DL 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

DL Gift Guide

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2020 is almost over (thank goodness), but before we can really bring in a new year, let’s get you geared up for some holiday shopping. If you have a tech lover in your life, or maybe you’re a tech lover yourself since you’re reading this website, the DL Holiday Gift Guide will surely help you find the perfect gift.

We’ve broken the DL Holiday Gift Guide out by price, to help you find the section that is within your budget. We’ve got expensive ideas (phones, of course) all of the way down to items under $20.

Budget$400 and up | $200 | $100 | $50 and under

$400 and Up

Google Pixel 5

Pixel 5 ($699)

Positioned to be a POTY contender, the Pixel 5 is the phone we’ve been using personally since it released. It feels awesome in hand, has a great camera, and the software is great. It’s a Pixel. You know what you’re getting here, and while it may not be all of 2020’s high-end specs, it does its job well and that $699 is solid. Read our review and follow-up post to learn more about this phone.

Buy: Best Buy | Google | Verizon

Galaxy S20 FE Blue

Galaxy S20 FE ($699)

Samsung’s answer to the growing mid-range market, the Galaxy S20 FE has all of the specs one might need in this price range, and from what we’ve seen, owners seem to love this phone. Its cameras are solid, the 120Hz refresh rate display is nice, and that price is oh-so-tempting. Samsung fans can’t go wrong with an FE pickup this holiday season.

Buy: Samsung | Best Buy

Galaxy Z Fold 2 ($1999)

If price is of no concern this holiday season, allow me to introduce you to the best phone of 2020, but due to its price, is unlikely to win any awards because many people simply can’t afford it. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has been the ultimate pandemic companion, with its massive internal 120Hz display making passing time on the couch a true delight. This phone has it all and a price to match. If you’re looking for a truly unique smartphone experience, it surely doesn’t get any better than the Z Fold 2. See our review here.

Buy: Samsung

Audeze LCD-1 ($399)

2020 was a year where I found myself inside my house a lot more often, and to help cope with that, I became more creative in terms of writing music. I received a pair of LCD-1 headphones from Audeze, and man, these things sound insanely good. These are planar magnetic headphones with 90mm drivers, delivery crystal clear reference audio for those looking for affordable studio tone. I’ve had quite a few days of just sitting at my desk wearing these headphones and have zero complaints. They’re extremely comfortable and sound amazing. If you’re into music creation or production and don’t want to spend over $500, I recommend the LCD-1 headphones.

Buy: Amazon | Audeze

$200 Budget

Jabra 85h ($224)

These headphones are designed for enjoying music wirelessly and Jabra did a great job with them. They’re comfortable, have phenomenal battery life, and the noise cancellation is insanely good. What more could you want from a set of wireless headphones?

Buy: Amazon

Jabra 85t ($229)

Jabra’s newest wireless earbuds are ridiculously good. They have great sound with exceptionally low bass, deliver amazing active noise cancellation, and battery life is rated at 25 hours with the included case. Jabra’s accompanying app is also sweet, allowing the user to set sound moods for different activities. Both Kellen and I have been using Jabra products this year and we’ve been loving it.

Buy: Amazon

Ewin Racing Gaming Chair ($199+)

Butt sore from too much sitting? Well, you clearly don’t have an Ewin Racing gaming chair. Our behinds have been sitting on Ewin chairs for the majority of 2020, and so far, we have no complaints. There are a ton of different models and colors to choose from, and with our 30% off code, you can get one from a great price. The quality is high, the lean is strong, and the neck pillows are clutch.

Buy: Ewin Racing (Use Code Droidlife for 30% off!)


SHIELD TV ($150)

NVIDIA continues its reign in producing what we feel is the best Android TV box. It’s one of the more expensive options, but if you want a box (technically a tube) that can handle all of your streaming, as well as gaming, you can’t beat the SHIELD TV. Plus, the SHIELD Remote is easily the best Android TV remote currently on the market. Overall, best Android TV experience you can get. See our full review here.

Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Nest Hello Doorbell

Nest Hello Video Doorbell ($185+)

The Nest Hello doorbell is still one of my favorite smart home gadgets. Not only does it look sweet in place of your old ring-only doorbell, it’s got the smarts. If you already own a Google-powered smart display and pair it with the Nest Hello, you’ll get instant video feeds of your front door every time someone rings it. Nest Hello is also smart enough to recognize faces, lets you set zones to check for motion, and can see at night.

BuyB&H Photo | Walmart | Best BuyGoogle Store

Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max ($229)

I picked up a Nest Hub Max a month or so ago to replace the Nest Hub that used to occupy space in my office and I can say without hesitation that it’s easily one of the best purchases I’ve made this year. Sure, I use it to talk to Assistant and turn lights on or adjust my house temperature. I love the new UI and its big screen for tossing on YouTube TV or other media. But because this holiday season officially sucks ass and we’ll likely spend it far away from family, I’ve been using it for two things: I video chat on Duo with it a lot, and the Google Photos slideshows have brought me a lot of family-related joy, even as I miss everyone it shows. –Kellen

Buy: B&H PhotoHome DepotBest BuyGoogle Store

Galaxy Buds Plus

Galaxy Buds+ ($150)

If you want to stay inside of a particular ecosystem, like Samsung’s for example, then you can’t go wrong with the Galaxy Buds+. The big draw is their 11-hour battery life which is ridiculous, but they also sound killer. Furthermore, Samsung has a great app to accompany them, allowing you to tweak the EQ, decide what your buttons do, and access the Ambient Sound setting.


$100 Budget

Peak Design Everyday Sling or Backpack ($79+)

Blogger bros everywhere love Peak Design and the good folks here at DL are no different. We <3 Peak Design and our only regret is that COVID-19 ruined traveling and we weren’t able to use our bags more in 2020. However, as I have used my little Everyday Sling a few times for carrying camera equipment around, I constantly get compliments on it. If you need something bigger than the Sling, go for the Everyday Backpack. See our Peak Design write-up here.

BuyPeak Design Store | Amazon

Google Home Hub

Google Nest Hub ($69+)

If you haven’t given in and purchased an Assistant-powered smart display yet, just do it. They’ve never been cheaper, and when you consider all of the things they do with other smart home goodies you might have, it’s a great time to invest in your home. With a Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max you can control your Nest thermostat, smart lights, Android TV-powered smart tv, watch your security cameras, and so much more. Get with the times and get yourself a smart display.

Buy: Google Store | Best Buy

$50 and Under

DL T-Shirts and Hoodies

We’ve got swag and it’s the perfect gear present. Our DL t-shirts start at $16.99 and the hoodies, which are super soft, cost just $29.99. They will take a few days to print once you order, so try and do so quickly.

BuyDL Teespring Store

Chromecast With Google TV ($49)

Google’s new Chromecast for 2020 that features a full Android TV experience and the new Google TV UI has got to be the tech deal of the year. At $50, you not only get a mini-Android TV dongle that can hide behind your big screen, it comes with the cutest little remote that lets you control your whole TV setup and fire up Google Assistant when needed. To think that this much money used to not even get you a Chromecast Ultra. Our review is here.

Buy: Best Buy | Google | Lowe’s

AUKEY RGB XL Mousepad ($30)

Sitting at my desk so much more this year, I’ve been looking for little things to make it a better looking setup. Enter AUKEY’s RGB mousepad. Measuring in at 31.5″ x 11.8″, this mousepad brightens up my work area with sweet looking LED goodness. AUKEY has computer software you can use to program the mousepad, but I simply plug it into a USB port for power and press the button to have it light up and do a simple pulse effect. At $30, it’s a solid RGB mousepad.


Anker Wireless Car Charger

Aukey 10W Wireless Car Charger ($30)

A few weeks ago, I picked up this Aukey 10W wireless car charger after dealing with some Android Auto frustrations and deciding my phone could instead do the heavy lifting on drives. This thing is so sweet! Not only does it charge at up to 10W speeds, clamp to your car vents, and sport a really premium finish, the thing auto-clamps to your phone. Since it’s powered, when you turn your car on it’ll open, but then when you slap your phone into it, a little motor fires up and closes onto your phone. To release it, you just have a little touch button.

There may be other options, this is just the one I’ve been testing. At $30, it’s an excellent gift idea to help kit out your car. –Kellen

Buy: Amazon

Black Diamond ScreenTap (E-Tip) Gloves ($33)

It’s cold outside, my guy. If you still don’t own a quality pair of e-tip gloves that let you use your smartphone in this chilly weather, you should get on that. I’m suggesting here that you checkout the Black Diamond Midweight ScreenTap gloves because this is a company who knows what it’s doing in outdoor gear, but also because they are on sale at the moment. These should provide both a good amount of warmth and movability, as well as the smartphone functionality. They should last you a while too.

I’m ordering myself a pair as I write this because all of my e-tip gloves are cheap Nike and/or North Face running gloves that aren’t warm enough, dammit. –Kellen

BuyAmazon | Huckberry



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