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Netflix All But Confirmed to Come Pre-installed on the LG Revolution

There are times when the LG Revolution feels like the forgotten step-child of Verizon’s 4G LTE family, but it shouldn’t be, especially since it will likely launch as the first Android phone with Netflix.  We’ve seen a working Netflix app appear a couple of times at trade shows through this device, so it’s fair to say that the screenshot above doesn’t surprise us.  The good thing here though, is that it’s the first time we’ve seen a “Coming soon!” and Netflix mentioned on the same document next to the phone.

To recap the Revolution a bit, just know that it’ll be priced at $249, has a 4.3″ screen, 5MP camera, 1GHz single-core Snapdragon processor, will run 2.2, and could possibly be stock, but more than likely will have an LG skin on it.  I’d call it the least awesome of the four devices from Verizon, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t good.

Via:  Android Central

  • Anonymous

    How about netflix for the xoom?

  • Tyvallely

    Does that lg phone have touchwiz?!!!! Woah.

  • Anonymous

    How many more overpriced phones is Verizon going to release? The Bionic can’t get here fast enough.

  • Buckgrad

    Netflix has blown it as far as I’m concerned. Getting streamed films on my Droid X from Amazon now. Cancelled Netflix.

  • Omgiitsedgar

    How many android phones are there now? geez you dont even know what to pick from might as well just go for the iphone…

  • what’s better? lg revolution or htc thunderbolt??

    • thunder

      • thx.. thunder looks better 🙂

    • Wild_bat12

      Both of them have pretty much the same specifications but lg revolution is preloaded with Netflix and a 5MP cam. while thunderbolt a 8 MP cam and more ram. they even have the same SOC

      • Gregory

        The thunderbolt will have more dev support

      • I don’t see how Netflix app can’t be pulled from Revo and put to TBolt. They both have exactly the same CPU.

      • thx.. imma go for thunder 🙂

  • Igor

    Yeah right. Only thing is Verizon will forget about it on the release day just like they did with Skype on TB.

  • This is just another phone that is going to lose out to the galaxy s2.

  • Why single core? That’s harsh. Especially when it’s other competitors all have duals running.

    • There are no other competitors with dual core on Verizon.

      • Floyd

        I think he means since other competitors to VZW have dual core phones.

        • I understand that he means, but normally you don’t change the carrier because of the phone. Especially then there is no real competition to Verizon LTE. So if you buying phone now and you staying with Verizon then you don’t have a dual core option.

    • whats i wanna know is why vzw chose this over a phone like the optimus black…..for a while it was just aphone with no carrier and they shoulda jumped on it, WAY beefier specs then this

      • yeah, or the optimus 2x for that matter, why are the best phones going to other carriers? I blame the i*hone

        • you may be right, all these changes at or around the same time that POS launched

    • Anonymous

      LTE & Tegra 2 don’t get along with each other. Hence all the delays.

    • Anonymous

      LTE & Tegra 2 don’t get along with each other. Hence all the delays.

    • Do you really need a dual core smart phone right now? What will that get you? Faster renderings for Angry Birds? Speedier navigation in Google Maps? Quicker Facebook and Twitter updates?

      From what I have read, the current versions of Android OS are not optimized for multicore CPU’s. Multicore will make more sense when Android OS has better support for it.

      • Gregory

        You are so right! I have an original droid, and when I play with my roommate’s droid X, the speed wow’s me. But, it is nice to know that your phone is relatively future-proof

      • Anonymous

        How about it will get us a phone that is not a clone of every other phone that Verizon has released for the past 2 years?

        How about it will be future proofed, more power efficient, have a stronger and more powerful GPU for gaming, execute applications with more efficiency and multi task better?

        How about it will, at the very least, provide consumers with a bit of solace in the fact that they just signed a contract and shelled out cash for a phone that has some type of greater tangible value than the ancient devices from the past?

        Why do people still need to ask this stupid goddamn question? Why do any devices, computers, electronics, cameras etc get upgraded? Why aren’t we all just using the same shit we used 5 years ago? Because things get better, that’s why. Stop asking “Do you need a dual core smartphone?” to people on Tech blogs. Seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Why couldn’t the Revo be like G2x and not have a skin? >=( And is Bing confirmed? Eww

  • If it will be released for this phone then soon it will be on all phones. Unless Netflix will do some crazy shit in their app.

    • Anonymous

      there’s already a pulled app that works for *some* other phones. My DX not being one of them. That doesn’t give me any hope of an app actually working on it unless it’s an official one.

      • I don’t think this app works any more on any phone. Seems like Netflix pulled the plug on it for now on the server side.

    • Anonymous

      there’s already a pulled app that works for *some* other phones. My DX not being one of them. That doesn’t give me any hope of an app actually working on it unless it’s an official one.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another unimpressive, overpriced phone from Verizon.


    • Mr. Joe

      How is it unimpressive?

      It has an UNlocked BOOTloader. I thought you people went KRAZY (yes K for more emphasis) over that stuff.

  • Someguywholiketacos

    Well, it isn’t worth buying this just for netflix.

    In a few months, there will be 4G duel core phones with netflix and the ability to pay your bills!

    • ah yes a “duel” of cores….perhaps a fight to the death

      • Someguywholiketacos

        Yes, that what I wa implying.

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t we get a Dual-core HTC Phone? My wife got the T-bolt yesterday…sweet device..but I am not going to handicap myself for 2 years without hope of getting Ice Cream…. And I have a feeling that a non-dual core phone will NOT be getting that update…EVER!!

    • It will. CM is coming to TBolt soon.

    • EC8CH

      Sensation on VZW… or a Nexus phone a VZW… I think that would make lots of people happy.

  • whats more interesting is the fact that the droid 2 global has a (while supplies last) underneath it….perhaps its going away and making room for the droid 3 sooner than we think????

  • Maurice97322

    HBOGo and the market !!! HTC thunder bolt !!!:)

    • Anonymous

      Too bad I’m a Comcast subscriber. 🙁

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


  • Tex

    First! but I’ll wait for it to come to a better phone.