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Hangouts on iOS Gets Google Voice and Call Integration Before Android

hangouts calls1

Not that I wanted to set you off on your weekend way with irritating news, but yes, the iOS Google Hangouts app just received an update that allows it to make and receive phone calls. The update doesn’t incorporate SMS or MMS or voicemail, but does allow you to place calls using your Google Voice number (should you have one) and receive them via Hangouts. We still don’t have this type of integration yet on Android, which is incredibly weird to say since again, this is from the company that controls Android

I just updated Hangouts on my iPod Touch to test it and really like how it works. It’s incredibly simple to use, especially if you already have a Google Voice number attached to one of your Google accounts. I didn’t even have to turn the service on in Settings, though I did check to see how it worked (pictured top right). Once I realized it was on and ready, I fired up a phone call from Gmail to my Google Voice number and it rang right through. I then also placed a call using the new phone dialer icon (pictured top left).

Here is the changelog:

  • See which of your friends is using Hangouts, and who can be reached right now
  • Call phone numbers from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (free to the US and Canada)
  • Make and receive calls using your Google Voice number
  • Send and receive animated GIFs that play inline
  • Hangouts will temporarily turn down your music (instead of stopping it) when you receive an incoming message

I’d imagine if this is ready for iOS that we should see it very soon on Android. But then again, maybe Google is waiting to push out Kit Kat before hand? Frustrating.

Update:  Not that you didn’t expect this functionality to come to Android too, but Google’s Vic Gundotra did have this to say on Google+, shortly after hearing it from the Android faithful:

Guys, don’t worry. We have massive investment in Android. I promise you will be happy soon. Don’t get upset because we show some love to Google users who use iOS. There are a lot of them. And they are good people 🙂

I’d still imagine we may not see it until Kit Kat is unveiled. Hopefully, that’s only a few days or a week away.

hangouts calls2

  • huffimus_prime

    Just a thought, but maybe the Android version hasn’t updated because it’s also getting SMS/MMS functionality and Google needs KitKat in order to make that work properly.

  • BobDoyal

    I just let out a stream of profanity. My wife ran in and asked me what was wrong, between profane words I got out “Apple got Google Voice in hangouts before Android”. She rolled her eyes and walked away…how can she not understand how serious this is.


    I just let out a stream of profanity. My raid group asked me what was wrong, between profane words I got out “Apple got Google Voice in hangouts before Android”. They rolled her eyes and muted me on TeamSpeak…how can they not understand how serious this is.

  • Abdul Al-Basith

    This almost made me cry! #AndroidFanBoy

  • Mordecaidrake

    Makes you wonder were Googles loyalties really are…

    • Galen

      I would guess they reside with continuing to make billions of dollars in order to, among other things, pump out the best and most popular mobile operating system on the planet. Oh yea, said operating system is also given away for free.

  • Hangouts on iOS is a very good initiative. They are doing a good job indeed. There are lot of things in the UI of the hangout can be made good. Hagouts are important what u say http://www.mobilejury.com/

  • Musadiqkhan
  • Me

    My initial reaction…..

  • Guest

    We like to take a moment of silence to remember those who took their own lives in the wake of hangouts being launched on iOs first. If you are really bothered by this and want to take your own life, please call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

    thank you.

  • irongodkiller

    The iPhone is the true nexus omg

    • WP8_Android_iOS

      not really, iphone offer much more than a nexus. it offers good looks, stable UI, apps by Android / Google comes to IOS first.

  • Albert Leonard

    It’s fine. The IOS version is probably so basic that it was finished much quicker. The android version, like with everything else will have alot more in it

  • AbbyZFresh

    Beware phone carriers, you are now operating on borrowed time. Hangouts with Voice integration will be the end for you all.

    • WP8_Android_iOS

      really, Google is not God, Google offers services which wont be usable without the carriers

      • LazyIzy

        I can use Google Voice SMS over wifi. As well as Google Voice calling (on my PC) over wifi. Had they just brought the stupid GVoice integration with Hangouts over to Android, the carriers would be in trouble.

  • sk3litor

    Google like a good drug dealer. Their getting ios users hooked on all their services then BAM take them away and ios sheep (I mean people) migrate over to Android. Brilliant! !!

  • donkeykong85

    downloaded on my ipad. kinda cool i guess. nothing i would ever use as i get unlimited minutes anyway. the key is to get my iphone friends to download so that i can use it like facetime with them. currently skype/hangout is way above their tech level.

  • At least we know it will come!

  • What’s in a name ?

    I personally think IPhone is a dying animal. I am unsure whether now that the Apple visionary is gone, if Apple is going to be able to maintain its creativity and innovation. Apple IPhone to me now is like Windows ME, lacking identity, looking and jumping around, borrowing and buying ides to stay afloat. Even apple’s attempt to buy out HopStop app and do immediately discontinue any Android and Windows support shows desperation and competitiveness over creativity. Will the IPhone survive ever-growing competition from the open end Android market ? Perhaps, but I foresee some painful years ahead. Literally at this point IMO the only thing that sets Apple apart from most competitors is the Carl Zeis lens they use that make their pictures stand out. Otherwise I think IOS is quickly declining in its feature-less unremarkable non-competitive state. Will it rebound ? I think its impossible to predict at this point now that Mr. Jobs is no longer a factor. I think Apple’s attempts to buy out competition is a sign of weakness that won’t be able to compete with a growing open market competition of Android.

    • zurginator

      Carl Zeiss is Nokia. Apple’s cameras are 100% Sony.

      Jobs was good at marketing Apple, but I don’t think his loss is what killed them. Plus, they’ve still got Jony Ives & team, who like it or not are EXCELLENT at industrial design.

    • WP8_Android_iOS

      really, name one Android Handset that has sold 9 million in 3 days

  • IncCo

    Why does google hate android ?

    • AbbyZFresh

      They don’t. Google has two seperate teams working on the iOS version of Hangouts and the Android version.

      Since iOS is easier to develop apps for, it shouldn’t be surprising at all the iOS team would finish first and the Hangouts app would get updated before Android. Also, the Android Hangouts app is being integrated at OS level with more features compared to iOS. That takes more time to do.

      • IncCo

        Still doesnt explain why they wouldnt release it at the same time. No, instead they favour their competitior.

        • niuguy

          I don’t think you understand Google’s business model.

  • MacNificent

    I’ve been able to do this on my computer for a while now

  • master94

    Why is anyone surprised? Google has in the past favored ios over Android in features. In the end we get it too. So no need to be angry after all we got Google voice in our dialer already, ios doesnt

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Works awesome on my ipad2. Can’t wait for it on My N4 and N7

  • Chris

    chill guys. hangouts will be tightly integrated in kit kat. no need for a silly separate app.

  • Chris

    BREAKING: local and state police are reporting finding the bodies of many android fans. It has been reported that these android fans have committed suicide in wake of the hangouts being launched on iOs first. More information at 11pm

  • Brady KEITH

    Feels clunky. (5s)

  • Mon

    This could have been seen coming, since the teams are seperatend. All this means is that hangouts for Android is going to receve a massive update when kit Kat drops

  • Ryan Stewart

    Still no SMS/MMS. Its a solid MEH from me. Its cool that it has a Google Voice option but its not really something new. Android phones have been able to call from Google Voice for ages (100% of my calls go through it).

    What this is getting is a way to draw iPhone users into Google Voice, which is a good thing for me because more users hopefully means Google will finally start putting effort into Voice again.

    • WP8_Android_iOS

      only in the US may be…..

      US alone doesnt count

      Facetime imessage works all over the world

      • Ryan Stewart

        So you cant do a video hangout from outside the US. Where are you? Ive done the google equivalent of “facetime imessage” all over the world. Video chat, voice chat and regular chat.

        This is about making your phone calls through Google Voice, Apple hasnt implemented anything even close to that yet.

  • C-Law

    I still don’t know what Google voice is. I’ve had android since the og droid days so shame on me. How do I get a Google voice number and what does it do? I tried to set it up once a few years ago and got lost bc it seemed like there was some sort of issue because I’m on Verizon. Is there a simple how to guide somewhere?

    • julian

      Let me Google that for you.

  • WP8_Android_iOS

    i hate Google for treating its own OS users as second class citizens

  • yummy

    I never really thought aboit
    owning an ios device. This makes
    me think about it zero percent more.

  • fanniege


  • fanniege


  • fanniege


  • fanniege


  • fanniege


  • Stacey

    What would be ass backwards is if Google required Android 4.4 to get the upgrade and MMS integration into Hangouts. -_-

    • Tim242

      You can already send pics in Hangouts…

      • JolleyMan

        To another Hangout user, yes, but not to a phone number, not that I can see.

    • zurginator

      Based on leaks, I wouldn’t be surprised if SMS/MMS integration is 4.4 only – they seem to be working on some underlying things to get it working.

  • BrothaDave

    I’d like to see them merge on Android too, might as well since Voice hasn’t been updated with many new features in the past year and Hangouts have functionally seemed to eclipse Voice with the last update. Still not being able to send MMS messages through Voice is crazy to me but with this news it makes sense. Hopefully they merge it on Android soon too

  • joejoe5709

    Jeebus. Calm down guys. It’s a difference of maybe a couple weeks. I think we’ll be fine.

  • Aulternator02

    FaceTime and anything video calling was by Apple first anyways so? Rightfully so. Video calling on iOS has always been stream less compared to the competitor.

  • cheeto0

    This makes me thinks the nexus 5 was suposed to be released this week with 4.4 but the government shutdown/fcc shutdown delayed it.

    • joejoe5709

      Exactly. I think wheels were already in motion.

      • Adrynalyne

        This seems to be a popular rumor, despite the fact tthat the fcc approved it well before the shutdown.

        If you see it as public, it already passed.

        • nvitone23

          what about the watch that was supposed to be announced along side it??

  • cheeto0

    They really should also integrate google voice sms into hangouts.

  • What a crock of crap. Android users should get first go at this…

    • Chris

      why? hangouts will be integrated in to kit-kat.

  • Mark P

    I feel like you guys are missing the bigger point. This is great news for everyone… It means hangout could actually become the default way to communicate. Think of iMessage – it’s amazing service… If you and the person you’re trying to contact both have data service it defaults to send it via data. If not, it sends it via SMS. It detects both parties status and automatically determines the connection for you. The one hitch – and it’s a big one – is that it only works with other iOS devices.

    Hangouts has the potential to do the same thing but not just in determining which network to connect through but also which mode of communication to use. It could say, oh Bill is trying to communicate with tommy and Tommy’s at his computer and Bill’s on his iPad on wifi so we should suggest a video chat. AND it could do the same for SMS/chat. AND it will work with everyone. Not just your android friends. Because it’s cross-platform and cross-communication-type (voice, text, video) it has the potentional to be an iMessage and FaceTime killer. More importantly, for us users, it could mean that all our communication can finally take place in one app which intelligently chooses the appropriate means and mode of communication.

    I’m glad it lunched on iOS first. It means they’re serious about building a whole new way to communicate and not just the android version of FaceTime.

    • John Davids

      ^this guy gets it

    • IrishSid

      People keep forgetting to mention that video caling can be with up to 10 peope in one room! That’s massive. More people need to know about it (that don’t know about it)

      • CAC1031

        It’s worth noting that this feature (multi-contact Hangouts) is currently available only to people who sign up for Google+. Those who choose to have a Google account without the social network don’t get this benefit.

        • capecodcarl

          It doesn’t look like Hangouts on iOS will work at all without Google+. I was forced to upgrade my non-Google+ GMail account to Google+… which is confusing since I have another Google Apps account I use for Google+ using my personal domain name. Now that I say that, it’s very confusing to have two accounts these days with one being a GMail.com address and one being a personal domain with Google Apps.

  • I’m sure we’ll get a much better implementation with a lot more features with the impending 4.4 drop.. I’m not pissed at all. And I’m outside the US, so GV doesn’t matter to me anyway.

  • John Davids

    All the cry babies realize that the 100x better version for Android is going to be launched in like, 2 weeks…right?

    Let the iSheep be the beta testers and work out any major issues before they roll it to Android. I am totally OK with that.

    • Chris

      you do know the android version would be different right? Grow up.

  • teejaycard


  • I really hope Google is on the ball enough to enable the GV call settings with Hangouts so that not ALL calls come through. This is insanely frustrating with the Hangouts chrome extension and while browsing Google+. Being able to determine which calls ring where is one of GV’s greatest features.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life


  • SwaDiddy



    • Tim242

      Maybe because you act like you are in second grade?

    • Chris

      with that attitude, of course they will treat you that way

  • Jeremy Martin

    Damn Verizon! That’s it I am leaving!!! Wait…not Verizons fault?…somehow I think it is..I just have to look deeper.

  • p0k3y

    Just like most other apps – iOS first. Even Google agrees.

  • Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II


  • TSON1


  • Destroythanet

    It’s been said that Google makes way more money from iOS than from Android: http://gizmodo.com/5897457/google-makes-four-times-more-money-from-ios-than-android

    • Tim242

      Consider the source…you sourced GIZMODO!!!

  • this is seriously messed up

    • donkeykong85

      yes i agree. at least give us some advantage.

  • I also dont understand why Google makes apps for IOS when there are hardly any IOS apps on Google play..

    • Anon

      Because it extends Google’s reach therefore more revenue.

      • its sad they make 4 times more money from IOS than android

        • Tim242

          They don’t. Take a chill pill.

    • Tim242

      Google makes apps for all platforms, to extend their user base Apple ddoesn’t have the same model as Google.

    • donkeykong85

      money. why let another competitor get in the ios market? and most users have gmail so they want to extend it.

    • Chris

      because believe it or not, there are iOs users who use google services.

  • I’ll never understand why iOS Google apps are better than Androids…

    • donkeykong85

      i dont get this either. i get making them good but give android users at least some features that ios users do not have.

      • Adrynalyne

        They do in time.

        For example, Google Now is a shadow of itself on iOS vs. Android.

      • MicroNix

        How long did it take Google Maps on iOS to get turn by turn nav? I’ve had that on Android since 2009. Just sayin…

    • angermeans

      I always wondered this myself. I’m a CIS major and just getting into a good many of my coding classes. I think it has to do with their respected platforms. Apple going with Objective C is a huge benefit over Android choice of using Java. Not to mention this is also more than likely the reason that iOS runs a lot better than android does as all java code has to run through the Dalvik run time engine and Obj C doesn’t. There are benefits to both, but I think that google just has better tools at their disposal with iOS than it does with android (which is still bizarre no matter how many times I think it over). Still, android has a good many benefits as well by being open. I’m still only a little past my associates and will keep learning (took Java 1 and 2 last year and I’m taking Obj C this semester, but already I can see some of the reasons to a lot of my questions including the one you posted and I’m attempting to comment to).

      • Adrynalyne

        They (Android, Inc and later Google) chose java because of the potential developer base they could tap into. Dalvik was at one point shown to be faster than other JVMs (which pissed off Oracle), so its not bad for what it is. Unless you are building games, managed programming languages are fine, especially for mobile. Android used to have an issue with game performance, but (its been years now), they allowed programmers to also run some things natively, getting around that problem. Read up on the NDK.

        Also, have you tried iOS7 on older devices? Running a lot better is not how I would describe it. In fact, iOS typically runs slower on older devices, but the transitions they use hide some of the jank. Not so different than what older Android devices contend with (except Android does poorly to hide jank). The big issue with Android was the slowdown over time and when the devices were getting full. This was resolved with Android 4.3, FINALLY.

        So if I were to look at the latest Android device, and the latest Apple device, I’d say they both are comparable on how they run. Android has chop now and then, but it has zero to do with Dalvik or even Java in general.

        • angermeans

          That’s good to know. I do have to say things did speed up quite a bit when project butter was announced and I do agree iOS 7 does run a little slow on the iPhone 4 and a little on the 4s, but those phones are two and three years old (not that it is an excuse). You got to hand it to apple that at least they’re still updating phones they released three years ago to their newest OS and every .0 release of a completely rewritten OS is going to have some issues. The point is this will get better and the thing i worry about is if iOS and android are comparable now wouldn’t that make apples floor androids ceiling (at least until google rewrites android to run on ARM v8 and to a lesser extent 64bit architecture?). Still, android is in good hands and I’m sure google has quite the roadmap ahead, but apple really turned some heads with iOS 7 and especially their new A7 processor. You have to admit them having control over the hardware (especially including the processor) and software gives them a giant advantage over googles android especially when considering when it comes to laying the road to future iterations of iOS and their iPhone/iPad lineup. Google on the other hand will have to work with their partners (which they’ve done amazingly well in the past) to lay the same future laden road.

          I still don’t know enough about the inner workings of Dalvik to know exactly what is going on and the extent of my knowledge stems to more software development than the actual development of kernels and the OS in general. Still, touch latency at least in my using of both platforms is much faster on iOS than it is on android and on less than half the speed of hardware than its counterpart on most high end android devices. Like I said java does have its advantages as well just as android has its advantages over iOS and vice versa. I’m just excited for round two and what we will have on both platforms in the next couple years. One thing I do know is both iOS and android aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and this competition between the two platforms makes for a healthy dose of innovation on both sides of the fence and who can argue with that?

          • Adrynalyne

            I run a Mac development environment, so I am certainly not biased for or against either.

            Android still has issues for sure, but it gets better all the time.
            Touch latency is an issue. So is audio latency (which I am unsure if it was ever fixed).

            Apple has an advantage over Google because they control the hardware and software and only for a few devices. I can’t tell you how many times I have coded an app and had people complain (not in mobile space, but Windows and GNU/Linux) about how it looks.

            “Hell, looks fine on my computer!”

            So I end up fixing it (and possibly dumbing it down)so it has greater compatibility. When you control the hardware and software you have greater control over compatibility too. Google is running into the same problem Microsoft has with Windows: 1123123435345 devices you must plan compatibility for. This allowed for OS X to (this is not as much an issue now) become more stable and perform better in Windows because it was only a few machines to consider instead of 213123123 devices.

            If Google could just keep to just the Nexus brand when developing Android…man, imagine the thing they could accomplish in a very short time.

            Plus we (the enthusiasts) would all be extremely happy.

          • angermeans

            Interesting. So you code apps for Mac OS X? Any that I might have heard of? From what I can see (in the little amount of coding I’ve done) it is an extremely difficult, but also fun job. There is no feeling in the world like getting even the most trivial of apps or even small programs to work right. What kind of work do you do?

          • Adrynalyne

            Not yet, but its on my todo list.

            I do QA and some coding for a local software firm about an hour from where I live. We use C# and xaml.

            I also do VB and Java in my spare time. Nothing I want to link here though, as they are pretty silly things right now.

            Email me if you want a URL to the git repos.

            Me at gmail dot com.

            I got java, VB and c# projects. Just coding right now to get more experienced.

  • non butt hurt IOS USR

    What did the five fingers say to the face ????? SLAPPPPPP in your face from google for putting out better quicker Goog apps on IOS. lol the amount of butt hurt in this thread is hysterical

    • Philip J. Fry

      lol this just means it’s going to be that much more polished for android.


    • debosmebo

      Too funny.

  • Non Fragmented IOS user

    lol you effen haters. excuse me while i use my Nike Fuelband app also…

    • Tim242

      Non-fragmented? So why do all iphones not have the same apps and features?

      • the voice of reason

        so one phone not having the same app as another phone makes it fragmented? C’MON MAN!! get your head out of your butt that is hurting.

        • Tim242

          You edited your post because you realized you were contradicting yourself. The only time my butt hurts, is after my BF gets finished, if you know what I mean : ). Excuse me while I enjoy my phone and my butt.

          • LionStone

            Haha…the voice of reason just got schooled in that some people like a little butt hurt! Hilarious! 🙂

  • Tyler Lamb

    They don’t control when Apple approves it so hard for them to know extacly when it would go live

    • kashtrey

      Actually, I think developers can restrict the date for releases and do timed roll outs after the app is approved.

      • Tyler Lamb

        Ah far enough. Guess hopefully it just means we are very close to having an update for Android and they didn’t bother with the dates

  • New_Guy


  • James Murphy

    So will this let me use voice on my inactive sprint photon over WiFi?

    • MaZeR4455

      Assuming this feature makes its way over to Android, yes.

  • Muffstic

    They probably submitted it not expecting it to get approved until after Kit Kat was released.

    • Anon

      I doubt that. This isn’t the first time Google updated an iOS app before Android. I’m sure some remember the GMail update.

    • donkeykong85

      only takes 1-7 days for a normal person. i am sure they rush big companies apps.

      • Muffstic

        Really. I thought it took weeks-months. Has the amount of time changed since the olden days?

        • donkeykong85

          i submitted several last summer and it took a few days to maybe a week to get each published.

  • donkeykong85

    this is nothing. maps is better on iphone as well.

  • Chad

    Fragmentation? I’d say this is the strongest evidence yet.

    • vitriolix

      nice try

    • Tim242

      You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Andy

    I love android, but this makes no sense.

  • Chris

    lots of butt hurt people. maybe google wants to make this for android 2.3 and above? Taking extra time to make sure its all right before launching it for android. Don’t forget kit kat is around the corner too…

    Go outside. Get some fresh air. Take note from Mr Marley him self.

    Everything is gonna be alright….”

  • DJ SPY

    Google apps on iOS are better than on Android. That’s a real WTF? To be honest.

    • Chris

      I personally love gmail on my iPad. Gmail on my EVO LTE is fine, but can’t touch the gmail experience on the ipad.

      • creed

        IMO the gmail experience is better on tablets in general.

  • Omar McFarlane


  • I’m guessing hangout to hangout audio call is never coming. Google is going to stick with “Initiate video call and disable the video” approach. So, pure audio call is going the sdcard way, thanks to Google. 🙁

  • JoeTi

    I was feeling great b/c its Friday, nice out, and wanted to catch up on my reads, “But now I am too hurt.. and shocked.. and offended.. and… hurt!”

    • Pissed off

      this doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel upon hearing this news.

      • JoeTi

        I was describing my feelings….and I’m hurt. 🙁

        • Chris

          get some air

          • JoeTi

            it’s the pleats in the pants….I’m going to walk this off.

  • Johngi

    Ok now. I guess now I should port my VZ number to GV.
    Get ready to cancel my texting plan. save $20!

    • Tim242

      I have been using GV for free SMS for almost 4 years. Why did you wait so long? : )

      • Johngi


        • Tim242

          You paid $20/month for MMS? Pictures can besent email to email, SMS to email, and email to SMS.

          • Johngi

            I guess I have been. I will look into a way to port my number without paying the ETF.

          • depressed

            please let us all know if you manage to accomplish this.

    • Droidzilla

      You may get hit with an ETF if you simply port over; fair warning.

      • Johngi

        ETF? Is there a way I can avoid that.

        • Evan Knofsky

          If you wish to port your number and maintain your current contract it is possible, just difficult. You have to initiate the port over then request a new phone number from Verizon immediately.

          • brkshr

            NO!!! See my reply to him. I lost my unlimited data plan doing this.

        • brkshr

          No. I was hit with an etf & lost my unlimited plan doing this.

          I called vzw to ask how to port my number over without losing my contract. Just porting my number and getting a new number on vzw. She said to port it over first, then call vzw and have them add a new number to the line. It was a lie! I lost unlimited data & several reps told me there was absolutely no way to get unlimited back, there wasn’t even an option in their system to do this. They ended up taking off the etf for me & I left Verizon.

          • Johngi

            NOOOO. I have unlimited data.

          • brkshr

            Even if other have had luck with this method, I wouldn’t risk it. I was super pissed!

          • Johngi

            Do you remember the steps you took during the process? Post #85 https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/779321?start=80&tstart=0 is what I am thinking about doing.

          • brkshr

            Sorry for the late reply…

            Here’s what I did and EXACTLY what the VZW rep told me to do.
            1. Port current # to GV
            2. IMMEDIATELY call VZW (411) to change the number on the line
            3. Success… Not really!!!

            When I called them back IMMEDIATELY, the rep said that my contract was cancelled do to the number port and that I owed an ETF… I spoke to 3 reps total and 2 supervisors. They all said that they didn’t have any idea what I was talking about and that porting your number automatically cancels your contract. I told them to pull up the recording of the call that originally told me to do this and they refused. They said that they can stop the number port and reinstate my contract with them, BUT there is absolutely no way for me to get my unlimited data back. I argued with them for hours!!! They said there is no option in their system to give me unlimited data and the only thing they could do is cut my ETF in half. (Edit: I took the money and said screw you, I’m leaving VZW)

            I don’t know if this was an accident or if they did this because I was on unlimited data, so they saw their way out of giving me unlimited data or if this is just what is supposed to happen…

            My best advice to you is to NOT RISK YOUR UNLIMITED PLAN! I just don’t think it’s worth it. Bite the bullet. Get a new number from Google Voice. You can even check to see if you can pick a specific number. I chose one ending in 2580, dial down the center doesn’t get much easier to remember. Or, see if you can get one that spells your name or something.

            Anyways, if you do decide to try and port, I wish you the best of luck… I’m sitting over here paying out the nose for 5GB of data now…

          • Johngi

            How unfortunate, I was actually in the process of doing it, but when I was going to pay the 20 dlrs thru google wallet , it said error and to wait 24 hrs before continuing. I just recieved an email this morning that I must verify my account via ID card and Bill with my street address.

            I dont know if its a sign.But I need to cut cost anywhere I can. I am going to send the info to google. and then I still must wait 3 days to do it again.

          • Larry Bublitz

            Yeah, it won’t work if you add a new line, but as the gentleman said above you initiate the port TO Google with your original number, then go to Verizon’s site and CHANGE your original number to a new one. It seems crazy, but it works. Even though the number is changed on the Verizon side, Google can still process the port of your original number (it must stay on your account with verizon for a certain amount of time, in case you want to port back to them).

          • brkshr

            Are you speaking from experience?

            The VZW rep told me what to do and I did it. They told me to port the number over then immediately call them to change the number. I ported the number over, then called 2 seconds later. Maybe doing it online would have helped… Idk. Either way, I would NEVER risk your unlimited data plan trying this! It’s not worth the chance of losing your unlimited data like I did. Bite the bullet and tell everyone you have a new number.

          • Larry Bublitz

            I’m sorry it didn’t work that way for you– I did it that way last spring and it worked at that time. Yeah, maybe having the Verizon rep in the process made something different. It worked fine, but if I had unlimited data I probably wouldn’t have risked it. Funny thing is even though I liked free text messaging, I just didn’t like Google voice as my primary number and switched over to Tmobile afterwards.

          • brkshr

            Are you speaking from experience? I didn’t add a new line. I did pretty much exactly as you said with the exception of calling in, instead of changing the number online.

            The VZW rep told me what to do and I did it. They told me to port the number over then immediately call them to change the number. I ported the number over, then called 2 seconds later. Maybe doing it online would have helped… Idk. Either way, I would NEVER risk your unlimited data plan trying this! It’s not worth the chance of losing your unlimited data like I did. Bite the bullet and tell everyone you have a new number.

          • brkshr

            This comment was from me. Disqus is messing up on mobile.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Texting and Calling plans are already quite cheap from most carriers these days. The real cash for them is the data plans.

      • Johngi

        I wish I can get a lower min plan . I dont use much mins .

  • It’s still a little under-cooked. On iPad, when you tap the phone icon, a tiny phone sized dialer+history+contact window opens. difficult to navigate. Plus, if some contact has multiple numbers, (home, work, mobile), those number types don’t show up. You are left wondering which is what. Once you actually initiate the call, it goes full screen.

    Google is pushing android developers to build quality tablet apps. And doing so poor job itself.

  • Sean Bello

    what can I say about this that hasn’t already been said about a bull pen that’s never been tended to?

  • Gnex

    You have got to be FUCKlNG KIDDING ME GOOGLE.

    • Adrynalyne

      Nah. Google makes money off of iOS, and the iOS development team is separate from Android, so it makes sense that their releases might differ in dates.

  • elvisgp

    Thing is, maybe this update is coming with the release of kitkat. If it is, then Google is probably waiting until their event to announce new updates to apps.

    Also, that is probably the new call screen for kitkat….trololololol

    • Doesn’t justify why it’s release on ios first. if Google is planning release it on Android along with KitKat; then release it on iOS a few days after that. What’s the hurry, iOS?

  • Seth Merritt

    And GIF support. Shiza.

  • Erick Wright

    I was just thinking to myself a few Google apps are just better on IOS… But if this feature ever does come to android I hope I’m able to turn it off

  • cromo8

    So this gives it WiFi calling?

  • bboyairwreck

    Maybe it’s because i was using a 4S but when I was using hangouts on my iPhone, the app updated really really slow. Like Hangouts on Android is so much better. It’s the sole reason why I can get all of my iPhone friends to use Hangouts. They love the desktop but iOS hangouts has a long way to go. We may be Android users but we should be concerned about this to get everyone on this service. I’m just sayin

  • Droidzilla

    This is a non-issue. Google Voice can integrate directly into the dialer on Android whereas iOS won’t allow for this deep of an OS level integration. This is just Google trying to get passed iOS restrictions to give a watered down Android experience. Why would you want to receive and send calls over data when you can use the native phone functionality from the OS? Android has the better end of this deal.

    • Tim242

      To make calls with a Nexus 7, without a 3rd party app.

    • Fatty Bunter

      I appreciate your effort in trying to rationalize this as much as the next person, but you sound ridiculous. Plenty of people use internet calling instead of traditional calling. Seamless integration would be a big bonus.

      • Royal2000H

        If they do introduce GV via VoIP.. I hope they still keep traditional as well.

        • NexusPhan

          They already did introduce it. Kellen is running this from an iPod touch. It has to be GV via VOIP because iPods don’t have cellular and apple would never allow that deep of integration into ios. It’s pretty much guaranteed to come to android soon. The only question that remains is will they keep the traditional method.

        • brkshr

          I agree. I use GV as my main business #. I would HATE to have crappy voip calls while talking with a customer. Voip works okay, but I don’t think the quality is as good as cellular.

    • KanishkSingh

      This update allows to make voip calls using google voice number on iOS devices. This is not the same thing on android you are making calls over normal phone where as on iOS its voip.

    • Hating on Verizon

      I seriously pray that Google does Voip calls for their Android app so that I can save some money on my bill by killing those “features” it would seriously help me out. please Google.

      • There is a built in voip support native to android. All you need is a provider. I use to use sipgate but they closed. now I use https://simonics.com/gvgw/. its free and works on my desk voip phone.

        • NexusPhan

          You should be in luck very soon. This iOS app must be GV over VOIP. (It’s on an iPod – no cellular). Which means we’ll be getting VOIP on Android. Freaking awesome.

    • angermeans

      I hate to say it, but the iPhone makes a better google phone is some regards than some android phones except maybe a couple I can think of at the top of my head. Google has put a large amount of work into keeping iOS users using google apps and their teams are doing an excellent job. This isn’t the first (or the last, unfortunately) time iOS got an update before android did and a good many of them look and run better than their android counterparts (before you or anyone else flip out I do own and love both platforms and will continue to I’m just giving my opinion which you and others might not share, but if you haven’t used it then you might not now). Still, this surprises me every time this happens because I see google needing their apps on iOS, but things like google now, google turn by turn in maps, and now google voice integration in this app I feel google should keep as something thAt sets apart buying an android phone, because i must admit it is great to have all the great iOS apps and still have an excellent top notch google experience on my iPhone 5s and I have to say if I ever dump my nexus 7 or my nexus 4 (hopefully will have a nexus 5 soon) and had to go back to one device I would have to choose the iPhone 5s. I don’t know if I could or would make this same choice if I could only get certain android benefits on android only phones.

      • Adrynalyne

        Ever use Google Now on iOS? It pales in comparison to the Android version.

        • angermeans

          Yep and I have to say I agree with your statement. Still, having the option on iOS is nice wouldn’t you say?

          • Adrynalyne

            Absolutely. My daughter loves it.

          • rhymiZ

            I almost disowned my little brother because he went 100% Apple. No, I’m kidding, I can’t. But this stuff is that serious to me!

      • jt O’Brien

        How’s Play Music on iOS? I’m guessing it must be PHENOMENAL based on your comment.

        • angermeans

          Play Music? Come on. Did you read my comment? I said I use both iOS and android so yes, I can use Play Music to my hearts content if I want to, but I choose not to. I’m not going to pay $10 a month for a service I don’t much care about especially when iTunes Radio is free and works a whole lot better. If you want to make a comment about how android is better (which it is in some facets) then don’t bring up anything music as I hate to tell you, but apple wipes the floor with android. The guy below me made a much better comment as he is right. I wish that iOS would allow for choosing a default app and along with the share feature are the two main features I wished that iOS would have l, but sadly never will. Still, there are a lot of features that are better on ios especially the app Eco system. It is no competition especially when tablets are concerned. 90% of the apps I have on my nexus 7 are giant phones apps whereas zero on my iPad mini are phone apps. I wishd it would get better, but it’s not. I could go on about a lot of things like day one updates, better hardware, better camera, better integration of apps, access to both google and iOS apps (which is what I mentioned above), and best of all the entire experience is lag free which isn’t always the case on android. I didn’t mean to offend you I just made a comment based on the article. The fact is most google apps look better on iOS and although some might not be as integrated into the OS as android you still have access to them which is a huge benefit. Not to mention the fact that the trend continues that iOS gets updates before android does which still blows my mind. When Google is making more money off of iOS than android it makes sense that they want a premium experience and iOS users using google apps. That by itself will make things continue to be better.

      • MicroNix

        So when you click an address in a browser, what maps program is the default? What do you think will happen when you click a phone number and have GV installed?

        Since Apple won’t allow the deep integration of apps into the OS that Google does, you are off your rocker that iOS gets a better experience! I can make any program a default for literally anything. How’s that going on iOS? Yes, you can have any app be a default too…..as long as it has the Apple logo on it.

        • chris125

          Well some Google apps are better on IOS, such as G+ even Phil from androidcentral said it. Don’t get so butt hurt when someone says android isn’t the best. Its not in every aspect, and yes some parts are better than IOS, but quit acting like the apple sheep, whenever someone makes a comment you don’t agree with about android.

          • MicroNix

            A pretty interface without the functionality behind it doesn’t make it a better app son. But you keep telling yourself that.

          • chris125

            1. I’m not your “son” and two the fluidity and smoothness of Google+ on IOS is better, there is no its ands or buts about it. And I use both android and IOS so I use both apps frequently. So whatever you wanna tell yourself you keep doing that..

          • MicroNix

            You totally didn’t get my comment. But that’s ok, I now understand that you base an app’s worth based on how they scroll and how pretty they are. You fit right into the iOS crowd perfectly.

          • chris125

            So you would rather have an app that is janky and jittery when scrolling? You fit right in with the douchey android crowd. In case you failed to see I use both android and IOS, so your snide remarks mean very little. I do not care what an app looks like but performance I do care about. But hey MOAR CORES AND RAM THROWN AT THINGS will make it all better… But you keep telling yourself whatever you need to, in order to sleep better at night. Carry on 😉

  • Ben Murphy

    Wait…. The more pressing news is that you have an iPod Touch… =)

    • This right here is the reason heh. To test apps that come to iOS first.

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    Are we to assume ios paid for it? /S

    • Tim Cook must be on their board….err.

      • rthvk

        Heh Nike reference

        • Kisuk3

          Yah I can deal with being second to the party when it comes to gv updates but Nike pretending Android doesn’t exist really pisses me off

      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        I just dont see how one of the biggest competitors would get it first.

  • Cory_S

    I just let out a stream of profanity. My wife ran in and asked me what was wrong, between profane words I got out Apple got Google Voice in hangouts before Android. She rolled her eyes and walked away…how can she not understand how serious this is.

    • ManBearPig618

      It’s all good. It’s because we’re getting a much better Hangouts next week when 4.4 drops. This was pushed to iOS to piss of Apple w/ Facetime, etc.

      • Chris

        Expect facetime is a standalone feature of iOs that came long before this app. its not to “piss” anyone off…

        • ManBearPig618

          Yeah, but this is putting Google Voice/VOIP directly into iOS and could cut into what Apple is trying to do with FaceTime. Either way, we are getting a brand new version of Hangouts next week when 4.4 drops, and I’m sure that the new Hangouts will be available outside of Kit Kat – Google is just going to use the 4.4 launch as an opportunity to showcase it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple approved the the iOS Hangout update on an expedited basis simply to preempt the Android release. That’s speculation on my part though.

          • Chris

            with that logic then why did apple approve 3rd party maps apps, 3rd party e-mail programs. 3rd party chatting programs etc.

            Hangouts is designed for cross platform and mobile to desktop and desktop to mobile and offers little more functionality then Facetime thats is closed to apple devices and is only video chat. nothing else.

          • EdubE24

            Even Google knows that Apps run smoother on IOS. Now we can all just admit Android is fun and feature loaded but janky as all hell!!

          • turdbogls

            Minutes…..I plan on using this extensively when i switch over to T-mobiles $30 plan….100 minutes only goes so far…..but this will certainly help a LOT.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            It isn’t going to cut into anything iOS. While I love Google’s services, I have found Facetime to generally give better quality over video calls, etc. And since it is built in, there is no additional application to install, configure, have an account for, etc. I love Hangouts and use it every day and have a long list of friends that use it each day .. but sometimes the native tools work easier/better.

          • turdbogls

            true, but facetime isn’t cross platform. this is going to be my go to service for chatting with my folks. they are iOS everything for now, and we have been using skype, and oovoo and some others that we always have issues with.

          • kevin

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          • kevin

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      • fanniege


        • zwade
          • Timothy McGovern


        • michael arazan

          In the Great words of Louis CK, Suck A Bag of 8=====D ‘s

      • WP8_Android_iOS

        really how long will users have to wait for their devices to get updated to 4.4? only nexus users will get the 4.4 to make their featureless devices happy

        • pete

          i think google will publish the new hangouts app using the background framework update service or google play – so you will be able to use it on devices<4.4 🙂

          • Jack

            Pete’s right. The motto for KitKat is “to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.” The whole point of Play Services is to make needing an OS update obsolete and not needed for getting new features.

        • MicroNix

          This isn’t Apple and this is the reason why Apple iOS upgrades are so important and Androids are not as much; Google doesn’t tie their apps to the latest OS version. Android users get new features all year long.

          • EdubE24

            You couldn’t be more wrong with that statement…

        • Blue Sun

          People are predicting that the new, updated Hangouts will get announced at the time 4.4 gets announced. After the 4.4 announcement, I would assume all devices 4.0+ would get pushed the update with the new feature.

        • Zubair

          absolutely… this proves why Android has no meaning to Google and they only have it so they can give headaches to Apple and Microsoft

          • EdubE24

            Android makes Google money, that’s why they have it. They love IOS also because it makes them a ton of money!

    • Chris

      maybe she will divorce you now. Seriously freaking out over an APP launching on a mobile platform that you do not own? Really?

      • Adrynalyne

        Douchey comment for someone who was joking in the first place.

      • fanniege

        maybe she will divorce you now. Seriously freaking out over an APP launching on a mobile platform that you do not own? Really?============== w­w­w.j­o­b­s­6­0.c­o­m

        • michael arazan


      • Rice30

        Google should close Android and give its services to Windows Phone.

    • fanniege


    • fanniege


    • Just_Some_Nobody

      How can you not understand how serious this is NOT.
      iOS users are every bit as important to Google as Android users. Period.

    • Andreas


      Why aren’t you playing with your wife?

  • cjb3ck

    Just another evidence that Android is simply another vehicle for people to use Google services. Don’t let Google fool you into thinking Android is special or anything, it’s simply a means to the end of getting your information to drive their advertising sales.

    • You speak truth.

    • donkeykong85

      i somewhat agree however google is making so much money off of android that its a huge google product.

      • James

        Google is not making ‘tons’ of money off Android. In fact, they make 4 times as much money off iOS :/ http://gizmodo.com/5897457/google-makes-four-times-more-money-from-ios-than-android

        • That number may have changed sense 2012 after the whole Sirri using Sing and apple maps thing.

          • Adrynalyne

            No. Google makes money off of advertisements. They do make a ton of money off of Android too for the same reason. Whether it is via app or web, google is making money off of you.

        • michael arazan

          And Apple is still really pissed about it too

  • Jason Downing

    You know what… as irritation as that is, now we know it’s coming soon and that makes me very happy!

    • moelsen8

      Yeah we must be on the verge of release here..

    • angermeans

      Your abaolutely right. It won’t matter in a couple weeks who had it first just that both platforms have it. This whole article was looked at the wrong way. We all should be happy that android is getting it. If it doesn’t come then I can see getting upset. With that said it really is an awesome feature. I just used it on my iPhone 5s and it works and looks great.

  • Thomas

    *Ron pops a chubby*

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Ive never seen a fat person pop

      • Gnex


      • jb

        Why more downvotes than upvotes? Lots of fatties around here with sensitive feelings or broken wangs?

      • Babs Oyed

        Judging by the preponderance of down votes I’ve come to the conclusion that fatties are thin skinned and apparently all that blubber offers zero protection

        • Adrynalyne

          Downvotes are because the original comment from Shawn was too complex for him to comprehend.

          • KleenDroid

            I think most guys can comprehend a chubby. I’m certain it was an attempt at humor where the term “fat” makes some people’s down vote finger go crazy. 🙂

          • Adrynalyne

            Yeah most. Not him 😉

      • Ian Smith

        neither have they

    • Dude, have you seen Ron lately? He’s looking a little ragged and long in the tooth. I’m not sure even this news could get Ron to pop a chubby. I’d guess he might even be past Viagra territory and heading towards popsicle sticks and duct tape.