Here’s Me Holding the OnePlus 12

OnePlus 12 - First Look

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When the OnePlus 12 launches in North America on January 23, there will be plenty to share. For now, since I happen to have a OnePlus 12, I can begin telling the story of it as a reviewer. While we can’t dive into many details outside of how it looks or feels, we still wanted to put down some initial thoughts that OnePlus has allowed for.

So yeah, here is the OnePlus 12 in my hand. Neat, right?

It’s a OnePlus device, that’s for sure. There is a lot of familiar stuff going on, like the camera housing, overall design, shape, weight, and general feel. In fact, this phone looks a whole heck of a lot like the OnePlus 11 and is not a major hardware refresh, outside of the internal improvements, like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 powering it. If you moved from a OnePlus 11 to this OnePlus 12, with it switched off like I have it here, you might wonder if there were differences. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just what we’ve got for 2024.

The specific device I have to review is the black version. There is also a green marble-esque design that is quite pretty. After spending time with this black model that has a bit of texture to it, I can tell you that it doesn’t show fingerprints and is very much a matte finish. I’d love to see how the marble version compares to it. My gut tells me that the green marble might be the play this year.

OnePlus 12 - First Look

As for OnePlus 12 specs, they are almost identical to the China model that we learned about back in December. The only real difference I know of is in RAM-storage configurations. The China model topped out at 24GB RAM and 1TB storage, but for NA we are getting 12GB-256GB and 16GB-512GB options. The rest is the same, though, with a big ol’ 6.82″ display with high refresh rate, massive 5400mAh battery with both wireless and wired charging, Alert Slider, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, and the Hasselblad-branded triple rear camera.

There’s a lot on the inside, including software we’ll talk more about at a future date. You can wait, can’t you? At that time, we’ll also be able to tell you about pricing and availability.

For now, just enjoy some more pictures and let us know if there is anything you’d us to detail in our review. It’ll be here shortly.

OnePlus 12 - Hasselblad Camera



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