Deal: Lifetime Dripbit Online Backup Subscription for $55

If you have been on the hunt for a backup solution that won’t break the bank, we have one for you through the DL deals store. Dripbit is currently offering a lifetime subscription to their online backup services at a price of $54.99 or 88% off the full asking price of $480.

The plan includes 1TB of storage, unthrottled bandwidth for 5 computers, movie streaming to any device, military grade encryption, 24-7 support, and access via your Android device.

The deal is live for another 3 days.


  • Access & edit your files without re-downloading them from the cloud
  • Keep your files private w/ military-grade AWS 256 encryption
  • Enjoy super fast connections
  • View & download your files from any web browser
  • Use on the go w/ iOS, Android & Windows apps

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Deal: Nexus 6 Drops to $550 at T-Mobile ($100 Off)

Looking for the lowest price on the Nexus 6? T-Mobile has got you covered. The Uncarrier is currently selling Google’s newest flagship phone for $100 off its retail price, which drops it to $550 (32GB) and $599 (64GB). For a whale, that seems like a bargain. And just think, you can take this bad boy to Project Fi whenever Google starts sending out invites to the masses.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read our Nexus 6 review.

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Apple Watch Unboxing, First Impressions and More

We have an Apple Watch in house. Yes, yes we do. Why? Because you should know your competition. If we are going to have an opinion on the Apple Watch, we should actually spend some time with one in order to form that opinion, not just get there by reading other reviews or listening to Apple’s pitch. So like with the iPhone 6, where Apple admitted that big phones were awesome, we are going to take the Apple Watch for a spin, potentially review it, and then move on. But the goal, as I just stated, is simply to familiarize ourselves with Apple’s take on a watch platform.  (more…)

Nexus 6 on T-Mobile Still Doesn’t Have WiFi Calling, Could in 7-10 Days

The Nexus 6 when used on T-Mobile’s network still can’t utilize WiFi Calling, a feature that the wireless carrier typically loves to brag about as a selling point over the competition. We expected the feature to arrive months ago, but for whatever reason, T-Mobile and Google can seem to get all of the bugs worked out to make it stable enough for you and I.  (more…)

Don’t Miss These Android Stories: May 8, 2015

Things were busy around the DL offices this week. Tim gave you all sorts of awesome comparisons of the LG G4 vs. the competition, Ron went H.A.M. on the Galaxy S6, I reviewed the Watch Urbane, and Google tossed around enough I/O teases that we are starting to put together a vision for this month’s I/O gathering. Outside of those big happenings, we looked at more icon packs, pestered Motorola over 5.1 updates, and found another Huawei Nexus rumor to get hot over. See, it was busy.

If you missed any of the action, below you will find all of the best Android stories of the week. This is our weekly recap, one that you should try and get a hold of each week.  (more…)