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HTC Vigor to be Renamed “Thunderbolt 2”? Samsung Prime Replaces DROID Charge?

OK before we start, we should make sure that everyone knows that we know that there are spelling errors like a mutha up in this leak.  It could be legit, but truthfully, we have no idea.  According to the source – who happens to be a Best Buy employee – this document was handed out by Verizon reps (we’re thinking regional) and describes the expected lineup for them in the near future.  It includes a whole bunch of devices that have long been rumored, so there are a couple of things we should think about with this: could be someone compiling all of the stuff we have been talking about for the last month and splashing it down on paper or it could be legit and the guy just can’t type.  So with that said, let’s talk about what we are seeing.

While the Stratosphere is up there as replacing the Fascinate, we are more interested in comparisons two and five lines below that.  Thunderbolt 2?  The Thunderbolt 2 is as many of you know, the HTC Vigor (first pictures).  In a leaked roadmap back at the beginning of August, we saw then that this device would be replacing the original Thunderbolt – a device that has really only been out for 7 months.  Is Verizon planning to rebrand it as the Tbolt 2 though?  Interesting idea.  The original Thunderbolt went by the model number ADR6400 and the Vigor is already listed as ADR6425, so it would make sense to re-use the name similarly to what was done with the Incredible and its follow-up.

What about the “Sam Prime“?  That would be the Nexus Prime or DROID Prime or whatever the hell you want to call it that is expected to be one of the first Ice Cream Sandwich devices on the planet.  According to this document, it will replace the DROID Charge which to be honest, makes a lot of sense.  The Charge went by model number SCH-i510 and the Prime has already been outed as SCH-i515.  The Charge is also in a similar predicament as the Thunderbolt in that its specs are from 1992 (yeah, exaggeration) and is in dire need of being upgraded.

No details on a release, but so far we have an October 6 date for the Vigor and a potential November time frame for the Prime.  Seriously, September can’t possibly go any faster.

Via:  Phandroid

  • Elijah Desent

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  • Anonymous

    I think I prefer the name “Vigor.”  When they call a phone Thunderbolt, I’m afraid it’ll launch just before a major Android update, but HTC and Verizon will say it’s not a big deal because it’ll be updated soon, and then every other Android phone will get updated before it.

  • Slakker

    you guys missed the worst part sam illusion replacing “LG” ALLY/VORTEX lol prob talking about lg enligten. But this document has 0 credibility

  • Prickee

    Verizon should stick with VIGOR & Droid Prime,  but then again what Verizon wants they usually get….Damn Big Red….

  • If they call the new Samsung phone the Charge 2, i refuse to call it that.  If anyone asks me what kind of phone do i have, i am just going to say the Nexus Prime.  It is a far better name.

  • I think that’s replacement phones…like the Vigor is going to replace the Thunderbolt just like the Gusto replaced the Smooth. Though, that still doesn’t make sense for the Samsung phone that is replacing the LG Ally and Vortex…maybe it’s also phones coming in to those tiers?

  • Armywife81

    If any one has recently Looked at a Verizon Magalog it shows that the new LG To come out that will be replacing the Ally Is called the LG enlighten.  Its going to look and feel alot like the ally did.  Also why would you have a Samsung replace an LG That doesnt make any Sense to me.  I think this is a Hoax and someone has way to much time on thier hands!

  • Zach Tanksley

    All of these could make sense except the Sam Illusion –> Ally/Vortex. Wouldn’t LG be replacing LG phones? My 2 Cents…

  • John

    Anyone presenting this piece of paper to customers will not have a job long.. blatantly obvious typos in a  corporate environment are laughable.. fake.

  • Anonymous


  • Bill Morrow

    Wonder if the reason there are spelling errors is an attempt to find out who is leaking documents…(i.e. different versions of the documents have different spelling or grammatical errors…)

  • Anonymous

    Nexus prime > thunderbolt 2

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for these phones to come out so the current 4G phones can drop in price. Droid Charge for $149 plus a corporate discount? Yes please.

    • Bionic

      EHHHHHH.  Charge has been out too long.  Why not get Bionic when its price drops?  It has dual core

      • Anonymous

        And when I wait for the Bionic price to drop, there’ll be another phone in which someone tells me to wait for a price drop, etc, etc. I’m getting out of this vicious cycle of waiting for the next best thing. It’s driving me crazy trying to keep this OG Droid alive. 550 mhz CPU and 256 MB ram. Even the shitties phone out there has twice as good of specs as this one.