Google Play Points Promo Drops 40% Off Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, Pixel Tablet

Google Pixel 8 Pro - $200 Off - Best Deal

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The current best deal in tech is available to those of you who spend a fair amount on Google Play. To end 2023, Google Play has launched an offer to Google Play Points members that drops 40% off the Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro or Pixel Tablet. Yep, you read that correctly – 40% off.

If you are eligible, this is a deal to take advantage of. Google is letting you take 40% off any of the devices I mentioned and you also get to choose color and storage amount. They don’t appear to be limiting you in choices, so if you want 128GB or 256GB storage, for example, you can decide and still get the full 40% off.

To give you some prices, a 40% off discount on the 128GB Pixel 8 Pro ($999) would drop it to $599 and the 128GB Pixel 8 ($699) would drop to $419. Finally, the Pixel Tablet ($499) would drop to $299.

Google Play Points - End of 2023 Deal

I decided to jump on the deal, since my Google Play account is eligible, and I grabbed a Pixel 8 with 256GB and it slashed $303.60 off the phone’s full price. I also happened to have some Google Store credit to stack on and really make this a deal I couldn’t pass on, but still, a full $300 off one of the best phones of the year is such a good deal.

The promo should show up on your Google Play Points page from your phone if you are eligible. If not, you can always check to see if you made it. Basically, to qualify, you need to be a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond member.

To redeem, you that link above, click the blue “Redeem” button and login with your Google Account. Google will then verify that your account is eligible before presenting you with a choice of the three devices. You then pick one, confirm, and then it’ll direct you to the Google Store where the 40% discount will be automatically applied.

It should look like this:

40% off Pixel 8 Deal

Go save yourself money, friends.



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