You’ll Soon be Able to Send Someone Money With Google Assistant

During yesterday’s Google I/O keynote, Google shared some of the new things they are working on the Android Pay realm. They talked about the new Google Payment API that will allow developers to include easy access to payment methods attached to Google accounts. The idea there is to make buying stuff online or in apps easier than ever. But the new feature that really caught my eye involves making payments by voice and the Google Assistant(more…)

Thursday Poll: Do You Use Multi-Window?

We were toying around with Picture-in-Picture on the latest build of Android O yesterday, but in doing so I was reminded that I hardly ever use multi-window functionality on my Android devices. Will Picture-in-Picture be any different for me? Hard to tell.

With this poll, we want to know how many of you are using multi-window on your phone or tablet. Whether its the native version built into your Pixel or Nexus device, or the similar implementation on Samsung and LG devices, are you even using it? If you are, for what?

Let us know your take on multi-window and the potential of Picture-in-Picture on smartphones down below.

Do you use Multi-Window?

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Android Go is a New Experience for Low Cost Devices With 1GB RAM or Less

Google announced a new move today in its never-ending goal of bringing computing devices to everyone. It’s called Android Go and it’s an experience geared toward devices with 1GB RAM or less.

The experience will be available to manufacturers looking to build lower-cost phones that still offer a decent smartphone experience, even with the lack of higher-end specs. The limit really is 1GB RAM or less, so we’re talking about the lowest tier of available phones.  (more…)

Android Now has 2 Billion Monthly Active Users

You know what’s cooler than a billion monthly active Android users? 2 billion monthly active Android users. That’s the number Google crossed, according to CEO Sundar Pichai.

During his opening at the Google I/O 2017 keynote, Pichai ran through all sorts of numbers, but this number stands out the most to us little Android bloggers. Like, 2 billion is ummm…a lot. Sure, a ton of those are lower-tier devices and others that are probably running Ice Cream Sandwich, but still.  (more…)