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Hulu Plus Lands on Android Market for Select Devices Including the DROIDX and 2

Talk about a big night for Android – first we had Motorola bootloader chatter and then Hulu just did the unthinkable and released their Plus service to a select few devices including the DROIDX, DROID2, HTC Inspire 4G, Atrix 4G, Nexus S and Nexus One.  Again, this is for Plus users who are already subscribed to the $7.99 monthly plan and not just for anyone that’s looking to get their Hulu on.

*Note – Looks like it won’t work if your device is running CM7.  Stock DX and Nexus S run just fine.

Market Link

If your device is not supported and wanted to give it a try though, you can download the .apk file here.

Cheers 0mie!

  • I’m so glad I got my Droid X.

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  • Anonymous

    I have a droid x, It wont let me download because its not compatible?

  • Thanks, I’m happy it’s released…. And might I add “Finally”

    How about for Tablets now??

  • Anonymous

    My droid x is not supported 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Works fine on my Droid Incredible running CM7. Smooth as silk.

  • Zorgathon

    working on my incredible running cm7

  • Okay, here’s my take… 

    I installed this in my Droid 2, and it works like a charm.   Beautiful picture, clear sound… Looks and sounds good.  After watching about half an episode of American Dad, I picked up the Droid and the battery was so hot, I thought someone could light a cigarette off it.

    Now, using the link that Droid-Life provided to the APK file, I installed it on my Xoom, but when I ran the app I got the message:

    DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED:   We’re sorry, but video playback on this device is not currently supported.  We are working hard to add support for it on Hulu Plus.  Please check back soon.  in the meantime, you can browse the app, log in, and even manage your queues and subscriptions.

    Well, so much for watching my queue on a normal-sized screen.   I’d even be happy to see it on my 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab.   We’ll see where it goes from here.   I wonder if the issue is technical or legal (rights)

    Myself, I ditched Cable about 18 months ago, and watch my small handful of shows on Hulu, at home using an Apple MAC Mini hooked up to my 32″ LCD tv (which used to have my Tivo hooked up with Cable TV)  —  It is SO worth not having to pay all that money for 500 channels of shows I never watched.   Now, if I can get this on my Xoom, that will be sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t the netflix app be this attractive and fast?

  • Mneighbo

    This is what I see when I try to use it.

  • Guest

    yay, the thunderbolt is left out again!

    • Mneighbo

      Charge is left out too

  • boardjnky4

    Working nicely on my Droid incredible with CM7. Used the apk posted.

  • Pcguru30

    If I have to choose between CM and Hulu Plus I’ll take CM.. It’s most likely the bastardized Hulu plus that is currently on the PS3 and 360.  I say bastardized because you get more content on a laptop then you get on a deveice.  Hulu claims it’s a restriction put in place by thier content providers but at a recent Anime convention I talked to a Funamation rep that indicated that they don’t care what device you view their content on as long as you’re paying for the service and yet if you try to pull up something like One Piece on a Hulu plus “app” instead of going to hulu.com on a computer you are greeted with “your device is not supported”  7 bucks a month for a castrated service.. I think not

    • LionStone

      Hmm, that sounds like Sirius Satellite radio…I pay for a monthly service, but cannot listen to it on another device except in my car! I’m gonna call em out…if I can’t get it hooked up to my truck or at least a break in price, I’m gonna maybe drop it.

  • Gray Keithd

    I would assume it does, but has anyone tried this with the HDMI output on the DX?

  • Gray Keithd

    I would assume it does, but has anyone tried this with the HDMI output on the DX?

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t work well at all on my D2. Every time I try playing something, I get a network connection error. But my network is fine (using it to post this).

  • guest

    works on droid incredible.

  • Shaun Miller

    Runs great on my Dx with Liberty GB and on my Nook Color with CM7..this is very cool 🙂

  • BBalz

    I bought the Thunderbolt and enjoy the phone.  The one downfall of Android is the fact it has so many devices with so many different specs.  That’s also the advantage… this isn’t a perfect world sadly.  If you want apps to work on your phone, most likely you’ll want to root/custom rom it to make them work right away with dev work arounds. 

    I still enjoy Android more than iOS hands down.  The majority of the time I’m not going to watch Netflix or Hulu+ on my 4.3″ screen.  Preferably on an HDTV.  I don’t understand the crazy hate towards it all honestly.  Yeah it’d be nice to watch it…at an airport or on the bus.  I have netflix working on my tbolt with Gingeritis 1.0 but I think I logged into it once and maybe watch 1/2 a show and simply thought… ‘cool, it works.’  Similar to apps like Fring and Tango for video chatting… more of a ‘cool it works’ attitude versus the ‘i must have this working because it makes the phone so much better and now I’ll be watching this so much more because it’s on my tiny phone.’  Idk… 

    • Tim242

      +1! Agree 100%.

  • Anonymous

    Confirmed working on Liberty .8 on the DX.

  • Nkmett15

    Why did I buy the X2 if the original X is getting all of the good stuff!!!!!!????

    • Anonymous

      I”m wondering this myself… maybe the X2 is too new?  I mean the X2 is the processor from the Atrix (supported phone), the rest is primarily the DroidX (another supported phone).  I guess if you combine two supported phones, they cancel each other out.


  • Anonymous

    I have Hulu Plus on xbox, and it’s kind of annoying because half of the shows are tagged “web only”, which means you can only watch them on a computer and not on xbox. I’m wondering if the Android version has these same restrictions. Anyone?

  • says not compatible on my Droid 2 R2D2 (running gingerbread leak)

  • Mxair2001

    Not working on Droid X2

  • Awesome timing, just subscribed H+ day before yesterday and H+ suddenly shows some Droid love! sweet!!!

  • sweet! just installed it on my X running liberty 2.0.1.
    Also the online market allowed me to install it on my Viewsonic Gtablet running honeycomb. So we’ll see if it works when i get home

  • hfoster52

    Works on D2G as well.

  • DroidX FTW! This little Titan just keeps on steamrolling the new kids.

    • Xdxdaustin

      Just don’t let him break his hip!

  • Iramike

    Yea, getting a little disappointed with my thunderbolt. Nothing ever seems compatible with it.

    • Tim242

      It will be available, hang tight. Compatibility is not the issue, it’s arbitrary selection. It works on the Inspire, which has the same specs as the Thunderbolt. The X is supported, the X2 is not…yet.

  • Anonymous

    Just what Verizon customers need – pay $8 for Hulu so you can pay $50 or $80 for a more expensive data plan. Really makes me want to watch reruns on a 4″ screen. NOTDear customer,
    By agreeing to the Hulu terms of service, you have activated a new plan on Verizon which requires one of the new Data Plans that customers have asked for. To re-activate data on your device, please choose one of the new plans…..Love,Verizon

  • Magman117

    Once again my Thunderbolt and I get screwed! I’m so glad I bought this phone!

  • Anonymous

    Man, this app is the BEST media streaming app that I’ve used.  Almost NO buffering, snappy responsive UI and content that easily accessible.  Plus Hulu’s content blows the pants off of Netflix crap content.

    4 stars – 5 if they make it work for the Xoom

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  • So let me get this straight, it works on the DROIDX, but NOT it’s superior sibling the DROIDX2? WTF?

    • Anonymous

      do you have CM7? 
      That’s what I thought 😛

  • Rogue_5

    I still think $8 is a bit much for what they offer, I’ll just keep netflix for now.

  • Hellz yeah, Droid 2 support. Time to sign up with my college email and get an entire free month 😀

  • Interstellarmind

    totally not digging the no love fo tbolt.

  • tbis

    works on cm7. there is a fix for camera and video problems

  • Works on my Droid Incredible running Virtuous 3.x Froyo, the UI and playback are top notch. Its playback UI is also similar to the Hulu app for the PS3

  • Anonymous


  • Davros

    Hulu has spent the last 9 months telling Android owners to go fu(k ourselves. I would like to take this opportunity to invite them to do the same, with a horse, and no lube. 😉

  • Mr Carteratl

    upload apk anyone?

  • Cwpit81

    wtf thunderbolt no hulu no netflix I’m beginning to think its just a phone….

  • Anonymous

    FWIW I’m using an Incredible with CM7 and its working fine for me.

    • Romma1

      Where is the app? I am running CM7 on my Dinc and I cannot find it in the market. 

  • Matthewisch

    Y u no worky on Thunderbolt, faaaaaawk-n-A!!!

  • this is getting to be annoying… how come all the phones have the same O.S., but some apps won’t run because of the phone model… and we know the phone is capable of running the app!!!  this is making me wanna switch to iphone…

    • Carlito Pr787

      Then u will really be screwed…

    • Djenks24

      Your right!!  Hey Verizon, we want stock Android just like Google meant it!!

      • Tim242

        You are ignorant. The app runs just fine on my Incredible. It is the dev picking snd choosing, that’s all. Has nothing to do with skins. The Droid X and Droid X2 both run motoblur. The Droid X is on the list, the X2 isn’t.

  • Let us know as soon as a hacked version gets cooked up.
    Why even do this device check BS. Netflix dropped it like *that*.

    • Djenks24

      Ok devs, I hit the button on my stopwatch, lets see if you can set a record with this one:)

  • Runs like a top on the DX.  Already have Hulu Plus for our Roku boxes, now we can take it with us…w00t!

  • Works on my HTC Incredible stock running 2.2. Installed from the mediafire link.

    • Romma1

      Where is that link please?

  • shamrockx

    works on my rooted x running .596 considering subscribing or netflixs not sure..what do u think

    • Granted

      Yeah do it, Netflix is amazing on my DROIDX! Just make sure to use wifi, then you don’t have whine about data plans. I think all the people that bitch about data plans just use their phone to tether because they’re too cheap to pay for internet. It’s not even an issue if you have a router. And if your need to use heavy data lifting away from home is that big, well that’s sad.

  • Anonymous

    Droid 2 running CM7 isnt supported. WTF

  • My Nexus S IS NOT working 🙁 Lame

  • Anonymous

    🙁 Doesn’t even install on the Xoom…

  • wont work on thunderbolt 🙁

  • Keyan Riddick

    I would love to use this 10.1 inch screen on my xoom to stream movies sonetime…

  • big D

    how are people getting this to work?  i get the following error:

    This app is incompatible with your Verizon Motorola DROIDX.Verizon Motorola DROIDXThis item is not compatible with your device.

  • Hmm…refuses to install on a Thunderbolt? Why do app devs seem to despise the Thunderbolt so much? It’s more than capable.

    • Rob Meyer

      Probably from the smug tbolt owner’s “i dont need to wait for the bionic” attitude on the droid forums… Youre probably not one of them but damn those guys are a bunch of ass-hats ; )

      • Anonymous

        wait for a locked down, encrypted, and bloated piece of junk that’s 4 months late? Who would want that garbage. An encrypted botloader is not the spirit of Android. Even if you don’t root, its a matter of principle if you are a true android lover.

    • It installed on my thunderbolt. It then says it can’t stream anything but I can manage my queue and browse videos/add videos to queue.

    • Drootz

      Why not just use the Flash hack that’s on XDA and watch through the browser? You don’t need the Official app…..

  • $$$$$

  • $$$$$

  • Working on my DROID 2; Liberty Gingerbread.

    • Granted

      Haha, I like your picture. 🙂

  • Mike

    What’s with this select devices bs?

    • Fragmentation!!!! 😉

      • Doubtful. It seems more likely this is about control on the part of Hulu, rather than whether or not various phones can run the app. My OGDroid can run netflix without problems. Why couldn’t it run this?

  • This is tempting me to buy Hulu plus… between this and Netflix, who needs cable anymore?

    • I just got rid of my cable 2 weeks ago… and all I have is Hulu Plus, Netflix, and torrent downloads.  I couldn’t be happier..

      • Anonymous

        You’d be $16 richer if you ditched Netflix and Hulu Plus since you already have access to everything with torrents..

        • Yes, and I can also save even more money if I beat you over the head and steal your wallet. But some of us like to pretend we have morals. 

          • Exactly! I actually don’t mind paying for Hulu and Netflix. Content producers do deserve something. But cable companies do not deserve $50+ a month for cable.

          • Anonymous Coward

            More like $150+ a month.
            $50+ a month does not get your much more than you can get with a good antenna and OTA HD broadcasts if you live in a largely metropolitan area. I dropped cable almost a year ago now and get better picture quality (less HD compression artifacts) with a directional VHF/UHF antenna in our attic at 50 miles from the broadcast tower. I do love Netflix though 😀

        • I don’t mind paying a reasonable price for content.  These people need some incentive to continue developing content that people want to watch.  I only use torrents to acquire what I cannot gain access to legitimately.  Mostly that comes down to HBO and some documentaries from news networks, and the History and Discovery Networks.  I wish these people would get with the times and start allowing people to subscribe to streaming on the internet.  I realize HBO does this now, but you still have to have a cable subscription to access HBO Go.  Cut out the middle man, and people will jump on it.  

      • Readmckay

        Welcome to the crowd, 2 years now no cable here, just netflix and hulu plus.  I’m a happy man.

    • I need my sports in HD

      • Anonymous

        OTA HD

        • and over-the-air HD to me seems to be a better picture than cable HD, although I have not checked recently as the last time I had cable with HD was over 2 years ago.

          • Anonymous

            The highest HD content available at this time is Blu-Ray.  The second best HD content available is OTA HD.  It isn’t compressed like the signal is from Cable or Satellite companies, so you are correct that the quality is better.

            I ditched my DirecTV 6 months ago, built my own HTPC and between OTA HD, Hulu, Netflix and Boxee (for my few torrents) I get all the TV that need, and it doesn’t cost me a dime!  (“borrowing” my bros Netflix account 🙂

          • Anonymous

            The highest HD content available at this time is Blu-Ray.  The second best HD content available is OTA HD.  It isn’t compressed like the signal is from Cable or Satellite companies, so you are correct that the quality is better.

            I ditched my DirecTV 6 months ago, built my own HTPC and between OTA HD, Hulu, Netflix and Boxee (for my few torrents) I get all the TV that need, and it doesn’t cost me a dime!  (“borrowing” my bros Netflix account 🙂

        • Anonymous

          what do you do for sports OTA? ESPN3 only has a few games…

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t had cable for over 3 years or paid for internet service for the last 2 years.  Cable is becoming obsolete.  

    • i cancelled my dish network as soon as they released hulu on xbox. Between hulu and netflix i can watch pretty much every decent show around.

    • Rob Meyer

      Daniel, Ive been waiting for this solution coupled with the google tv devs to get their heads out of their asses. Make some cheaper hardware other than the logitech revue. cut cable and save roughly 1200 a year…which is enough to lay out to cover 4 tvs with that super expensive revues… find a cheaper hardware solution and its that much cheaper. And I get to watch the content I want to watch on demand… no more waiting forshows.

    • Anonymous

      We did this.  got rid of our Dish going on 7 months now.  have netflix and hulu only.  I have netflix on my X2 but am just waiting for them to support the X2 on Hulu.  2 roku boxes and a dsl connection means we save about $40 a month in garbage.  (no antenna reception here in VT where I live)


    • ditched cable almost a year ago in favor of OTA hd stuff and my roku box… ROKU FTW!!!! i get hulu+, Netflix, Youtube, and a bunch of other cool stuff, including my own network files…

      HOWEVER!! i have one of the fastest and best (IMO) phones on the market with my dual core tegra 2 LG G2X… where the hell is MY netflix and hulu!???!!!??  ridiculous!! WHEN i get it, not IF, it will be fantastic to use the $3 mini HDMI cable i bought on ebay!!!

  • Kierra

    Thunderbolt gets no love lol