Episode 59

Your Days of Future Past

On episode 59 of this week’s Droid Life Show, the crew took to the latest in LG G3 rumors, including what may be a list of official specs out of a private event in Korea. After that, it was on to potential Moto 360 pricing, what the end of the Nexus program means and if our depression about that idea can be cured, whether or not Google is really more valuable now than Apple, and if HD Voice and VoLTE will make any of us use our phones for calls any more than we already do (which isn’t much). We also managed to sneak in a quick Q&A with listeners on air before finishing off with apps and games of the week.

In related news, if you need advice on where not to buy your dog food and which pizza chain to avoid, Tim has you covered there as well.

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The Droid Life Show: Episode 59 - Your Days of Future Past
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