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Tip: Setup a Moto 360 as a Bluetooth Trusted Device on Your Moto X

If you end up buying a Moto 360 (unboxing and tour) today, and also plan on wearing it daily, you may want to consider setting it up as a Trusted Device with your phone. With a Trusted Device, your phone can have a PIN or password attached to its lock screen, but rarely ask you to provide it since it knows you have a “trusted device” near.

Basically, with a Trusted Device (could be your car or another smartwatch), you are telling your phone that if this specific device is connected to Bluetooth and near, I shouldn’t need to enter my PIN or password every time I access my phone. But, should I leave my phone behind at say a bar or the gym, it would be nice to have it protected should someone pick it up and try to access its contents. Make sense? 

*Note – Motorola has built-in Trusted Devices as a Bluetooth feature, so devices like the original Moto X or last year’s DROIDs can take advantage. Other device manufacturers likely haven’t jumped on board, so depending on your phone, this may not be an option. You will know by step 3 if you can set this up.


1.  Make sure that your Moto 360 is paired with your phone.
2.  Open Settings>Security.
3.  Tap on the option for “Trusted Devices.”
4.  Enter your PIN or pattern.
5.  Turn on Trusted Devices with the top right slider.
6.  You should now see your Moto 360 listed as a paired device.
7.  Check the box next to it to make it a trusted device.
8.  Your phone will now remain unlocked as long as your Moto 360 is near and paired.

moto 360 trusted device-1 moto 360 trusted device-2 moto 360 trusted device-3

  • benjaninja

    Just made my Pebble a trusted device. Until they make another smartwatch with a 5-7 day battery I’ll stick with my Pebble 🙂

  • Roger W Turner

    “Trusted Devices” don’t match all use cases. I only have a PIN to stop the ‘phone unlocking itself in my pocket.

  • Mickey A Valentine

    So at what distance away from a trusted device does the phone determine when to lock? Connection distance? If someone takes my phone from the table while I have brunch at the locale diner eating my turkey bacon and egg whites, will it be locked or unlocked since BT is still connected within a few feet?

  • BTLS

    You guys are just showing off your new toys now, stop…

    I’m jelly though.

  • kevinh52

    black or silver ??

  • So, who else is hitting refresh over and over waiting to spend some money?!!

  • Nick

    I have my work email paired through my phone using active sync. Because of company policy, they take admin rights and force a 6 digit code in order to unlock. Was really hoping that this would take care of that annoying issue, but it looks like they deactivated trusted devices too. Anyone else seeing this problem, or know of any way around it?

    • guesT

      I use cloud magic. Works great bypasses the admin rights and it Android wear compatible.

      • Nick

        Thanks for the tip. Cloud Magic seems to have done the trick with email. Except now my calendar won’t sync with my work calendar :/

  • Greyhame

    Why are no sites reporting on software upgrades to Moto Display and the like? Or showing camera examples? This is what I want to know.

    Kellex, does Moto have more tricks up their sleeve? Are you still on non-disclosure? What gives?

    (I’ll take your lack of reply as FACT there are more secrets about this device;)

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I mean they have the devices…and Kellen has done a basic walkthrough of the software…. What more do you want? You’ll have to wait for full reviews

      • Greyhame

        What more do I want? What I stated. Not looking for in-depth reviews, just news, guy, just news.

      • Greyhame

        Also, he did not do a basic walkthrough of the software at all. He did an unboxing. Totally different.

    • crazed_z06

      What camera?

  • Helena

    Does it come with a 3G radio like the new Samsung Gear S?

    • I assume you’re talking about the 360. If so, no it doesn’t. If you want to pay your carrier for another data plan though, feel free to get the Gear S

      • Can U Hear Me

        Sounds like there is at least one carrier that will provide sim and allow you to combine data service with you existing phone plan with no extra charges.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      What Johnson said.

  • Rollo

    On the 360, is that blacked out space at the bottom of the face supposed to be there?

    • tu3218

      yeah it’s where the light sensors are.

  • tu3218

    We need a poll for whose picking up the 360 today, or even who is STILL going to pick up the 360. Is the battery life a deal breaker for anyone? It was kinda annoying for my gear live when I had it but it was also a terrible charging setup.

    • Emanuel Alenius

      I think 12 hours is on the edge of enough for a day, if you go out at 8 am, you have until 8 pm to get home, and if you could get a couple more hours out of it, so it could last until 10 pm, that would be ideal for me personally. But I have no clue how heavily used it was during those 12 hours.

    • Machads

      It lasts a whole day for me. It also charges rather hastily. I’ve gotten used to it.

  • anon

    so when you get mugged and get your phone and your watch taken, they can also tap into your online life…. perfect…
    Actually its kinda cool but i never pin so not helpful for me.

  • jhlinka

    As much as I like the trusted device thing, when you unlock it, it bypasses the lockscreen so you can’t see album artwork or have music controls when playing music… As someone who sits in a car for 1.5 hrs/day I like having this feature

    • cwillen

      I think (depending on the app you’re using) you may be able to control the music from the watch.

  • airos4

    I recommend the car, not the watch. I did that with my Pebble a few months ago and ended up butt dialing people when my phone turned on and was unlocked.

  • disappointed

    Lame, was hoping this was a standard android feature some out was shown at io.

    • cjohn4043

      It’s going to be a standard android feature in L

  • MJZ

    My question is this… if the watch is paired with a MotoX, can the MotoX also be paired with my car stereo to stream music, navigation and calls? Or do you have to turn off the BT on the watch?

    • dukenilnil

      From what I understand, most all of the watches (360 included) can be dual linked on BT

    • BloodiedWraith

      It can pair to both at once. I have an One M8 paired to an LG G Watch and my Camaro and I have absolutely no issues with them working at the same time.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Bluetooth can pair with multiple devices, it’s a thing

      • Mickey A Valentine

        Hasn’t it always been a thing?