Don’t Miss These Android Stories: September 11, 2015

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We had another great week here at DL, thanks to the arrival of the Moto X Pure Edition on our doorstep, Android Pay in our phone wallets, and Apple as comic relief of itself. Seriously, it might have been short, but it was action packed.

We unboxed the Moto X Pure, tested it on a variety of networks, and had plenty of thoughts to share about it during the DL Show. Android Pay is here and available for many, just be aware that it has some new things you will have to get used to. And Apple, oh Apple. They brought us new phones and colors and pink and TV boxes and giant, massive, ridiculously oversized, iPads.

It was great, all of it. Be sure to catch up if you missed anything. 

Final reminder – be sure to click the link above and join the DL Football Eliminator. You can win a free phone just by picking 17 winners in a row.



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