The Droid Life Show Returns Tonight at 6:00PM Pacific!

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No, really. The Droid Life Show is back tonight at its normal 6:00PM Pacific time slot, barring any issues with Google+ Hangouts. As many of you know, we gave the show a shot last week, but thanks to live broadcasts of Hangouts being completely dead for the hour we tried to broadcast, the show was a no-go. So this week, it should be an epic-ly long episode 13! We have soooooo much to talk about, since many of last week’s topics still need to be discussed.

Topics will include X Phone rumors from last week, HTC’s event in NYC on February 19, if we think Nexus phones should ever be on carriers, how Google can improve Google Now, and more.

So tonight, at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern), the show returns. We’ll have live video and a chat for you to join in on the fun. We typically try to keep the show to an hour, but I get the feeling that we’ll go extra long tonight. After all, we’ve missed you.

If you can’t catch us live, then be sure to subscribe to the show feed (podcast).

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