Google is Inviting People to Test a New Travel Assistant App

Google is on the verge of introducing a new travel assistant app, according to their Local Guides program, which began inviting members to test the app this morning. The new app will arrive on Android and iOS and could go into public testing through Local Guides quite soon (next week to be exact), as invitees were asked to respond with interest in testing before Monday.  (more…)

Google Keep Also Gets Quick Link Storing in Latest Update, Hashtags, Slight Redesign

You know how we just told you that Inbox was getting a sweet new link storing feature? So is Google Keep. According to a blog post from Google on the Docs Blog, Keep is getting a similarly quick-share option for links both in Chrome (new extension!) and in the Android app. Not only that, but you will now be able to organize with hashtags too.  (more…)

Google’s Inbox Gets Three Awesome New Features Today, Including Link Storing

Google’s Inbox, my personal email app of choice, is getting three really cool new features today that continue to make it difficult for its users to ever look at another email app again. The new features involve better calendar event tracking, a way to preview newsletters you often click through, and a new “Save to Inbox” option for storing links (!) you find across the web.

In the calendar portion of this latest feature add, Google is letting Inbox gather emails from events together, sort of like they do with Trips, to let you see what has changed over the course of the event’s life. A simple tap on an event should then take you into the overview of happenings.  (more…)

GIPHY App Updates on Android With All the Sharing

GIPHY released an update to its Android app today that makes it more than just a Facebook Messenger sharing service. With the update, GIPHY is now free from its Messenger kennel and ready for you to bark your favorites everywhere, even in Hangouts.

The update is rolling out slowly, though, so if you still have the “GIPHY for Messenger” version and aren’t seeing an update, go yell at GIPHY. If you are just installing today, well, you may very well get the new share-friendly version. I would be in that boat, that glorious, glorious boat.  (more…)

Google Already Lets You Play Podcasts From Within the Google App

With podcasts launching in Google Play Music earlier this week, Google is already making it easier than ever to find and play them. Google is issuing a (behind-the-scenes) update to the Google App today that will allow for the finding and playing of podcasts without ever having to open Play Music.

To find and play a podcast in the Google App, all you need to do is search for one, like “Droid Life Show,” and the results should return a list of our most recent episodes. You can then tap the “play” button from the search results to play specifics episodes, which will then open a set of controls at the bottom of the screen, including play/pause, rewind and fast-forward. Google says that you will also be able to browse the web on your phone or turn the screen off while you listen without killing audio.  (more…)

How Many Android Applications Does Google Check Every Day for Malware?

6 billion.

That’s according to Google’s latest “Android Security 2015 Annual Report.” The report arrives for the second year in a row as a way for Google to explain to you just how secure Android really is, especially as more and more scheming anti-virus and security outlets, along with Apple bloggers, tell you otherwise. The report is also done so that Google can tell you exactly how it takes on malware and other security issues, including using machine learning to “detect potentially harmful behavior.”  (more…)

DEAL: Nexus 5X Back on eBay for Just $239.99 ($110 Off)

Another laughably low price is back and attached to the Nexus 5X over at eBay today. For just $239.99, you can own one of Google’s newest smartphones and get on with your Android N or update-first-having self. In case you were wondering, that’s a solid $110 discount before even factoring in the free shipping.

Like the deal a couple of weeks back, this 16GB Nexus 5X is the Euro model H791. That’s worth noting because even though it will still work in the US – on T-Mobile and AT&T – it won’t have the universal connectivity on Verizon and Sprint as well.

You can read our Nexus 5X review here.

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