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OnePlus Teasing Wood Back Options for July 22, Still No Phone Though

At what point are consumers pushed past the breaking point? For anyone still waiting to acquire an invite to purchase the One from OnePlus, these must be frustrating times for you. For that, we are sorry. Regardless of your frustration with the situation, OnePlus has taken to Twitter, teasing an upcoming announcement for a phone which is still not completely available. Wood backs, anyone? 

When the device was first announced, we knew that additional interchangeable backsides would be made available, but did not know exactly when that would be. According to the tweet, OnePlus may announce these new backsides on July 22, knock on wood.

Besides wood, users are also expecting to see other backs, created from various materials like denim and kevlar.

While you still can’t buy the phone without an invite, don’t give up quite yet. OnePlus could be ready to start selling the One at any point, once they are given the green light. Keep your head up if this phone is still on your shopping list.

OnePlus Wood

Via: @OnePlus
  • Michael Nyitrai
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  • MH

    It would be nice if, you know, they actually produced the phone first…

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  • Colts5609

    One Plus One #NeverSelling #NeverInStock

  • John Motschenbacher

    What I kind of expect is once the do finally start selling them they will probably jack the price up some due to the costs being higher then expected.

  • epps720

    When is Kellen going to post his review of this phone. About to join everyone else and bail off the 1+1 bandwagon but that price keeps me interested.

  • joe23521

    If they “tease” one more thing, I’m gonna seriously lose it. And I don’t even give a crap about this phone.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Plus with their staged invite roll outs its a bit of a joke.

  • Chris

    The phone does not exist. The guy who’s behind the phone is all talk no action

  • ajftl250

    S T O P P R O M O T I N G T H I S S H I T

  • travp624

    Whats this mysterious fairy tale OnePlus one everyone keeps talking about. Its more fake then unicorns!

  • RockMarz

    It would be exciting if I had a one plus or can get it…feels like a year already..dumb business strategy.

  • Anthony Christopher Morey

    I have been using my G2 for over five months now and it has been great. I simply can afford to wait for the phone tech that I want, so I’m skipping the underwhelming, IMO, G3. I can see the appeal of the one at the moment, but what after the snapdragon 805 and 810 hit the market or the octacore chips? 64 bit and more ram do not seem to be far off also, so waiting for an invite for tech that will soon be out paced? I think I’ll pass. For those that want this phone I’m not knocking you, there are good reasons to want to own the one, just my personal viewpoint.

  • mcdonsco

    A few months late and a lot of dollars short, they are.


  • Grayson

    There is a phone. Just not a lot of them. I got an invite on July 8 and ordered today.

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  • Matt L

    They really should just focus on trying to make the phone for people first…

    • needa

      if the same people building the phone are also molding the backs… then yes they should. but i kinda doubt that is how it works. i would much rather be able to buy a wooden back when i get my invite, than i would months later.

      • Chris

        If no one has the phone why waste time cresting silly backs….

  • T_Dizzle

    Glad to hear from the people who have received their phones, makes me still want to buy one.

  • KateAshendenaba

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  • Bob

    They keep promoting because they like free phones and invites to cooperate sponsored events. Not exactly objective reporting….

  • needa

    guys they made it clear on their forums… it takes three months from order to ship with japan display. they announced in april. found that they are going to have way more fans than they ever imagined. trimmed the fat the best they could in the supply chain. and raised their quantities. it is now july. the invites seem to be rolling out at a steady pace. they also told a guy that was 30+ k down the list that he would be getting a phone by the end of the month. i am 100k down the list. i expect to have mine in august.
    they also said that 64gb memory is not always easy to come by, as it is not a popular spec. so give them a break. they are doing everything they can do.

    • Deez

      It takes 3 months with a special invite? And you don’t see the problem in that? Man, all I have to say is LOL

  • Juan Valenzuela

    Another one??

  • enigmaco

    The Cleveland Browns will win the super bowl before this phone is released.

    • sc0rch3d

      A Rod will return….

  • jimt

    The car dock and home dock are next. I’ll have all the accessories ready for the phone. I guess they want to be sure it is going to a good home. If only I was good enough to get the phone. Maybe they make all the money on the accessories.

  • jer85008

    OnePlus One = zero.

  • Steveo

    One what? This phone is old news!

  • renebi

    “still no phone though” .. AHAHAHAHA! oNeplusONE=NONE!

    • [A]dri[A]n

      I was about to post something similar Hahaha “Still no phone though” Lolololololol All the awesome back covers for a phone you can’t have 😛

    • New_Guy

      My math says that 1 + 1 = 0


    Talk about biting more than they can chew by working on covers. They can’t even manage to produce the phone in steady quantities. Smh!

    Ian B

  • Beavis

    I hate that this phone is getting press. Please stop covering them – they don’t deserve it.

  • Justin Kos

    Is the bootloader unlockable?

    • MRIANB

      Yes it is.

      • Justin Kos


    • Ruvim

      just like nexus, in fact a couple apps are detecting it as a nexus 5 weirdly.

  • RH

    Gave up on the None Plus None a few days ago, ordered something else that actually WAS IN STOCK.
    Maybe the OnePlus2 might be better, but I doubt it. Kind of hard to have a flagship killer, if you can’t buy it.

  • yummy

    That’s funny, I just checked the slacks, and we do NOT have wood for this phone.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    I have one! :p

  • ShermCraig

    Ordered mine today – expecting it early next week!

  • Am79

    I was ready to make a purchase two months ago but because of all this email invite marketing nonsense, I’m most definitely out. Looking forward to seeing what Motorola unveils next month.

  • Jared Denman
    • MRIANB

      Sorry no invites out there to give. They r all for sale in Ebay, god damn it.

      Ian. B

  • Tek

    I’ve had the 64GB device for almost a week now. Trust me it’s an amazing device and definitely won’t disappoint. I too was at my breaking point and about to jump ship and get the LG G3, but was lucky enough to receive my invite! If you can at all, I suggest you be patient and wait it out as it will be well worth it!!!

  • duke69111

    Why is droid life still promoting this company?

  • droidrazredge

    OnePlus has become the HL3 of phones!!! Everyone’s guessing when it’ll be released including the developer but no one actually knows when or if it’ll ever be released. The few people that have the phone are like the few developers that have actually played HL3. Eventually the hype will diminish just like it did for HL3.

    • ShermCraig

      It was released 2 months ago. More and more people are getting their devices. The reviews are phenomenal. Haters gotta hate….

  • An Dre

    By the time they start allowing more people to buy the phone we’ll be over it. Couple months in and I’m already like F it. If its not out by August I’ll keep waiting until the next Moto or maybe a new Nexus. And AT&T just sent me my unlock code for my GS4.

  • Gr8Ray

    We should start teasing them with pictures of money.

    • New_Guy

      Bravo sir 🙂

  • NexusMan

    so dumb

  • KateAshendenaba

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  • XD

  • BenG
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    • JonathonFlores

      I say all the outlets stop promoting, discussing this phone or anything about it until a launch. At this point, it’s just annoying. I went from excited to annoyed. Great job One+.

      • BenG

        At this point they should just call this the Kickstarter One+

      • Joe Butler

        Agreed, the outlets need to stop reporting it. It’s beyond a joke now.

        • Beavis


      • ajftl250


        • JustNo

          They’d be better off selling out the parts and having people piece and build it themselves at this point, probably would sell more than the ones they’ve already sold

      • antwonw

        Who wants my OnePlus Invite? Only 24h

    • JoshGroff

      This is still my favorite.

  • technicx

    I gave up on the invite system and got myself a LG G3, today.

    • mjmedstarved

      How is that camera?

    • Kevin N

      Me too

    • Romius T.

      Got my invite a few days ago. Haven’t bothered to use it yet. Might use just to sell it. Though eBay charges ridiculous fees.

      • TechJunkie198

        If you haven’t used it by now, it’s expired

    • James

      probably a good move, even if you could get an invite.

  • Ruvim

    I have the phone and it does not disappoint…coming from an LG G2, which in my opinion was the best phone of 2013. Ps everyone at work is asking me how they can buy this phone lol

  • a) youth.in.asia

    OnePlus is never going to “settle” on an actual release date for the phone

  • Protip, buy a Moto X if you want wood.

    • a) youth.in.asia

      Call 555/867/5309 for the most wood

      • Ask for Jake, he wears khakis.

      • trumpet444

        Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to?

    • patt

      pro tip ; avoid moto x since it’s a crap phone.

      • C-Law

        Lol what? What a joke of a response

      • enigmaco

        Best phone I have ever used including a nexus so stfu

        • Gyah

          Nexus phones aren’t all that either. Just nice for the price. I have a Nexus 5 right now and can’t wait until I can get a LG G3 in a few weeks. Stock Android on midrange hardware is blah.

          • enigmaco

            It’s a great phone don’t have a qualm with it. The only phone I am even considering upgrading to is the moto x +1 if the specs prove to be true.

          • Marco

            Since when is Nexus 5 mid range?

      • Tyrone_83

        I don’t know how 3 people could up vote such a stupid comment.

    • Ruvim

      Hello fellow Masshole!

  • Bryan Mills

    Don’t forget, OnePlus, we’re entitled to your phone so you better release it or we’re never gonna buy your product ever again!

    • jmashis

      Um, yeah. It’s called being a customer. You joke but no one is going to lose here except for OnePlus.

      • JoshGroff

        I “settled” for a nexus 5 off of craigslist. Specs aren’t far enough off to care, and the waiting was getting ridiculous.

    • Deez

      Really it’s OnePlus who are acting like people aren’t worthy enough to get the phone with their whole b.s. invite system. If you want to play elitist don’t get mad when the people you snubbed say f!ck you when you need them. The time will come when they will want to sell this phone to as many people as they can, but they burned bridges with all the teasing and special member by invite garbage.

      It’s been poor business and marketing from the get go. Break your phone on video to get our phone lol. GTFO. They are beyond stupid and if you’re holding on to a hope to get a “special” phone you’re pathetic. There’s more than enough phones as good or better out there that you don’t have to play their games, and people realize that. That’s why they say eff em and their dumb sh!t.

  • crazed_z06

    Did the Moto X wood backs ever happen?

    • a) youth.in.asia


    • Should we tell him?

    • Yes they did and they look fantastic 🙂

    • Deez

      Lol @ everyone acting so appalled that you didn’t know they were released when in all actuality not a single soul in the real world even knows what a Moto X is let alone that you can get 70s styled wood paneled backs for it hahaha

  • Tony Byatt

    A release date for accessories and no release date for the phone…Genius!


  • bwash30

    Got my invite yesterday for phone

  • Jonathan Bunch

    How are they going to give a date for backs but not for phones?

    • Justin W

      Hopefully they don’t plan on doing this for their marketing strategy for their future phones. Just announce it and release it preferably within the same week.

      • Jonathan Bunch

        IMO they gave us way too much too soon, they should have started hype about 3 or 4 months before the release and never done that dumb invite crap

        • Bryan Mills

          Yeah cause what we all want is another Nexus launch. Sold out in minutes and wait weeks to buy it.

          • I’ll take sold out in minutes over “ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN, NEXT STOP: OPO JUNCTION!!!”

          • Justin W

            They knew they had a pretty big following though. It was obvious to pretty much everyone, and oh well if they have supply issues – they should explain they don’t have supply and base it on a first-come first-serve basis rather than an invite system IMO.

          • Bryan Mills

            Nope. Invite works perfectly fine. And if people can’t wait, too bad for those whiners.

          • Slow Joey

            Thanks for the insight, Bry. Your opinion means a lot to folks..

          • Bryan Mills

            And to the many who have purchased it and love it. Move along.

          • calculatorwatch

            How many people? Just curious because I see at least 10-20 people complaining about not getting invites for every person that says they’ve managed to get one.

          • acras

            Literally dozens! they are so pleased with the launch they are planning on announcing the oneplus 2 on July 28th. No , still no date for when they will actually start selling the oneplus 1 , but no stopping the imaginary hype train. Choo choo

          • Patrick Crumpler


      • acras

        I’ll bet theres no worry of that, I would be surprised if theres a second phone from them

    • acras

      Look up at the top of this page. Thats how!
      The marketing department for this company must not be allowed to talk to one another , and are being given clinical trial medications. Smash your newer model phone for a chance to buy the oneplus . Catch a Unicorn fart and we’ll enter you into a raffle for the chance to bob for an apple that has a coupon for our phone. Hurry and get those back plates out to the 17 people who actually have the phones! That will spark interest, even though we won’t sell the phones to anyone who can’t kill a goat with their mind. By the time they get around to selling this thing for real , the “flagship killer” will have to be changed to ” well , when we first spec’ed it , it was pretty bad ass…” It’ll be a year behind everything else.
      I get that they might not be able to make 10 million of them , but this method of limited release just seems silly, and has soured a lot of people on the phone.