Don’t Miss These Android Stories: January 29, 2016

You can tell that we are getting closer and closer to MWC, because the leaks are springing from every surface of the internet. This week, we got our first look at the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G5 (in a dummy box), and heard full specs for the HTC One M10. Outside of the leak fun, we also got Hangouts 7.0, saw prices drop for the Nexus 5X and 6P, and watched T-Mobile make a whole bunch of tweaks to services.

The week was packed, but it’ll only get busier over the coming weeks. Be sure to catch-up now so that you can keep up as we hit the end of February, where everything will be really nuts.  (more…)

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This Icon Pack is Hot: Material Cards

In our last episode of “This icon pack is hot,” I made an off-handed comment about the world not needing anymore Material Design inspired icon packs. For the most part, I still stand by that comment, because seriously, there are so many icon packs that are some variation of Google’s icons, only they differ by offering a tweaked color scheme or palette or vibe. Where we need to see Material Design put to use is in packs like the one we are featuring day.

This is Material Cards(more…)

DEAL: 128GB MicroSD Cards are as Cheap as $33 These Days

You would think that after being in this industry for almost 7 years now, that seeing accessories like 128GB microSD cards drop to $33 wouldn’t amaze me so much, but it still does when you consider how quickly everything moves.

At the beginning of 2014, SanDisk introduced one of the first 128GB microSD cards to the world. It was insanely expensive out of the gate, so expensive that we called a price drop to $120 a “deal.” Today, companies like Silicon Power are selling class 10, UHS-1 128GB cards for $32.99 with Prime shipping. That’s so nuts. You can even grab their 64GB cards for under $15.  (more…)

Question of the Day: Do You Worry About Android Security?

Security is an important topic in today’s mobile heavy world. It’s starting to feel as if we are almost always under some form of attack from this or that spyware or virus or backdoor. Well, security companies are certainly trying to make us believe that, especially those who have attached their livelihood to Android. This isn’t me completely dismissing potential threats on Android, it’s just that most of these “67% of Android users at risk!” types of headline-grabbing reports almost always contain a big asterisk that involves some form of, “This doesn’t concern you if you install everything through Google Play.” In other words, if you own a legitimate Android phone that has Google services and aren’t installing pirated apps through scary-as-hell 3rd party app stores, you are fine.  (more…)

GIVEAWAY: We Have 50 Promo Codes for Backdrops Pro Up for Grabs! (Updated)

Waaaaay back in October, we featured an app called Backdrops, a wallpaper app with a Material Design focus that was pushing out daily ‘papers, collections, the ability to share your own with the app’s community, and an incredibly clean appearance. It’s a really nice wallpaper app.

This week, the team behind it released a big update that introduces Google sign-in, so you can now sync your favorites across all of your devices. This is one of those features that multi-device owners will surely appreciate. While unrelated in content form, this was my reason for switching to ParcelTrack for package tracking. Device sync is a big deal, especially as many of us migrate from device to device, whether that’s between personal devices only or work and personal.  (more…)

ParcelTrack is My New Favorite Package Tracker on Android

For a solid year, I was attached to AfterShip for all of my package tracking needs. Recently, after reaching out to its development team and hearing the developer tell me they had no plans to add account syncing between multiple devices, I gave up on it and went looking for a better option. You see, I change devices all of the time, often within a day. I can’t have a single phone doing all of my package tracking – I need syncing.

Earlier this week, I ran through a handful of options and even paid for many of their pro versions to get the full experience. Only one seems to be worth paying for and that app is ParcelTrack. This app, at least in my first few days with it, is awesome.  (more…)

Chrooma Keyboard is Like a Colorful, Feature-Filled Version of the Google Keyboard

Earlier today, a keyboard was dropped off in our inbox that has us pretty excited about a potential change away from the stock Google Keyboard. The keyboard is called Chrooma and it’s basically a form of the Google Keyboard we always wanted or at least kept hoping Google would build. In other words, it has a couple of features we wish Google would implement, along with a couple of really cool ideas that give your typing experience a boost of color.  (more…)

Swiftkey Update Brings Android 6.0.1’s New Emoji, Like This One 🖕

Back in December, Swiftkey Beta received an update that included access to the new emoji introduced in Android 6.0.1. Today, the stable or “market” channel of Swiftkey received the update with access to them as well.

What else is in the update? Nothing that we know of. Swiftkey may have fixed some bugs, but this update is really all about emoji access.  (more…)