I Talked About How I Use Android Over at Android Intelligence!

You know you’ve been around a while when a colleague writes up a profile about your time in the business and starts it out by saying, “Gather ’round, kiddos, ’cause it’s time to travel back to the Good Ol’ Days of Android.” Then again, I kind of have been doing this for a really long time – over 7 years! – so if the boot fits…

Anyways, the piece I’m referring to was written by JR Raphael, the brilliant brain behind the Android Intelligence column over at Computerworld. He runs a regular series called “How I Use Android” that features various personalities in the Android realm. You’ll find profiles on developers that make many of your favorite apps, Googlers, podcasters, and the occasional media loud mouth (like me)!  (more…)

AccuWeather Introduces Android TV App With “Superior Accuracy”

AccuWeather released an Android TV app this morning, an app that aims to provide you with “the most accurate, personalized weather experience available in the world,” according to the company’s president of digital media.

The app is available right now through Google Play and is free to install. You’ll get breaking weather videos on it, along with in-studio reports and minute-by-minute forecasts that include precipitation type and intensity for a couple of hours. You can add multiple locations, adjust all sorts of settings, and even change the theme from dark to light or have it do so automatically depending on time of day.  (more…)

Google Photos Archive Feature Goes Live

Google rolled a new Archive tool out to Google Photos today that helps you clean-up your main photo feed. Going forward, you’ll be able to toss photos aside that you may not want visible at all times without fully deleting them.

The new Archive can be accessed a number of ways. The easiest way to archive photos is to select a bunch, tap the top-right menu, and choose “Archive.” You can also swipe out the app’s side menu, look for the new Archive option, choose it, then tap the little image icon with the “+” sign in the top right, which will let you go through and select items for archiving.  (more…)

PayPal Update Brings Android Pay Integration

It has been over a month since Android Pay and PayPal announced together that they would soon be friends. Today, that integration can finally happen, thanks to an update to the PayPal app.

Once you grab the latest PayPal update, should you be interested in adding it as a payment option to Android Pay, you’ll open PayPal, login, and then tap the settings icon in the top right corner. Once in there, you’ll find a new Android Pay option in the list of settings, between Payment Preferences and Personal Info. Tap that to begin setup!  (more…)

And the Winners of the 2017 Google Play Awards Are…

Last at Google I/O, Google revealed the winners of this year’s Google Play Awards. They chose 12 apps and games that “give their fans delightful and memorable experiences,” but also that captured the “imagination” of Google. The awardees are everything from smaller indie titles you may not have heard of, to some of the most popular apps you do indeed know.

The winners are!  (more…)

Samsung’s Delayed Chromebook Pro Should be Available for Purchase May 28

Back in early February, pre-orders went up for the Chromebook Plus, the first to launch from a pair of Samsung-made Chrome OS laptops with Android app compatibility. Both were announced during CES, but as you may have noticed, we’re still waiting on the Chromebook Pro to launch. During Google I/O this week, we have learned just when we can expect the Pro version to be available.  (more…)