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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Hit With Lawnmower Blades, Survives

I think it’s safe to say this wasn’t a scenario Samsung engineers had in mind when they were designing the Galaxy S4 Active.

According to a story posted on reddit, an S4 Active owner’s handset accidentally tumbled from his pocket while he was listening to music and met with the unforgiving blades of a riding lawnmower. Ouch. 

Despite gaining a few nasty cracks, the phone was miraculously operational afterwards – it even responded to touch and played music. We knew the Active S4 was durable – it’s resistant to dust and water, sure  –  but who would’ve thought it could stand up to 200mph plates of spinning steel? Certainly not I.

If ever there was a testament to the S4 Active’s ruggedness, this would be it.

Below in the comments, tell us any horror stories you might have with your smartphones. Dropped in a toilet? Ran over by a car?

galaxy-s4-active-3 (1) rsz_1rsz_galaxy-s4-active-4 S4 Active - 1 S4 Active - 2 S4 Active - 3

Via: reddit
  • Brian S.

    Get some Febreze or something.

    Fix that thing right up.

  • Brian S.

    Get the Febreze!

  • Roscoe P.

    Do it again with a brand new one see if results are the same

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  • Supbaun

    Saw a guy with an og droid that he shut the sliding door of his FedEx truck on. The phone was bent about 20°, but still slid open and the screen worked despite it being shattered.

  • flosserelli

    I am not a fan of the S4 Active, but that is some serious survivability. I am sure it was a fluke and had more to do with the way the blades hit the phone, but the fact that it survived at all is impressive.

  • cruiser

    okay so what exactly is this new lawn mower blade sharpening app and how do I get it?

  • Imagine what the Galaxy S5 Active can do to the blades?

  • cruiser

    ok just one more, this is too funny -if it was an iPhone it probably would have improved its performance

  • cruiser

    that will teach him to let Mr Bill use his phone OH NO MR. BILL!!

  • cruiser

    I just realized too bad he didn’t have his camera running that would have made a great video

  • cruiser

    he was probably a Verizon customer who brought the new s4 and got it insured and it happened not to work and being Verizon they wouldn’t give him a new replacement phone only a used oneso he ran it over with the riding lawn mower HAHAHAHA

  • Ian


    And I would venture that it only got run over or an indirect hit from the blades because anything more and it would not have survived….every self respecting lawn mower knows that.

    Plus I bet some of that damage was already there.

  • ToddAwesome

    I ran my Moto X over with the snowblower this winter, I can assure you it did not survive.

  • dealbreaker

    Apparently this lawnmower needs to be recalled for its performance.

    • cruiser

      Hahaha now thats funny

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  • Zachary Wood

    When the OG Droid first came out I got it and less then a week later I jumped into a pool and seconds after… I remembered it was in my pocket. It went out in a crazy way. It was still working as I got out of the pool and was receiving a txt, it started to cut out as the droid notification sounded. It made it sound like in the commercials but it died :/

  • MichaelFranz

    Threw a frozen york peppermint patty at a co-worker during college. hit him in the leg….right where his phone was facing screen out. The phone…old school Verizon Windows Phone model XV6700

  • fizdog

    Dropped my s4 in the bath tub had a low speaker volume for a few and charging probs but it fixed itself. Thanks for my otterbox. Luckily I didn’t have nothing major like this guy

  • ROR1997

    At a NYC elevated subway station, some guy bumped into me, my Samsung Fascinate (lolol) goes flying, and falls through the tracks and onto the street below, landing on the hood of a parked car. Had an otter box on, I believe it was an “Impact”. No cracks what so ever.

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    consider Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5 Active version they are tough enough to bear
    any type of shock up to some limit. However, I don’t like the physical navigation
    keys of these active versions. I am using standard version of Galaxy S5 from almost
    3 months and impressed with its 2800mAh battery that after fully charged on wireless charging pad runs throughout the day with normal use.

    • ROR1997

      This might be the laziest thing ever, but I don’t like having to take the extra second to press the button if I can just glide my finger over on onscreen button. Plus with no home button, it’s fun watching iPhone users try to turn on the phone.

  • Raven

    A couple of months ago I was getting into the car and my Moto X fell out onto a cement driveway. My wife then proceeded to back over it. It cracked the screen pretty good, but other than that it was OK. I got the screen replaced and am still using it today.

    My wife dropped her Moto Droid 2 into a large glass of water. Took it out and it had water visible inside of the screen. Pulled the battery and dried it in rice a couple of days, put the battery back in and it still worked just fine.

    Two testaments to Motorola build quality in my opinion as neither device was meant to be very rugged.

    • ToddAwesome

      My Moto X met the impeller of my snowblower this winter, there’s no coming back from that.

      • Raven

        That is true. I ran a solar light through mine last winter and it turned it into confetti.

  • regkilla

    damn it Pedro!

  • Guy Pierce

    Was he mowing backwards?

  • DanSan

    2 days before a car show i was prepping my car. left my galaxy nexus on the roof of my dads car next to me in the drive way. first day he noticed it when getting into his car. second day, i left it there again while working but i wasn’t so lucky. he drove off with it, didnt realize until a solid 5-10 minutes and had a mini heart attack. called the phone, it was off. tried to locate it which wasnt going to work. tried to call my dad, he wasnt answering either. had to get on my bike and guess what route he took and followed his path. found the phone in the middle of an intersection, face down, battery on the other side of the road. screen was destroyed but the phone turned on but nothing on the display. thank god for insurance, brand new phone the next day. only time ive ever damaged a phone 🙁

  • Synacks

    My S5 has been at the bottom of an 8ft pool, in a pitcher of beer, a few Vegas pool parties and EDC Vegas itself. Still works.

  • r0l

    Makes me wonder how a coworker managed to crack the screen on his when he claims he didn’t drop his S4 Active.

    • ROR1997

      I didn’t drop it, just played baseball with it.

  • Gtdriver

    I had my Galaxy Nexus fall out of my pocket while on a roller coaster at six flags two years ago. I was too high up moving too fast to tell if it ended up on concrete or grass on the hottest day of that summer. I got it back the next day and today it’s still with me running android 4.4.4 like a champ. No cracked screen nothing, only the back cover didn’t make the trip home from six flags because they didn’t find it.

    • DanSan

      definitely hit the grass lol

    • droidify

      Wow. The GNex. I don’t know how you do it. I had to re-activate mine while I was awaiting my insurance replacement for my G2. I couldn’t believe how terrible that phone was after the G2. Thank god it was only 1 day.

      • Gtdriver

        Unlocked, Rooted, Running Shiny 4.4.4 with Fancy Kernel Pre51. It’s not lightning fast but it does everything respectably well, holds a signal better than it ever has before, lasts more than a full day on the battery and never needs to be rebooted. I plan on getting a Nexus 6 when/if it’s released…. on verizon (keeping my hopes up). Otherwise it’ll be a 3.4 based kernel and Android L for my Gnex to live into 2015

        • Danny Alvarez

          Switch to T-Mobile.

      • ROR1997

        You think you have it bad? I had to use the Thunderbolt until the G3 came out (pre ordered today)

        A FREAKING THUNDERBOLT. it’s so bad on 4.0 I have to stay on 2.3

  • Naibas

    Let’s see worse smartphone horror story…I waited months for a delayed release of the Droid Bionic but when it finally came out I decided to get a Blackberry Bold touch instead!

    (j/k – I waited for a Gnex…phew)

    • Lucky Armpit

      That’s still a horror story – the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was the worst smartphone I have ever owned. Even worse than my HTC Droid Eris!

      • William_Morris

        HTC Thunderbolt. Your argument is rendered invalid.

        • JetRanger

          After the 18th update I found that the T-Bolt was actually quite serviceable. Of course that was just in time to start the pain all over again with the GNex.

      • Jeff

        Would take the gnex over the bionic anyway!

        • Jeff

          Any day*

      • kg2105

        That’s your fault. It was a great smartphone for most people.

  • Bryan Mills

    Got one brand new for $199. Let’s see how much it can take.

    • DanielMena9

      can I get one too? do you have a link?

      • Bryan Mills

        It’s sold out now. Keep an eye on SlickDeals

  • Ralph Bretz

    I wouldn’t call that surviving.

  • Finire

    Accidentally got into a hot tub with my DNA in my pocket… Needless to say it didn’t survive, though it took me about 5 minutes of sitting there to realize it.

  • Razma

    my girlfriend ran over hers with her car while it was face down in light snow on my blue stone driveway. didnt even have a scratch

  • Droid Ronin

    Looks like it just passed the “Will it blend?” test.

  • Chris Stuart

    I was kayaking and flipped going over some rapids. Good ol’ Droid X tumbled to the bottom. I was able to get it out after about 5 minutes. Of course the phone didn’t turn on, but after it dried out it worked great except for the camera, which would initialize but only showed black images.

  • nate

    Jumped out of the back of a gator-like vehicle in the winter, and my Galaxy nexus hit the concrete of a driveway from about 5-6 feet in the air and bounced off to the side of the driveway into snow while the battery and rear door stayed on the concrete and all it did was gouge the glass on the bottom of the phone… I kind of hoped it was broken before I picked it up lol

  • EC8CH

    Kill it with Fire next time

    • Suicide_Note

      Why is Jim Morrison wielding a flame thrower?

      • EC8CH

        that’s MacReady son.

        • Lucky Armpit

          The Thing…. ah, back in the days when people actually CREATED special effects, before CGI.

          • John Davids

            Fun factoid: Tron (1982) was snubbed from even being nominated for an Academy Award for special effects because according to the Academy, using computers was “cheating”.

      • 4n1m4L

        The thing.

  • Robert Paulson

    I’m sure The Narrator will be here to say the OnePlus Ones would never take that much damage from lawn mower blades, though he will forget to mention it wouldn’t take any damage because there are no OnePlus Ones.

    • Cory S

      The OnePlus One would destroy the lawn mower blades with pure vaporware epicness.

    • PoisonApple31

      It’s Bryan Mills now – get with the times!

      • Bryan Mills

        Tyler Durden til I die mawfucka

    • Bryan Mills

      You’re an idiot.

      • Robert Paulson

        Good one.

  • Eric R.

    Dropped my DNA in the toilet luckily it was fine after

    • Ryan N

      dropped your “DNA” in the toilet?… Eric let’s keep it PG.

      • Nicholas Ruiz

        Made my day

      • HAR

        I wasn’t even thinking that until I saw you’re comment…..WIN!

      • DanSan

        doing trainings at work, have my headphones in and just laughed aloud. made me look like a crazy person but that comment was clutch.

        • Ryan N

          haha. hope that training isn’t too important.

          • DanSan

            are they ever really? lol

          • Ryan N

            Good point.

          • Ryan N

            unless you are an EMT. Then ethically I’d have to disagree. lol

      • Eric R.

        Haha, I had to think about your comment for a second

      • creed

        You sir, win the Internet for the day.