New Google Home Device Stops at FCC, but What the Hell is It?

Google Home

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I don’t know what exactly it is, but a new Google “media device” showed up at the FCC this morning with a model number that looks like it would fit nicely into the Google Home or Google Nest families of products.

The device is listed under Google’s FCC ID as A4RH2B, or model number H2B. For reference, Google Home Mini was H0A, Google Home Max was H0B, Home Hub was H1A, and the new Nest Hub Max is H2A. As you can see, H2B is likely a Home or Nest-related device.

But what is it? Well, you can see the shape of it below, thanks to a shot of its “bottom side.”

New Google Home FCC

The FCC tested it for both Bluetooth and WiFi (802.11ac), plus it’s powered by a 3.8V lithium ion battery. That sure makes it sound like it takes replaceable batteries or needs to be charged, otherwise it would simply have a power source to keep it running. That make sense?

I should point out that there is a chance this device doesn’t have a display, because the FCC label is on the bottom, rather than buried within a software UI as an e-label. For example, the Nest Hub Max doesn’t have an outside FCC label because you can navigate on its screen to the regulatory labels section. Then again, the original Home Hub’s FCC label is indeed on the bottom, yet it has a display. However, both the Home Hub and Nest Hub Max are labeled as “video streaming device” whereas this is just a “media device.”

So what is it? I don’t think we know. The removable or rechargeable battery is making this super confusing, as is the possibility that it doesn’t have a screen. I couldn’t find the dimensions for it, so we don’t know how big the bottom is where the label sits.

Any guesses? A smart remote? A portable Google Home?

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