There’s a Simple Reason Samsung Beat Google to the January Update

unlocked galaxy s9 update

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Samsung began pushing out the January Android update to the Galaxy Note 10 in Germany today and folks in tech seem to think this is a noteworthy move by Samsung. It’s as if by Samsung pushing a security patch out quicker than Google has, that it’s yet another bad mark on Google’s recent slowness in updates to its Pixel phones. The thing is, there’s a simple explanation for it all.

Google, if they wanted to, could more than likely push the January Android update on January 1 at midnight if they so please. They could probably push it even earlier. They don’t because they’ve settled into a release schedule that has been a part of monthly Android updates for years.

Google releases new Android updates to Pixel phones with the newest security patches on the first Monday of each month (ex: December, November, October). Since January hasn’t had a Monday yet, there isn’t an update for Pixel phones. It really is as simple as that.

When this coming Monday (January 6) happens, expect Google to post factory image and OTA files for you to flash. Who knows when they’ll also push the over-the-air update, but the point is, they make update files available, as well as the security bulletins, on the first Monday of each month.

Good work, though, Samsung. We aren’t trying to downplay your quickness with updates. In fact, you should be shown praise for this as you were when you pushed Android 10 updates out quicker than we expected.

Get your adb setup, Pixel friends. Monday is coming.



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