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Episode 46

This Episode is the 12th Man This Weekend

Plans to watch both the AFC and NFC Championship games this weekend? We have your pre-show right here. On the Droid Life Show episode 46 from Wednesday, we talked Google adding free agent Nest to its roster, an appeals court giving the FCC a stiff arm over net neutrality, asked if anyone would change their warm-up music to Beats Music, and gushed over Dennis Woodside’s fandom of DL. We also talked apps and games, T-Mobile’s ETF program, and why on Earth we need a Moto G Google Play Edition.

It was another fantastic show with all of your favorite team members. And for those who missed last week’s CES recap, this wasn’t a bad start to our first official show of 2014.

We regularly gather on Wednesday nights at 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern) to record the DL Show live.

The Droid Life Show: Episode 46 - This Episode is the 12th Man This Weekend



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