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DROID Bionic Hits Verizon MAP at $299 Starting September 8 (Updated)


The DROID Bionic just hit Verizon’s MAP (minimum advertised price) list and is looking poised for a $299 on 2-year contract price along with a second confirmation that September 8 should be the day that it finally lands in stores.  We’re not surprised at all by this number after seeing the Charge launch with just a single-core processor at the same price point, but are still wondering if anything over $249 is too high?  It should still sell like hot cakes even at that number as one of the most anticipated devices in quite some time.

Update: We just got word that the full retail will likely be $589.99.  Definitely not $587.00 as was rumored somewhere yesterday.  Unless of course Verizon planned on changing the $XX9.99 pricing scheme that they have followed for their entire existence just for this phone.

Let us know your thoughts!

Cheers BJK!

  • I am most likely going to buy it no matter what it costs, due for an upgrade and would be silly to not tget the best phone on the market when it comes out.

  • Guest

    300.00 Bionic? Who has that kind of cash? Will keep trudging forward with my Droid 1 with Bugless Beast Gingerbread 2.3.5 Rom + 1.2gHz 0.3 kernel. Can watch Netflix perfectly on this beast. FTP. Stock trade. Photos are decent. Screen is small but great. Why change? 

  • Higher prices, same restrictive, long contracts. Ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    OK that looks like its gonna be really cool! Wow.


  • xarmitage

    Sadly with newer more powerful phones starting to show up on Droid Life many of which are claiming they maybe ready buy the end of the year my desire for this phone has cooled quite a bit.

  • ehmm…

    $300 bucks?!  Man Verizon knows how to rape their customers without lube >_<

  • Charles Robinson

    Not going to pay that price for the greedy V I’ll take the epic touch 4g or whatever sprint going to call the gs2

  • Kyle

    OK you girlie men out there! Go to the store and buy you wife a box of Tampons in the middle of the Saturday shopping spree, and she might tell you “We will see, if you can get you a Bionic”. Get your BALLS out of your wifes purse, and MAN up!

  • DroidUser00110001

    For those of you wanting to wait to see what happens with the Nexus Prime then I suggest to wait.  I have been a long time droid user. Had and used all the Moto Droids besides the X2. I recently switched to a Nexus S. Could never go back to a locked down blug (blur+bug) infested device again. For those that have the Original Droid, you guys will love the freedom of the Nexus phones. All you have to do is type fastboot oem unlock after you have adb installed and you are done…Pure vanilla android as the original droid.

    Moto needs to do these 3 things to have the go to phone again.
    1. Unlock bootloaders
    2. Use better screens
    3. Take blur behind the barn and put a bullet in it.

  • Anonymous

    $299 with two year contract? No thanks!.. Looks like Motorola/Verizon wants to cash in all the hype they’ve created so far about this phone. How many of you suckers are gonna dish out about $350 after taxes for this phone?

  • OG Droid

    Like anyone of here didnt think this thing would be $299, like all the other LTE verizon phones. I mean I would think all these tech people would know better.. jesus. This site has turned into a fanboy bitchfest….

    • Anonymous

       what other LTE verizon phone is $299??
      You are a hundred dollars off in your math.

      • OG Droid

        Name me one LTE phone that didnt come out at $299?? Ive have this og droid since it came out, nothing that verizon has put out since has been worth the upgrade. Not that i want to pay $299, but this phone isnt going to make it any longer. And guess what if something comes out thats better in a few months or so I’ll sell this and buy that off contract. As Im sure it will be a LTE phone and guess what dumbass it will be $299 on contract, so I’ll prolly have to pay $589 to get it off, but Im sure I can get the bionic sold on ebay or craigs list.

        • Anonymous

          the thunderbolt actually was 249 at launch. but anyway.. that is besides the point.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to VZW doing away with the Mail-In Rebates and charging $100 less for phones?  Is $299 the REDUCED price?  Would that phone ordinarily have been $399 with a $100 MIR?  I guess I don’t see what the point is of “subsidizing a phone” less than 50%?


  • thetwostep

    I think with this high of a price I will be waiting longer for my next upgrade. See what comes along the way before Xmas.

  • BountyHunter

    I love my Driod 3. Too bad you’re stuck with the OG. I have been waiting for the Bionic for 7 months. I had a piece of $%^&*( Storm 1. I’ve been in pergatory since that phone was released! It finally died about 2 weeks ago (the lousy thing couldn’t even have the decency to last until the Bionic came out)! I got the Driod 3 just to hold me over until the Bionic is available, but I’ll tell you, every day I grow to love the D3 more and more. It’s very fast and has great battery life (I do have a 2nd battery just for those very heavy use days). The only thing I can’t figure out is how to delete all my prior emails without checking every one of them one at a time. Now, while I’m still anxiously awaiting the Bionic, I don’t feel like I have to buy it on day one, or day 7. I made that mistake with the Storm and won’t do that again. I can afford to take my time and read the reviews that will come out before making a decision.

  • Anonymous

    The thunderbolt is still being sold from verizon for 249.99, so if anyone thinks the bionic will be the same they are out of their minds…

  • Anonymous

    The good news is before this device is released both Samsung and possibly HTC will have done their events to hopefully announce their imminent devices.  This should hopefully make the decision quite a bit easier assuming there are solid release dates attached to those announcements.

  • Anonymous

    How come it says motorola bionic, and not motorola droid bionic??

    • Anonymous

      Yeh, thats what I posted too but I think my comment was removed?

  • Act of God

    I’m kinda over the Bionic, I can see myself keeping my Dinc. until the Vigor or SG2 (or nexus prime? please!) come out.

  • Anonymous

    So “subsidized” means half off retail now. Great.

  • Idiopos

    After all this waiting now I have to pay $300 for it, great! I think it’s kinda too much to pay, I will still pay it but I will NOT go over $300 for ANY phone.

  • Ams1650

    Good Luck with the $299.00.

    I’ll keep my Droid X…

    • Anonymous

      Yes, any temptation went out the door with that price tag. It’s a good phone, but not worth $300 to replace a DX just for LTE and a speed bump IMO.

    • Anonymous

      I am starting to agree with you. But I did think about buying this and selling it on ebay a couple of months later and getting the Nexus Prime if it comes to Verizon for full retail price.

    • Anonymous

      The only good part is the charge will probly see a 50$ price drop, its almost better to go with that, it 4g
      And has a better screen, the only disadvantage is a single core processor

  • Earleepa

    Anything over $199 is too high.

  • So Verizon has great profits, tries to cut out the benefits and such of their most important employees so their bigwigs can have larger salaries, and then delays the Bionic about 7-8 months after the initial then-dubbed ‘Terminator’ was supposed to be released sometime in February.  Now they want us to pay $300 after contract for it?

    Yeah, I love how fast Verizon’s LTE is, but I think I’ll be jumping ship over to Sprint.

  • Anonymous

    That says “Droid Charge”, “Droid Incredible 2”, “and Droid X 2”. Why doesn’t the Bionic have the “Droid” branding attached to it also? Maybe this is a fake?

  • Dominick

    Too freaking much money… should be $250 at MOST! :/

  • Anonymous

    SG2 or Nexus Prime for me…

  • Anonymous

    I was going to buy this phone at full retail. I figured since I have $587 to spare, that I could do that without too much pain. Now you’re telling me its gonna be $589.99? Well there’s no way in hell I’m doing that! Talk about a deal breaker! Whoever reported that blatantly false and misleading $587 price needs to have their interwebs taken away.

    • Anonymous

      You are gripping over $2?  It’s less than .1%  I hope you are just being sarcastic.