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Super Mega Worm Released to Google Play, Mother Earth is Striking Back

Super Mega Worm

After being out on iOS since 2010, Super Mega Worm has finally made its way to Android. While we haven’t been left out of all the fun – we did get some Christmas Worm action – it still sucks it took this long to bring the original to Android. 

In the game, you play a giant worm whose goal is to destroy mankind before we can destroy Earth. With all of our oil drilling and intense deforestation practices, it’s sort of a surprise something like this has yet to happen. Being equipped with what appears to be some type of EMP blast and a plasma cannon for a mouth, you jump on top of planes and pretty much destroy everything you can.

The game costs a single dollar in Google Play. Go grab it and see what we as Android users have been missing out on all this time.

Play Link ($0.99)

  • sagisarius

    I bought death worm on android a few years ago, hoping it would be as good as this game. Not even close… this game is awesome. Glad it finally made it over to android.

  • jmlares

    Hahahaha, it’s never too late. Hell, I have this for my Mac too! Addicting.

  • JamesU513

    Haha.. No comments. I bought Death Worm already and the Christmas version of this. Too late for you Super Mega Worm.