Best Galaxy Watch Ultra Deal: $350 Trades, $50 Bonus Discount, Free $80 Band

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The Galaxy Watch Ultra certainly has my attention, even if it is the Apple Watch Ultra of Android. It’s got wild specs, a fresh case design, and is at least not just another “Classic” version of a watch series that Samsung seems to barely upgrade from one year to the next. It is a brand new product and that’s exciting, although an expensive one at $649.99.

For those weirdly into this thing like I am, let’s get you the best Galaxy Watch Ultra pre-order deal, which happens to be up to $480 in savings.

$350 TRADE DISCOUNT: Samsung is handing out instant trade-in discounts on the Galaxy Watch Ultra that top out at $350 off. If you have a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, you can get the full $350 off today. The next best value is from the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic at $300 off, followed by the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 6 at $250 off.

As a casual reminder, Samsung’s trade-in program gets you the discount today. That $350 off comes off today and not as a reimbursement later. It’s the best trade-in program there is. You just tell Samsung which device you have and they subtract the value from the purchase today.

$50 OFF BONUS: Want another $50 off? The Shop Samsung app will give you $50 off just by purchasing there. This is a scheme that Samsung ran over the holidays and you all didn’t seem to mind. And why would you – $50 off is $50 off. We’ll take that every day even if it requires an app install. (Download Shop Samsung)

FREE $80 BAND: Samsung has handful of bands ready for the Watch Ultra that would all cost you $80 if bought at full retail. With pre-orders, they are letting you choose from 3 different bands (Marine, Trail, or Peakform) in the initial configuration, but they are also tossing in a free Trail band in Dark Gray. In other words, don’t configure your watch with the Trail Band in Dark Grey, because you’ll get that as a free bonus. Instead, find a Marine or Peakform band you like, or the Trail in a different color.

So with $350 off in trades, a $50 app bonus, and a free $80 band, you could save $480 when ordering the Galaxy Watch Ultra.

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