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Motorola Thursday Sale: Moto X Starting at $299

On May 1, starting at 12:01AM ET, Motorola is hosting a 24-hour sale for their 2013 flagship, the Moto X. The 16GB model will drop to $299 at full retail (normally $349), while the 32GB version can be had for $324.99 (normally $399). The Developer Edition will also drop to $324.99. 

We called the Moto X our top Android phone of 2013, even with its below average camera. The total package was something refreshing in a smartphone world filled with nothing but oversized phones. The Moto X not only feels great in hand, it performs wonderfully, includes a handful of innovative features like Active Display, and can be customized to your liking through MotoMaker.

With that said, the phone is no longer new. It is still a hell of a phone, but we can’t help but point out the fact that we will see the new Moto X in a few months. Motorola has told us to expect one in “late summer.” Then again, at $299, it may be a nice placeholder while you await the arrival of the new model, assuming you have some cash to blow.

Via:  Motorola
Cheers Geoffrey!
  • Steve

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  • Richard Jackson

    Damit Moto why do you do this. With the Moto x+ supposed to come out soon I now want to wait to see what that about.

  • mcdonsco

    Seems to me like moto’s projections based on stock on hand vs current sales is telling them they will still have a lot on hand when the x+1/2 (whatever) is released and how to resolve? SALE!

    I would have said fire sale but this isnt a fire sale price this long after initial release.

    • discstu37

      It’s a FIRE!… sale

  • CKH

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    personal experience and recommendation. Use this link for an additional
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    • PoisonApple31

      Well, if its your personal experience I am so there dude!

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  • cheeto0

    I just got mine delivered today. I didn’t even open it. Will they adjust the price on thursday, Im within the return policy but I rather not go through that. Its a pain for me and a loss for them.

    • AngryBadger

      YMMV, but from what I’ve read about on past sales… the customer service reps will do something for you (be it complete discount, accessories discount, partial discount)

    • steveliv

      I experienced this. In my case I ordered the first at full price and the second a few hours later at the cheaper price. They had me return the first one and refunded me completely for it. They didn’t seem to be able to adjust the price after it had been charged/shipped.

  • ken

    If I don’t plan on flashing custom ROMs, are there less hassle with rooting the Verizon DE version of the Moto X vs the locked one? For example, maintaining root across updates, more steps to get root, etc.


    • Nathan Borup

      If you want root, go with the Dev Edition… I went with the non-dev edition and have been regretting it ever since

      • Hello

        Will it be at some point?

        • Nathan Borup

          According to jcase, its not likely

    • ToddAwesome

      I was able to maintain root on my VZW DE after taking the 4.4.2 update. Unlocking and rooting are really a breeze on the phone, even for a novice. If you don’t plan on usaing a custom rom I highly recommend the Xposed installer and Gravity Box, all the customization tweaks I’ve needed, so far.

  • Carlos Reyes

    Can you get the education discount?

  • paul_cus

    Still overpriced, Motorola.

    • guesswhat


    • steveliv

      An awesome off contract phone available on all carriers for $299. This is a good deal!

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    They have a sale like 80% of the time but of course I get mine when it’s not on sale 🙁 lol.

  • jeradc

    So I need a new phone, and want to keep my current grandfathered Verizon unlimited plan. Any reason not to go with this deal? Is any other phone in this price range as good as the X?

    • trixnkix637

      Not on Verizon no.

    • Sean Walton

      You could get a Nexus 5. It’s a bit more but not much. For the price the Moto X and N5 are your best choices.

      • jeradc

        Does verizon offer the Nexus 5?

        • AngryBadger

          No, they do not. One reason I switched away from Verizon was to get the Nexus 5.

        • steveliv

          Currently, Moto X is the closest you will get to a Nexus phone on Verizon. It is practically stock android, and the stuff that Moto added are awesome features (active notification, touchless, etc)

          • jeradc


          • steveliv

            sorry, touchless controls. when you activate and train your voice, the phone is constantly polling the microphone so that when you say OK Google, it comes to life and you can make requests for info, etc.

          • jeradc

            ah, yes. Gotcha.

        • Sean Walton

          I don’t think so hence why I edited my original comment. I’m Canadian so not sure about what Verizon has but a quick check on their site tells me no.

    • M3D1T8R

      Probably this or, depending what you’re upgrading from, you could get a used DNA for under $200 and run Rumrunner to unlock/s-off it and have a great phone to run whatever ROM you want until the next good option comes along. The DNA has pretty great developer support. I’m just now getting into it.. Been running stock until now but the DNA is still surprisingly good and has held up well with the dev support. Or if you just want stock, it just got an official ota 4.4 update too (I can’t go that route because I need to keep free WiFi hotspot).
      Honestly though this Moto X is pretty good for that Dev Edition (or regular 32GB) for $325 new, if you don’t want a 2nd hand phone. Just realize and be okay with the fact that a Moto X 2 will probably be showing up within the next 3 months or so. Doubt it will be $300 though, probably more like 500.

    • TopXKiller

      You could buy a LG G2 from Swappa/CL for close to the same price. Also bootloader is hard to get unlocked on the X while LG G2 has root and bootloader unlock unless they took the OTA (which only happened recently; you’ll still have root even if it did). I am on 4.4.2 stock ROM, tethering without 3rd party app and its awesome.. S800, 1080p, 3000mah battery.. amazing phone imo

      • jeradc

        Have you had a good experience with Swappa? I’ve not used it.

    • steveliv

      I bought this to keep my unlimited. I came from the Galaxy Nexus. This phone is awesome! It’s pretty much an unbranded Nexus. Make sure to get the 32gb Verizon Developer Edition. I valued the unlocked bootloader over the customized colors.

      • jeradc

        So why go with the Dev edition? Because it’s unlocked?

        • steveliv

          It isn’t unlocked out of the box, but you can unlock it and not have it void your warranty. It also comes with 32gb, and the design (black front and white woven back) looks really nice and is only available on dev editions.

    • Nathan Borup

      You won’t regret getting the moto X… it is an amazing phone, and its even better with root capabilities. I would recommend the Dev Edtion Moto X

  • Sean Walton

    If they had Moto Maker for us Canadians I would take advantage of this and buy three. One for me, wife and father. I love the phone. We keep getting screwed.

    • WAldenIV

      Have any friends in the states that can receive them and ship them to you?

    • Scott

      Canada seems to get screwed with everything.

      • Sean Walton

        LOL depends. I wouldn’t say everything but we do get screwed on certain things.

  • James

    Does Verizon’s developer edition get updates faster than the non-developer one?

    • No, it’s just that it can be unlocked. If anything it’s slower.

      • Alexander Anteneh

        “its slower” …to get updates.

        • Thanks for repeating what I said…

          • Alexander Anteneh

            Just clarifying what you said

      • huju

        Do you or anyone here have dates to when the DE and non-DE versions on Verizon got updates?

      • aaro

        Thanks. I’ll just get the non-developer edition. At least, I can customize the casing a little.

        • Maxim∑

          You should not buy a Moto X

    • aaro

      I wonder how much longer the Moto X will get updates due to the Lenovo purchase. I’m not too concerned with performance since it often takes at least 1.5 years before phone hardware gets noticeably faster. I am very concerned about getting the latest security and stability fixes though.

      • needa

        i wouldnt worry. moto has made it clear that they plan on operating as normal. whether they know this for a fact or not is another question all together. but i cannot imagine lenovo coming in and telling them no. its pretty much stock anyways.

    • steveliv

      They get them at the same time, but keep in mind the VZW Moto X was the first carrier phone to get KitKat.

  • Larry Bublitz

    I mean this in the best possible way…. The Moto X is SOOOO good that it’s boring. Anyone else notice this? I got one during the Feb 14th $299 deal, so it hasn’t even been three months yet, but EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING on this phone is SOOO exactly perfect for my needs– I’ve totally forgotten about my thirst for phones. Maybe that’s the point once you get the hardware perfect? I haven’t needed to root, rom, can do everything singlehanded, the battery takes me through the day, the Active Display rocks, the Griffin cradle is perfect, and it fits perfectly in my pocket. NOTHING bugs me about it.

    • I have both the G2 and Moto X and I find that I almost never want to use the Moto X with it’s tiny off-color screen.

      • Maxim∑

        my exact issue, the display is really poor IMO compared to other phones. I’d just buy a N5 for 50$ more if you want that price range, get the latest chipset,1080p display and a better camera

        • guesswhat

          display on nexus 5 is not better than X, I find nexus 5 display washed out ..the display on X is better and colors pops

          • simp1istic

            The word your looking for about the n5 display is “accurate”

        • needa

          funny thing is is has the best 720p amoled screen ever produced.

        • AngryBadger

          Remember, some users are on Verizon and so can not use the Nexus 5.

          • picaso86

            I wonder if it will be a bad idea buying the Verizon Dev Edition now, knowing that the Moto X2 is coming out soon.

          • AngryBadger

            The only real complaints I have heard about the phone is the iffy camera (as you can read in the rest of the comments section). If that is a big factor then waiting for the X2 (as it might improve in the camera department) would probably be a good choice. Good luck on your phone choice, it’s always fun shopping for a new one. 🙂

          • picaso86

            Thanks AngryBadger 🙂

            I think I will wait a little bit… At least my OG Droid Maxx is not dead yet.

      • tu3218


      • Mark

        Is it easy to get root on the G2? I just need it so Tasker can toggle the GPS.

    • I love it. It’s the best phone I’ve ever had. But nothing’s perfect. I really hope the Moto X+1 brings better battery life, a better camera, and more LTE bands, all while staying the same size.

      Oh, and since you mention cradles, I thought the car dock could have been a bit better. The way you have to twist it to get it in is weird and feels like something’s gonna break.

    • JoshGroff

      I’ve owned mine since the cyber Monday sale, haven’t had a major urge to upgrade yet either. Going to be a toss up between the X+, note 4, and new nexus when I go to “upgrade” again.

    • Hothfox

      This has been my experience as well. There just really isn’t anything that I feel like I need to change. It performs very well, the UI is exactly what I want (pretty darn near AOSP), and there are just enough extra features that are actually useful. The physical design is perfect. Perfect size. I am sure when the Moto X 2 comes out, I will lust after that, but only because I know how amazing the first one is/was.

      • Larry Bublitz

        Same. Completely. Maybe this is the feeling iPhone people have? /shrug But yeah, if the sequel to the Moto X keeps the same dimensions mostly, grrrrr, the lust will probably return.

    • mcdonsco

      cant say i agree…the battery for me was a light weight at best…i couldnt even finish lunch without having to plug it in. now if it had swappable battery, that may have kept me with it. the camera was also a big issue for me as well, normally i just need decent pics fairly quick, but as usual for a moto camera, neither of these happened for me…the pics were subpar and it took a long time to focus and shoot.

      other than those issues i did like it, but those issues = return.

  • Tony Byatt

    Well damn…

  • MarionHNunn

    The Moto X not only feels great in hand, it performs wonderfully, includes a handful of innovative features like Active Display, and can be customized to your liking through MotoMaker. http://sn.im/28v1ckw

  • Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

    So glad I recently sold my X before this deal had a chance to be released. Otherwise it would have gotten no attention or low ball offers would be coming my way.

    • WAldenIV

      I’m on the other end of the spectrum. I just received two Moto X phones in the mail today from Motomaker. I’m trying to get them to credit me the difference because I could return both phones.

  • Maxim∑

    Tempting :/ but I feel dont like the display.

  • Orion

    That’s all well and good but it’s time for some news on that moto phablet and the new moto X. Oh and that sexy new watch.

    • tomn1ce

      They have to clear their inventory before announcing anything new I guess…..

  • hebrewHAMMER

    Damn, I paid double for the VZW Dev Edition when it came out. If my GNEX wasn’t crawling to a slow death, I would have loved to jump on one of the many Moto X sales

  • clobberedchina

    I would love to buy a little old lady in the family a new phone. She is the best person I know but she is stuck with her Droid 4 until someone makes a slider. Sigh. I gave her a look at my Moto X but she can’t type on it (she is a former Blackberry user.) Are pull out keyboards just a thing of the past?

    • Aaron C

      My mother-in-law had the same issue. We hooked her and my father-in-law with Moto G’s and she’s having a real hard time with the keyboard. Knowing what I know now, a physical keyboard would have been much better for her. Personally, I never thought I would own a phone without a physical keyboard, but I was surprised how little I ended up using it on my Original Droid, and that was that for this former Treo user.

    • WAldenIV

      Has she tried Swype or SwiftKey Flow?

      • EC8CH

        When I envision teaching old people how to swype, I picture their heads exploding with confusion 😛

  • T4rd

    Wow, this is perfect as I was just looking at the Moto X to replace my mom’s old and busted iPhone 4. I can get them used (in mint condition) for around $250 or a new/customized one for $300.. decisions.

  • TopXKiller

    needs to be lower

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    I shattered the screen on my G2. Was gonna ship it to Gophermods to get it replaced and pay about $220. Should I do that or just grab a moto x for the extra 80 bucks?

    • morteum

      If you have a .edu address you might be able to get the Moto X for even cheaper than $299.

      • graywh

        If you can’t get the free Skip with the .edu discount, I doubt this one will stack with it either.

      • Maxim∑

        whats the .edu deal??

        • morteum

          Its like $60 off if you’re a student with an .edu account.

    • Detonation

      Depends what you want…they are two very different phones. Moto X is a great size and has very useful software features in addition to being nearly stock android. However, the camera and screen are lacking IMO, at least in comparison to the G2.

      I actually just did the opposite and switched from a Moto X to the G2 and am pretty happy. Only thing I’m really missing is the active notifications, especially being able to just nudge my phone and see the time.

      • Tyler James Edward Hills

        So having owned both, you enjoy the G2 more?

        • Detonation

          I’ve only had the G2 for a week but so far yes. I like the bigger, higher res screen, the camera is far superior, it’s got wireless charging, and LG’s skin isn’t actually that bad outside of some of the bloat which you can freeze. Plus the G2 is easy to root, whereas Moto X you basically need a dev edition to root it now

          • Tyler James Edward Hills

            Well that about settles it. I didnt mind the LG skin either, and i have the kitkat update waiting for me when i get the screen fixed. Thanks man

    • coh303

      You can get a new screen off Amazon for like 100 bucks and just replace it yourself. Simple as that.

    • ferrari187

      get the moto x, you can probably get more then the diff of $80 by selling the g2 even with the cracked screen, and come out ahead

    • Suman Racha

      send it back to LG. They charge about $150.

  • Lawrence_Hart

    Moto X @ $299 > All other phones @ +$600

    • SJ

      MOTO X @ $299 < MOTO G @ $99

      • hkklife

        Yeah but Moto G is a no-go for any “normal” postpaid user at the $100 price point since you cannot activate it on a postpaid VZW account. And the unlocked GSM Moto G is nearly 2x as expensive. Still a helluva deal on the X. I would encourage anyone who is on the fence to go ahead and get one, especially if you need the VZW version. With the looming Lenovo acquisition and likely end of the Nexus program, I only expect (official) off-contract Android devices prices to go up, up, up!

        • Stev J

          I am a Verizon wireless POST PAID customer with UNLIMITED DATA. I am using a MOTO G on my account right now. All you have to do it go to Walmart, buy the phone, bypass activation, then *228. Then you’re all set.

          So instead of telling people they cant, you could do more research. But Now you know…

          • Stev J

            Here is NC, I paid just over $106 with taxes. Happy as I can be…

          • Maxim∑

            Nitrogen Carbon lol..Your BB jokes are old

          • Redsun

            Where are you people getting the Moto G for $99?

          • SJ

            VERIZON ONLY… Sadly… Go to Walmart or Best buy. The silly thing, apparently, not only can you activate the phone on postpaid, but you can then activate it on other phone numbers afterwards. (i.e. sell or trade it) I hope Verizon never fixes this.

          • Cool, aren’t you missing the LTE though? …I mean, do you notice it being slower?

          • SJ

            Oh, I would miss LTE. I miss it for the fact that it isn’t there, but I have WiFi at work and home. I have an office job and only go out for meetings and surveys once a week at most. I can still listen to Pandora and Tune-In Radio Pro and use GPS Nav. You pretty much cannot watch videos at all, but I never did anyway.
            Others may “need” LTE, but I don’t use the data enough to matter.

          • Ralph Bretz

            Did that really work? Is there a site/link to instructions? Would love to do that.

          • SJ

            I’ve done it. All you do is buy the phone. Then bypass the activation (from XDA: You can bypass the activation easily, simply hit next 1 time, pull down the notification center, click on the multitasking button and swipe away the activation screen quickly, and boom!)
            Once you do that, dial *228. Then it will ask for your phone number and passcode. Once you have those, it will say it activated. (Others say it failed once first, but for me, it activated on the first try.)
            The only issue is unlimited data doesn’t feel the same from 4g to 3g… LOL.

          • Ralph Bretz

            Thank you. As I work from home the majority of the time I’ll be on Wi-Fi most of the time. I just would like to have a decent cheap backup from.

          • michael arazan

            The More You Know

          • SJ

            I think a G.I. Joe comment would be cooler…

    • I like the Moto X, but it’s not that good, it lacks in many areas. Heck there isn’t even root available for 4.4.

      • Lawrence_Hart

        But are the G2, Galaxy S4, and HTC One (M8) twice as good? I don’t think they are. The Moto X is a great deal for a phone that works really well. I don’t need a super computer in my pocket or an IMAX screen.

        • The G2 is $499, so it’s not exactly double the price, and in the grand scheme of things when you are paying $100+/mo. for service after tax, does $200 every 1-2 years make that much of a difference to have a kick ass phone?

          • EricMayBell

            The only thing that’s significantly better is the camera which isn’t a deal breaker considering the 300 price tag. Yes, the display is better as well but it’s too big for most and 720p is just fine. They are both great phones but for what you get, I think the X is better because of its build quality, quick updates and form factor.

          • nyeght

            No, but unless if you have T-Mo’s $30 and can’t afford $100/month, (which adds up to 1.2k a year, which is a lot to a lot of people), yes it does make a difference.

      • Van

        What are you talking about? My Moto X is rooted and running 4.4.

        • Last time I checked which was a couple weeks ago, there was still no root for the 4.4 update. I’m not talking about updating to 4.4 after you root, but rooting after taking the OTA.

          • Van

            Except I rooted my X after installing 4.4.2 using this guide: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2649738

          • That’s only the dev addition.

          • Tom

            I guess I’ll be buying the dev ecition this week.

          • Meaks B

            You can unlock the bootloader on non-dev editions and root 4.4+.. Stop talking out of your ass. And in what areas does it lack other than the camera?

          • Care to share the link for that? I have a Moto X running 4.4 and everyone on XDA is saying it’s impossible to root.

      • Raven

        That is why everyone who is even slightly interested in rooting should just forget about customizing with Moto Maker and just buy an awesome dev edition. I am running on rooted stock 4.4.2 on Vzw with Unlimited and I love it. I didn’t even lose root when I took the OTA from 4.4 to 4.4.2. It is perfect. As for the ugly white back, I just snapped on a nice ultra thin Incipio case and I am good to go.

  • Cael

    So is this for all the phones besides the Amazon and Republic ones because those 2 are the only ones at the normal $349/$399 price. The carrier versions were $399/$449 regularly.

    • graywh

      I’m guessing add $50 for non-Republic wireless models.

      • Maxim∑

        no RW sucks, not even on 4.4.2 yet

      • JohnThackr

        Apparently not! I thought that would be the case, but I checked today with it live and it’s the same $299 for all carriers.

        • graywh

          Yeah, already ordered a 32GB for $325. Had to pay extra for a Skip accessory, but I had a 10% off code from chatting with motorola’s online support to make it $9. Paid $334 plus tax and I was prepared to pay $399 (after .edu discount) last week.