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Great: Ads Showing Up in the Google Feed

As if the Google Feed, formerly known as Google Now, couldn't fall further into the hole of questionable Google decisions that ruin perfectly great products, some users are now seeing ads in-between article cards. Great! Exactly what we were looking for. We...
google feed sucks

LOL at This Awful New Google Feed

Ignore that top photo. Google frequently likes to test things that involve the Google app, which means everything from search bar launcher locations and stupid text within them to the Feed and the never-ending-suckification of it. Today, Pixel owners are...
new google now sucks

Who Else Misses Google Now?

Back on June 28, 2012, I wrote an article titled "Google Now is Awesome." Today, if I were to write a follow-up to that article, I'd probably title it, "WTF happened to Google Now and what is this dumpster fire that Google has forced upon us in its place?" If...