Gmail Update to Version 4.9 Brings Streamlined Google Drive Attachment Feature

A new update to Gmail brings a streamlined Google Drive file attachment feature, which should make sharing files from your account to another person a few seconds faster.

Before, users would hit “attach file” through an email draft, then select to share a file from Google Drive. Then, they would browse their Drive folders to find the file which they wanted to share. Now, users can select “Insert from Drive,” from the email draft,  completely skipping the part of attaching a file from within Drive. Convenient.  (more…)

Chromecast App Update Brings Android Screen Mirroring to Your TV

This morning, Google announced that Android screen mirroring is officially now available for Chromecast users. With this feature, owners of a compatible smartphone or tablet, with access to a Chromecast over a WiFi connection, can mirror their device’s display onto the big screen in their living room.

When mirroring, whatever you see on your smartphone will be displayed on your TV, meaning you can watch videos, view pictures, and play inside of apps. No exact mention was made about gaming, but a latency issue could make that a bit difficult.  (more…)

Google Provides Workaround for Developers to Enable Paid Apps on Android Wear

Earlier in the week, developers hoping to make an early splash (and buck) on Android Wear through releases of their own paid apps ran into a roadblock. The wearable APK packaged in their paid app wasn’t able to be extracted or read by the wearable installer, so basically, paid apps weren’t working at all on Android Wear devices. As you can imagine, that’s not a good thing.

Thankfully, Google has created an official workaround that was announced late last night through their developer blog. While I’m no developer, it doesn’t look to be the most intense manual procedure, but it is a “manual” workaround that will require an extra bit of work. Google is recommending that developers move the embedded wearable APK in their apps into a new directory (res/raw) for the time being, along with an xml file that points to the location of the APK.  (more…)

Android Distribution Updated for July 2014 – Kit Kat Now at 18%

Google updated its Android distribution numbers this afternoon, showing yet another steady increase to 18% of the Android user base being Kit Kat users. Last month, Kit Kat – the most recent version of Android available to the public – was listed at about 14%, still way behind Jelly Bean with 58%.

This month, not too much has changed, as Jelly Bean still commands the field at 56.5%. While a minor decrease is taking place in Jelly Bean’s numbers, it’s basically at a snail’s pace.  (more…)

TSA Will No Longer Permit Powerless Electronics on Some International Flights

A minor change was made to security checks by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) over the weekend, one that involves the electronics that you travel with. On some international flights that are headed to the US, TSA agents may check to make sure that electronics can be powered up. Should those devices that are checked not power up, the TSA may not permit them from making the flight with you.

In other words, if you are traveling internationally to the US, make sure your electronics have juice and can be powered up. Better yet, make sure things like your phone and tablet are already powered on as you go through security, if you want to make the process seamless.   (more…)

Deal: TYLT Offers 50% Off Battery Power Packs and Cases for the 4th

TYLT, makers of all sorts of premium-designed accessories like the TYLT Vu charger, are offering up a 50% discount on portable battery packs and battery cases for the holiday weekend. You will find battery banks like the 5,200mAh Power Plant for $35 (regularly $70) and 3,000mAh Energi 3K for $30 (regularly $60). They also have battery cases for devices like the Galaxy S4 that hold 2,350mAh of juice and have been discounted to $40 from $80.

If you need some portable battery power, use the promo code “fireworks” at checkout.

The deal runs through July 9.  (more…)

Google Sets Up Android Wear Section on Google Play – Level, IFTTT, Pinterest, Runtastic, and More Featured

Orders of the LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live from Google Play are due to begin shipping very soon, so Google is doing everything it can to prepare for those arrivals. It is pretty clear that the first move was to get all sorts of popular apps on board with the Android Wear movement, have development teams prepare updates for those apps, and then feature them in a new, dedicated section on the Play store. That section is now live, along with a number of apps you probably use on a daily basis.  (more…)

Android Wear Receives First Update to KMV78V – Both G Watch and Gear Live See It

Both the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are receiving pre-release over-the-air (OTA) updates today, jumping them up to build KMV78V of Android Wear (4.4W). At this time, we have no idea what is new, since nothing is standing out. Until we hear from others who received the update (assuming you went to Google I/O), we will guess that this is a bug fixer meant to polish things up a bit before those first Google Play orders of either watch arrive.

If you happen to own either watch, you can check for the update by tapping the screen, then scrolling down to Settings>About>System updates.