First Episode of The Droid Life Show is Live Tonight!

Seriously, that title has no hypebeasting in it, whatsoever. We are in fact going to do a live broadcasted show tonight for the first time, that will hopefully turn into something that we can continue to do on a regular basis. It’s called The Droid Life Show, and yep, it’s about Android. Oh, and no, it’s not a podcast (people still do those?).¬†This is a live Google+ Hangout with video feeds of the entire DL team – Ron, Tim, Eric and yours truly.¬†

During the broadcast, we plan to talk about hot topics from the last few days, rumors that have snuck into our inbox that you may not have heard yet, and anything else that the DL community couldn’t stop talking about. If anything, it’s a way for you to extend your obsession for Android and to watch four guys make fools of themselves.

We can’t promise that there will be fancy music, cheesy FM DJ noises, or gimmicky titles for topic sections, but it still should be a lot of fun. And what else were you going to watch tonight, pre-season NBA basketball or Gossip Girl?

The first episode is live tonight at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM for those on the east coast) and will be featured here on the site. We will try to keep the show to under an hour long. There will be a chat room for everyone to rant and rave and comment on the variety of Matrix-like green checkered shirts that may be seen.

To make sure you don’t miss the action, following us on Google+ is probably a great idea. We’ll also announce it live on Twitter as we get going. And again, all of the action will be posted right here, on Droid Life.

Wish us luck…



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