Eero Gets Biggest Update Yet With Alexa Integration, “TrueMesh” Tech, App Improvements

Eero, the smart WiFi system that Google WiFi seems to have modeled itself after, is set to receive it’s biggest platform update to date. That means up to 2x speed improvements on networks, more intelligent WiFi throughout a home, Amazon Alexa integration for controlling your home setup, and a bunch of new features in mobile apps.  (more…)

Google Earth Heads to VR and It’s Awesome

This isn’t necessarily Android-related at the moment, but Google just released Google Earth VR on HTC Vive, and man, it’s pretty awesome. Earth feels like a service that was built years ago in preparation for the arrival of virtual reality, so with a machine like Vive powering it, you can travel across the globe and see some amazing sights, all from your own home.  (more…)

Google Fiber TV Gets an Updated App

Google Fiber’s deployment into new markets has been paused for now, but that hasn’t stopped Google from working on the service in areas it already exists. For example, today, Google Fiber TV gets a shiny new app!

Google says that the new Fiber TV app lets you both play and record favorite shows, sports, and movies with a single tap. It also shows you the next episodes of your favorite series, listings of sports as they are happening live with options to record them, more personalized recommendations, and will recommend recordings on your DVR.  (more…)

Question of the Day: What’s Your Current Phone?

2016 is quickly wrapping up and that means that phone manufacturers aren’t necessarily planning to show off anything new for a while. The next wave of phone releases likely won’t happen until the end of Q1 next year. So, there is a pretty good chance you have purchased a phone this year and have settled in as we await the arrival of what’s next.

For today’s question, we simply want to know – what is your current phone? If you want, feel free to talk about why your current phone is the phone you decided on. Let’s the hear the good and the bad, how long you plan to keep it, etc. You hear us rant about all of this stuff, so now it’s your turn.

Google Play Music Gets a Big Update With New Home Screen, Smarter Recommendations

Google announced a major update to Google Play Music this morning, one that will show you smarter and timelier recommendations with a new home screen layout and always-available offline playback. This is a big one, and it starts arriving today.

Up front, when you open the new app after updating, Google is showing you a new layout that they are calling the “ultimate personal DJ.” That means bigger cards of playlists and stations of “what you like, but also when you like it.” The images above give you a good feel for how this will look, including a “Recents” button, that we’re assuming gets you into recently played tracks. The update isn’t live yet, but my gut tells me that there is more to this new interface than just a fancy new home screen.  (more…)