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Download: Official Flash 10.1 (V10.1.92.8) for Any Android 2.2 Phone

We just posted up a way for you to find the official Flash 10.1 in the market and in the comments, one of our amazing readers happened to post up the .apk file which doesn’t even require root in order to install.  In fact, all you need is to be on a phone running Android 2.2 and you can run it.  No root required people.  Enjoy your Flash.

Download: com.adobe.flashplayer-1.apk

And so you know, I tested this on my 2.2 Droid X and stock non-rooted 2.2 Droid 1.

Cheers Adam!

  • l2u

    god dam it megaupload

  • Riael

    get something else instead of megaupload

  • Lilmase

    tried downloading this on my sons android tablet,do you really have to pay over 40 pound 

  • Rajib_basumatary

    how can i download flash player in my andriod 2.2

  • Theminor19

    Just so people can be knowledge-fied the armv6 and arm11 processors are the same family.wow look it up people

    • Golenphoenix101

      I clicked on the link and I got an anti-piracy warning. Why?

  • Joey

    It crashes my Samsung Replenish.

  • Brad

    Didn’t work for me.  Downloaded it, ran it, clicked install, and it just says “did not install”.

  • Darshan Deepu

    first f all thanku for sharing da link 🙂


  • Biswanath Roy

    I have tried, but failed, help me.

  • Biswanath Roy

    I have tried , but failed,

  • Steve

    Doesn’t work on my samsung galaxy prevail

  • Crissy

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 running on Qualcomm QCT MSM7227-1 Turbo 800 MHz processor.

    tried to install the Flash Player 10.1 apk by clicking on it in myfiles
    on the phone. The installer actually runs but then says File not
    installed. I have already given the phone permission to install from non
    – market sources.

    My Os is Froyo 2.2.1

    Can you help me? Thanks! : )

  • Huhh

    Hello, many thanks for this but the instalatiom is for armv7 processor. On samsung galaxy ace(gt-s5230) this is not working. Installation failed.

  • Ali

    didn’t work on tomtec 2.2 froyo

  • It doesn’t work in my Galaxy Ace.

  • Ingmars

    It failed on 2.2.1…:(

  • Ingmars

    It failed on 2.2.1…:(

  • Povor

    Hi, I have evaluation version installed on my 2.2 tablet and when I try to install this over it it tells me that “install unsuccessful”.Any ideas?
    Thank you.


    I know this is uuber late, but thanks for this post. I had the 2.2 version of Android and couldn’t play Zediva on my Incredible. I realized i didn’t have the full version of Adobe and spent some time trying to find the Froyo update. That would have required me wiping my phone and I wasn’t up for spending that much time on it. I downloaded the update and I was able to play Zediva. Not the best quality, but it works for me. Thanks again.

  • Hammi Malik

    the problem is i have downloaded it before but how to make it work….????/

  • Gooaygar

    megaupload is blocked in my country can any body post it on rapid share

  • Anonymous

    Dosent support ARM?? how the hell do a common man knows about what kind of processor he has in his mobile?

  • Patky77
  • Ngkseong

    why my apad android 2.2 cannot instal flash 10.1????

  • Ngkseong

    why my apad android 2.2 cannot instal flash 10.1????

  • Marthina J

    I just updated my galaxy from 2.1 to 2.2. I tried to install the flash player.apk file (with app installer) but it won’t succeed. I tried to install it from android market but it says that my phone isn’t compatible with the file.
    What should I do? I have 2.2 froyo now and I should be able to enjoy flash player 10.1.

  • Fl

    NO GO on Zenithink Zt 180, even with android 2.2 !!

  • Jbell780

    yo it just says when you click install it pops up sayin that application not installed

  • Mait Hellat

    @kjhjkjkhkj i dont think it would crash, I mean there are computers with a 400mhz processors eg. a mac g2 or somethin and i can bet these could run flash apps fine

  • Mait Hellat

    IS THIS NORMAL???! Ok I downloaded the file and installed it and it simply said “not intall” help please?

  • Jpbigboy

    Idk y but my Android. Won’t let me play videos can anyone help me

  • android-dood

    sweet… i got the update on market for my rooted droid… this is for my rooted htc hero running 2.2.1… hope it works *crosses fingers

    no flash = no sale go [email protected] yourself apple :p

  • Theducks70

    Wont install. Gives me a message that says application mot installed. LG Optimus S 2.2

  • Traqdpro

    Does not appear to work on LG Ally. Download successful but flash videos on veoh still saying that flash player is needed . Also, it would appear that the flash player is no longer i n the market place…I’ve searched for it every way possible.

  • Will

    Not working on my lg optimus s. I keep getting the message, not supported on this phone. please help if you have a solution, [email protected]

    • Will

      Oh… Its because the Optimus S has the Arm6 processor and flash with crush the phone. Sry S users we have cheap phones 🙁

  • Brent

    Does adobe flash player 10.1 work on Samsung Acclaim 2.2?

  • Mccrreryaaron12

    I tried to download this on the lg optimus m but for some reason It keep saying that I can not download it. 2.2 android

  • Quu

    Not working on ZTE Blade.

  • Quu

    Not working on ZTE Blade.

  • Quu

    Not working on ZTE Blade.

  • Quu

    Not working on ZTE Blade.

  • Quu

    Not working on ZTE Blade.

  • Quu

    Not working on ZTE Blade.

  • Quu

    Not working on ZTE Blade.

  • Quu

    Not working on ZTE Blade.

  • Quu

    Not working on ZTE Blade.