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Check Out This Video of Google’s Project Tango 3D Mapping Experiement in Action

Yesterday afternoon, Google unveiled Project Tango, the newest mobile device experiment to come out of Mountain View. Tango is a mobile device (running Android), equipped with enough sensors and cameras to make over a quarter of a million 3D measurements every second, which allows users to create full 3D environments wherever the device is in use almost instantaneously. 

To help visualize what Project Tango is capable of, a 3D environment is made right before our eyes in the below video, and then the results can be seen once filming is complete.

As we see in the video, a man hovers the phone around in all corners of the room, making sure not to miss any spots. Once scanning is complete, we can view the results, which is almost a perfect virtual 3D replica of the room which was scanned. Pretty sweet, right?

Unfortunately for us common consumer folk, we won’t be able to get our hands on Project Tango anytime soon, as the experiment is pretty closed off to only software developers who can help Tango grow into a more helpful and serious platform.

Hopefully one day we will all be able to achieve such results with our smartphones.

Via: TechCrunch
  • Higher_Ground

    The technology seems to be getting better and better. Sooner or later surveying will be nearly autonomous.

  • KH

    This is a scary innovation. With everything that can possibly be taken from your phone, currently, this happens to be the next worst thing. Just look at the Moto X. When Christmas came around, they changed the start-up logo to reflect a more holiday theme, which is cool, but also goes to show you how much they actually can see and do with your phone, remotely… and that is just the actual manufacturer. This is not including Google itself, the government and anyone with skills enough/ the equipment to hack/access your phone and all the important info stored on it. NFC, GPS, WIFI, apps, all these things can be used to steal anything and everything that someone would want to take from you. If you can’t see this and don’t recognize that your phone is not as secure as you think, then I don’t know what to tell you. I just hope nothing happens to you. You may not be the biggest news buff, but it is impossible for you to not know the name Snowden or NSA. I mean, there have been articles, even going as far back to the clamshell/flip phone hay-days when it was known that if you left your phone flipped-open it could be used to listen in on what was happening in the environment around it. I have had very close people to me, work for different Tech/computer companies over the years (and for many years) and the things they could tell you would blow your mind. Basically everything Gene Hackman says in Enemy of The State w/ Will Smith is absolutely true. Say what you want, but The Narrator is right, even if he didn’t mean it seriously.

    • The Motto

      Anything can be turned into a weapon. I can kill you with my car key or a pair of glasses if I really wanted to but have a bit of faith in people please.

    • DumDumDum

      First not everyone is out to get you, 2 the moto X holiday thing is just like ROM update. Its not like they remotely logged in and went into ur system and changed the startup screen. Everyone says so scary? Ya I could see at times but if your scanning a room what are they going to do with that information? Unless you have some stock pile u wanna hide which at that point you would already have survelience on you it wouldn’t matter if they could pull ur data. Everyone wants to think their so important but truth is if ur scanning room all they get is room info same stuff they could pull from public building diagrams

  • andres barroeta

    nice 🙂

  • Bryan Wickert
  • flosserelli

    Every stalker’s dream come true.

  • sk3litor

    This would be cool for contractors, building developers, interior decorators, bank robbers, home invaders, terrorists alike. Good fun for everyone

    • michael arazan

      Going to be great for gaming as well

  • Bryan Burch

    I can see intelligence services using this against bad guys (or good guys). Hell, anyone.

  • Bryan

    Photosphere in the Nexus was probably the first prototype of this.

  • Marc

    So how far out is the holodeck I’ve been wanting now?

  • Fred


  • Taylor Abrahamson

    This is going to make ASIMO finally be able to see better!

  • Maxim∑

    I can do this today without a brick phone on autodesk 123d catch, without worrying about privacy

  • AbbyZFresh

    The NSA will love this new project. If only Google used more than 4MP camera.

    • whack a mole

      The enthusiasm for a product such as this is mind blowing. This is an open invite to massive privacy intrusion. Some of you seriously need to take your blinders off with respect to Google (or, more correctly, need to take Google’s male reproductive organ out of your mouth). Google isn’t your friend. You are an information pinata to them, and this is another stick.

      • AbbyZFresh

        I was being sarcastic.

      • Tim242

        You need to remove the tin foil from your head, and the corn cob from your *as.

  • Jason V

    Getting closer to Batman gadgets me thinks

    • J. Gilbertson

      Probably already in google glass and our phones. Morgan Freeman just has to flip the switch for batman

      • The Motto

        Yeah stuff like this doesn’t cost that much.. Its probably pretty cheap technology.

  • The Narrator

    Time to plan a GTA heist to obtain that device. That’s awesome.

    • andres barroeta

      haha lol

  • lgreg64

    I can see this be used at crime scenes. very cool stuff.

  • WK

    this is truly amazeballs.

  • thedonxr

    This is awesome!