New Google Nest Speaker Showed Up at FCC Just Now (Updated)


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Who wants to solve a mystery tonight? A new Google device just stopped through the FCC, labeled as a “wireless device,” and we aren’t quite sure what it is.

Here’s what we know. The device is listed as model number GXCA6, supports 802.11ac WiFi (2.4GHz and 5GHz), and Bluetooth LE. The bottom of it might be circular and that’s where the FCC ID and model number will be printed. That’s all we’ve found so far at the FCC.

With that model number (GXCA6), that level of connectivity, and a possible round shape, I’m wondering if this isn’t the new Android TV dongle from Google we are expecting. While there is supposedly a new Google Home-like speaker coming that could have a round base, in the past the model numbers (H2B, H1A, H2C, H0A, H2D/H2E, etc.) for smart home related products have all been pretty similar. This is quite different.

Old Chromecast devices had model numbers of NC2-6A5, NC2-6A5B, and NC2-6A5-D. This doesn’t really match up to those either, which again, leaves us thinking maybe this is a new product category that is getting its own model number string. A new Android TV dongle would surely be something new for Google.

We’ll keep digging, but let us know if you have any ideas.

Google FCC Device

UPDATE 1: This Bluetooth test and diagram might be telling. The test is showing the new device (EUT or equipment under test) sitting next to a Bluetooth speaker, phone (Pixel 4 XL), and laptop. They tested it by streaming music over Bluetooth at mac volume and while connecting it to WiFi.

UPDATE 2: It’s the new Google Nest speaker! The same device was outed in Japan at one of their regulatory agencies. We have pictures and all at this post.

New Google Nest Speaker

UPDATE 3: Google just showed off the device!

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