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LG G Watch Specs Show 36 Hour Standby Time, Price and Release Date Rumored Too

The LG G Watch is rumored to be the reference device for Android Wear, meaning that this is the device that Google has done most of its Android Wear development and testing on, but it is also the device that will set the table for other Android Wear products. Should that idea be true, then you should expect the G Watch to be the first Android Wear device to launch, likely around Google I/O (June 25-26). A new rumor out of Modaco corroborates that idea, stating that we could see the G Watch hit retail shelves around July 7 for a price below Samsung’s lower end Gear 2 Neo ($199). They did not reveal exact pricing. 

In related news, G Watch leaker @upleaks has given us a spec list for the Android Wear watch. According to images posted to Twitter, the LG G Watch will feature 4GB storage and a 1.65-inch TFT LCD display, weigh 61g, and sport a standby time of 36 hours, thanks to a 400mAh battery. Sensors on board include those for ambient, touch, pedometer, and tilt.

We already dug through the system dump from the G Watch, revealing all sorts of Android Wear cards for Google Now items, plus clock faces, potentially apps, and the full build.prop.

What do you guys think about the G Watch now? I know that the Moto 360 is still the early favorite to earn your cash, but we now know quite a bit about the G Watch. Is 36-hour standby time enough? Does that mean we are getting one day of actual use? How good would a sub-$200 price be?

Via:  @upleaks | Modaco
Cheers Tony!
  • Matthew

    If I can’t make and take calls and canned texts, I’m skipping out on the G Watch.

  • Daistaar

    Really wish we can charge these just by wearing them. Sort of like a self-winding watch, though in this case kinetic charging.

  • n11

    $99 should be the price point they should be after. Perhaps $149 for a premium version. I doubt I’ll pay more than $100 for a watch. Keep it simple and basic-useful. A week-long battery life at the minimum (which would include moderate usage)

  • Chuck

    36hrs standby is piss poor considering I get 5 days use from my gear 2.

    • guesswhat

      yes 36hrs stand by is a joke .. if it really comes with 36hrs standby time will need to charge it twice a day

  • tellmewhat

    heard moto 360 will have 1000 hrs standby time 🙂

    • NexusMan

      Nope. 360hrs.

  • Aaron

    Im waiting for the moto360 before I decide. Love the circle. Why does everything have to be a damn rectangle!? /Rant lol! For real though, gotta see the 360 before I decide which one I am going with.

  • my95z34

    IDK, I’m still not convinced I want a watch with a standard LCD display in it. One thing I love about my Pebble is the always on display. I don’t have to worry about it mistaking normal movements to turn the display on, wasting battery, or not properly sensing my movement to turn on the display. IDK… I guess I’d just have to actually get some hands on time to be convinced. And to see the real world battery life out of an LCD display.

  • 36hr standby…. so, 8hrs actively on? And, no active display?

  • Droidzilla

    My thoughts on the price.

  • IcerC

    For comparison, pebble weighs in at 38 grams and steel at 56.

  • Ajmcnicol

    People need to stop being LAZY.
    Im sure there will be some smart guy that says “i do”, but MOST people dont sleep with their watches on.
    So plugging it in at night like you already do your phone, is NOT a big deal. (wireless charging would def make it easier).

    As long as the battery last a whole day with medium use (not just light), then that is good enough for now till we get better battery tech.

    For me, there is 3 things that will get me to buy one of these new watches.
    1. Price..doesnt make sense if its half the price of a smartphone but only does one fifth the ability. I understand a business needs a profit margin (thats the whole point in the end for a business…to make money…not give stuff away for free).
    2. Durability. Water proof…and hard glass.
    3. A day long medium to heavy battery useage.

  • pyro74boy .

    I could really care less about some smart watch that I will never wear or use. The only thing I care about is the Release Date of the LG G3, Come on LG you have a chance to take my money [BUT NOT FOR MUCH LONGER] if you just come out with the damn thing now and not make me wait forever.

    • NexusMan

      Now, see, that’s how I reel about the G3: couldn’t care less, so LG is smart to have us both covered, as I’m getting more interested in the G Watch.

      • pyro74boy .

        I’m not waiting forever to get the G3. I was really hoping that LG would have done the same exact thing that HTC did with the M8 and make it so you can buy it now and not have to wait forever to buy it because I hate waiting for anything. But that’s just me.

  • crazed_z06

    After all the hating on the Galaxy Gear, Im not impressed with this LG Android watch at all.

    My OG Galaxy Gear easily goes two days with the Motion sensor on. I leave the sensor off and 5 days is as long as Ive taken it. Of course you need to press the power button to see the time when the sensor is off.

    • NexusMan

      But your Gear doesn’t have the same functionality.

      • AbbyZFresh

        But the Gear already does more functions than the G Watch as of right now. The G Watch is purely notifications.

        • NexusMan

          The G Watch has not been released yet, but when it is it is essentially Google Now on your wrist, along with navigation, voice input and other things, which is hardly “purely notifications.” And most importantly, it works with Android phones manufactured by ANY company, not jut Samsung, which in itself makes it more “functional” than Samsung’s locked down Gear.

  • needa

    tft. how disappointing. kellen was right.

  • Stang88

    Battery durability not important to me, just need to make it FULLY waterproof like watches are.

  • tu3218

    Smartwatch plus fitness features. First company that doesn’t restrict their device and does this will get my money for sure.

  • TeeJay1100

    Moto 360 has to hit the sweet spot of no more than $250!! Lg should sell this for $150

    • NexusMan

      Moto 360 price hasn’t been announced yet.

      • TeeJay1100

        I know I’m saying they have to price it right no more than $250

        • NexusMan

          I don’t think they will. I’ll be surprised if it’s any less than $299.

  • J Davis

    Anybody catch Josh T with the Moto 360 on Fallon? The watch looks beautiful. At this point only > 500 will stop me from getting it day 1.

    • You and me both!! I was so happy to see it’s not huge like the leak from last week.

      • NexusMan

        Last weeks pic was not a leak, and was clearly marked as a prototype.

    • Aaron

      Day one I will be wearing that thing. Its stunning!

    • NexusMan

      It looks just like the pics they’ve been showing us for months. Been excited about this thing since it was announced.

  • John Kitchen

    One day is probably fine, under $200 would be amazing. It’d be sweet if it had a micro USB hidden in the watch band so you could daisy chain your phone to it and only use one wall socket.

  • Justen DeBowles

    wait, i’ve seen people on this site CRUCIFY the galaxy gear because it’s battery life was 48 hours… and folks are ok with the G watch having that short of life?? My goodness the hypocrisy.

    Aside from that, I wanna see the final price and learn the price of the 360 to determine which of the three (gear incl) is the best watch. Samsung already has over 1m gears in the wild so shout out to that head start.

    • NexusMan

      I agree. I, personally, don’t think charging everyday is that big of a deal, but you’re right, people are being hypocritical.

  • akellar

    I’m confused why people care that you may have to charge it daily? You do that with your phone already and I imagine most people don’t sleep with your watch on. I, for one, have zero issue with having to charge it overnight along with my phone. Now if it has less than a day, that’s a deal breaker.

    • PoisonApple31

      I charge my Note 3 every other day. I charge my Gear 2 Neo every 3 days with typical usage, 5 days with low usage.

    • Cory S

      I have a Oris Automatic…I sleep and shower with it on. I haven’t taken the thing off except to clean it once a month or so in 5 years. I don’t have the same expectations for a smart watch…but at least 3 full days be nice.

    • Alix8821

      I said the same thing on G+ n I’m getting yelled at… Hahha.

      BOO HOO, you need to charge it while your asleep… So?!

      Full day of use whole I’m awake is what matter. CAN’T wait for Moto 360!

      • michael arazan

        Would love to see an automatic watch that uses kinetic energy like some of the nicer watches do with a back up battery that stores the energy

        • Aditya Saky

          Powering an electronic device such as a smart watch is a lot tougher, simply because of the amount of power required.

    • NexusMan


    • calculatorwatch

      Actually a couple of the things I think would be nice about having a smart watch are monitoring sleep cycles and having a vibrating wrist alarm. Not sure if either would actually be that useful but I’d like to give it a try.

      • I do this with my Pebble and an app called “Sleep as Android”. The only problem I have with going about sleep tracking using the Pebble is the drain on battery. It seems that whenever I use it to track my sleep and wake me up, I have to charger it every other day as opposed to every week if I don’t.

    • Chuck

      Do you have a Gear? I never slept with a watch on until I got the Gear 2. It acts as a silent alarm that’s awesome. I camp with it and do have access to a charger all the time. 1 days use is terrible.

    • n11

      It means we don’t want to plug it in every damn night. If anything, that watch should last longer than your phone as it’ll likely be used than it, and therefore should be your “last resort” when trying to get the time or some sort of simple contact.
      I sure as hell would NEVER buy a watch that can’t hold a charge for a few days. I don’t want to be plugging in 4 devices every night.

  • joe23521

    Can the G Watch actually get released before the G3? I’m sick of waiting indefinitely.

    • Shane Redman

      Google I/O with a GPE G3 + G watch Bundle…. (calling it)

  • Dr. Steve

    Square face makes me sad.

  • Ryan N

    This leaves things looking optimistic for the 360…

  • antwonw

    No way. Not for a 36 hour battery. The least I’ll take is a 4 day battery.

    • Ray

      I wasn’t aware of Burger King selling smartwatch’s o_0

      • antwonw

        Sorry. I havent been to Burger King in over 8 years. I don’t get your joke.

        • Ray
          • antwonw

            OK…? Umm…are you in the habit of upvoting all your own posts?

          • Ray

            You should learn how to hover over upvotes they didnt come from me buddy. If you didn’t know I’m sort of a big deal around here earned all 4k plus the hard way…haha

        • Ray

          It’s only been their slogan for 50 years

          • antwonw

            I’ve only been a vegetarian my whole life.

          • Ray

            I don’t eat burger king either but you don’t need to when you drive by and it’s on every sign.

          • Jordan

            He rides his bike.

          • Ray

            Well then he should have and even clearer/longer view of the sign 🙂

          • antwonw

            I don’t do drive bys. Those can land you on jail.

      • NexusMan


  • John

    ouch… fail before release with 36 hour standby.

  • KB

    For 2 bills, I’m in. Not concerned about battery life, would charge nightly along w/phone.

  • M3D1T8R

    Really hoping for at least 48hr (2 day+) on the Moto 360. 36hr means probably still charging it every day, but that may be what we have to live with, until mirasol takes over (ha, I wish).

  • Ryan Powell

    36-hr standby battery life has me losing interested in smart watches quick.

  • Jondan Rothfus

    Even if it only lasts a little more than one day, if it only takes ~2 hours to charge, I can charge it at my desk at work. Some people take their watches off while sitting at a computer for any length of time anyway, so plugging it in while setting it aside isn’t that big of a deal (to me) at all.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Then what’s the point of a watch if you will take it of at work anyway?

      • Ray

        I do the same thing at work watches get sweaty and uncomfortable when typing

      • PoisonApple31

        I enjoy using mine at work, being able to look at your meetings in various facilities and where they are at is great without having to take my phone out of my pocket, typing the code, etc…

    • Plug in? No way man… gimme Qi charging please lol

    • XvierX

      I usually take mine off at work too. It’s more comfortable to type that way imo

    • Cory S

      Should charge quick. Battery is tiny.

      • PoisonApple31

        Neo has a 300 mAh battery and charging takes longer than you’d expect. I think LG will use a similar setup to Samsung because of the same pogo pins underneath.

    • James

      Anyone else find it interesting that the MOTOACTV claimed 325 hours of “standby” time in comparison?

      • Blue Sun

        I have never gotten more than 72 hours between charges on my Motoactiv.

        • MistaButters

          That’s still double this

  • Garrett Sechelski

    So what could we reasonably expect the actual battery time to be? One day?

    That doesn’t seem very good.

  • sralj

    Looking forward to this, especially if the price is around $200. I personally think this watch looks way better than the Moto 360.

    • Shane Redman

      ^^^^^ BLASPHEMOUS!

    • panicswhenubered


    • Ray

      Circles are in …Square’s are well Square’s L7

  • James_75

    Launched along side the G3!

    Fingers crossed!

  • T4rd

    I hope this forces the Pebble Steel down to $150 or so. I think I’d rather just get one of those still. I don’t care much for anything outside of time and general notifications.

  • Cory S

    So, not even a 2 day battery life?

    • Daniel Russell

      Seems disappointing.

      • callumshell1

        you are aware of the size limitations in smartwatches yes

    • James

      It’s disappointing, but not extremely surprising. I won’t cry myself to sleep if I need to plug in every night. I do that with my phone anyway. I’m more curious to know how it will stand up to real usage, not “standby” time. If I need to baby it before the end of a long day, forget it.

      • Shane Redman

        if it has wireless charging, it’s definitely not that bad….but if it’s wired and the moto360 is wireless, 360 wins

        • M3D1T8R

          Exactly what I was going to say.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          I’m not quite sure anyone know how the 360 will charge. Wireless is a given since there are no pogo pins like the G Watch, but that blue bubble on the back of the renders really intrigues me. That they are being so coy about their power being part of their “special sauce”, it leads me to believe it’s more than just Qi wireless on a pretty stand, or something similar.

          • Shane Redman

            Moto DOES have a patent for a panel that takes in solar energy along with a screen…

        • James

          Could someone explain why wireless charging would be that big of a benefit? (serious question). It seems to me if you have to take it off to charge either way, wireless would just be a nice addition as opposed to a huge selling point.

          • Shane Redman

            have you seen how you charge the Samsung Gear 2? as opposed to lay the watch on a mat on a night stand

          • James

            I think there are other possibilities, but yes I agree that approach sucks.

          • Shane Redman

            Definitely, what if you lost that extra bit with the pogo pins? It’s so small and can get lost so easily.

          • Derek

            For me it’s about the lack of frustration. I usually either charge devices right as I’m going to bed or when I’m at work. Cables at work get shifted around and tangled up pretty easily as I sometimes have to move a lot of systems on and off my desk for testing. Having to dig around for a cable sucks while my Nexus charger just sits neatly on my desk. If I’m charging at night it likely means I’ve already turned off the lights so I’m fumbling around trying to figure out which side is up on the cable in the dark. At home I have clips that hold the cables next to my bed so they are easy to find, but they don’t look very nice so I’d never put them on my work desk.

            It’s hardly the end of the world. But after having gone back and forth between wireless and wired charging a few times now, I greatly enjoy the convenience of wireless charging and would be more than willing to pay more or have less features to wirelessly charge.

          • sirmeili

            My issue with wireless charging (and Yes, i have used it), is that if you move it accidentally off the sweet spot, your device doesn’t charge. This is is a huge bummer when you pick up your device to only find out it didn’t charge. Having a phone, with a watch band, is probably going to exasperate the issue, IMHO, specifically a metal band.

          • On2Vegas

            I’m thinking Moto’s solution may not be a charging mat, but perhaps some kind of small rounded mount that you can just place it on. Like a small hockey puck, with a mound on top. No shifting away from the sweet spot.

          • sirmeili

            That would work for me. The flag pucks that you use for phones/tablets just haven’t worked well for me in general.

        • Cory S

          While wireless charging would be nice, it still is a issue. I don’t really want to pack a proprietary charger for my watch when I go out of town for the weekend.

          • Shane Redman

            Then I’d take my mechanical watch 🙂

    • James

      Also, there’s no mention of kinetic charging. Even if it only slightly slowed down battery drain, the addition would seem worth it. Hell, Seiko watches had kinetic charging years ago.

      • Cory S

        Eh, I think a bigger battery in place of the kinetic charging parts would be better.

        • James

          Depends on the cost-benefit. A little extra heft on a device you wear on your wrist all day can be very noticeable.

          • Cory S

            if kinetic charging could supply any charge worth the space it occupied we’d had seen it on phones years ago. Conventional watches use much, much less energy. I mean a typical watch battery is 285mah and runs off it for 5 years. This watch is 400mah and lasts mere hours.

          • James

            Companies like Nokia have already been testing kinetic on phones. And it’s existed on watches for years. It adds no bulk. Yes, the returns are fairly small but I think we’d all agree any bump to battery life would be welcome.

          • sirmeili

            It has to add SOME bulk doesn’t it? I mean there has to be something in the to do the kinetic charging, right? If so, I believe what @Cory_S:disqus is saying is that if that added space used for kinetic charging would add more battery life than it would if you just used it for a bigger battery. Remember, these things are crammed full of electronics. I would have to argue that a standard wrist watch would have more free space in it than a smart watch would.

          • calculatorwatch

            For some reason I think it’d be fun to live in a world where we can shake our phones up if we need a little extra juice to get through the day…

      • Shane Redman

        I’m hoping for that and/or solar in the 360

    • Allyn K C

      And the 36 hours is for “standby time”. Which means to expect less for real-world use.

      It’ll be a tough sell for me. My traditional “dumb watch” never needs charging (Citizen Eco-Drive, solar rechargeable) – so to win me over, any smart watch will need to impress me with must-have features in order to justify the cost as well as the inconvenience of charging it. I am going with an open mind on that, and want to see what they really can do once available. But I also find the G watch to be too large and ugly – so I am more interested in what the Moto 360 can bring to the game.

      In the end, I’m suspecting that I’ll need to wait a few generations of smart-watches before power requirements and battery technology converge to a sweet-spot that’s more appealing to me.

      • akellar

        G watch is too large but you’re interested in the 360? You missed the dinner platter pics last week huh?

        • Allyn K C

          I saw the prototype images, which showed it noticeably larger than the earlier released press renderings. It is yet to be seen which version the final production model will resemble in size. If the prototype images are closer to the final version, then it too appears to big. Even if closer in size to the press renderings, battery life may still kill it for me.

          Meanwhile, the G watch has been consistently big in both press renderings and in prototype images. And the styling of it is just too blocky and ugly for my preference (other opinion may vary on the styling).

      • Jon

        But your traditional watch also doesn’t let you know when your family and friends are calling you, or let you see and respond to a text message using your voice without ever pulling out your phone. I just don’t get comparing battery life to a traditional watch. Other than telling the time, these two devices are playing in different leagues and battery comparisons between a dumb watch and a smart watch are just silly.

        Can you imagine me telling you…well my motorcycle got me 65 mpg, so I want my new Minivan that transports the family to at least get 50 mpg. These two vehicles just aren’t fit for comparison when talking about MPG. That’s how I feel about the watch battery discussion.

        And you mention cost….At sub $200 prices, cost is not a factor. Many quality watches cost $100 – $200 easy. So we are in the ballpark with cost already.

        • Allyn K C

          At no point did I say that I expect a smart watch to match the dumb watch battery life (it’s not possible). It was brought up to point out convenience – specifically, I never need to worry if my traditional watch can make it through a full day. If a smart watch can’t do that it’s worthless to me; and from a practical standpoint, I would prefer a couple days of battery life (as I said above, I’m suspecting that I’ll need to wait a few generations of smart-watches before power requirements and battery technology converge to a sweet-spot that’s more appealing to me).

          And yes I mentioned cost – if it can’t make it through a whole day at the very least, it’s impractical for me and not worth the cost even in the $200 range.

  • Shane Redman

    < $200 = Win to me. If the 360 comes out with some space between, might snag both for kicks

  • monkey082506

    Sub $200 pricing definitely has my attention..

    • Ray

      Yep cant hurt to have more then one smartwatch this alongside the 360

      • Bob G

        Just have them all on one hand and form a really long touchscreen.

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        • michael arazan

          Reminds me of the swatch watch craze of the 80’s when kids wore like 2-5 watches all on one arm