Episode 62

Your Vuvuzela This Weekend

On episode 62 of the Droid Life Show, we sat back and listened as Tim took us through his week-long journey with the LG G3 as his daily phone. The staff asked him question after question about things like the phone’s size, how the display performs in sunlight, if there is any lag to complain about, how long that battery lasts, and if lasers are here to stay.

Once the G3 talk wrapped, we talked briefly about Google I/O (including Lookout’s I/O party that we gave away tickets to), the LG G Watch, Galaxy Note 4 rumors, and a bunch of polls that we are running through this week before ending with apps and games. It was another outstanding show, though much shorter than last week’s epic voyage.

The Droid Life Show: Episode 62 - Your Vuvuzela This Weekend
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