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New Angry Birds “Mine and Dine” Episode on the Way

Been a while since we’ve had an update to the regular Angry Birds, hasn’t it?  Fans of the game will be pleased with news of an impending update that’ll introduce a new episode called “Mine and Dine.”  I’m sure you always had dreamed of playing Angry Birds in a cave with hard hats, bombs, rocks, and other explosives, right?  It looks like you’ll get your chance with this latest set of levels which will be arriving “soon.”  

YouTube Preview Image

Via:  DroidGamers

  • BoB

    Oh, thank God Rovio made an update. If you’re playing this
    game every day, over and over again, you want some kind of difficult challenge.
    And I truly hope that this Mine and Dine Episode will be worth my time.

  • Allen

    So over AB since I couldn’t download the last update, and still can’t!

  • Allen

    So over AB since I couldn’t download the last update, and still can’t!

  • Michael Jackson’s wife

    I love angry birds more than anything ! I seriously CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEW UPDATE !!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    I’m bored

  • John

    They need to change stuff up a bit more, but otherwise, still fun from time to time

  • SprottheDestroyer

    Have always hated this game. when will it die so devs will start concentrating on some good games?! quit concentrating on a stupid no point game cause its easier to write the code. take on a challenge like the good devs are.

  • Angry Birds jumped the shark soooooo long ago…

  • DroidzFX

    Bionic BIRDS!!!

  • Anybody else kinda over Angry Birds?

    • Anonymous

      Never! As long as I keep getting FREE updates, I’ll never put down what is essentially one of the best “pickup and go” games available for the Android platform.

    • Yep. My girlfriend still loves to take my phone to play it though.

    • Mike_ster57

      Yup! Over it.

    • Aaron Vail

      HECK NO! As long as they’re free then I will keep playing them!