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Any Chance This is the First Picture of the LG Nexus 5?

What do you think? Is that the next Nexus, made by LG? According to site TechTastic, who obtained the photo above from an “LG tester,” this could very well be our first look. Well, before we jump into that idea, let’s get a couple of things on the table. 

First, we have no idea if LG is going to make the next Nexus. They made last year’s and could very well make this year’s, but that is all speculation at this point. Also, we keep seeing reports that Motorola is out and LG is in or that Motorola is doing the next Nexus and not LG. Why can’t they both make a Nexus phone? Samsung made the Nexus 10 and Asus made the Nexus 7. Those are two different companies who created similar products at different price points and different sizes for Google. Who’s to say that Google won’t release a super cheap Motorola Nexus along with a higher-end LG Nexus?

OK, so about this photo. Recent rumors have suggested that LG is making the new Nexus which could be dubbed “Nexus 5.” These rumors also suggest that this new Google flagship will be based (for the most part) on LG’s recent G2 offering, but potentially ditch some hardware components to stay reasonably priced, like last year’s Nexus 4. So we’re talking the same beautiful 5.2″ FHD display, but a Snapdragon 600 instead of a Snapdragon 800.

Also, further rumor details suggest that Google could change the design slightly by moving the awkwardly-placed rear volume and power buttons of the G2, to a more traditional side placement (as seen above).

So is that phone above the new Nexus? If it is, it must be an early prototype. It certainly looks like the G2, however, the phone pictured above appears to have a removable backside, which is actually a feature of the international G2, just not the U.S. variant. But we have no Nexus or Google branding, something that is always seen on Nexus products. And is it just me or are those buttons on the wrong side of the device? If you held that in your right hand, the buttons would have to be pressed with your fingers rather than your thumb. While Google could certainly make this move, the standard smartphone design places at least one of those buttons near your thumb, not your fingers. Not a big deal, as Samsung uses both sides of the phone for buttons, but just something I noticed.

Again, we have no idea if this is the next Nexus. But it sure is fun to talk about.

Update:  @evleaks thinks this is a picture of the Optimus L9 II and that Motorola will likely make the next Nexus.

Via:  Techtastic

  • newsjunkieintl

    When testing new cars in public major car manufacturers often drape them or otherwise camouflage the exteriors so as to not show what the new designs will look like.

    For the Nexus 5 — which will be released in NOVEMBER — all that matters at this stage are the internals. The glass case with Nexus logo will take care of itself closer to launch date. 🙂

  • NicholeMaldonado

    I think Htc should give it another shot.

    • superg05

      then the price will go up cause they don’t want to undercut there other products

  • MrWicket

    Here’s a crazy thought! First I have been against the Nexus 5 name from the beginning, the name is the not the version it relates to the basic screen size, Google said so themselves when they really started to rock this ‘Nexus’ branding. So now, here’s my thought, we’ve heard rumors that both LG or Moto are making the next one so what if both are? Moto will make the next Nexus 4 based off the Moto X and LG will make the first Nexus 5 based off the G2! This could hold water to reliable rumors on both fronts and even justify the Nexus 5 name. As to if this is in fact an early look at the N5.. dunno, rumors get crazy this time of year so sadly it either is or isn’t but I am sure we’ll find out as more images start to add fuel to this burning train (referencing the image posted by @bkosh84:disqus).

  • pat kerby

    No don’t skimp out on the cool hardware, please just give us a sweet and sick phone that blows all the other nexus away, by all means give us speakers in front and a sd drive!

  • God No. I cracked my GNex screen last friday and am now waiting for the next Nexus (since am disappointed in Moto X). If it turns out to be sporting this cheap shiny plastic body, I’ll lose my s#!t. Please be a premium device.

  • Noel

    Coming to think of it this might indeed be a prototype of the Nexus 5. The G2 for the Korean market had a removable back plate that showed a removable battery and maybe an SD card slot but it still had the power and volume button placement on the back. Also read that Google wanted nothing to do with the buttons placed on the back and maybe due to design compromise the buttons have been placed on the side but on the opposite side as we are accustomed to. Lets wait an see.

  • JD_26

    wonder why no1 thinks its just the back cover not snapped back into place correctly / fully ……

  • TSON1

    It’s a plastic device with no Nexus logo…

  • JohanV

    I hope not. They should stick with glass or metal.

  • Alain Lafond

    For sure not a plastic device.
    But, if anyone reads this at Google: Please don’t do the same mess as with the Nexus 4. Please, please, please… There’s lotsa peoples waiting for this phone.
    For my part, as I currently own a Nexus 4, I can’t imagine what can be done, in the hardware part, that’ll make me running for a refresh like I was.
    I had a Galaxy Nexus, and the 4 was a really great uprade, but now…
    Not so sure.

  • joejoe5709

    My wife told me I’ve been on my phone far too much lately. I told her that she is more than justified in divorcing me because I’ll openly admit I’m not interested in her until this phone is released and I’ve had a solid two months of playing with it. See ya sometime around Easter, honey bunches. 😉

  • poop

    Looks like plastic.

    • Rob Schoenfeld

      So are half the faces in hollywood.. Your point?

  • SorryImNotSargeOrBionic

    Didn’t Sarge and Bionic say that Moto had another device coming down the pipeline, that was a “hero” device, that wasn’t the XPhone?

    • joejoe5709

      Lol. I guess we’ll have to see. But even if Moto made the next Nexus I doubt it’ll slot above the Moto X specs-wise. “Hero” phone, surewhynot, but that doesn’t mean it’ll have the same numbers as the rest of the bleeding edge flagships.

      For phones such as the Moto X and the Nexus4 I think we need a new category between mid-grade and flagship. Let’s call it a “mid-size flagship”. Like a mid-size sedan in the auto industry.

      • Noel

        If Motorola made the Nexus 5…SURELY the specs will be more than those of the Moto X. You can count on an upgrade in the chipset, screen, camera, battery and a few other specs. At this point one of the two OEMs will make the new Nexus phone..a Nexus that has the G2 as a template sans the buttons on the back will be welcomed and a removable back cover for battery exchange, SD card slot will be a plus plus. On the other hand a Motorola Nexus will also be welcomed…will be exciting to see what they will bring on the table as compared to the past Nexus OEMs.

        • joejoe5709

          Yeah but most are leaning toward the Nexus4 being based off current Moto specs including the Moto X and the Droids which would put it slightly below the LG N5 in terms of specs. Does that make it a hero phone? Kinda. I still like my idea of Mid-Size Flagships. Sounds a lot better than mid-range.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Oh gawd I hope not!