Episode 95

Nexus Week

This afternoon, Episode 95 of the Droid Life Show shall take place, and boy, do we have a lot to talk about. It was Nexus week, meaning we will go over our thoughts on all of Google’s new offerings, and Kellen will provide his opinion on each device (since he spent some good time with them).

We’ll also cover the announcement of LG’s new V10 smartphone, Kellen will go over his final take on the Moto 360 (2nd Gen), we will share our thoughts on the Gear S2 that we have in-house, and we will announce the start of a GoFundMe campaign in an attempt to afford TAG’s upcoming Android Wear smartwatch.

We will kick the show off live at 1:00PMĀ Pacific (4:00PM Eastern).

The Droid Life Show: Episode 95 - Nexus Week
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