Video: Paranoid Android’s Hover Gets a First Beta Look

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Paranoid Android‘s new headlining feature, called Hover, has made its way into their latest beta for all to try. Hover is the replacement notification management system for the previously much-talked-about Halo, in case you were trying to keep up with ROM features these days. 

So what is Hover? Well, it reminds me a bit of the way iOS handles notifications in that as they arrive, you will see them displayed at the top of your screen, on top of your current task for a few seconds before going into hiding. Notifications show in a semi-transparent black box with some contents, minimal imagery, and will even let you interact with them in a variety of ways. If you tap and hold, you can see more of their contents, but if you do a simple tap on one, the connected app will open as a pop-up for you to take care of business and then get back to your previous task.

To see it in action, checkout the video above. If you’d like to flash the latest from PA, be sure to hit up the source link below.

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