Flixster Update Includes Chromecast Support, SD Card Downloads for Kit Kat Devices

Flixster, one of the most popular movie-related apps on the planet thanks to its connection with Rotten Tomatoes, received a solid update this evening that makes the app capable of streaming to Chromecast. Now, you can watch trailers or your UltraViolet movie collection through Flixster and on your TV with the tap of a button. The update also brought along the ability for HTC phone users to download movies, SD card download support for KitKat devices, and fixed a few playback issues.  (more…)

New “People” Section Shows Up in Google Play

If you are still running version 4.6.17 of Google Play on your phone or tablet (and you are because it’s the newest), swipe out the navigation menu and see if you notice anything new. See it? That would be the new “People” section that just went live.

In the section, we are seeing recommendations based on people we follow through Google+, like +1s and reviews. Google is also using this to highlight featured content and recommend others that you should follow. You can even tap on individuals that you already follow to see what kinds of shared activity they have made available.  (more…)

SwiftKey Update Brings Google+, Evernote Personalization

If you use SwiftKey and are as horrible a touch typist as I am, you’ll be extremely pleased to hear that the makers of the venerable third-party keyboard for Android are rolling out features to improve typing predictions and autocorrect.

Updated personalization options within SwiftKey version 4.4.5 allow the app to collect typographical data from Google+ public posts and Evernote archives, much in the same way as Google’s most recent Keyboard release. The app goes one step further for owners of iOS devices; if you have SwiftKey Note connected to Evernote, the app will now also glean typographical information from that. (more…)

Google Keep Updated, Brings Searchable Images and Updated Interface

Google Keep, Mountain View’s proprietary note-taking application, received an update today on Android devices. The update brings a newly-polished user interface, much like we have been seeing on many other Google applications.

In addition to an updated look, users can now search text within images, allowing for an even better archivable/searchable database of notes and lists. List Settings have been added, which allows users to select where lists and notes are placed.  (more…)

Chrome Remote Desktop Goes Into Beta on Android, Here is a Quick Look

According to a lucky reader of ours, Google opened up a beta test for its Chrome Remote Desktop app on Android within the last few days. The beta is invite only at this time, with invites rolling out to those who “expressed interest” in helping Chrome improve their remote desktop client. Like the Chrome extension, this app does indeed give you remote access to your desktop computers, only this time through Android devices (both phones and tablets).  (more…)

Google Reportedly Readies New UI for Android Gmail Users

We know a few folks around these parts that would go so far as to say Android is somehow the step child to Google. With their apparent love for iOS, showering of Apple’s users with gifts of gorgeous UIs, and Hangouts with Google Voice built-in, it’s easy to see that in no way does Google discriminate against people who don’t rock Android as their daily driver.

If you use Google services, whether on Android or not, you best believe their teams will attempt to deliver a good user experience. For quite some time now, iOS users of Gmail have been treated to a fancy UI, with Android still rocking a mildly-ugly interface for the email service. According to Geek, who posted up screenshots of an upcoming Gmail build, it looks like Android users are in for the same UI treat, finally.  (more…)

AcDisplay Receives Major Update to v2.1 – New UI and New Features

AcDisplay, an app we have become bigs fans of thanks to its Moto X-like abilities, received a major update to version 2.1 today that introduces a new UI and all sorts of other new features. This new version is currently only in beta, but after helping test the app over the last couple of days, I can tell you that it works quite well in its current state.

So what’s new? Well, since the last time we wrote up the app, all sorts of stuff.  (more…)