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Verizon Thinks You are a Fool for Not Wanting a 2-Year Contract, Because You are Saying “No” to Discounted Phones

Calling a 2-year service agreement with a wireless carrier in the US a “scam” is probably putting it too lightly. There are few deals in any industry as bad as the “deal” you get when you lock yourself into a contract for wireless service. Don’t tell that to the person in charge of Verizon’s official Facebook account, though, as they seem to think you are a fool for not wanting to sign a contract. Why? Because you are saying “no to discounted phones. Period.” 

Carriers will sell you on things like discounted phones at prices as low as a penny to get you to commit, because if you bought that same phone without a contract, you would pay upwards of $600. The problem is, they may be allowing you to walk away with a new phone for next to nothing, but you are still paying for that phone each month with a built-in, behind-the-scenes subsidy cost (think of it as a really bad loan). So each month, you are paying for that phone with a charge that won’t show up on your bill or ever receive a mention from your carrier of choice. By the end of your service agreement, you will have paid for that phone little-by-little, month-by-month, you just might not have realized it (ever wonder why your ETF lowers after each month?). The problem is, that once your service agreement is over and that phone has been paid off, your carrier won’t cut the subsidy cost out of your wireless bill, so you continue to pay for that phone over and over again. See a problem there?

We have preached for years now that you are better off never signing another contract or buying a phone on subsidy with a carrier, but we also understand that not everyone can pay the full price for phones upfront and that you were still getting screwed by these hidden costs anyway. Thankfully, carriers like T-Mobile have attempted to do their best to change the way this all works. For example, T-Mobile has separated phone payments from service payments, so you now pay for your phone via monthly payment plan that can eventually end once the phone has been paid off. You don’t have a built-in subsidy cost that never goes away. In other words, once your phone is paid off, that cost to you is gone and you are left paying for just your wireless service.

This is the way it should have always worked. But again, that subsidy cost has been hidden forever, deep within contracts and is only recently being pulled apart as the scam that it is. AT&T and Verizon have followed suit somewhat in this area by offering up monthly device payment plans like AT&T Next and Verizon Edge. They give you per line discounts if you sign-up for these monthly plans, which is basically their way of pulling out that cost. Now, they are still locking you in to monthly payment plans and keeping you with them, but you won’t be double charged for a phone like you are with a standard contract.

The entire industry is moving away from 2-year contracts, because they are nothing but terrible. As PCMag noted in an article earlier this year, even carriers would love to get out of the subsidy game.

Which brings me back to Verizon’s post to Facebook today, which reads “Saying no to long-term service contracts means saying no to discounted phones. Period.” I’m not sure I have read a more insensitive or out of touch line in a long, long time. Period.

Via:  Verizon (Facebook)
Cheers Brandon!
  • Barrett Jasper

    So, Im contract-Free Nov. 15th. Will I then Own my Note 3? What should I do with it? Should I upgrade to a note 4 perhaps and sell the Note 3 to pay for it (mostly) and get one another 2 year plan or should I stay with ATT without a plan and just use my Note 3 some more. Confused what to do….thanks all!!!

  • 1RealityCheck

    You need to look at your out of pocket costs over 2 years but never underestimate the stupidity of the American public. With a $350 unlocked

  • Lex

    How is T-Mobil having their customers pay for their phone monthly any different than AT&T’s Next or Verizon Wirless’s Edge? It’s the same thing! But you word it as T-Mobil being better. Hahahaha! You must be like VZW & think we’re dumb enough to let you pull the wool over our eyes.

    Granted, in the picture the representative should of been more sensitive in their response….but still, you article reads like hidden plug for the “pink” carrier. Truth is, all of them have their hidden fees & different spins on the monthly plans. Period.

  • You are so off base. AT&T NEXT, VZE EDGE, it wasn’t “just” T-Mobile US that did and does this. 90% of all postpaid activations are on NEXT now on AT&T.

  • Jeremy J

    Who ever wrote this article obviously has no clue what they are talking about. There’s NO SUBSIDY. The price for a plan is the same but if you sign up for a Edge plan they discount $10 a month. So let’s do the math here…. iPhone 5s is $199 2 year $75 contract. On Edge you pay $34.46 per month plus the $65 plan. That $199 phone for two years just became a $780 phone. Sure you pay $10 extra per month so $240+$199=$439. Even if you cap the edge plan at the FULL Retail cost of that iPhone 5S at $649, you are still paying $210 more than the guy on the two year contract.
    It’s simple math people.

  • Jeff Mayeux

    Well said Kellex! Would we buy a car the same way a cell phone? Heck no! As soon as the final agreed upon payment terms are up we stop paying for the car. What makes the subsidized cell phone model look so bad is the monthly payments continue until we sign a new contract or leave.

  • Stewart McCall

    It is amazing at how many people don’t look at the BIG picture. The last time I did a contract it was with Verizon and when I paid full price the phone and told them I didn’t want to renew the contract the cretins in the store ran it through as a contract renewal and I lost my unlimited data.

    It wasn’t that used the unlimited data but I didn’t want to lose it and instead I ended up paying full price for the phone, lost my unlimited data and got trapped into a contract that left me paying a hefty early termination fee when I got sick of the perpetual pestering for me to further add to my monthly cost with extra features that I wouldn’t use.

    I have worked out that over the course of two years, if I had paid the $299 (plus the tax on the $749 at 9%) then paid for all the features that I get on a T-Mobile fully unlimited plan I would have paid over the two years close to $1200 for the iPhone 5. That’s not a saving in my books.

    It’s one of those companies that really give you a good screwing and then sneak off without even giving a Thank you.

  • taron19119

    To every one I use 40 gigabytes of data a month on t-mobile unlimited plan so u can have the other guys

  • Steve

    This may sound crazy, but my recent switch from T-Mobile to Verizon is saving me money. Got a LG G3 and iPhone 5S (16gb), 3gb plan. Don’t give me this “wait, but there’s no contract if you buy your phone outright, and that’s a good thing” argument, since if you EIP your phone and stop the service, the entire phone payment becomes due. T-Mobile may not require you to enter a “contract for service”, but EIP is essentially a “contract tied to service”. I (and probably TONS of T-Mobile customers) can’t buy these phones outright, so I gotta pay monthly or pay a subsidized amount through another carrier. Here’s the comparison of the deal I got last week:

    LG G3 – $598.80 ($24.95/Month)
    Sim Card – $10
    iPhone 5S – $648 ($27/Month)
    Sim Card – $10
    Service (3gb) – $2400 ($100/Month)
    Total over 2 years: $3,666.80

    LG G3 – $99
    Activation – $35
    iPhone 5S – $99
    Activation – $35

    Service (3gb) – $3,360.00 ($140/Month)
    Total over 2 years: $3,628.00

    The big variable is the phone price – if the iPhone were $199 (like it is now, rather than $99 last week), it would change everything. However, at $99 for the iPhone, the price is very competitive between the two, and with Verizon I get better service (at least in my area). I’m all for “less contracts” in general, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say T-Mobile’s way is saving everyone money. If you buy your phones at a discount through a third-party, no question T-Mo is the better way. But if you’re on a plan with more than one phone and are unable to plunk down a substantial chunk of money at one time, and are instead tied to either subsidies or EIP, the EIP way may not always be the cheapest.

    • Maximus

      You did do a little bit better with VZW for 2 years, but they real savings comes after 2 years when your payment drops with TMO while it does not with VZW.

      • Steve

        You’re right about that, if I don’t upgrade. If I upgrade at the end of the two years, it repeats itself (in theory). At that point, I’d be able to sell the Verizon phones via Swappa or Craigslist (just like I’d be able to do with the T-Mo phones) and offset some upgrade costs. If I didn’t upgrade after two years, or took a few months after 2 years to upgrade (for whatever reason), I would be losing out.

      • John Kitchen

        Except it will drop with VZW..

  • Syrron

    So, not going to point out that Verizon also has the EDGE program… very obviously someone is a little biased towards T-Mobile with this article.

    The Facebook article is correct. If you want a $100 iPhone 5c, then you will sign a contract. Otherwise, you’re making monthly payments for that equipment – or buying it outright.

    Not understanding what is so freakin’ hard to understand about this.

    Carriers have to purchase the phones from manufacturers, and I promise you Apple is not charging them $100 for a 5c. Last I checked, NONE of these businesses involved were charities.

    People need to get over their sense of entitlement. No one owes you a damned thing.

  • Buddy
  • TrixzD

    Got something similar t mobile over here in the UK I use o2 and pay both my phone and tariff off separately so eg I pay 10 quid a month for my phone and 13 quid odd for tariff and if I want to upgrade I can at anytime by simply paying off the remainder owed on the phone and if I get to the end of the contract completely and don’t want to upgrade I keep the current phone but only pay for the tariff

  • drublin

    Nobody ever lay’s out instructions for how to end the contract and stay with the carrier. My two years is up what do I do now to get out from under VZW’s thumb but continue using their network?

    • Maximus

      You are out of contract now so you can do whatever you want. But if you upgrade your phone with VZW, you two year contract will start up again.

  • foghorn67

    Who in the hell are these 99 people that liked that post in the screen capture? What kind of sadistic and hateful breed would “like” that?

  • Brian from WA

    I just chatted with VZW through My Verizon. I inquired why I did not receive a monthly discount after both of my GNexus phones went month-to-month six months ago. They said my plan does not warrant a discount, just a release from the contract. I am on a plan titled “Nationwide Talk Share 700” for $50/month plus $9.99/line. I think the discount so many people keep saying you can get if you “just ask” is for people on newer plans like the More Everything. This has already been mentioned many posts up, I am just passing along my observations.

  • Dark_Laser

    Wait, that picture with the cellphone box trap was actually posted by Verizon? I really don’t think they actually thought about the message conveyed in that image.

  • mcdonsco

    I would happily buy a new subsidized phone and sign a new contract if Verizon would let me do it on my existing unlimited everything account.

  • BoFiS

    If they let me renew my contract WITHOUT changing my plan (from Unlimited) then I would have paid them hundreds of dollars and renewed my contract by now…but they are the ones being jerks about it…

  • MikeD675

    I’m getting ready to upgrade. Is EDGE worth it? I only upgrade every 2 years anyways.

    • GJV

      If you only upgrade every two years, it’s definitely not worth it. It’s even questionable if you upgrade more frequently.

      • MikeD675

        Yeah I realized that after reading some of the comments further down.

  • Travis Sorenson

    I love reading through the comments. The public doesn’t get it but when we are asked about phone prices, we all become John Nash from “A Beautiful Mind.”

  • dude

    It is pretty ignorant of the author to indicate that no one ever benefits from a service contract. If you had an 4gb plan or less you save $10 a month being out of contract with current promotions. You would have to pay full retail for a smartphone, say around 600 but save 240 so net 360. If you did the contract for a galaxy s5 right now it is 99 + a 30 upgrade fee. So end result is 130 on contract, or 360 without.

    This is only one example, if you were on the edge program and over 10gb it comes out to 100 after the discount. So some it is better and some it is not. But to say people are stupid if they consider a contract is just ignorant.

    • Dude, you’re a moron. Follow the rest of the sheep, just like Verizon wants you to.

      • dude

        I’m not saying it is always better but there are clearly times when it makes sense. You deny this? How is my math wrong?

        • Maximus

          It’s not just what you are paying for the phone. It’s what you are paying for service. VZW claims that their service is more expensive because they are subsidizing your phone. Then why don’t they reduce the service cost once your phone is paid off? That really is a scam…

  • MikeSaver


  • Disqus11111

    Essentially, if I want/need to stay with Verizon, it doesn’t make sense to not take a two-year deal because I am going to pay for it anyway.

    • Unless you’re on Unlimited and average over 40gb/month. Then it makes sense to just buy phones outright, or get them from swappa, etc.

  • Jamil

    Let’s hope Verizon has another glitch next year so that we can purchase a phone at promotional price and keep unlimited.

    • dragonflyr

      i hate to tell you .. but, “unlimited” data is on it’s last legs.

  • Victor Who

    Can someone please point out what the hidden charges from Verizon are? I swear…I have both a T-Mobile and Verizon and I can’t see it. LOL…I really can’t.

    Also Kellex’s title is misleading. Nowhere in that brief Facebook exchange do I see Verizon expressing thoughts that one is a FOOL if he or she does not want a discounted phone.

    Truthfully, I don’t know where this “hidden” charge is and I think the rest of America can’t find it as well. I have quickly glanced over the 240+ comments on this post and NO ONE has pointed out where this phantom charge is. Therefore I think there is NONE. The reason why Verizon always costs more is simple…they simply want to charge more. I don’t think there is any hidden cost whatsoever. Right now, they have the best product among the wireless carriers. It’s the most reliable and super fast. No one can tell me otherwise, because I also have a T-Mobile account (for my Nexus 5) and their service is reliable to an extent. This is why Verizon charges more for their service, because they know they have the best quality service. It’s not because of some hidden charge, it’s because Verizon feels they can.

    Kellex, please show us your bill or any VZW bill and point to us where this hidden charges are! Everybody in America has been told about these hidden charges, by T-Mobile and blog writers like Kellex, but no one has actually seen them. Ya know this, because people are still signing up for Verizon Wireless service despite John Legere and T-Mobile’s endless “Carrier-free” ad campaign.

    Again, can some one show me this hidden charge? Because if they can’t, then I’m just going to think that this is nothing but a simple cost markup, rather than some hidden charge.

    Also can we stop with these misleading Titles?

    • JRomeo

      for example, if a plan costs $85 per month with a 2-year contract (with free phone), the secret….. is that the plan really costs $55 per month + $25 monthly to payoff that free phone you received….. however, you never see that…. all you see is that your plan costs $80 per month…. after 2 years (of paying $25 each month, you’ve already paid-off that $600 phone), but they never tell you that part….. as far as you know… you just have an $80 monthly plan… period… even if you do not get another phone, you still continue to pay $55+$25=$80 per month… the $55 and the $25 are not reflected on the bill… all it says is $80 for the plan on the bill… there is no breakdown…

    • dragonflyr

      Victor … the subsidized phone should be paid off after, 18-24 months, right? So, one would expect their bill to go down a little (somehow, someway) once the phone is paid off, right? But, that never happens! You still continue to “pay” for the phone even after it is essentially paid off. That is the catch. You want to call it a “cost markup” .. fine. Whatever you want to call it, but you continue to “pay” for a phone you basically paid off. Basically, there is ALWAYS a catch with Verizon. It is ALL a “cost markup” nowadays .. and data (another story) is the sweet spot.

    • Jason Kahn

      Simple my $100 a month plan on Verizon costs only $60 on T-Mobile. Although after a review of how much I am saving I jumped to the full unlimited t mobile plan for $87 with tax. The money I save goes into the savings fund I’ll use to buy the nexus 6.

    • Aaron C

      “Ya know this, because people are still signing up for Verizon Wireless service despite John Legere and T-Mobile’s endless “Carrier-free” ad campaign.” <– because some people still don't really have a choice if they want good coverage. T-Mobile will eventually fix that, but it's going to take a while. Look at the churn and T-Mo adds and you'll get the picture. Most of T-Mobile's adds are coming from AT&T, which probably means people are sticking with Verizon because of the network, or their belief that the network is "premium."

    • Maximus

      It’s not that misleading. The way the FB post reads, if you say no to a discounted phone, your basically foolish. That is obviously short-sighted though because saying “yes” to a discounted phone means you are also saying yes to a two year contract and a high monthly bill.

  • Dylan

    It would be nice if somebody came up with a radio that could be updated to support different bands after the phone has been released. I though Qualcomm was advertising a chip like that a while back but I haven’t seen anybody actually “reprogramming” their radios. Interchangeable radios…another Project Ara nice to have.

    When people can freely switch networks at will without having to worry about whether their phone is CDMA of GSM or covers the right 4G band(s) being used in their area, paying full price for a phone with the idea that you can switch to a better priced service any time may be an easier sell for non-phone-nerds.

  • Angie

    as a former employee. I can tell you that vzw absolutely does not want 2
    yr contracts. Customers are pushing for it. they are the ones who are
    *appalled* at paying for the phone on a payment plan (edge) and keep
    asking for contract pricing. I took those calls. i tried to sell edge
    with plan discount. there are ppl who WANT the discount/cheap phone now.

  • What’s the alternate service-only option if one buys the phone at full price?

  • vtpmt81

    Verizon, Verizon, Verizon – you aren’t fooling anyone with this post. I pay $60 a month through ATT GoPhone for unlimited talk and text and 2.5 GB of data. I paid $350 for my Moto X 7 months ago.
    With phones like the Nexus 5, Nexus 4, One Plus One, LG Optimus G Pro, Moto X, Moto G, HTC One Mini, SGS 4 Mini, Blu Life Pure XL, Nokia 92x/63x52x, BlackBerry Z10/Z3/Q10, etc. all being available for less than $400 unlocked – why should I buy a phone and pay $80 a month on contract through Verizon (for 2 GB of data IF you qualify for EDGE)? Actually – try about $86 or so after taxes and other annoying fees. If you don’t use EDGE you will be paying $97 a month.
    So I should pay $37 more a month and be happy in a 2 year contract when AT&T’s service is just as good where I live? I can sell my unlocked very good condition Moto X for $200 at the end of the year and put that towards a nice new phone.
    I get that some people don’t want the hassle of buying a phone upfront and are happy with the coverage that Verizon provides. That is fine – if you are happy keep giving Verizon your money.

  • Rob

    This definitely makes me want to buy a premium phone if it goes on sale on a second line and turn around and disconnect the line and pay the ETF. Activation fee, sale price of phone, plus $350 ETF and prorated 1 day of service is less than $600.

    • Ian

      I like the idea and the carriers hate to see this happen. But unfortunately they are still getting paid, just not as much as they would if you stayed. The activation and ETF amount to a little profit for them. However if you can personally profit while allowing someone else to buy the phone and remain contract free then again I would say go for it.

      • Rob

        I confirmed you could do this and only pay for the activation, price of phone, ETF, and prorated service. Open a second line and then close it. Everyone should do this if they are on unlimited.

  • Pitahson

    For me, prepaid has definitely been cheaper than others. After a year of hard work, I’ve earned free service. Unlimited talk text and 4GB of data for free on T-Mobile or AT&T towers. I only pay for my smartphones now.

  • CasperTFG

    “The problem is, that once your service agreement is over and that phone has been paid off, your carrier won’t cut the subsidy cost out of your wireless bill, so you continue to pay for that phone over and over again.”

    Anybody with grandfathered unlimited have success calling Verizon to lower their bill to remove the subsidy cost after your contract was fulfilled?

  • Marshall P.

    This explains why during both of my calls to switch my recently completed 2 year contract to prepaid, was interrogated on why i’d want to switch to prepaid.

    VZW: “May I ask why you’re wanting to switch to prepaid?”
    ME: “Well my contract is over and i think i’ll start buying phones unlocked so that I can be more flexible and find a cheaper plan”
    VZW: “Hmm, Well we can accommodate you with a cheaper plan without you switching to prepaid”
    Me: “No thanks. Just switch me over.”
    VZW: “Are you aware that you’re currently paying $40 for your phone now?”
    Me: “Yes, i’m aware of that and the rest of the fee’s that apply. All of that together is more than i’m willing to pay for. Just switch me over, I’m fully aware of what i’m doing.”
    VZW: “*grumble* Alright, I’ll be happy to assist you with that sir.”

    I can’t knock people for sticking with contracts, it’s easier and less of a hassle up front. But my goodness, prepaid freedom is on another level of awesome.

  • matt

    If you have a 10gb plan and your phone is less than $600 off contract, buy your phone out right: https://www.verizonwireless.com/news/article/2014/04/more-everything-savings-coming.html

  • Peter Tirrell

    I disagree. My carrier is Verizon – where I live they have the best coverage for my needs. So essentially there’s no question on who is going to provide my cell service. Why would I pay out of pocket a large lump sum, and then still pay the monthly cost of the service when I could just pay the [same] monthly cost of the service and get the phone subsidized?

    Now, if Verizon offered discounted plan pricing for ‘bring your own device’ vs the standard plans I could see the point….if the number crunching worked out. But as it is now, if you’re going to be with the service for a long period of time anyway why wouldn’t you take advantage of the subsidized device pricing?

  • Higher_Ground

    The dozen or so email offers for a discounted Moto X sitting in my inbox from the past 9 months or so would beg to differ.

  • pilot25

    I think my question was deleted. If I buy a phone with verizon my monthly payment is exactly the same if I pay $200 or $600. For $400 less I’m locked to them for 2 years. If I have no intention or desire to move to AT&T or something else then how is it a bad deal for me? Where am I’m paying extra?

    If I’m off contract then VZ can jack the rate any time they want. Not so with a contract. The price is locked in.

    • Maximus

      It’s not really a question of the phone. You are going to pay for the phone one way or another no matter who you are with. The issue comes after two years. With VZW, you are paying an inflated monthly payment even though your phone is technically paid off. At TMO, your payment drops. TMO is less expensive the VZW even when you are paying the monthly payment for your phone with TMO. The only reason you would stay with VZW is for the broad, consistent coverage. That is their selling point and it’s a big one. But once TMO catches up on that end, VZW and ATT need to really start thinking about how they will compete.

      • pilot25

        Thanks, Yeah, I would never go with anyone other than ATT or VZ. I have friends on TMO and Sprint and they hate the coverage. So therefore, unless the competition steps up then a 2 year deal is good for me. I’m guessing the DroidLife authors all live in big cities where TMO and the like have good coverage. Some of us don’t have that luxury so the article is misleading. Maybe Kellex has some vitriol toward VZ but the article doesn’t hold much water when variables are included.

      • pilot25

        Thanks. I would never go with TMO or anything other than VZ or ATT and ATT is a distant second. So while I understand what Kellex is saying he is really saying he hates the mobile business. VZ has a great network and if you want on it you are going to pay the piper. When the competition steps up then VZ with have to rethink its business model as demand drops. Its supply / demand and right now the latter is large and plentiful.

  • schoat333

    If your buying a VZW phone, and using VZW’s overpriced network, then yes, you would eb dumb not to do a contract. Its not like you can bring your own phone to VZW with their BS rules, so you almost have to buy the phone from them anyways.

    I’ll stick with T-mobile, save $60 a month on two lines, get unlimited data with free Rhapsody premium, and be able to use a Nexus with no contract.

    • Hey, any word on Google Play Music and the whole unlimited data thing?

      • Ryan Chapman

        Google play isn’t on there yet, but Spotify Iheartradio, Pandora, and Slacker are…I was a google play person, but now with these other options I don’t really miss it much

        • I know it was leading the voting, I just wonder when it’s coming?

          • Ryan Chapman

            I’m not sure about that, I voted for it too, but I haven’t heard any updates about anything

  • imronburgundy

    The problem is that there is no incentive for normal users to not subsidize their phone cost. The price of service with buying a subsidized phone versus bringing your own device is the same, from what I can tell.

  • Rich

    This site is becoming such a big joke. Nothing important to report and as always reporting feelings and their opinions. There’s 2 options 1 with contract one without. Plus if you are so unhappy then leave your carrier if you are going to save a lot of money when you switch stop complaining and leave them. Add your effort what your paying monthly and figure out how fast you can break even by switching. If you stay it’s like being in a marriage with someone you hate why do it and put yourself through it. Vote with your wallet not your voice. And kellen Stfu.

    • scotch1337

      Go somewhere else?

    • Ryan Chapman

      Hmm. Well let me take your comments as inspiration to say “IF you are so unhappy with the content, then leave.” And Rich STFU.

    • Ian

      Opinions have always been a part of the content and therefore their success. Took ya a while to figure that out.

      As you know you are also entitled to your own opinion but try to leave the personal attacks out of it.

  • John Malin

    What many carriers don’t tell you is that you need to pass a credit check in order to get onto the EDGE or NEXT plan. AT&T has their own credit score program, rated from 0-999, and you have to have a certain score to get the plan. Mine was 759, and you needed 760 to get it. I wonder how many people get screwed out of that 1 pt.

  • yummy

    When smithbarney talked, people listened. When whorizon talks, I just hear:”BABABABABA BABABABA”

  • Lunas Eclipse

    it is cheaper to buy a phone at full price than it is to join one of the new tiered plans…

  • LaFave07

    All of this 2 year contract/phone unlocking talk will really matter in about 6 -8 years when every carrier will be strictly LTE for data and voice.

    It’s not as important right now when really the only carriers that can use each others hardware are AT&T and T-Mobile (you can also use Verizon phones on these carriers). But in 6-8 years, every phone will be compatible with every network and switching carriers will be much easier using whatever device you want as long as it’s unlocked and you aren’t stuck in a contract.

    • hkklife

      They (the big domestic three) will always find a way to screw their users. Especially Verizon.

  • Jacklies

    Wireless-Ladegerät traf nur den Markt Ende des letzten Jahres und es hat die Aufmerksamkeit, seitdem gewonnen. Jeder ist neugierig, weil es eine neue Produktlinie. Der Markt für drahtlose Ladesysteme immer noch nicht, die entwickelt, da nur sehr wenige Namen haben sich mit ihren eigenen Produkten. qi Ladegerät

    • GJV


  • Arturo De Guzman

    I don’t get it. I’ve been on Verizon for 8 Years…. what is the advantage of not being on a contract for people like me that will only go with Verizon. Is it just hipster cool like this Kellex guy to not be on a contract? Someone please do the math for me. I have the following ALL ON CONTRACT:
    30 GB Month for $225 for all lines
    IPad Air: $10/month
    IPad Air $10/month
    IPad Mini Retina $10/month
    IPhone 5 $40/month
    GS5: $40/month
    Note 3 $40/month
    Total: $375/month less 28% service discount ($105)
    Monthly before taxes and other fees: $270
    Someone tell me how this will be if I bought everything off contract. Kellex, come on… it’s your article.

    • RiceCake

      It’s fine to upgrade if you plan on staying with Verizon. The problem is the wireless game changes almost monthly. So being locked in might screw you over if T-Mobile or at&t reduce prices and offer better coverage down the road.

      • Arturo De Guzman

        Thanks. I figured as much. I see myself on VZW for the foreseeable future. Upgrade cycles are my friend. If I go Edge the phone will get a $30 monthly credit (essentially free) and is monthly contract. However you have a promissory note to fulfill for the handset.

    • Stang88

      One problem that can happen is when you are on a two year contract and you can’t get a phone upgrade until the end of your two year sentence, and your non-replaceable battery goes bye-bye six months before you reach your “get-out-of jail” date. Now, your can either pay for a new phone at retail (they might give you a couple hundred off leaving about $400 to pay), or, if you have insurance and are not particularly worried about telling truths, you can run it over with your car and file an insurance claim (still costing you $100-150 deductible). If you are on Edge (Verizon) it will cost you about $100 more for the first year (after all payments and credits are balanced out) but you can upgrade to a new phone after 12 months.

      I have run the numbers and the EDGE program DOES cost you about $80-100 more per year than a full 2 year contract but it also gives you the most flexibility for phone upgrades. Of course you could take your chances and see what you can get on eBay/Craigs List etc for phones but that can be a gamble that COULD cost more.

      • Arturo De Guzman

        Thanks Stang 88. Edge is the most promising for phone upgraders.

    • matt

      dude get a discount on those smartphones if you are off contract: https://www.verizonwireless.com/news/article/2014/04/more-everything-savings-coming.html

      • Arturo De Guzman

        Thanks Matt for the tip. I’ll have to see if I can compound those saving!

    • Chippah

      hah your dumb paying all that

      • Agreed. He’s taking it up the @ss and verizon is happy to supply the c0ck

        • Chippah

          Faaawk yeah. just like Lamar..

      • Arturo De Guzman

        How is that dumb? So if I go and have an individual line for each one it will be cheaper? iPads rarely leave the house, but when they do, I don’t want to fiddle with tethering. The other three phones…meh…need them. What are you paying? Do you get the very very very rare 28% discount, activation waived and 25% off accessories?

    • GJV

      No hipster wears a Braves hat, unless it’s an ironic throwback hat.

    • Maximus

      The issue is not between contract and non-contract with VZW. It’s between contract with VZW and other non-contract carriers. You pay a premium with VZW even with your discount.

  • mcdonsco

    All I know is I would NEVER willingly give up my unlimited data plan…I dont even know HOW but I have 11 days left in my “cycle” and I’m already at 13gb’s. I try to keep WiFi enabled as often as possible, but due to the layout of my property and buildings as well as some intermittent hotspot use (just email and web, usually 30 min or so at a time a few times a month) I do often forget about re-enabling it…

    Still though, not consuming mass video and not using it for downloading big stuff at all and yet, 19 days into this cycle and 13gb’s…I do stream Pandora a lot when driving and some in the office, but still doesn’t seem like that would account for that much data use.

    Any who, as long as I can easily rack up 15-20gb’s a month usage, there’s no way I’ll ditch it.

    Hopefully I’m never forced to but I doubt it will last much more than a few years.

    • creed

      I would never willingly give up unlimited either. My wife and I have used 8.5 gb this month and our cycle ends the first of September. With the trend towards Netflix, cloud storage, streaming music, online games. How the hell could people actually use any of those services and stay under their allotted data package plan? I’m on the road everyday as a salesman. I use Pandora, Play Music, and Songza all the time. If I was limited to 2 gb of data, I would just get rid of a data package all together and just use WiFi when it was available.

      • Ryan Chapman

        Big reason I switched to T-mobile…I use to eat all my data up by streaming music in the car, now that doesn’t cost me any of my data, and my 3 gigs of “Non music streaming” data lasts quiet a while. And in Los Angeles T-Mobile is actually quiet a bit faster than my Verizon data was

  • saimin

    Lots of reasonably priced off-contract smartphones out there these days like the Nexus 5, Moto G, or OnePlus. Add T-Mobile’s $30/month smartphone plan (5GB of LTE data). Forget those $80+/month Verizon plans forever.

    • PoisonApple31

      I would love to give T-Mobile a try, but I’d gladly pay more for consistent coverage and not the crap coverage T-Mobile has in my state.

      • Ryan Chapman

        Do the Test drive, I Did and it convinced me to move over. They will send you a phone free for a week to try out. I have had T-Mobile now for about 3 weeks and I am actually very impressed, and I am saving a ton of money too

        • Dan

          I have test driven t-mobile and At&t (even paid for the privledge), didn’t bother with Sprint because there coverage doesn’t even come close, and bottom line is Verizon is the only one that has the coverage where i need it, which makes me stuck. Am seriously considering moving to prepaid however as it would save me a few bucks a month.

    • mcdonsco

      Unless you use and need closer to 20gb’s/month.

  • chriss55

    But if u cancel service with the company. Early your phone cost will be higher to pay off than an etf

  • Kayonesoft

    Anyone who currently has an Unlimited data plan on Verizon and is planning on leaving Verizon should sell their Verizon account.

    • I did this and made over $400 for walking away.

  • John Kitchen

    The best part is that Verizon really wanted to get rid of contracts and only offer Edge but REGULAR people WANT two year contracts and 99 cent phones. Watching a Verizon sales rep try to sell edge on a 10GB plan specifically to net the customer the $25 line discount, and the whole time the customer is saying “I remember back when I could walk in and get a phone for free and walk out. None of this hassle.”

    I like your website, but don’t get it twisted. The customers are just as bad as the carriers.

  • crazed_z06

    Hmm… Seems like kind of a contentious post by Verizon’s social media team.. I wonder if they’re trying some kind of trolling to get a gauge on people with unlimited data or who think they’re bill is too high. All those people posting, “BUT MAH UNLIMITED DATA, DOE!” might be playing into their hands…

  • Steve

    To be fair, even after your contract ends and your phone is “paid off” your bill never goes down, so you’re perpetually paying for a phone that you may have gotten rid of long ago.

    Granted my bill is $80/mo and I still have unlimited data, but that’s the same $80 I was paying years ago when I got my phone for “free”.

  • Grayson

    Pfff… the phones aren’t really discounted with long term contracts. The full price of the phone is just built in to the plan price instead of paid up front. That’s why T-Mo and AT&T take like $15 / month off your bill if you don’t get a “subsidized” phone on contract from them. $15 / month times 2 years is $360, and oh look, your $200 on contract phone actually costs you $560 and your soul for 2 years. Get with the times Verizon.

  • Kayonesoft

    I think one of the things that really bothers me about this whole thing is that they’re still going to be charging me the same price for the reduced service.
    Which when you take into account that the phone-subsidized price of the plan I’m paying for never went down after my 2 year contract was up makes it even more frustrating.
    Paying nearly $100 a month for an unlimited plan that is slowly getting kneecapped over time and now I have to pay full price for phones on top of it.

  • Hakim Leveille

    I caught on in fall 2012, and left sprint for tmobile , once i paid off my phone my bill for 2 lines went from 188+ after taxes monthly to 138 monthly after taxes, my sprint bill was 200+ and never went down and i had sprint for almost a decade

  • tylerc23

    Isn’t it funny how these big time corporations always make ridiculously retarded remarks, speaking for their customers that have a totally different opinion than them? Like Microsoft before the launch of the Xbox One when they said “if you have backwards compatibility, then you’re really backwards.”….yet everyone would love to play their old games on their new system. It irritates me every time, and I hate Microsoft to begin with.

  • Danny

    Lol they are the fools

  • pilot25

    So I just went to the VZW site to act like I’m signing up for a new phone. If I choose a contract price vs. a no contract price my monthly charge is still the same no matter what I selections I make. So do I pay $600 or $200? If I never plan on going to another carrier then why the hell would I select the $600 choice? How am I paying more over time if the monthly payment is exactly the same?

  • WickedToby741

    Saying no to 2 year contracts is saying yes to discounted service plans and no to long term commitments.

  • ImmaDroid

    @kellex:disqus So i have an Old school family share. One line smartphone with unlimited data, the other basic phone, with no data which was my moms line who passed away, and obviously i dont need it. . All my contracts are finally up, for both lines. Do you think i should cancel it all or stay or try and keep one with my unlimited? Tmobile, and sprint sucks by me. AT&T is semibasic.

    • ImmaDroid

      By the way I pay almost $160 a month for 2 lines, on basic one smart. 700 anytime minutes, and one unlimited data

    • WickedToby741

      The real question is how much data do you realistically use in a month? It’s impossible to know what’s a good deal for you without knowing your use case. I find that I’m personally using consistently lower than 2GB so unlimited data has never been that big of a draw for me.

      • ImmaDroid

        My real world usage is anywhere between 3gb and 10gb the most per moth. i am not a heavy data user. But the fact is, should I hang on cause the future will be more data usefull? or drop off and go elsewhere?

        • WickedToby741

          I mean really if you’re only paying $160/month for unlimited the value is pretty good but it’s still expensive. My 2GB AT&T Mobile Share plan is $71 after taxes, but I buy my own phones outright. I’m using a Nexus 4 I bought for $250 when Google was clearing stock for the 5 and I’m adding my wife at the end of the month with a Moto X since they’ve been $50 off. Our bill will be about $90 after tax for both of us and 4GB of shared data. They’re not the most up to date devices and I don’t have a lot of data, but I’m reaping a lot of savings. If you’re by yourself, GoPhone, Cricket (AT&T service with large caps but throttled), and even Verizon’s prepaid plans are a better value than anything post paid. Cricket in particular is a good option if you need a lot of data but don’t necessarily care as much about speed. I’ve personally been using Chrome’s built in data saver tool to great effect to reduce my data usage. The best thing to do is figure out what a realistic data cap is for you and then set up a simple spreadsheet comparing monthly and device costs for the plans you’re comparing. Good luck.

          • ImmaDroid

            What do u mean by chromes built in data server?? And not $160 for unlimited really isnt that great when kit only costs $30. So $130 is 700 mins and texts. Its not feasible compared to the rest of the industry. Yes I’ve been holding on to unlimited, but is it worth it for me? I dont use that much, but yet it feels like a safety blanket. If I can cancel my 2nd line and keep everything else under $100. Id continue doing it. I just dont want to keep paying close to $200

          • WickedToby741

            There’s a setting that Google recently added to Chrome that reduces data usage when you browse. It’s under Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce Data Usage. Basically, Google preloads the websites you browse to on their servers and then compresses the data prior to sending it to your phone so you use less data. The extra step means that websites load a touch slower, but generally speaking I don’t notice a difference. Like I said, if speed isn’t a top priority for you but you’re worried about not having enough data, look at Cricket’s plans. $60/month (or $55/month with autopay) will get you 5GB of “high speed” data (8 Mbps for LTE, 4 Mbps for HSPA+). And you can add another 1GB for $10. The $160 you’re paying now would buy you 15GB of data, albeit throttled slightly. And that’s 100% AT&T’s network (Cricket is now owned by AT&T). And if you’ve got a recent Verizon phone, you can probably even test drive Cricket or GoPhone to see if the service is good enough. Recent Verizon smartphones are fully compatible and unlocked to work with AT&T’s HSPA+ network. You could swap out your LTE SIM for a month for a Cricket or GoPhone SIM and try it out. And if it doesn’t work out, it’s contract free, so just cancel it! Unlimited data is great, but at least for me the freedom of not being shackled to it is liberating and the savings have been worth ditching it.

      • ImmaDroid

        Honestly, if i didnt do things like speed tests and stupid stuff I’d be at 2GB and lower. But either way, I am not a heavy user

      • ImmaDroid

        But still, should i pay as much or more as a 6GB or 10Gb plan then I do now? Why should I its ridiculous!!

    • Tony Spencer

      I wonder what they will offer for people give up unlimited lines. I think they’ll have some kind of promo.

      • ImmaDroid

        haha bro i like your enthusiasm, but would you really think verizon would offer that? I highly doubt it!!

        • Tony Spencer

          Several years ago they offered me $20 discount per line to go from 700 minutes to 1400. I still have that on three lines, 2 unlimited and 1 6GB.

          • ImmaDroid

            They gave me a slight discount not long agao, and for years I was getting my unlimited for $19.99 a month. But again, its just me now. So anything above $100 is way too much!!!!

          • Tony Spencer

            Really each person would have to look at their plan. For me to switch to share everything would cost me more. I just think they’ll offer up something to get people to switch, knowing it will pay off for them in the long run.

          • ImmaDroid

            Last time I asked, the rep said it would cost me more money to go to a share everything and suggested I kept my unlimited

          • Tony Spencer

            Same here.

          • WickedToby741

            For a single user a More Everything or Mobile Share or equivalent plan will almost always be more. For a single user, prepaid is really where the savings are. But, as with everything, there are trade offs.

          • ImmaDroid

            Yes exactly, cause i priced out a single line. It would be 2gbs at like $60 a month. Prepaid would be $65 a month for 3GB and unlimited text an talk. So prepaid would be better!

    • ImmaDroid

      @kellex:disqus seriously I want your advice. Should I stay or go? I have Unlimited with VZW, Which I have been holding on to even though I don’t currently use that much data. So I have one main line I use, the other is dragging me and costing money. Have you left VZW, if so have you had success with good experiences? I am a droidlife follower and Ive been hanging on for dear life! Whats your verdict?

    • PoisonApple31

      If you cancel your service, you’ll lose your phone numbers. Go to the new service provider you want and have them port your numbers over. I am sure that is what you meant, but don’t even use the word cancel unless you don’t care about your number.

      • ImmaDroid

        But my contracts are up, so can’t I keep my numbers? I’ve waited years and now i am done. No contract on either line at the moment

        • PoisonApple31

          You can keep your numbers. I am just saying if you want to go to a different carrier, go there first and have them port the numbers over, they’ll break up with Verizon for you. Once your numbers are ported, Verizon will issue your last bill. If you say cancel to Verizon, you’ll lose your numbers. If you stay out of contract on Verizon, of course you’ll keep your numbers. I’m just saying the word cancel is a no-no.

  • hkklife

    “Period”—-Is Richard Yarrell working in VZW’s marketing dept now? All we needed was one piece of pro-Samsung propaganda and we would know for sure!

  • Omar Amer

    if you want to sell more subsidized phones.. make your plans reflect that. I pay an extra $15(number used an example) on my contract for 2 years, i should expect that $15 to stop appearing on my bill after 2 years. you do that… and people will buy more subsidized phones.

  • Verizon: Or maybe people move sometimes, and end up with crappy Verizon service, so they want to switch. Ever thought of that? Hrmm…

  • objektiv_one

    Straight Talk FTW. I’m paying half of what someone on AT&T is paying for the same service.

  • Erstam

    I like signing contracts in any aspect of my life. When people ask me why I sat because I can leave whenever I want I’d I don’t like the way things are going. Phones, comcast, rent, ect. No contracts or leases will be signed by me. I don’t like doing credit (except my car because I don’t have 30k laying around). Everything I own or do is month to month. It makes me feel free in many aspects of my life. I even started with cricket like 14 years a go when they came around for my first cell phone because they were the only one without a contract.

    • I think your first sentence there is missing a word. 😉

  • Rashad

    Would we all still feel this way if there were still the one year contracts?

    • WickedToby741

      Technically I just keep signing one month contracts.

  • umataro42

    Unless you’re on unlimited data, and don’t have WiFi anywhere you spend most of your days, it’s actually better to go contract with Verizon or any other CDMA carrier. Even if you buy a non-subsidized phone to use on Verizon, it’s not like you can then take that phone to AT&T, or T-Mobile, or even Sprint. So if you’re going to upgrade every 2 years, and you have WiFi at home/work/at the playground where you spend most of your days, even grandfathered data isn’t worth staying off contract.

  • mcdonsco

    The problem with Verizon and at&t (as far as I know for the latter) is your monthly service IS STILL INFLATED THE SAME AS THOSE WITH A PHONE BEING SUBSIDIZED EVEN IF YOU BUY THE PHONE FULL RETAIL.

    I didn’t see that anywhere in this post?

    Or am I missing something? I don’t see any plans from them that are cheaper with a no contract phone?

    • PoisonApple31

      On AT&T if you bring your own phone or buy at full retail, you’ll get a line access discount. Verizon was also honored a line access discount on non-Edge shared data plans for a while, but I do not know if it is still going on. I had $10 off on my out of contract line for my 8 GB plan, until I recently signed a contact for my G3.

    • John Kitchen

      AT&T and VZDub both offer out of contract discounts.

  • epyon

    Having the phone inside a trap is an incredibly appropriate ad for Verizon.

  • jay

    I will always buy full price on Verizon because of my unlimited data. Using 50gb+ a month it’s well worth the full price vs. taking away my unlimited data to get a discounted phone. I will always come out on top given the price for tiered data

  • jay

    I will always buy full price on Verizon because of my unlimited data. Using 50gb+ a month it’s well worth the full price vs. taking away my unlimited data to get a discounted phone. I will always come out on top five the price for tiered data.

  • Daistaar

    It’s nice to know the Comcast guy got a new job.

  • Tran Nguyen

    The carriers tried to fool us everyday until we give up.

  • chris125

    So I save 2-300 with phone subsidy, yet pay more for the service with potential for overages over time. Or stay with unlimited and use all the data I want. Come on Verizon, you can’t be that clueless

  • calculatorwatch

    Newsflash Verizon. We all know the only reason you try to get us to do anything is so you can make more money off us. So the mere fact that you would make this post means that subsidized phones are going to cost us more in the long run. Thanks for the warning, I guess.

  • Suicide_Note

    Insensitive and out of touch? Yep, that’s the Verizon I used to know, until I snuggled up to TMo and began saving myself $50/month.

    • jimt

      I saved more like $100 a month on 3 lines at Tmo.

  • teevirus

    I’ve been trying to explain this concept to friends for the past year. It is maddining. Sometimes I wish T-Mobile operated like the other major carriers so they could all face antitrust action.

  • hensu

    But, you forgot your average american is too retarded to know how to actually budget and spend what they have. so they put it on a payment plan

    • Jane Seymour

      that was rude.

      • DainLaguna

        But totally true

  • tyguy829

    Verizon showing a gingerbread device in the picture says everything you need to know about how out of touch they are.

  • Guest

    Really well written article. Nice job Kellen!

  • harrydevlin

    If you always get a new phone, with the maximum subsidy possible, the instant you are eligible, then being under contract is not necessarily a bad deal, especially when you consider the resale value of a used iPhone, sought after for use on MVNOs. What’s very strange is subscribers that stay on Verizon and become eligible for a new discounted phone but that don’t take advantage of it.

    Personally, I left Verizon’s network (4 people) because not only were their plans with subsidized phones too expensive but they also made it near impossible to go to one of their MVNOs because not only do they not allow MVNOs to offer LTE data, you can’t even use an LTE capable phone on 3G without modifying it.

    Verizon knows that no other carrier can match their coverage and quality so they can get away with what they are doing. What are people going to do, go to T-Mobile or Sprint? But AT&T, while not up to the coverage level of Verizon, is pretty good now.

    Verizon has always had the attitude that the law of supply and demand is basically “we have all the supply, so we can demand whatever we want.”

    • Higher_Ground

      I don’t see anything strange about waiting for a particular phone to release, if that’s what you’re waiting for. I’ve been eligible for an upgrade since June, but I’ve been drooling over a moto x for nearly a year now, so a few more months until they release the new one is ok for me…. and that’s with a gnex that barely functions as a phone.
      As with everything YMMV with where you live, but AT&T seems up to par if not a little ahead of Verizon in my area, where like you say, just a few years ago it was pretty much Verizon or nothing.

  • Disqus_n00b

    This is a bad ad for VZW. Their whole model is based on duping people to believe there is no such thing as a phone subsidy. They’re best suited to not say anything about contracts.

    • jimt

      That’s what they have been doing. I went to TMO last december, got a Nexus 5 and have never never regretted it. I love TMO but do admit that there are holes in their network. Most of the time where I live (99% of the time) they beat the pants off Verizon in speed and price and customer love! I had and have Unlimited at both.

  • Do all contracts have the subsidy fee? Even the old ones on grandfathered unlimited data? All I see are taxes/fees. Doesn’t say specifically subsidy

    • TC Infantino

      Yes, the old contracts have the subsidy fee built in to the price of the contracts monthly payments. The article states that

      • How do I know when my bill only says taxes and fees. Not specifically subsidy. I just want to make sure before I say it too my friends

        • TC Infantino

          Think of it like this…everything you buy has the costs of the manufacturer included into the price. The manufacturer has many costs, the payroll for employees, the electricity to run the factory, the R&D to develop the poduct, the advertising, etc… The purchase price of that product does not have all these expenses broken down and listed, they are just incorporated into the price of the product, the taxes and fees that are listed seperately are because they are added to the price by outside sources (government regulatory agencies).
          The monthly bill for your contract is the same as purchasing a product, they aren’t going to break it down any further than they have to, but they have to show the taxes, and fees that are added on by the outside sources.

          • I understand the cost of a phone but there needs to be some sort of concrete evidence before I tell my friends this and they are like… Nuh uh. Prove it…. I’ll be like. Well I can’t!

          • moew

            In that case, why would VZW be in business? Their profits pay for the lights, employees, taxes, etc. Are your friends that dumb?

          • They’ll just say every other carrier has taxes and fees? They make money off their crazy high priced monthly rates? No big deal?

          • The Edge program from Verizon is good enough proof that this is their business model. The phone cost is now separated from the cost of service and after you’re done paying for the phone, you only have to pay for your service.

          • jimt

            They have never lowered the cost of service. You are always paying for a phone even if you are not buying one at Verizon. The month to month bill always includes the price of a phone in it.

          • Even if you subscribe to the Edge program?

          • jimt
  • billiebob808

    i hate verizon’s post. i’ve been rooting for oneplus (despite all of their issues… and despite me not being able to buying their phone since i’m on verizon) to pull through because of their 299 off contract price. hoping that moto’s new phone will follow the same suit

  • Tony Byatt

    Your bill each month includes the financing of your “discounted” phone over those two years, which is what they won’t tell you. And these recent phone payment plans are just more devious ways to take more from the consumer. So in the end you end up paying more for that “discounted” phone one way or another…

    Nice try though Verizon…

    • jimt

      The discounted phone prices are just double dipping at the price of the phone. They always get the phone paid off in two years and sometimes they get almost double.

  • inklenotrump

    Math is hard – VZW

    • Tran Nguyen

      Yes, iit is. They paid salary millions dollars and bonus for them (work few hours a day) only thinking how to fool customers until customers give up their fuzzy math.

    • Trueblue711

      I actually tried explaining to a bunch of family members/friends who were recently due for an upgrade, and the average joe just doesn’t fully understand. Everyone still wanted the contracted plan so they can get their $50 iPhone. They don’t care that they’re paying more over time, they just want the cheap phone.

      Sadly, I don’t see the contract-less model catching on. I really want to believe it though.

      • Hakim Leveille

        I refuse to get contact, i got my note 3 full price, my wife’s s4 active used from eBay last year for $330 but had to unlock it, my buddy khalil got his note 2unlocked for $300, then got an s4 for $315, sold my wife’s s4 active for $200 to a friend and got her an s5 for $475

        • Rob

          swappa.com is awesome.

          • Hakim Leveille

            Good looking out Rob

          • Hakim Leveille

            Thanks dude

      • Franz

        Me too!

        I’m dumbfounded when I present these scenarios and people still pick “The free iPhone on my 2 year upgrade” kind of answer…

        It’s completely unreal.

      • PoisonApple31

        On other carriers, I agree the contract is a rip off. On Verizon, if you are a shared data customer, are they still allowing the line access discount (like they do for Edge)? For a while there I was getting the discount and I didn’t have Edge. I just got my LG G3 for $50 on contract. Running the numbers I don’t see how I didn’t come out ahead compared to Edge or buying at Full Retail. By all means, correct me if I am wrong. I was under the impression you can’t get the discounted line access fee anymore unless you are on Edge (limited time promo?).

        • DainLaguna

          I’m pretty sure edge places a device subsidy on top of the payment plan.

          • John Kitchen

            10+GB plan :
            $40 line access with 2 year
            $15 line access with full retail
            $15 line access + installments with EDGE

            8- GB Plan:
            $40 line access with 2 year
            $30 line access with full retail
            $30 line access + installments with EDGE

            They also have a $60 1GB single line plan that gets $10 off for doing EDGE

          • DainLaguna

            I just built a single line plan with Verizon’s 10 gig plan with a g3 on edge.

            Verizon’s own system says my access line fee is 40 bucks, plus my 30 edge installment plan.

            With AT&T, I’d be paying slightly less on the installment (their g3 is cheaper out of contract it seems), for the same term, but my access line is only 15 bucks on a ten gig plan.

            So 40 dollars plus installments…or 15 plus installments…if I had to do one, it’s obvious which one makes more sense. The only time your access line is 40 bucks with AT&T is when you do a 2 year; to account for the subsidy.

            So, my original point still stands; verizon keeps a subsidy and saddles you with an installment at the same time

          • John Kitchen

            Nah dude. You get a $25 discount when you do a phone on Edge.

          • DainLaguna

            Not according to Verizon’s website. And if another post by a Vz employee is to be believed, you have to ask for the discount….it’s not automatic.

          • PoisonApple31

            Wrong, you only ask for the discount if you are not on Edge. You would find the discount button on MyVerizon in the line features maybe? I can’t remember exactly where it is if not on Edge.

          • DainLaguna

            Building a plan on edge on Verizon’s website doesn’t show a per line discount for doing edge like it does on AT&T. It stays at the 40 dollar rate….which is the same price a 2 year subsidized line access fee is on AT&T.

          • PoisonApple31

            Shows it for me.

          • DainLaguna

            I can’t see the pic, but are you sure it isn’t because your existing?

          • PoisonApple31

            My apologizes you can’t see the pic, I am not signed into my account or any account for that matter. It is showing both the normal and edge pricing using 10 GB data plan as an example. $140 for a regular More Everything Plan and $115 for Verizon Edge.

          • mcdonsco

            Jesus…I pay $120/month for unlimited everything and often use 20gb’s or more…$115/month to be limited to 10gb’s? NO THANK YOU!

            Guess I really need to hang onto unlimited for dear life!

          • MrDivaNYC

            THAT’S WHAT I’M SAYING!!!!

          • Christopher Moore

            But based on your usage you’re going to get throttled at some point. His 10 gigs are at full speed. The entire issue is that Verizon is taking away your speed; not how much you consume.
            So even if we can some how get locked into a unlimited contract through a loophole Verizon could easily say that for any “new” unlimited contracts after xyz date expect to get throttled.
            I’ve experienced throttling on T-Mobile and it stinks. And if you believe Verizon’s crap about throttling under heavy cell tower usage you’re lying to yourselves. They control the towers!

          • T4rd

            You can only be throttled on Verizon if you’re off-contract (month to month). Lots of us are still on contract with unlimited data. I am until May 2016, so no way I’ll be throttled at least until then, but I’ll probably re-new it before then if Verizon still lets us transfer upgrades.

          • Rob

            I’m curious how they have figured out how each tower can quickly determine who you are (easy to do), your plan (unlimited vs tiered data, not sure if that’s easy to do), then determine how many people are on the tower (easy to do), and then finally throttle you. To me, it would be much easier for Verizon to just say “once user hits top 5% throttle his/her ass to X mbps.”

          • mcdonsco

            If they did that I would bail on them in a heart beat (though would be tough as i’m in contract, but on unlimited and never “signed” anything, so would be interesting to see if I could get out of the ETF I guess).

          • mcdonsco

            I can’t be throttled, yet; I’m on contract until March 2016 (used the BB glitch a while back to get TWO phones (1st one somehow didn’t reset my contract so I did it again; 2nd one did reset it).

          • martyjones100

            Unlimited 4 lyfeeeee

          • Rob

            Especially considering each extra GB is $15 extra.

          • PoisonApple31

            Or until Verizon takes it away from you.

          • You pay $120 for unlimited everything? Damn, I’d rather stick with my $60 plan of 450 min, unlimited text, and unlimited data!

          • mcdonsco

            Works for you, wouldn’t work for me (I use around 2,000+ minutes a month).

          • mcdonsco

            And I just checked again, how the heck are you only paying $60? If I were at 450 min I would be paying $100?

            $70 for unlimited minutes
            $20 for unlimited texts
            $30 for unlimited data

            Shows $50 for 450 min – You must have a corp discount or something?

          • I only pay $9.99 for unlimited data on top of the $60 base price for 450min and unlimited text, thanks to Verizon’s “talk, text, data” promo they had for $69.99 a couple years ago, but with my employee discount it brings the $70 down to $60.

          • holdinout

            I am soo jealous Lol. I’ve been paying $60 for 450min unlimited text with a basic phone..fml. Bout to get my 1st smartphone…finally, shoulda got unlimited when it was no big deal….

          • HarvesterX

            Yeah on Verizon I’m on a regional promo plan (wasn’t actually offered to me but I told them it was and eventually they gave it to me since I had “heard” about it for the exact same plan. Unlimited data, 450 minutes talk, unlimited texts PLUS on a month to month contract (off contract) for $59 a month (before taxes).

            It’ll be a cold day in hell before I purchase a subsidized device just to be privileged enough to be offered one of their tiered plans they think everybody is crazy for not loving.

          • Yeah same here, I saw it on Droidforums and called about 5 times before I asked to talk to a manager, who eventually gave it to me haha

          • HarvesterX

            Lol same here. After the first tune I called they said they’d call me back “tomorrow” and let me know. 15 minutes later his supervisor called me back approving it.

          • John Kitchen

            I just went there on my phone and clicked “learn more about EDGE” and it showed me that line access was $15. You do have to ask for the discount if you are out of contract but Edge automatically triggers a feature code that applies a $25 bill credit. Your line access still shows as $40 on your bill

          • DainLaguna

            That’s such a weird way to go about it. My access line shows up as 40 on my AT&T bill, but it also shows the discount on the line I have on next. The line that is out of contract just reflects as 15…but that’s auto applied.

            I wonder why vzw’s website doesn’t just show it when you build a plan.

          • It does. You just can’t read the HUGE DISCLAIMER IN RED REGARDING DISCOUNTS.

          • marc

            You shouldn’t have to ask for the discount it is usually automatic.

          • schlanz

            its automatic with edge, but the discount appears as a feature. its not the plan itself so on the bill it appears as a $40 charge with a $25 credit as another line item. in the feature summary it should appear before the checkout screen.

          • Derrick Jefferson

            At the end of a 2 year contract, when your subsidized device is “paid for” will VZW switch you from $40 line access to $15 line access withy a 10+GB plan?

          • Marc


          • Its actually 2GBs.

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        When I was on Verizon a few years ago and got my Droid Incredible, I was just going to purchase it outright, thinking it would save me money, vs the 1 or 2 year contract. But then I found the month-to-month cost wouldn’t be any different whether I got the phone through the carrier or not, so figured I might as well sign the contract and save myself $300+. Of course, I’ve since switched to AT&T where I”m leeching off my parents’ family plan, and they’ve changed everything up, so I don’t know if this still applies.

        • DainLaguna

          AT&T does it like mobile: if you do a phone on next, you get a discount for not signing a 2 year. So when your phone is paid off with AT&T, done and your bill reflects that.

          • Gideon Waxfarb

            On AT&T, I pay $40 a month on the family plan, with 2gb or 3gb of data (can’t remember which). I was told by AT&T that if I bought a phone on contract, I’d still be paying $40 a month. No idea if that’s true or not.

          • DainLaguna

            If you’re on an older family plan then yes. Mobile share value, no.

          • Dane Carpenter

            I pay $15 per non-contract phone on the 10GB plan. I believe it is $25 for plans less than 10GB. It is $40 for contract phones on both.

          • beanbag

            get that in writing! hahah

          • Its on their website, for all to see.

          • AT&T currently has a tiered plan.

            If you buy 10GB or more of data and do not have a subsidy you pay $15/mo per line as an access fee
            If you buy less than 10GB of data and do not have a subsidy you pay $25/mo per line as an access fee

            If you take a subsidy you pay $40/mo per line as an access fee regardless of how much data you buy.

        • Derrick Jefferson

          This is exactly what I have tried to explain to people. Until recently, there was virtually no benefit to buying phones out right in the U.S. especially if you get a phone on Verizon or Sprint because they can’t be used with any other carrier. Now all the carriers are offering some sort of discount as long as you Jump on the Edge to whatever is Next… but those all come with a different set of problems that make switching not really worth it. I have the bestbuy credit to purchase a phone outright, I just don’t see how it makes sense… to this day, Maybe someone with more knowledge than me can help me understand how I save money paying cash for a phone, but you have to do it without saying “you’re paying more overtime” without explaining how.

          • schlanz

            at&t and vzw both now gives you a discount when you’re out of contract. on a 10gb share plan you get a $25 line discount, so over 2 years you save $600. If your subsidy is less than $600 (hint: never) it’s better to enroll in the installment program (overall cost won’t exceed full retail and you can trade up before its paid off)

            if youre on a plan lower than 10gb, the discount is only $10 (on vzw at least). so you’ll save just $240 over 2 years. most if not all subsidies are greater than that, even factoring in upgrade fees. so in most cases full retail or installment plans don’t make financial sense unless you’re on the higher tiered plans to begin with.

          • BroRob

            Don’t forget for those brand new $600+ phones you also will pay $200 – $250 out of pocket. Example: The S5 is currently $199 with 2 year contract. Over 2 years paying the $25/mo subsidy ($600/yr) you just paid $800 for the S5 or $600 full price. You will in fact save $200! The MotoX is free with a 2 year agreement. Over 2 years you will pay $600 with the subsidy, or you can buy it off contract for $300 saving you $300. Not sure how saving $200-$300 a year doesn’t make sense, but I’m no CPA.

          • schlanz

            You’re doing it wrong. All you need to look at is tge subsidy which is the discount you recieve on the phone. If the subsidy minus the upgrade fee is greater than the month to month discount over 2 years, you’re better off with the contract pricing. Here are the scenerios for 2 years of service plus the equipment cost for an s5:

            no contract, 10gb plan or higher:
            full retail $600 OR 20 installments of $30 with $0 down plus $15/mo line access for 24 months: $960

            2yr contract
            $40/mo line access for 24 months plus subsidized price of phone $200 and upgrade fee $30: $1190

            no contract, 8gb or lower plan:
            $600 (edge or outright) plus $30/mo for 2 yrs: $1320

            So as you can see here the 2yr price is favorable to full retail/edge if you aren’t on a 10gb share plan. The results are the same even with the ultra cheap Moto X. You’ll end up paying $990 between service, the phone (free) and upgrade fee compared to $1020 full retail/edge on an 8gb plan or lower.

            and lastly if you’re on a legacy plan that is not eligible for line access discounts, you need only compare the overall cost of the phone, in which the 2yr contract wins every time.

            you can argue the merits of installment plans, no contracts, and evil hidden built in subsidies but the bottom line when comparing actual costs shows full retail and installments is favorable only with a 10gb plan or higher, which is unusual for accounts with less than 4 lines.

          • BroRob

            I see your argument. I look at the plans with 5 lines and 10Gb in mind because I have a wife and 3 kids on my plan. It is a lot cheaper for me to pay full price for phones vs the subsidy, especially the MotoX.

          • schlanz

            yeah with 10gb you’re always better off staying off contract. although on 10gb plans you have every reason to just go with the edge program, for the flexibility of trading up to another phone and paying just 50% of the phones price, and since you would only end up paying the full price anyway if you didnt trade up (and there are no finance charges)

            the moto x is an exception since you can buy it full price $50-100 cheaper from Motorola than from vzw.

          • Correct the lower price phone make a huge difference here. Even if you want a top level smartphone every 2 years you will almost always come out ahead on a contract free plan but if you buy phones like the Moto X, Moto G or can take a slightly used phone you come out WAY ahead.

          • Adam Chaney

            My head hurts after reading that. You need a CPA to even understand these plans!

          • Dustin Williams

            Sprint is messing with these plans too..im on a plan they offered for 3 days…10gb data $60 $25 per phone…lines 3 and 4 are free…my bill for 3 lines with 10gb data to use and we all have hotspot…$110

          • scojo

            Very good comparison. Every situation is different. You have to actually compare each scenario like this to find the best value.

          • militaryguy11 .

            Just buy outright, it takes power away from the carriers. That’s a big reason for me

          • UMA_Fan

            If you get a $20 per month break on your plan for NOT taking an upgrade that’s $480 in savings over two years and more if you keep your phone longer. $480 is more than the typical discount on a phone on contract which is usually just $300 off the phone before all the $40 upgrade fees and other nonsense.

        • karpodiem

          That was true only until recently. You can save money now through VZ’s pre-paid, with BYoD.

        • Right if you are on a carrier where you don’t get a price break for paying full price or bringing your own phone you might as well take the “subsidy” unless you plan on switching carriers in the next 2 years.

          When I was with T-Mobile I had an old grandfathered plan that was pretty cheap and did include phone subsidies. They have since phased all those old plans out.

          Now I’m with AT&T on a contract free price and pay even less (per month) than when I was with T-Mobile. Since I usually get more than 2 years out of a phone it’s a definite win for me.

      • Scott

        That’s actually not true. Let’s assume that you’re a normal user on a 2 GB plan. Out of contract would save you 15 bucks a month if you are out of contract. If we pick on say the GS5 which is 599 off contract. The 400 dollar price difference isn’t made up in 2 years of 15 bucks a month spending. Especially when you factor in that 600 bucks today is worth much more than a spread out payment because of simple inflation. Of course there are examples where you can save money.

        If you want to argue that the cost of monthly plans in the US, thne you’d have apoint. But the counter is that by many accounts the US is one of the cheapest places to buy a phone out of contract.

        • Where are you getting this data from? Every thing ive seen you always pay more in the end. Its not a flat $15 a month. It varies based on the cost of the phone.

        • ChrisNacca

          $15 a month for a top end phone? try $50+ for a decent contract

      • pilot25

        How are you paying more over time? The contract monthly price is the same either way. When I go on VZ and sign up for a phone and plan the monthly cost is always the same. So if I’m never leaving VZ then how is it more?

      • malcmilli

        To be fair, the ARE times when the contract method can work out cheaper. Especially with a large family plan if you take advantage of the sales.

      • sagisarius

        Yeah, I’ve had that same conversation too. I get a blank stare, and a follow up of “well I don’t want to spend that much money for a phone”.

      • Bob G


        Land of uneducated being taken for a ride by opportunities craved out by smarter people.

      • Aaron C

        A friend of mine who is REALLY good with money is afraid to leave AT&T, and we live in a metro region with excellent T-Mobile coverage, and he rarely leaves the area. I don’t know what the hangup is, but for some reason AT&T has him completely snowed. It happens. I guess people get used to the “evil they know.”

      • Raven

        It’s a trap! (Buying on contract.)

      • xmiro

        it caught on, 50% of aT&T users are on Next

        • Trueblue711

          Where did you get this number from?

    • jimt

      No they just use fuzzy math that is always better for them. How can you lose money when you are constantly charging for a phone that you aren’t buying?

  • reyalP

    Verizon has you by the balls once you sign a contract with them. That’s why they want you to sign one because they know you can’t take you phone and go elsewhere.

  • Bryan Mills

    Um yeah because then you’re paying way over retail with subsidised phones. Haha Verizon, we aren’t fools.

    • Dave

      But the subsidies are worked into contract pricing, correct? So, ETF not included, you’d still be paying the subsidies factored into your plan even with a phone bought at full retail?

  • Travis Erickson

    Private message us your account information including mothers maiden name and social security number.

  • Charmer

    Verizon will also give you that line access discount once your contract is over too. You may have to remind them, but they will do it.

  • worse verizon phones can not be used on any other carrier so they are basically a big paper weight

    • Dominick White

      All Verizon Lte phones are gsm unlocked

      • mgamerz

        Data not voice.

        • Dominick White

          Last I check can get both only problem you will not have lte. I think the best you get is H+ or 3g

      • harrydevlin

        But most of them have the wrong LTE bands for use on GSM carriers.

        • Dominick White

          Yes no lte but should get H+ or 3g and gsm network 3g isn’t bad

    • Christopher Moore

      Not really true. We have a Note 3 and iPhone 5 and both can be used on T-Mobile. Actually the Verizon iPhone 5 is the most valuable iPhone.

    • Guest

      They are all actually Unlocked

      • Really I had no idea – guess I free to move and take my devices with me.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…They’re not wrong. Especially if you don’t plan on leaving the carrier, why not get the phone cheaper? What’s the alternative? If you buy a phone full price that built in price they charge you monthly for a subsidized phone is still in the contract price. If you go Edge or Next you’re in the same situation.

    The only time you save money with carriers is going off contract/prepaid. Because there are a lot more alternatives with the MVNOs, and you don’t have to worry about ETFs, or even paying the bill if you don’t want to.

    • Bryan Mills

      With 2 year contracts you’re paying more than retail.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


        • It’s the same concept as credit card interest. The the built in monthly fee comes out to being more than the phone flat out. VZW is the expectation since they dont drop your plan down once you “paid the phone off.” Bryan is probably has TMo in mind.

      • nate

        The monthly fee on their network is still the same whether you are on a contract or not. So if you plan on being on Verizon for a long time and you don’t already have unlimited data, it is cheaper to lock in a contract if you want a new phone.

        • Christopher Moore

          This is why I left my unlimited plan to get my Note 3. But I’m planning on dumping Verizon pretty soon unless they come out with better deals. T-Mobile and even AT&T have better family deals. Verizon is just too cocky now.

          • John Kitchen

            Verizon and ATT have identical family plans.

        • schlanz

          not true if you’re on more everything plan. your line access is $10 less if you’re on an 8gb or lower plan and $25 less if you’re on a 10gb or higher plan, when you’re not in a contract.

          I’ll note that the discount is not automatic and most be requested.

          • Tony Spencer

            You have to buy your phone through the Edge plan to get those discounts.

          • cjohnson481

            You can get them if you are out of contract as well.

          • Tony Spencer

            I can find nothing that indicates that, and I have went over and over their web page for that. http://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/consumer/shop/shop-data-plans/more-everything.html?intcmp=INT-VZW-MEUPD-AM
            The only way this page shows to get the discount is share everything with edge.

          • schlanz

            I work for vzw. You get the discounts for being out of contract or being enrolled in edge. Again the discounts are not automatic, you must request it. It’s not discretionary, you ask for the month to month discount and you get it.

          • Tony Spencer

            Thanks, nice to find out!

          • DainLaguna

            Why do customers have to request that discount? That sounds shady on Verizon’s part.

          • schlanz

            I can’t comment on that as I don’t really know, but at least the discount is available. I actually am pretty certain when you call into 611 its automatically applied and you are notified by the automated system. In the store we do our best to be proactive to add the discounts when we see eligible lines. And lastly when you log into the desktop website you’re notified as well.

          • DainLaguna

            It just seems strange that the system wouldn’t automatically add it. Besides, sales reps seem to be more inclined to hit metrics instead Of proactively saving people money, otherwise your company wouldn’t make fb posts like what’s shown above.

            IMHO, the fact that the discount isn’t automatically applied is SO telling with regards to verizon.

          • PoisonApple31

            This is nothing new for Verizon, many deals and promos over the years had to be activated by customer service or on MyVerizon.

          • DainLaguna

            And given how little the average American knows about the wireless industry, going about it that way is a great way to rack up extra dough off of customers who don’t know any better

          • schlanz

            perhaps the reason is because there isn’t a sure way to communicate to customers they are receiving the discounts and the reason why until they call care, go online, or go into a store.

            as a sales rep I can tell you saving people money is a great way of hitting metrics. people are much more inclined to add stuff to their account when their overall bill isnt going up. of course there will be instances of abuse where its not disclosed why, but I’d hope that’s a rare exception. besides that I like being nice to people, and so do most of the people I’ve worked with. we like our stores to have a happy customers and nothing makes customers happy like a lower bill. and when we are already spending 15 minutes to an hour with a customer its really not a big deal to take an extra 30 seconds to add a discount. we are trained to take a hard look at every account we touch so its not something that would go unnoticed (and if its out of contract its eligible to be upgraded or enrolled in edge)

            but I can understand your cynicism.

          • John Kitchen

            Actually one of the metrics sales reps have is save tool utilization.

          • Nadora

            So just to clarify. This discount can be requested when on an old Talk and Text family share plan with unlimited data that is out of contract?

          • dude

            No, only on a more everything plan

          • Nadora

            Thanks 🙂

          • cjohnson481

            May not show it on their website, but it operates the exact same was as the ATT plan for $160. Just call customer service or stop into a corporate store and ask for the month to month smartphone discount for any of your lines on More Everything that have smartphones that are out of contract. Heck, you could even activate an old smartphone on a line that has a basic phone and get the discount, as long as the line is out of contract.

          • Tony Spencer

            Thanks, nice to know!

          • DainLaguna

            It’s not like the AT&T version: you don’t have to ask for the discount/discount isn’t hidden

          • PoisonApple31

            It’s not hard to do.

          • DainLaguna

            IF you know it exists. And if the wireless industry is to be believed, you can rest assured reps aren’t screaming this discount exists from the rooftops

          • PoisonApple31

            You are right there, but blindly trusting a customer service rep is just stupid in any industry. That’s why you do your homework on the internet, talk to friends/family, etc…

          • DainLaguna

            Friends and family only help if they are in the know. Call me old fashioned but reps should be knowledgeable. I know I was. Sad world we live in

          • PoisonApple31

            For a while that was not true, @schlanz:disqus knows what he is talking about. I had the line access discount too and never had Edge. I recently signed a contract and got my G3 for $50 so I lose that now, but doing the math I still think I am ahead.

      • Eh, not necessarily. ETFs on major phones are $350, but that means you also paid $199 upfront for a phone. That’s $550, when most top tier phones are $600. In some situations, you actually get somewhat of a deal by signing a contract. Like when the G3 was $99 on-contract, you could have bought it and then paid the $350 ETF and then sold the phone, while ending up making a profit.

        • SoundsGoodInTheory

          Assuming you can make over 451$+ for an officially used (NIB) phone…

          • Well yes.

          • You’d still sell it for brand new on eBay or Swappa and definitely make a profit. Have you seen people on eBay? Buyers will spend absurd amounts on contract devices. It’s not too far fetched.

        • mgamerz

          Breaking your contract would still leave you on Verizon though. The phones typically are carrier locked.

          • Nathan Borup

            Not Verizon phones. You can use them on any other gsm carrier. Part of their agreement for the 700mhz band

          • schoat333

            Yet, you are still stuck with a locked bootloader, even if you take the phone to another carrier. Plus, you still rely on VZW for software updates. No thank you

          • Nathan Borup

            Actually… Mine is unlocked. And Verizon has been the first carrier to update the moto x several times. Just got the update for 4.4.4 a couple days ago

        • RiceCake

          And by going with let’s say straight talk and an s5 would be (650+(45×24))=1730. Where as a standard Verizon plan with 1gb of data will go like this with a Wal-Mart s5 for 99 with new contract* (99+35+(80×24))=2054. Thus prepaid saves you about 324 dollars in 2 years.

          Might have forgot the 7 dollar SIM to activate the prepaid but you get the idea. The fact is that many people freak at paying 650 for a phone that they will have more than 2 years but the math proves they save money.

          • John Kitchen

            Verizon has a $60 1GB plan which puts you at $1574 over the course of two years.

    • I think in terms of big picture, we all understand that contracts suck as a general idea and would love to never have to sign another one. It’s kind of an insanely large topic though that is all dependent on the situation of the customer.

      With that said, if you don’t plan on ever leaving a particular carrier, but also make sure you upgrade the day that your contract is up, contracts aren’t technically that bad for you, assuming you are OK with signing 2-years of your life away to one carrier. For me personally, I don’t like the idea of signing a contract at all, which is why I’m on prepaid.

      Eventually, the better deal will hopefully always be T-Mobile’s route of keeping the wireless service separate from the phone. Verizon has started doing this somewhat, by giving Edge customers discounts, but the significant discount that makes it worth it really only comes if you have a 10GB or more data plan. I haven’t done the math, but you have to imagine Verizon is still winning there in the end.

      The big thing for me is that you have freedom and you aren’t getting double charged for a phone if you avoid a contract.

      • Randy

        Kellex, which prepaid are you on? We’ve been with VZ forever and although I can afford it, I’d rather put the money elsewhere. Thanks, Randy

        • chris125

          Id also like to know

      • andrew w

        Kellex…the only problem with your article is that there is not ongoing cost behind the scenes one way or the other. Being in the cellular industry for nearly 10 years…the plan price is the same regardless of a customer on a 2 year contract…or buying a phone full retail. There is no additional discount or saved cost. By your explanation of “preached for years to not sign a contract or go subsidy cost” and a customer purchases a phone full retail…by your math and understanding customers would pay TWICE as much. Regardless…if you want the best you pay for the best. Are you going to buy a KIA and expect it to be a corvette?

        • chaoscentral

          you are very wrong in that statement. You get a line access discount on both VZW and AT&T if you are out of contract either by letting your contract expire, switching to edge/next or by bringing your own device. You get a $10 line access discount on any plan less than 10GB and a $25 line access by being 10 or more GB. Which means if all of your lines are out of contract you can save quite alot. My plan is $50 cheaper per month because both my lines are not in a contract.

          • sski66

            Is that really true? I’ve been out of contract with Verizon for awhile now, I pay month to month on Unlimited, I never seen my bill go down $10. Are u saying that I have to request a Line Access Discount, because it definitely didn’t happen automatically for me, thanks.

          • Higher_Ground

            i’ve never seen it either; also on month-to-month with unlimited

          • sski66

            So did u ever try calling & requesting the discount or do u think it’s just bull…

        • WickedToby741

          “Are you going to buy a KIA and expect it to be a Corvette?”

          Yes. Exhibit A: Nexus 5

        • TylerCameron

          The problem with your logic is that on Verizon, customers who have unlimited data ar e saving A LOT of money, even by paying full retail for their phones.
          SUUUUURE, maybe very few people use more than 5GB of data/month, but you’re not looking at the future!
          2 years from now, everyone is gonna be using over 5GB of data/month. Then it’ll be 10GB, and so forth.
          The chances of Verizon or AT&T’s pricing changing to reflect this heightened data usage? Little to none. So keep unlimited data forever and you avoid falling into the trap.

      • schlanz

        kellex, you now get line access discounts when you are out of contract with vzw and at&t, not just for being enrolled in edge/next.

        of course those discounts are dependent on your plan, legacy plans aren’t included so unlimited data users unfortunately aren’t in as good a position to buy phones from carriers with a contract or installment.

        contract pricing is still the best option for many people but as alwaysit depends on a lot of factors.

        • PoisonApple31

          You always got them on AT&T since they announced the $160 a month for 4 lines pricing. Verizon recently started doing that, I had the $10 discount on 8 GB shared data plan but I was under the impression that has ended now. Is it still going on?

          • tom

            Yes 10 off 8 gb or less is still going

          • sski66

            Hey Tom, I’m on Unlimited Data, been on month to month for awhile now, I’m not willing to sign another contract with Verizon yet, plus I’m still happy with my M7, Question is how much does that 8 gb shared plan go for. I have Unlimited for my phone on Verizon, also I pay at&t $30 a month for 3gigs for my Nexus 7 for a total about $115 a month, I don’t go over 8 gigs a month combined tablet & phone, I wonder with a new phone & that 8 gb plan would it be less expensive, would it be better? thanks.

      • mcdonsco

        Kellen, how much data do you use in a month?

        I’m always tempted by prepaid but I average about 10+ gb’s a month and can easily on occasion break 20gb’s…just seems I’m better off holding on to Verizon’s unlimited data for dear life for as long as I can?

        • Aaron C

          Do you “occasionally” break 20GB’s just because you can? Going to a 2.5GB plan (later 3GB) on T-Mobile required some behavior adjustment on my part. I like that T-Mobile doesn’t charge you for more data if you go over, they just throttle you. To make sure I have some bandwidth at the end of the month, I just have to be a little more attentive with planning — download podcasts instead of stream, do app updates on Wifi, etc. The fact that Rhapsody is now “free data” has made it a lot easier. Now they just need to include Google All Access and that will take care of a good deal of my normal data usage.

          • mcdonsco

            Well I’m a Realtor here in Portland and probably one of the most techy ones out there so I’m constantly looking up info while with clients in a home I’m showing…Now that I think about it I do use a good amount of hotspot, but its still web browsing, nothing more.

            If Verizon did roll over data like AT&T used to do with minutes I might be able to get away with a 10gb plan but it would be VERY TIGHT so I would REALLY need to keep track of my usage; which would suck.

            The only plan I could go with to accommodate my use without having to worry about it most of the time would be the 20gb plan and even then I’d likely still go over from time to time. But that would run $70/month more than what I pay now ($120 for unlimited everything).

            Just pisses me off that they ditched unlimited data right when we as a society were starting to gobble up a ton of it; greedy bastards.

            And from what I’ve read on the subject, with the higher bandwidth tech being used now its actually significantly cheaper for them per MB than it was with 3g tech, yet they increased the cost to consumers and xlte it gets even less expensive per MB for them, yet here we are still getting raped on data.

            T-Mobile is certainly an attractive option if it weren’t for two issues…their data coverage is severely lacking compared to Verizon and AT&T and you still get throttled which for me wouldn’t work.

          • Aaron C

            Gotcha. That’s the plan though, right? Get you hooked on something, then charge you more for it. And as for cost, I’m old enough that I remember the music industry told us how cheap CD’s would eventually get because they cost so much less than records (which were about $8-9 at the time) to produce. Years later, and they were still $15. Bastards.

            If I had to do a lot of traveling or needed a lot of data on the road, I also would stick to AT&T and/or Verizon. Probably AT&T because I just can’t stand how Verizon nickel-and-dimed me, took away my options and introduced new fees over the 12 years I was with them. For my family, T-Mo (switched last year) has been lightning fast just about everywhere, until we took our annual vacation to NH for 10 days. That was the most brutal experience of my data-using life, and it certainly opened my eyes as to how bad T-Mo service can still be in some areas. I was on edge, roaming on AT&T, UNICEL and even Verizon at one point. My Network Info tool said data was connected, but nothing would load. BRU-TAL.

            Good luck with Verizon unlimited. I’m sure at some point they’re going to threaten your family to get you to leave. They’ve tried or are trying (throttling 4G towers for U/L folks) everything else! 😉

      • BroRob

        With Verizon’s EDGE, when you upgrade to a new phone, aren’t you required to turn in your old phone? If so aren’t you losing the value of the used phone (compared to selling it on eBay)? Then you pay the full price (plus fees) on the new device. That seems like a terrible idea to me!

        • John Kitchen

          Edge is full retail split up over 20 months. You can upgrade after 12 installments (whether you pay one a month for 12 months or pay x months and then a lump sum to get you to 12 total). If you choose to upgrade at 12 months, you are required to trade in your current device which pays for the remaining 8 installments. Then you start over. There are no fees. If you pay all 20 installments (essentially pay full retail), you are not required to trade in the device.

          Once again, all fees are waived if you go with edge

    • Right… but that’s not what Verizon is talking about. They’re basically directly referencing going to a provider without a long-term contract. In which case yes, they’re wrong.

    • I know on TMo you end up over paying for the phone if you go with the contract.

    • Trueblue711

      With Verizon, this is true. However, AT&T removes up to $20/month from your monthly plan if you are not in the contract. So until Verizon follows suit, it’s technically a “good” deal.

      • WickedToby741

        Verizon actually did follow suit like a month or so ago.

        • Trueblue711

          For the full amount? I thought they were taking $10 off, and only if you subscribe to Edge.

    • yankeesusa

      you want to know why? Example: if you bring your own phone to att and get on their new plans it saves you $40 a month per line. Therefore you save $40 every month which ends up being $480 a year before taxes and you don’t have a contract. Multiply that by 4 lines for an average family. Thats around $1,920. You can get a decent phone on swappa from around $350. Heck you can even get a nexus 5 brand new for around $400. And you don’t have a contract. Don’t know how their wrong.

    • WickedToby741

      I’m saving quite a bit with my Nexus/AT&T combo and still have great service. I’m going to continue buying Nexus or Motorola devices off contract and keep rocking my contract free Mobile Share plan. $350 plus tax is still a lot to swallow all at once, but the monthly savings add up quickly by not signing a contract and I’m free to leave for T-Mobile or an MVNO anytime I like if I’m unhappy.

  • yiannis

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