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Download: Gingerbread Themed LauncherPro by Benny879

As many of you know, we’re big fans of themes for LauncherPro, so that means this new set of Gingerbread-styled versions are all must-haves.  Made by LP forum member Benny879, you have 3 color schemes that all match up perfectly to the new highlights included in Android 2.3 or this awesome Apex ROM we gave you on Friday.

To get the look, all you have to do is download a color scheme from below, install it over your current LauncherPro (or uninstall and re-install) and enjoy!

*Make an LP backup though!  Preferences>Backup homescreens.

*For ALL users.

Download:  Dark Background with Green Outline

Download:  Grey Background with Green Outline

Download:  Dark Background with Grey Outline

Support thread, more mirrors and a chance to say “Thanks!” can be found here.

Cheers PatriotVirus!

  • Do I have to buy the paid version of LP to get the themes to work?

  • hunkoman

    Has NE1 gotten this to work on OG Droid running BB?

  • Spatak

    got this to work on my DX but took some effort. downloaded it the first time and couldn't get the installer to open the apk…downloaded it again, and the installer was able to open the apk. opened it, was warned it would replace the currently installed version and then told it couldn't install. had backed up my lp screens, so uninstalled and then installed the Gbread version. restored my backup and the Gbread LP widgets are there. i like the LP widgets, but GD the effort to get them was too much.

    • Spatak

      and fwiw…having to manually replace all of my non-LP widgets is really not what i want to be doing.

  • Toky_neg

    Did any one with DX got this to work? Im can't get it to change color.. stuck on stock!! Is there a magic way to hold the phone for it to work?? ( ha, I*hone joke) But seriously .. anyone one? also the Droid-Life themed LP never worked for me either..

    Thanks in advance.

    DX 2.2.1 stock + root + bootstrap

  • X20bucksx

    Why does the downloads never work for me?

  • kimir

    it screwed over launcherpro on my eris 🙁

  • Jawshua

    It wouldn't install for me? I hit install and then it said cannot install? You said “for all users”, but do you have to rooted or do something special, because I can't get it to work?

  • Jawshua

    I didn't know there were themes for Launcher Pro? I thought you could just change the dock and the icons? I'll have to check it out, thank you!

  • Buckgrad

    Have been waiting for this and it would be nice…but after several tries with my X on Android 2.2.1 with LP paid version, following all instructions to a T, I give up. When I see no one else still with the same parsing problem, I'll try again. Good luck all.

  • Kelly

    Launcher pro doesn't change the notification bar, only roms/themes do that.

  • Kelly

    Nice, I downloaded the black/grey one and it looks nice! Droid 1 CM 6.1 RC5

  • CallOnColin

    Stays the same: Stock LauncherPro

  • Towelie420

    Will this pull market updates normally? The clear ones that you've posted on here in the past did not update, if I am remembering correctly

    • Benny879

      Themed apps won't update from the market due to having different signatures.

  • Dricks_818

    Man I'm pissed my phone keeps saying ders a system update I'm pretty much guessing gingerbread but evrytime I put install it just gets stick on da screen wit da triangle and da exclamation point and da little android wtf man????

    • CivilDroid

      its not gingerbread

    • Dan


  • does it change the notifications bar also?

    • Benny879

      No…only themed ROMs can do that.

  • Armijo

    same thing, installed as i was told and didnt change a thing just have stock keep coming back

  • hunkoman

    Running OG droid on BB. Not working. I did exactly as stated did not change a thing. Uninstalled LP Plus then installed DL theme didn't change anything . Amy ideas …..clues?

    • Benny879

      Are u using the LauncherPro widgets?

      • hunkoman

        Had several don't believe they were LP spacific. I have since deleted all and saved anothet BU. Also tried whole process over with no widgets to no avail.

  • Droid Dizzy

    After install it still comes up as the regular download what am I doing wrong?

  • Socal_jnunez

    I did exactly as instructed and still comes up as stock

  • Socal_jnunez

    I uninstalled and install the listed above and has stock theme

  • Vzninja

    Does this change the notification bar color? I doubt it but thought id ask.

  • Something so simple does not work. I removed the original LP and installed this new themed one and shows up as the original look. Any ideas?

    • Benny879

      Do u have the Plus version? Only the LauncherPro widgets change. If you don't have the Plus version it won't look any different besides the trash can icon.

  • tearminx

    I've got a DINC running cyanogenmod 6.1. When I install the gingerbread themed launcher pro, the widgets have obviously changed but my notification bar is still the aosp one cyanogen provides. Any advice to get it to change?

  • Jaefisher

    Mine looks just like the regular Launcher Pro.Am i missing something to get the Gingerbread look?

  • Atc Bobcat

    When I try to use any of the launcher pros I can't resize any of my widgets on my Droid x. Any way around thy?

    • Towelie420

      I'm pretty sure widget resizing is now incorporated into launcher pro ? But I could be wrong

      • Buckgrad

        You can resize only with the paid version. The free version of LP does not offer that feature.

  • it still on default launcher pro theme 😐

    uninstalled and reinstalled alot of times and same theme 🙁

    XPERIA X10

  • Benny879

    Make sure you uninstall your current LauncherPro before trying to install my version.

    • Wingshater21

      Will it still work the same since I have the paid version of lp?

      • Buckgrad

        Same here. Good question…

        • Benny879

          Yeah just do a backup and when you restore your Plus code will automatically be entered again.

          • Wingshater21

            I uninstalled lp and tried to install this and it still did the same thing

          • Buckgrad

            Same here…. Glad I backed up LP.

  • RW-1

    What Calendar is that?

    • Wingshater21


  • Buckgrad

    Same problem with parsing for the Droid X. Any ideas?

  • Brife

    For whatever reason I can not download files from MegaUpload on my X. It either just spins its wheels or doesn't download it correctly and gives me a parse error when I attempt to open the file.

  • EC8CH

    Looks Very similar to the revolution themed LP… which means I like it 🙂

  • Wingshater21

    Me too anybody know how to get over the parsing problem??

    • tearminx

      use astro file manager, go to sd card and find the file you downloaded, there might be 2 files with the same name on your sd card, choose the one you havn't been selecting

  • Leearmijo91

    Same thing my droid x wont let me apply over says problem parsing?

    • thepza

      Same problem on rooted MT4G.

  • Orangearrows

    I have Launcher Pro PLus installed on my Galaxy S. Downloaded it and tried to install. Got message that ” Application cannot be installed”. Any workarounds?

  • Juan C Torres80

    There's a problem parsing the package where am I going wrong….

  • Timoh

    Loving Apex. Loved ADW already, was the perfect ROM for my DX.

    If you like LP you can install it on Apex as well now, used to bug out but I think he fixed the issue.

  • Hey Kellex, how did you get that Gingerbread live wallpaper?

    • Anonymous

      Wondering this also.

      • Benny879

        Its the modified Nexus live wallpaper from CyanogenMod 6.1

  • I am getting a parsing error on Dark Background with Green Outline. Anyone else have that problem? I am going to try again.

  • Trombone Dixie

    Are these downloads just docks, or does it tweak the notification bar as well?

    • Trombone Dixie

      Nevermind. I figured out what it is…. need more sleep!

  • All Users Including My Original Droid?

  • as much as i love launcher pro plus, with every ROM i put on my Droid X that automatically has adw as default, it's grown on me and i love it more now 😛

  • I'm using this and love it.
    Whipped it out at a party this weekend, ending up leaving with twins so I know this works! 😉

    Cheers Benny!

    • Anonymous

      Ménage à trois ? I set a rule that I cannot get married until I have accomplished this. I’m hoping it’ll be two sexy asian chicks, much like Fook Mi and Fook Yu.

    • Mrpicolas

      What he forgot to tell you is it was his twin sisters driving him home because he was hammered… Lol

      • rjoudrey

        I thought he was baby sitting!

  • Thats the one thing I would rather have on Apex is LauncherPro as default vs. ADW

    • Actually anyone figure out of to remove ADW – I have not been able to so far

      • kellex

        You don't need to remove it, just install LauncherPro and set it as the default.

    • Sadly, Fede has LauncherPro's source locked down.

  • Tacown

    Is the menu themed too?