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New Angry Birds “Mine and Dine” Episode on the Way

Been a while since we’ve had an update to the regular Angry Birds, hasn’t it?  Fans of the game will be pleased with news of an impending update that’ll introduce a new episode called “Mine and Dine.”  I’m sure you always had dreamed of playing Angry Birds in a cave with hard hats, bombs, rocks, and other explosives, right?  It looks like you’ll get your chance with this latest set of levels which will be arriving “soon.”  


Via:  DroidGamers

  • BoB

    Oh, thank God Rovio made an update. If you’re playing this
    game every day, over and over again, you want some kind of difficult challenge.
    And I truly hope that this Mine and Dine Episode will be worth my time.

  • Allen

    So over AB since I couldn’t download the last update, and still can’t!

  • Allen

    So over AB since I couldn’t download the last update, and still can’t!

  • Michael Jackson’s wife

    I love angry birds more than anything ! I seriously CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEW UPDATE !!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    I’m bored

  • John

    They need to change stuff up a bit more, but otherwise, still fun from time to time

  • SprottheDestroyer

    Have always hated this game. when will it die so devs will start concentrating on some good games?! quit concentrating on a stupid no point game cause its easier to write the code. take on a challenge like the good devs are.

  • Angry Birds jumped the shark soooooo long ago…

  • DroidzFX

    Bionic BIRDS!!!

  • Anybody else kinda over Angry Birds?

    • Anonymous

      Never! As long as I keep getting FREE updates, I’ll never put down what is essentially one of the best “pickup and go” games available for the Android platform.

    • Yep. My girlfriend still loves to take my phone to play it though.

    • Mike_ster57

      Yup! Over it.

    • Aaron Vail

      HECK NO! As long as they’re free then I will keep playing them!