.  The original Thunderbolt went by the model number ADR6400 and the Vigor is already listed as ADR6425, so it would make sense to re-use the name similarly to what was done with the Incredible and its follow-up.

What about the “Sam Prime“?  That would be the Nexus Prime or DROID Prime or whatever the hell you want to call it that is expected to be one of the first Ice Cream Sandwich devices on the planet.  According to this document, it will replace the DROID Charge which to be honest, makes a lot of sense.  The Charge went by model number SCH-i510 and the Prime has already been outed as SCH-i515.  The Charge is also in a similar predicament as the Thunderbolt in that its specs are from 1992 (yeah, exaggeration) and is in dire need of being upgraded.

No details on a release, but so far we have an October 6 date for the Vigor and a potential November time frame for the Prime.  Seriously, September can’t possibly go any faster.

Via:  Phandroid

  • Elijah Desent

    get all the info at http://theprimesmartphone.com/ and see how the nexus prime rumors 

  • Anonymous

    I think I prefer the name “Vigor.”  When they call a phone Thunderbolt, I’m afraid it’ll launch just before a major Android update, but HTC and Verizon will say it’s not a big deal because it’ll be updated soon, and then every other Android phone will get updated before it.

  • Slakker

    you guys missed the worst part sam illusion replacing “LG” ALLY/VORTEX lol prob talking about lg enligten. But this document has 0 credibility

  • Prickee

    Verizon should stick with VIGOR & Droid Prime,  but then again what Verizon wants they usually get….Damn Big Red….

  • If they call the new Samsung phone the Charge 2, i refuse to call it that.  If anyone asks me what kind of phone do i have, i am just going to say the Nexus Prime.  It is a far better name.

  • I think that’s replacement phones…like the Vigor is going to replace the Thunderbolt just like the Gusto replaced the Smooth. Though, that still doesn’t make sense for the Samsung phone that is replacing the LG Ally and Vortex…maybe it’s also phones coming in to those tiers?

  • Armywife81

    If any one has recently Looked at a Verizon Magalog it shows that the new LG To come out that will be replacing the Ally Is called the LG enlighten.  Its going to look and feel alot like the ally did.  Also why would you have a Samsung replace an LG That doesnt make any Sense to me.  I think this is a Hoax and someone has way to much time on thier hands!

  • Zach Tanksley

    All of these could make sense except the Sam Illusion –> Ally/Vortex. Wouldn’t LG be replacing LG phones? My 2 Cents…

  • John

    Anyone presenting this piece of paper to customers will not have a job long.. blatantly obvious typos in a  corporate environment are laughable.. fake.

  • Anonymous


  • Bill Morrow

    Wonder if the reason there are spelling errors is an attempt to find out who is leaking documents…(i.e. different versions of the documents have different spelling or grammatical errors…)

  • Anonymous

    Nexus prime > thunderbolt 2

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for these phones to come out so the current 4G phones can drop in price. Droid Charge for $149 plus a corporate discount? Yes please.

    • Bionic

      EHHHHHH.  Charge has been out too long.  Why not get Bionic when its price drops?  It has dual core

      • Anonymous

        And when I wait for the Bionic price to drop, there’ll be another phone in which someone tells me to wait for a price drop, etc, etc. I’m getting out of this vicious cycle of waiting for the next best thing. It’s driving me crazy trying to keep this OG Droid alive. 550 mhz CPU and 256 MB ram. Even the shitties phone out there has twice as good of specs as this one.

  • Bionic

    This is why I got Bionic.  November for Prime?  No thanks.  Couldnt be happier with my Bionic.  Im sure Prime will be a awesome phone but there is only so long a person can wait.  

    As for the HTC, probably a good phone but all my friends complain about them.

    • I can wait a long time with my OG Droid.  I cannot look at the screen for more than a few seconds.  Everyone’s eyes are different.  For me, it is like watching my 60″ plasma through my screen door.  What’s the point in that.  I compared the screen with the Samsung at the VZW store.  Easy decision.  No reason buying a smartphone if you can’t use the screen.

  • Rich

    Forget HTC… specially if they make their own OS so they say… that’s the whole reason why I left moto… looks like I might just have to drop android and all phones all together then…

    • Bionic

      Stupid reason to drop Android.  You can root almost any phone and put whatever Home screen and etc you want on it.  Cant do that with Apple or Windows phones.  

  • Anonymous

    I think you mean “September can’t go by any slower.”

  • Bourneadvocate

    It is an absolute fake because Verizon officially said they werent going to release the Galaxy S II.  The Fascinate is a Galaxy S phone. 

  • Bourneadvocate

    It is an absolute fake because Verizon officially said they werent going to release the Galaxy S II.  The Fascinate is a Galaxy S phone. 

  • VanillaIsTheOnlyWay

    Just my opinion, but I’ve grown tired of HTC. Sense is one of my favorite skins, but in the end its a skin. I’m ready for some good ole Vanilla Android. I don’t like CM7! I wish a Nexus device would to Verizon. I would gladly pay full price for vanilla android.

  • jimbob

    Fake for various reasons.

  • So if the Thunderbolt and Charge are already being replaced, I wonder what will replace the Droid Bionic. Hopefully it has a keyboard this time. {{-_-}}

    • Bionic

      Yes there will be a Droid 4 with a keyboard.  Probably 1st quarter next year im thinking.  But it wont “replace” the Bionic it will replace the droid 3.  bionic will probably be Bionic 2 or something along the lines of “motorola Bionic Falus”  

      • JCS

        I think there is already a bionic phallus out there…

  • Anonymous

    Ill be exchanging my bionic for one of these.

    • Bionic

      If you do, please make sure its the Prime.  HTC is unworthy of exchange

  • Nitpick

    Call me crazy, but shouldn’t the arrows be going the other way?

    • Anonymous

      No the arrows are right. To show the new phone and which phone it is replacing.

  • mikeym0p

    Could be questionable considering the typo on Stratosphere…

  • droidlvr

    Call it the HTC Rigor

  • SH

    Your view on the Charge is comical. I got a thunderbolt for free, and gladly went back to my charge after using it for only a week. I could run a stock TW Charge, and get better battery life than a tbolt on CM7. Thats sad.

  • Booboolala2000

    Hoping that the Prime is vanilla. I will get that for sure. Like, dont love my charge. In non LTE areas I’d rather use my D3. But LTE and I am all over it. Don’t like the stock skin and choppiness.

  • Acyd

    VIgor please.

  • youCanthaz4gz

    dude, stop dissing the charge.  you clearly don’t use it to know what a great phone it actually is.  i just upgraded to the latest gingerbread leak and now get a 2000 quadrant score.  yea, that’s only 100 less than a bionic.  

  • Jason Purp

    Thank God I didn’t buy the Bionic today.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t care how legit a source is, when the leak looks like this it’s laughable.  On the people defending the Bionic, please, the screen is terrible and you know it anytime you look at text or a white back ground and it looks like a checkerboard.  The camera is plagued by the same issues the OG was and it just shows that Moto hasn’t learned from it’s past mistakes.  The Bionic is 8 months overdue and it’s still plagued with software, screen and battery problems.  That is unacceptable for a $300 device.

      • Jason Purp

        It’s still hope, and that’s all I need.

      • Q

        I have no idea what you guys are crying about with the screen.  This screen is way sharper and has a higher resolution than the Thunderbolt.  The thing is crystal clear.  Haters gonna hate I guess.  I will concede the camera could  be better though.

      • Rctp10

        Defending? try stating pure facts. You and everyone else are trying to justify the wait for a possibly better phone, you do know when the prime comes out there will already be another flagship phone on the horizon. The bionic with 4g and a dual core as well as ram will keep this phone current enough for at least 1 year if not more. The only thing that will come out in the next year that may limit other lesser phones of running the same os is a quad core and hd screens. If the bionic becomes some what rootable it will have a great run with the dev community, and hardcore users. For the other people they will just keep buying the next great thing. 

  • Anonymous

    Stratosphere is misspelled. Just saying.

  • Balls

    i herd rumors of the battery life automatically goes down once they rename it to the thunderbolt 2

  • Anonymous

    None of this matters to me any longer.  I tried upgrading my line to a Bionic on an old family plan we’ve had for many years and Verizon wouldn’t let us keep our plan, they would only let us change to one of their new plans, limited data and all.  F*ck Verizon.  Guess they would rather lose a customer and get no money then give an inch, fine by me.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure they arent worried about losing one customer.

      • Anonymous

        And I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know to avoid them.

  • David

    Hhahahaha oops I just had a major typo hahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Would Verizon and Samsung really release a bloat-free Nexus device as a replacement to the Charge without having any high-end Touchwiz device?

    I’m getting more and more nervous with every leak that describes this device absent the brand Nexus.

  • David

    If the prime isn’t an nexus or unlocked I don’t know if id want it…. and yea what did. Droid HDever happen to the

  • should be called the htc “thunderstorm”

  • Anonymous

    I’m all up for these new amazing phones coming out on VZW, but one phone is missing..
    What happened to the Moto Droid HD? That slim sexy LTE goodness that was shown in pics with the leaked Bionic pics should be something that we should be talking about as well.. no? 

    • Anonymous

      It’s called the Spyder now FYI.

    • hkklife

      Why on earth would you want slim sexiness after the reports of the Bionic’s dismal battery life? My boss just killed his DB’s extended battery in one day of moderate usage with a fairly strong 4G signal.  Just think how lousy the battery life on a Spyder with a slim, fixed, non-replaceable battery would be!

  • Anonymous

    Spelling mistakes….FTW

  • Anonymous

    Why would the Samsung replace the LG on paper like that. Looks odd. Anyhow, I hope they don’t name it T-Bolt 2. Meh…. Even Incredible HD would be a better name.

  • Anonymous

    Bionic who?

  • “who happens to be a Best Buy employee” — explains the typos….

  • Yeah…. i like motorola cuz their phones last long.. idk wat they put in their batteries… and their hardware.. but htc cuz of the ui is cool and the design

  • Well they should atleast credit the htc incredible 2 cuz its a hybrid between the thunderbolt.. and my thunderbolt sucks… so i  should have waited

  • Looks like I’ll be returning my Bionic for a phone that will actually get unlocked. (take notes Motorola). Man I wish I could have Motorolas hardware with HTCs stance on developing 

  • Ironclad1313

    I can see the headlines now: “This Thunderbolt can strike twice…. Introducing the new Thunderbolt 2 with a dual core processor”

  • kw

    I love my thunderbolt! great idea to name it thunderbolt 2. i never had problems like what people said they had. simple fix for battery too.. TURN OFF MOBILE WHEN NOT USING IT! duh….. there is no reason why i need my phone to be at 50% after sitting in school for 8 hours when i can have it be at 90%( with a little bit of using 😉 )

  • hkklife

    Brilliant move to have an early EOL to the TB, Revolution and Charge.  Get rid of all that bulky, battery-hungry, single-core, WVGA, Froyo crud.    Well, the Bionic is basically all of those things other than having GB & dualcore.  Oh well…

    Seriously, I am SO ready for the next-gen LTE chipsets to arrive.  A shame that there is nothing in between EVDO Rev-A and LTE (along the lines of HSPA).  That would be a good compromise until the LTE tech is more mature.  

    Also, isn’t the LG Enlighten supposed to be the direct Ally replacement??

  • First of all i would prefer my htc thunderbolt’s name was called htc incredible hd like it was originally, and since the vigor looks like a htc incredible then why doesnt htc give the htc thunderbolt 2 (vigor codename) give it a sub name htc incredible 3???? I would be better 

  • J D _90

    Using the Thunderbolt 2 might actually be smart, there are a lot of people who have the thunderbolt that have not had a problem with it, I love the naming scheme because it goes together with their LTE electrical theme. Either way if they fix the problems the thunderbolt had and add the specs we have heard of i may have to put the Thunderbolt up for sell to buy its successor.  

  • Cwzrd

    Lol like a mutha xD

  • Anonymous

    Got the Bionic the day it came out, not to many negatives. Yes the screen could be better but other than that i like it. Still going to get the Prime though. What’s up with the Droid HD

  • Cree

    these next batch of ICS phones must have hardware acceleration to bring a refinement to the android lineup. If not you may see me go to ISO. Jk….i have had the droid 1, iPad, touchpad, and now a current tb owner. I will be getting the droid prime once it releases. However I don’t give a damn if its dual core 2ghz if you maximize both cores without hardware acceleration. I just have to say this for the record.


  • Please Verizon, do NOT rename the Vigor.Put a DROID branding on that chiz so that it comes in time for my birthday (Oct 13. 1995) and replaces my OG Inc.
    Thanks! 😀

  • James_Ever

    This looks completely fake by someone that didn’t spellcheck before taking a picture of this. Maybe the names will be different, we’ve seen name changes before. I’m just not buying this as authentic.

  • Anonymous

    MIGHT be fake?! Hahaha i could make this in 5 minutes in word

  • Anonymous

    I knew we couldn’t go all day today without a prime rumor….  Man you sure explained my pain with the last sentence:  “Seriously, September can’t possibly go any faster.”

  • Anonymous

    All this tells me is that someone read a phone blog and has microsoft word… not buying it.


      • Anonymous

        Oh I must have missed that… its clearly 100% legit 😀 LOL Well put.

  • Anonymous

    This can easily be faked, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Also, I don’t believe the Vigor will be a ‘Thunderbolt 2’. Chances are it’ll carry it’s own unique name. Or push comes to shove, the Incredible name. I am looking forward to this device though. Right now my sights are set for the Nexus Prime. But if I find the device too big or it just doesn’t land on Verizon, the Vigor will be my next device. First time ever I actually felt I had some really good choices on Verizon. Lol n

  • Anonymous

    I think they should name it the vigor after the thunderbolt debacle i think people would be turned of for fears of it having a bunch of problems like the original.

    • Anonymous

      It would be a huge marketing blunder to name the vigor the thunderbolt 2. Either its fake, they have no research department or they are trying to improve ifail 5 sales. This thing looks like a total fake to me.

      • Anonymous

        Agree. Not to mention the stratosphere just says stratosphere and is made by Samsung yet the prime has Sam before it? I’m gonna call bs on this.

        • Shane Price

          That and they mis-spelled Stratosphere

    • Nick

      Bunch of problems?  My Thunderbolt running BAMF Forever with Sense 3.0 and the latest gingerbread build owns everything out there right now, including the Bionic.

      • Anonymous

        You can’t compare a rooted phone to a non rooted one. Obviously it would be better. Smh

        • Anonymous

          Why not compair the two as they are right now? I don’t see anything wrong with that.

          • palomosan

            Because not everybody roots their phones, I also have the Tbolt and running Bamf 4.9 but still the battery sucks and the phone had and has some bugs.

          • Nick

            Upgrade to BAMF Forever 1.03, you won’t regret it.  Smoothest ROM I have ever used on any device.

          • Anonymous

            If we’re going to factor in Battery Life, it would be better to remove the HTC part from the name too.

          • Anonymous

            Because one is stock the other is not. If you compare stock tb to stock bionic that’s a different story. I’m sure you wouldn’t say the same if you were. And I own a tb.

      • Rctp10

        Are you serious?……just because you can overclock your phone does not mean that it will be as fast as a phone that has faster data connection. Not to mention more ram and a dual core, and the list goes on and on and on. What you gunna own me in? a benchmark……. I will be honest though the thunderbolt is a nice phone when rooted but not all people are capible of staying on top of updates and bug fixes. 

        • Nick

          Hmm…the Thunderbolt is 4G LTE and has the same data connection speed as the Bionic.  I don’t overclock either (I use stock kernel). Also in regards to your last point, I’m sorry, but if you flash custom ROM’s you should stay on top of updates.  It makes no sense to flash a ROM and not keep up with software updates.  To each their own, I guess.

          • Rctp10

            Exactly why I said some people are not capable, so if a phone needs to be rooted to be smooth most people are not aware of staying on top of updates. Ive been getting my root on since android first cam to winmo phones, then i had a OG and flashed at least 3 roms a weak for a year or so and then when GB came out i just couldn’t keep up with fellow Droid owners. Bottom line any one out there that thinks the Bionic is not a worthy predecessor to the Droid family needs to get there hands on one for a day or two and see that there is absoulutly no lag with anything and its a very smooth and nice user excperience. 

    • Trdracer21


  • It might be fake

  • Wait for the Prime or buy the Bionic…? The million dollar question….. *sigh*

    • I’m waiting.

      DROID: first phone to run 2.2
      I want to be first again with the Prime!

      • Anonymous

        Droid was first to run 2.1 not 2.2

        • oh yea. i meant that…

        • Droiiid

          uh…first to run 2.0.  nexus one was first to 2.1 and droid2 was first to 2.2.

          • Anonymous

            no it wasnt. The EVO had 2.2 before the droid 2. and the nexus did before the droid 2 also.

          • lol what did i start!?

    • Boblevel

      Bionic is getting only average reviews so far. The decision should be between the Vigor and Prime..Prime FTW!

      • Anonymous

        Plus the bionic has a garbage screen.

        • Anonymous

          HTC screens aren’t much better.

          • Anonymous

            Still better than the pixelated MOTO screens.

          • Anonymous

            I and many others disagree. RGBW FTW!

          • Anonymous

            Many others? Pretty sure every review the con is the screen. I just hope MOTO ends up unlocking the bootloader. Then again there is probably a better chance Steve jobs joins Android than that happening.

          • Binglut9

            This is mynext said the screen was good with no problems…end to agree with them because I feel they are the most unbiased….my brother sees no problem either…only people with problems are the techy kind of people…..lets face it its a good phone that has a couple of bugs…you dont like the screen that is your opinion!

      • Riteorg

        Average? Are you retarded or something? It’s getting great feedback, with probably the lowest score it receive being a 7/10. Seriously, you guys don’t give the Bionic enough credit, I’d take it over the GSII or The Vigor (which uses the old A8) any day.

        • Skynet

          I agree that the Bionic isn’t getting enough credit. Cnet and PCmag both gave it their Editors’ Choice award.     
          I don’t have one but my brother does and it is the best android phone i’ve used to date. I haven’t used a GSII
          yet but i think that is the only other currently available phone that could be better. (i have used the G2X, Thunderbolt, & Evo 3D)

        • Anonymous

          Vigor does not use an “A8.”  The S3 MSM8660 is a custom designed scorpion processor in the A9 class, that runs a modified ARM instruction set. Compared to a standard A9 like the OMAP in the Bionic, the 8660 performs better, and is more power efficient.

          • Binglut9

            Yes it does use A8…..google it snapdragon is behind the game when it comes to processors

          • Binglut9

            Yes its their own mock up but has many similiarities of a8 and it is based on arm v7 instruction set and to say it is more efficient than the omap is just a lie and not fact

        • Calvin Williams

          I would take an ip4 over the bionic. That’s how ugly the screen is. Yes I’ve used it.

        • Calvin Williams

          I have to say you’re by far the biggest retard by saying you would take the shitty bionic over the gsII which is the best phone money can buy. The bionic would have been a great phone…. if it launched with the attic months ago

    • Anonymous

      More like between Vigor and Prime

  • James Jun

    If this all pulls through before the year is over, I’ll forget everything Verizon has done wrong in the past. I’ll heartily compliment on their brilliance in this decision. Prime, Vigor FTW!

    • palomosan

      Please Verizon, don’t change those awesome names.

      1-What phone you got, I got the Prime and you, I got the Vigor…do I need to say anything else

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forgive Verizon. They pushed semi finished broken phones to people to sell their new network. Just think of the average person that doesn’t know about tech that got stuck with a bogus device and has a 2yr contract now.Verizon ripped them off. I was lucky enough to do alot of research and get the inc2, which is awesome and dependable, I just feel bad for my friends that have garbage phones now.

    • Thevaliantx

      Please stop with the “FTW!” comments.  You must shop for hoodies and skinny jeans.