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Verizon’s Galaxy Note 3 Receives First Update, Improves Sound Quality and Connectivity

galaxy note 3 update

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Verizon is receiving an update this week which addresses the two complaints we have heard on a consistent basis in our inboxes:  connectivity issues and terrible sound quality. Seriously, that’s all that is listed. Verizon didn’t even bother to give us a new build number. The fixes must have been that simple. Edit: The new build number is VRUBMJ7 and should take 5 minutes to install.

A couple of readers have already reached out, claiming that the update popped up on their devices, one through Verizon’s update tool and the other OTA. Go check! 

galaxy note 3 update

Cheers KrAzE, David, and Michael!

  • nellibly

    After the update, some multimedia apps no longer work with my car’s bluetooth. It All worked perfectly before. I installed Bluetooth Auto Connect, but nothing helps. Running stock.

  • KPS

    I’m not very tech savvy. I have the rezound with Verizon right now and considering upgrading to note 3. Reading the reviews, I’m wondering if I should wait. Any suggestions???

  • Greg Carter

    Lost root when this updated while I was sleeping… Anyway to Root again?

  • Michael Sherrill

    PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS UPDATE DID NOT FIX EVERY PHONE. Some Verizon and Sprint users still have distorted call quality. Samsung and Verizon have confirmed that yet another upgrade is in progress to remedy the remaining distorted calls. I have 6 Note 3s affected. I wish I could make the national evening news which would insure Samsung gets this fixed before the holiday sales begin.

  • John

    Does this break the free WiFi tether workaround? If I can’t tether then it’s a no-go.

  • GDenys

    When I looked at my phone at 12 it was there. I didn’t have a problem with either but then again I don’t really talk on the phone.

  • will ber

    awesome……so I tried kingo and delavega root and my phone for all purposes bricked……gotta go get another one

  • Dan

    Does anyone know if this update improves the Notes USB 3.0 transfer speeds. Currently, when connected via USB 3.0, transfer speeds are only 10-20% faster than 2.0.

    • OssQss

      Not being a smart a$$, but make sure you are using the stock USB 3.0 cable that came with the phone and you are connecting to a USB 3.0 (blue) port on your PC.

  • OssQss

    BTW, did you all know you have a 5G hotspot with this phone?

    • USMC

      How do you get it?

      • OssQss

        Click on your hotspot app. Click configure on the bottom right. Scroll Down to show advanced options and click it. Then scroll down again to select the broadcast channel. You have a choice of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. There ya go 🙂

  • Jonbo298

    I hope connectivity issues is in regards to having one hell of a time maintaining the Wifi signal (even when practically 3 feet or less from the router with no walls). I had to really toy with my router settings to get the phone to stop randomly dropping the connection. No other device connected had this problem.

    • Jason Parr

      ^^^this. I actually have between having the same issues myself. The update seems to have fixed it.

  • Chicostyles

    Did this update break the hot spot non rooted trick?

    • zachymo

      Mine works

  • Wolfgang71

    We should never assume Verizon is rushing an update to “improve our experience.”

  • Wolfgang71

    I’m in a meeting and cannot see if anyone posted this, but this breaks the free wifi tether on the note 3. My phone will not setup a wifi tether after the update. Beware.

    • zachymo

      Im using foxfi, unrooted, after update wifi twther still works

      • Scott

        You most likely don’t have the unlimited data plan.

  • OssQss

    If you had not checked this out it might be worth a view. Thought I would share…..

    I bet everyone will learn something new to them 😉


  • fpg

    Define connectivity issues… If you’re talking about trouble connecting to voice and data, the update didn’t help at all. As far as the sound quality, I didn’t have issues before. I just hope it doesn’t make it any worse.

  • Butt Crack

    About time. I’ve been having issues with retaining connectivity since inception. Glad this came in.

  • DC_Guy

    I was hoping it would activate the AWS Band LTE functionality.

  • crazed_z06

    Just got update in San Diego after checking for update… I never had any connectivity problems before, so I doubt that Ill see any improvements though

  • John T. Wildman

    Haven’t experienced any of those issues, but pushing to my phone now. Nice to see a response to those that have had issues. Nice job, hope it resolves them.

  • flybass

    anyone see a difference? I live in NYC so 4g is pretty good…haven’t gone home yet to see if wifi is improved.

  • s2k_848

    Just did the following and kept root on Note 3

    SuperSU > Settings
    Enable the Survival mode option

    Disable the Enable Superuser option

    Downloaded the OTA update
    Started the OTA update and phone rebooted

    Phone installed the OTA update and rebooted
    Said update was successful
    Went back into SuperSU
    Enable the Enable Superuser option
    Disable the Survival mode option
    Still have root access and on the new OTA update

    You do need the Pro version of SuperSU for this to work. Worked for me but no guarantee that it will work for everyone.

    • Shaunwin

      Are you using any Xposed modules? If so did you have to disable them?
      Are you using Titanium Backup? If so did you have any apps frozen and did you thaw them?

      • s2k_848

        Running mostly stock with disabled apps/bloatware via Application Manager, so no I am not using Titanium Backup. Also running all the new Kit Kat apps/launcher that were recently released on DL. I also have the WiFi tether on my toggle bar.

        • MightyJFury

          Hey, do you have your switch for tether in the this toggle bar? if so…how did you do it?

    • Shaunwin

      +1 s2k_848
      +1 chainfire

    • Mario Bermudez

      worked for me 🙂

    • bassman418

      Worked awesome!! Thank you.

    • xtrandrix

      I’ve followed this exact same process but have had different results. After download the OTA software, phone reboots, starts installation then the green bots stomach opens with an error code. Phone stops install process and and reboots. Get a message that says an error has occurred and no changes have been made. Has this happened to anyone else?

      • xtrandrix

        looking on xda.. lots of people are also having this problem. Finally got the update to take only using the Verizon Update Manager. took a lot longer but worked.

      • vwbeetlvr

        My build.prop was edited, I had to revert to the stock build.prop for it to work

    • terrorist96

      Just to clarify, you don’t need the pro version. SuperSU allows you to enable the Pro version in the settings without actually paying for it.

    • marlon

      s2k_848’s instructions worked for me.

      However, since I had used Titanium Backup to freeze some apps, I unfroze those before following s2k_848’s instructions. I’m not sure if this matters, but I did it just in case.

  • johnnysasaki101

    Improved sound and working WiFi? Yes, please! #androidlikeaboss

  • Mike Hilal

    The only place I had connectivity issues was in San Diego, CA. A couple reboots did the trick. Call quality has been excellent otherwise.

  • BaconEater

    Where’d you get that update image?

  • Tweekex


  • #Fail…go to see if the update is available and I get a “Service is Unavailable”…

  • SayHeyJayHey

    I’ve had this bizarre issue that apps randomly get removed from their groups and you have to add them back (100% stock here). Anyone else get that? I hope this OTA fixed this.

    • Alby

      Using one method, the changes don’t stick. Try this instead.

      in the applications view, hit the menu key and click EDIT. Then select the folder/group to edit. Then click the + icon to add things to the group. Then click done. Then click SAVE.

  • Colin Huber

    Updating. Very quick.

  • wickets

    thanks for info……updating now!

  • wally32

    It’s crazy, I haven’t had any of those issues. I do have to say though small, my note 3 does disconnect from bluetooth once in a blue moon.

  • Tri-State Weather

    curious to see if this update actually does anything

  • Blaine Johnson

    Will this still come to rooted devices with custom status and will root be lost?

    • sean

      also wondering that as well.

    • If you’re concerned about losing root, you should ALWAYS wait. The answer is usually yes.

    • KOBALT


      This broke my root.

      • Blaine Johnson

        Wonder if possible to re-root using Kingo? Would really like this update as have noticed some garbled call quality… Not willing to sacrificeroot though!

        • KOBALT

          I’m gonna try the root de la vega again and see if it works

          • Blaine Johnson

            IF that works you THINK Kingo would??

          • 213ninja

            it sucks you have to wipe but please keep us posted sir.

        • zepfloyd

          XDA thread confirms you can re-root.

          • 213ninja

            link would be sooo money

          • zepfloyd
          • 213ninja


          • Blaine Johnson

            Does it confirm you can re-root using Kingo?

            Link, please sir?

            Edit: anyone whose already updated… Actually noticing any difference?

          • zepfloyd


          • Blaine Johnson

            Yes to Kingo or yes to noticing call quality difference?


    • ZappedC64

      Could someone post a link to the Note 3 link to root it please?

  • mcdonsco

    Im hoping connectivity includes bluetooth as this thing consistently has trouble connecting to my kenwood dnx9990hd

    • Bigsike

      Me too I have the Pioneer Appradio and having pretty bad BT issues as well.

    • el oso borracho

      Weird. I have the DNX9990HD as well and don’t have issues. With the Note 2 I would have occasional problems, but think only once in 60+ connections have I had to cycle bluetooth.
      I do still have to use a boot.prop editor to fake the phone as a Galaxy Nexus to get full Pandora/etc support from the headunit, since it is dumb and has a list of what devices support what features

      • mcdonsco

        Maybe that’s what I need? What is that and how do I do it?

        It only connects for phone/Pandora about 25% of the time…every phone I’ve had has had similar issues, but usually Mich higher success rate like 80%?

        • el oso borracho

          http://pastebin.com/h5P8Zc5n … This isn’t “what you need” – I haven’t done it yet on this phone, it doesn’t affect basic connectivity, it affects availability of the pandora app interface and whatever that other appradio app is (not just streaming whatever with the ‘bluetooth’ menu feature). Root your phone, get jrummy’s ‘build.prop editor’ from the play store. backup your build.prop – load this one on /sdcard/romtoolbox/build.prop-backups/fake-nexus_system_build.prop .. then kill/restart app so it refreshes backup list, load this one, reboot, delete current headunit pairing – re-pair with headunit. Headunit will now list the phone as a galaxy nexus and all apps will be available in the bluetooth device screen. Now restore your old build.prop backup, reboot, and your phone is back to normal but the headunit keeps the old pairing and keeps thinking it’s a nexus with full feature support.

          As far as your connectivity – just have patience. Sometimes it’ll take 30 seconds or so for everything to get connected and happy (though that’s rare) .. as soon as you get impatient and start cycling bluetooth on/off, connecting/reconnecting, it’s gonna be awhile.

        • el oso borracho

          Also, go to the Kenwood site and flash the latest bluetooth firmware as well as main system software (I just went there, I was a few versions behind)

  • jasonlee1

    by connectivity i wonder if they mean the s**t WIFI…. updating now

  • Joe

    Just checked and have an update waiting OTA.

  • Ugh, I can’t wait. LTE is crap on this phone compared to others, and my home WiFi is virtually unusable.

    • asians

      Really? Comming from a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, this phone’s LTE radio is godly.

      • It has been a while since I used a GN, and yes it was abysmal too. I don’t understand why Samsung struggles with radios so much. Moto, HTC, and LG consistently have less problems on that end.

        The thing that concerns me is that there have been previous Samsung devices with radio problems and they say update will fix it, and then it never really gets fixed (see Galaxy S GPS issues.)

        • s44

          Samsung traditionally aims for a much lower radiation emission level than Moto.

          But really, you’re spreading FUD here. The Galaxy S had GPS problems because the device was designed to be used with Skyhook. Google made Samsung (and Moto, in another device I’ve forgotten) rip out Skyhook support at the last minute. Unsurprisingly, the location system turned out to be problematic. Subsequent models have had no GPS problems.

          • It’s not FUD if it is a legitimate problem, and whether it was caused by Skyhook, firmware, or the hardware itself, it was a problem that lingered for far too long (I don’t know that it was ever legitimately fixed.) Whatever the cause, it should not have been that way and I believe there are people on the Internet who would disagree with your assessment. Now, the thing is, this is not just limited to 1 product. The guy above mentioned the Galaxy Nexus, and I don’t care what people try to say about it was just the way it was presented, bla bla bla, that phone could not maintain a phone call when others could. I know I had issues with the Galaxy S4 connecting to some WiFi networks and now I have problems getting 4g in my house with the Note 3 when I did not have problems on the One, Moto X, G2, etc. Oh, and let’s couple the fact that my WiFi drops from 5 feet away from my router and says it’s not a good enough connection. No other phones, tablets, or laptops do that.

            It’s fine if you are a Samsung fan but I have personally had 4 devices that had significant problems related to transmission of signals, all of which are fairly wide spread and were bought en masse. There are probably other things that simply flew under my radar. Samsung has problems that I think she be addressed, but I suppose why bother when you have the mega marketing budget and Internet fanboys to run interference.

          • crazysamz

            sorry to misinform, I had forgotten about skyhook, that seems like it was a so long ago when it really wasn’t.

            And Blake, I never said it was acceptable, I’ve been unable to stream half of my music on the go or have reliable 4G on my NIII since I’ve gotten it, very frustrating.

        • crazysamz

          idk if you could consider the galaxy s gps since it was an actual hardware issue. I wouldn’t say thats something that could be fixed with software, but unfortunately samsung did promise a fix.

          I also noticed the Nexus had bad radios, but the S3 and the Note 2 were very very solid (especially the Note II)

          I just think Samsung is trying to push so much at once with these new devices, they aren’t taking the time to refine their radios as much, the Nexus was so much new tech in one phone (720p + LTE + Dual-core) that they probably ran out of time to optimize the radios.

          I think thats the same story with the Note III, Verizon probably wanted to get this phone out within a competitive timeframe compared to other carriers, so they probably rushed the radios to get the phone out in time.

          • I agree with you on the Note II and S3. You may be right on the reason but does not make it acceptable.

      • Colin Huber

        Same here. I don’t understand the troubles people are having.

        • Dan

          Yeah, i love this phone, no issues here.

          • I love the phone too, other than the issues. I found instructions on changing some router settings that helped just enough to get me to keep it, but it is still a problem. I can’t wait to get home and see if this fixes it.

      • Mike Hilal

        I havent had LTE issues period in the greater orlando area, on any VZW LTE device I’ve had. I have had issues with LTE in Houston, TX and San Diego, CA on both my Gnex and Note 3

        • OssQss

          No issues with LTE here in SWFL. Only issue I have is dropped connections to 5G WiFi. Can’t seem to fix that. Anyone else have problems with 5G WiFi? I use an ASUS AC router.

          • Alex Thomson

            I don’t lose connection ever. When I do a speed test I get, depending on which server, inconsistent results. From like double my allowed data speed to a third less.

          • Mike Hilal

            I’ve gotten some where the Up is 1mbps and the down is 15. Obviously the app has issues from time to time

          • Alex Thomson

            I pay for 50mbps..So I get anywhere from 102 – 35 down and my up is always at 10mbps.

          • Mike Hilal

            I was referring to Mobile. I pay for 90 and see anywhere from 50 to 115 down, 15 up.

          • Alex Thomson

            My bad my reply was meant for OSSQSS. he asked about Wi-Fi and 5g

          • Mike Hilal

            Never tried AC WiFi. Wireless N drops in and out at home sometimes, but that’s my router’s fault (it happens with my PC as well).

          • Alex Thomson

            No issues with 5g

          • OssQss

            Just curious if you used it cor any lenght of time and with what router and setting. I set it to several different channels.with no consistent success. I am thinking the combo card in the phone may have issues. When it worked it hit 105 mb+ download on the speed test. 2.4 g only hit 54mb consistently. Using a 90 mb connection through brighthouse.

          • Alex Thomson

            I have the netgear nighthawk router. I’ve used both 2.5 and 5gGhz. I haven’t had to go in and changed ANY of the channels. I just don’t get as consistent does as it’d like. like on my laptop from one sever I’ll get high download speeds but in my phone they are low. But if I change server I’ll get real high speeds. My set up is just a few weeks old so I’m not sure with ac band what the norm is.

    • SkyCode

      coming form the razr hd that i got lte every where and the note 3 drops in and out all the time


    My phone just notified me. Was curious what the update was. Came to DL; was not disappointed. Thanks!

    • Frank Costanza

      When is the dang Developer Edition getting released? The Shop link is live on Sammy’s page, but it’s a bad link. Serenity now!

      • KOBALT

        T Bone!

        • Kenneth Grice

          Only seven, including me, have confirmed getting a dev edition before it went backordered

          • Alex Thomson

            More than seven have confirmed.

          • sk3litor

            Does the dev edition come unlocked or at least unlockable? Getting one in a couple weeks and not sure if I should get the reg one or the developer edition.

          • Alex Thomson

            It comes with the bootloader unlocked already.

          • Kenneth Grice

            about 20 have confirmed as of now.

          • Alex Thomson

            Yah, we are both part of the twenty..lol
            I’m droidrev71.

          • Kenneth Grice

            Haha im keynith on there.

          • Alex Thomson

            Yah, I figured that one out 🙂

      • Alex Thomson

        It is released and already back ordered.

        • Frank Costanza

          Really? Damn. I was all excited to see the “Shop” button, but the URL takes you to Accessories which puts you in a $0 cart screen. Thanks for the info, I’ve been pretty pissed the last few days…

          • Alex Thomson

            You’re welcome. Hopefully, the wait won’t be much longer.