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This Could be Our First Look at the DROID Turbo 2

droid turbo 2

Last week, we caught wind of a new Motorola device called the Moto X Force that was said to be on its way to the US as a new DROID Turbo 2. This week, @upleaks posted a photo of this alleged device, DROID branding included. The famed leaker also mentioned that it’s coming to Verizon exclusively – no shocker there.¬†

From the picture, we can see “DROID” branding at the bottom of its backside, similarly to where it was placed on last year’s DROID Turbo. We are also getting a triangular pattern like the one found on a leaked DROID from earlier this year. On the front, we have some sort of odd speaker arrangement towards the bottom of the device, along with a big ol’ Verizon check (branding!). Up top, there are either two cameras on the front of this¬†phone, or this is a fake image, or Motorola is doing some weird sensor things that are behind anything our mind can comprehend at the moment.

And that’s really all that is new. Remember, @upleaks previously said that this phone was “shatterproof.” Whatever that means.


Via: @upleaks



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