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Google App Update Introduces Quick Screen Sharing Feature to Now on Tap

now on tap share

Ever wanted to quickly snap a screenshot of something and then share with a friend, only you don’t have the fingers necessary to do Android’s simultaneous press of Power+Volume Down? Or maybe you just don’t want to do that action, then go find the notification for it or screenshot taken before sharing? An update to the Google app (might be the beta as v5.7.13.19) that started rolling out last night adds a new feature to Now on Tap that will make this all easier. 

In the update, we are seeing a new share button when Now on Tap is activated, in the bottom left corner, that takes screenshots and then lets you quickly share them! I know, I know, this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but it is actually pretty handy. From any screen, even if Now on Tap doesn’t find anything, you can hit the share button and send your screen, sans status and navigation bars. It also doesn’t save the image to your phone, gobbling up unnecessary space.

This is how it looks/works:

google now on tap share google now on tap share-2 google now on tap share-3

And this is what your screenshots look like:

google now on tap share-5 google now on tap share-4 google now on tap share-6

Pretty sweet, right?

Update to the latest version of the Google App to get it (or join the beta program). Of course, you’ll need to be on Marshmallow too. (Edit:  Could also be a server side switch, for those not seeing it.)

Play Link | Download Link (apk, arm64)

Cheers +Nick M!
  • WestFiasco

    I couldn’t take screenshots on my Nexus 7 for some reason, with this new feature I’m even happier that I upgraded to Marshmallow.

  • socalrailroader

    It must be a server side switch, I’m on 6.0.1 on my Nexus 6 with the latest Google app, and it’s still not showing for me.

    • tazmanian200

      go into ur settings and make sure on tap is on, I had same problem with my N6P, as soon I turned it on, it worked. Its really slow is the only thing i don’t like.

  • steelew

    I wish they would put it in the power menu and while they are at it, add reboot and reboot to recovery (as a developer option). These would be great if they were part of stock android. One less reason for root and one less app to perform a basic function.

  • Ryan McCormack

    Didn’t work on my Nexus 6p until I used the install link provided above. Now it’s there. It should be useful.

  • emoney

    I would love to take advantage of now and now on tap, but the poor battery results I get by having both enabled is enough to steer me away

  • ray

    can’t use now on tap? with the latest update android 6.0.1with nexus 5x, why?

  • kmdavisjr

    So cool! I love now on tap. Use it all the time

    • buckley101

      For what? Please enlighten us

      • knuckles1978

        I use it for quick imdb ratings when I’m having a web browse looking for a movie to watch, it’s brilliant for that.

        I’m sure I’ll find lots of other good uses too, but this is one that I use it all the time for..

  • Trevor

    What lock screen is that?

  • Deeco

    Screenshots? Think a gif would be better…

  • I just think that, if you’re gonna leave the bars blank, it would be just better taking them off entirely in the screenshots…

  • Armaan Modi


    • Armaan Modi

      But I liked the old logo 🙁

  • FRGuzman

    Now on Tap is still US only, so everyone in the rest of the world is out of luck…

    • Armaan Modi

      Nope,its not exclusive to US.I have used it in India on Nexus 7(2013) Wifi Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

      • FRGuzman

        True, it’s English and Japanese only.

        • Armaan Modi


    • knuckles1978

      Well, I’m in the UK and it works just fine, so not sure where you got that info from, but it’s wrong..

      Edit: noticed after I posted this that you had already been corrected..

  • TSK

    Had this show up last night right after updating, but it is gone now, perhaps they flipped the switch the other way.

  • It must be account bound. I recieved that update last night but I do not have the sharing button inside Now on Tap.

  • ozzyager

    Google, you’re weird. I got the update last night, but my NOT does NOT have the share button.

  • Jeff Ambrous

    How do you get that “share with other device” line?

    • Nathan Borup


  • CabbageHeadCat.

    Quickly toggled the article with NOT, and Kellex is a Manufacturer. Moving on up!

  • Ryan N

    They need to update “Now on Tap” to automatically present a beer listing of whatever restaurant or bar you are currently at… It only makes sense.

    • They need to update Now on Tap to do…..something….anything useful. Well, other than screenshot now I guess

      • CoreRooted

        This… I was just thinking “Wow, at least I can use NoT for quick screenshot sharing considering I use it for nothing else”. I really want to like it, but honestly, nothing NoT does applies to my use cases.

        • I haven’t found one use for it yet, but that doesn’t mean I won’t in the future. I just want them to bring back the swipe up function IN ADDITION TO NoT.

    • I’ve been to restaurants where it does actually show the menu.

      • Ryan N

        That’s awesome.

        • That is awesome. I need to start trying it when out.

          Wait…or I still have to search for a restaurant…

          I need it to just know I’m there and then long press into NoT and then have it load these things. That would be real beauty. Instead of the home screen NoT telling me “Nothing here!” It should recognize where I am and then offer info.

        • knuckles1978

          Super awesome.

  • Joel I

    Especially useful to nexus 6p users who have the official google case and can’t reliably take screen shots.

    • Suicide_Note

      I have the Google Adopted case, and haven’t failed once at taking a screenshot.

  • turdbogls

    hmm, not showing up for me for some reason. latest Beta installed and version matches the one listed. maybe another server side switch?

    • Vishal Khedkar

      Same with me… :/

    • Suicide_Note

      It’s looking like a server side thing. Perhaps an A/B test?

  • skitchbeatz

    This makes now on tap a bit more useful.

  • evan brown

    This is another awesome thing I didn’t know I needed, thanks google