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Verizon to Sell the Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB Starting Tomorrow for $299

verizon galaxy s4

Starting tomorrow, June 29, Verizon will begin selling the 32GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 online for $299 on new 2-year contract. Up until this point, Big Red only carried the 16GB version of the phone at a price of $199 on contract (with $50 rebate). Since the phone’s storage can be expanded through a microSD slot, the need for 32GB of storage built-in makes little sense to most, but there are those who don’t want to deal with removable storage. I guess this is their option.

The announcement only mentions that the 32GB version will be available online, so you may not find it at all in stores. It also mentions that while they go on sale tomorrow, they won’t ship until July 3.

Any takers? Willing to spend $100 more for an extra 16GB of internal storage?

Via:  Verizon

  • BOB Dudek

    I have millions of YouTube cat/kitten videos…so this is a good option.

  • Joe Miller

    looks like Verizon just droped the price to 249 with 50$ off from a online discount automatically

  • dgarra

    I still get disappointed every time I go on a site and see something like “32gb Galaxy S4 for $299!” only to realize that’s the on contract price. Frankly $299 is too expensive for an on-contract phone and is almost believable to be an off-contract price, but nope. In large part thanks to their annoying price fixing scheme to keep the phones at $549+ even when they’re free on contract.

  • rich r

    that will teach everyone that jumps on a new product the day it comes out… iwait a 6 months to a year for my tech after all the bugs are worked on and the reviews are out and the drop tests are done and the water submersion tests are done.. use some will power and just wait then you wont feel burned.. o and they are CHEAPER AFTER A COUPLE MONTHS, imagine that..

  • Merlinman

    I am that non-techie Grandma you’re talking about, and I was hoping someone would please give me some advice? I currently have the LG Revolution…it’s crap, because I have to reboot constantly. My Verizon upgrade comes on 7/28, and all I want is a phone where I can use the web constantly, take great pics and video, text, email and make calls. I use absolutely ZERO apps, play no games, and store no music. (I’m exciting, I know!)
    Would this Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB be good for my needs? Thanks in advance, Everybody’s Grandma xoxo 🙂

    • starnovsky

      I think Galaxy S4 is a best phone on Verizon at the moment. 32Gb is better than 16.

      • Merlinman

        Thank you! Have a great Sunday. 😉

  • Crack Master J.

    Verizon Wireless To Big to Care!!!!
    Pass it on…..

  • James Hill

    There is an app (3rd party) to move Gameloft game data to SD.

  • arapeyh

    Kind of sad, everyone on the street owns a Galaxy now. From the non-techie grandmother to the from Iphone-hardcore sister who is using T-Mobile thinking she gets good coverage and value with it.

  • yungqb7

    Nope I’m fine with my Verizon 16GB GS4 + 64GB microSD card. I have about 50 apps on my phone and it only took up 1.5GB. So I have ~8GB for left for apps, which is something I won’t be able to fill up so it doesn’t affect me.

  • Geoff Johnson

    And 15 days from then they will have a new color choice…

  • Greg

    Called it!

  • master94

    It cost maybe 5 dollars more to build the 32GB model. Yet they want $100 more. Capitalism

    • Tyler Durden

      That’s every company

  • James Hill

    Just buy a used one from someone in a month for $500, and keep your unlimited data plan.

    • Jordan

      What I did for my 16gb s4.

    • Tyler Durden

      Or $100 on a broken one and spend another $100 on insurance for a $200 brand new S4.

  • Bill Hill

    Go eat a bag Verizon

  • evltwn

    Well I have a week to go in my 14 day “trial period”, looks like I’ll be returning it and getting the bigger version.

  • user311

    I hate verizon. If it wasn’t for their unlimited data and great coverage they wouldn’t have my business… Will resist the urge on pulling the trigger on the Note 3 if it isn’t offered as either 32 or 64GB at release. My crummy 16 GB S4 should hold me over till then.

  • Lonnie Kerchief

    Without rooting to move storage around, the 16GB model is quite limited as far as application install space goes, especially with many games being multiple gigabytes in size. That’s why there actually is quite move of a demand for this device than you might think,

  • roberthenderson

    I’ve used up 20 of my 32gb on my galaxy S 3 and half of my 64gb card. A few big games pictures and videos can eat up a lot of memory. Some of us don’t want to have limits on what we store. So I would definitely buy 32gb or 64gb again. would love to have gotten theNote

  • flosserelli

    “the need for 32GB of storage built-in makes little sense to most”

    Yeah, if you’re not into a games that eat gigabytes of storage. You can never have too much internal memory. Whether its worth an extra $100 depends on the individual. But generally speaking, a device with 32gb internal memory is more future proof than one with 16gb.

  • RoadsterHD1

    100.00 for 16gigs, is dumb. By a 16gig SD for 20.00

    • abc

      Sadly, SD cards on Android phones are becoming useless if you want to store anything other than photos.

      Google doesn’t support apps to SD. Samsung did release an update for the international S4 which supports apps to SD but not the “app data” to sd, and it is the app data which takes up all the space, especially in games. So that doesn’t solve the problem of limited storage for apps.

      Also, any music purchased from play or movies from play or any other media content supposedly is a near impossible pain to get onto the external SD to play nice with Android.

      With less than 9gb free on the 16gb version, and a microSD which is proving to be useless for anything other than photos, it seems one is better off putting the money towards the 32gb model instead of a microSD card.

      • MicroNix

        “Also, any music purchased from play or movies from play or any other media content supposedly is a near impossible pain to get onto the external SD to play nice with Android.”

        Ok, now you’ve totally lost credibility in this thread. How long have you been using Android phones? Are you kidding me?? “Supposedly” is near impossible? Do you even OWN an Android phone?

      • RoadsterHD1

        There are tons of apps you can use to download music, and put it on your SD card and use a player like n7player to listen to them, and it don’t cost a dime. You can also load movies on your SD card and watch them with any player. You can load pdf or doc excel etc…. and use an app like quick office or Office suite Pro to access all these wonderful documents.

  • Kels Gz

    Geez! Thanks a lot Verizon. $249 (less $50) + unlimited data is good enough

  • RaptorOO7

    Does this surprise ANYONE that Verizon would launch the 32GB after the 14 day return period, well it SHOULDN’T.

    • flosserelli

      Verizon is the largest corporate troll on the planet.

      • MicroNix

        You must have never dealt with AT&T.

    • Idon’t Know

      They have done it before and it is perfectly predictable that they would do it again.

    • Joy E. Allen

      what Karen replied I am surprised that someone can make $6925 in one month on the internet. did you read this link


  • Brian Utne

    Also, with Google+ Auto Backup and Streaming music being so easy to come by these days, I have about 22/28 gigs free on my Galaxy Nexus. And I’ve had it for a long time..

  • I just spent $694 for the 16gb version so there’s no way I’m paying out another $800 for an additional 16gb. Plus you don’t even get the amount they promise anyway due to the stuff the load on the system. I have a 32gb sd card which works well for me. I may even upgrade to the 64gb in the near future, just because.

  • DS

    Have been waiting for this as 32GB + 64GB Sd Card = tons of pictures of my kids doing funny stuff.

    • hkklife

      Yup, I am in the *EXACT* same boat! I have a 32Gb SIII + 64Gb Sandisk card, so I really would want to upgrade just for the bigger & better screen, camera, SoC and (hopefully) reception.

      • abc

        Just my opinion, but I think if you have an S3 already, then you should pass on the S4 and wait for the upcoming Snapdragon 800 phones.
        First off the features of the phone are fantastic, I love air gestures, answering your phone with a waive, stuff like that. However, the day to day user experience with Touchwiz is a horrible stuttered lag mess. The phone feels so incredibly slow. You don’t feel like you’re using a top of the line 700 dollar phone. Everything from opening apps, to scrolling, to viewing pictures in gallery to typing on the keyboard stutters in an unacceptable manner.(And yes I tried all the fixes online including turning off animations, doesn’t work). I guess if you’re going to get rid of Touchwiz and flash a custom, then get the phone. Otherwise, I say wait until Snapdragon 800 phones come out, or until Samsung fixes the problem on the S4. S4 would be a downgrade to your S3.

        • Buddha

          you are out of your mind. The S4 is a total upgrade over the S3. in picture quality alone it kills it. How could you possibly say it’s a downgrade to the S3?

          • Idon’t Know

            In most cases but the latest version of Touchwiz is bloated, slow and the “smart” functions basically don’t work.

        • samg77

          I dont know what phone you were using, and I mean no disrespect, but this phone feels lightning fast compared to the GS3, as it should. In benchmark tests, the CPU is 4 times faster, GPU 2x faster, and the ram is 2.5x faster than the GS3. I experience NO lag, the opposite infact, everything is super snappy.

          • abc

            Yes, the device scores high in benchmarks. But like I originally stated, “the day to day user experience with Touchwiz is a horrible stuttered lag mess.”

            Benchmarks are useless in your daily user experience if you’re scoring 13k in Quadrant, but go to send a text message and the keyboard stutters…you’ve moved on to the next word and the phone is still stuck on the last thing you typed. You go to open your gallery and all the photos stutter as they open up. You click the dialer to make a call and it literally stutters a good 2 seconds as it opens even with animations turned off. You swipe between home screens or the app launcher and you get “stutter stutter stutter lag lag lag.” I could go on, the phone lag drove me INSANE. And please don’t try to say it must have just been my single unit. I’ve used way too many S4’s to know they all do that, and it is well documented in various forums and reviews.

            The lag was so bad for one reviewer, he came to the same conclusion that I did. Can’t use the S4 as a daily driver until they fix the lag problem.

            Watch this review video

          • Tyler Durden

            No company is making a phone that’s going to beat the S4 for at least a few months. And even then won’t beat the camera quality of it.

          • abc

            Agree about the camera quality, but we can’t really predict camera quality about future phones with unknown specs and sensors lol. For now, the S4 takes fantastic pictures in well lit environments. Snapdragon version uses Sony Exmor R sensor, the Exynos S4 uses the better Sony Exmor RS sensor which is also found on the Xperia Z phone.

          • MicroNix

            With the low light setting turned on, it takes great pictures in not-so-well-lit places too.

          • MicroNix

            No lag with an S4 here. And compared to the S3 it is noticeably snappier. Granted I haven’t “used way too many S4’s” like you, but with the single S4 I have, I can say its just fine. Maybe you just aren’t holding it right?

    • starnovsky

      Google+ photo backup is an awesome thing

  • Daistaar

    That’s really stupid. Save the hundred bucks and spend 50 on a 64GB MicroSD. You’ll have 2.5 times the amount of storage as compared to a 32GB S4 and still have 50 bucks for who knows what…

    • Dave

      50 chili and cheese big bite dogs at 7-11.

    • RaptorOO7

      You still can’t put the apps on the SD card so for those who actually carry a lot of apps a 32GB version is a necessity. If you don’t then it’s not.

      • master94

        I thought Samsung was reintroducing apps2SD option?

        • T4rd

          Yeah, but it hasn’t been released yet for the international version, and when it has, expect it to take another 2-4 months for it to hit the Verizon GS4.

      • John

        Really? I’m rocking the Bolt, load my apps, navigation, and games to the teeth and it only use up 1.9 GB internally. They occupied about 25GB on the SD card, so to need 32GB of internal storage is absurd…unless you’re talking non-expandable, but we’re talking about the S4.

    • steve30x

      yeah after three big games downloaded, and a handful of apps see how low internal memory you’ll have left. Especially if you use spotify or Google Access and pin music. Its only a mere 9 gigs not really 16.

      • Daistaar

        Are you guys serious? Only the app install goes internal. App data goes into your Android folder on the SD card if its detected. Gameloft, EA and almost any app dev I can think of has been that way since the ‘bolt. Asphalt at nearly 1.9gb only has about 34mb on the internal RAM.

        • Jordan

          Good point. Forgot about that.

  • Eric

    I have been waiting for this and will be purchasing. The reason why is i use google music all access and download/pin music to my phone. Google for some reason only downloads to some mystery folder on internal memory. I tried searching my files to move to sd card but no luck. This is the number one reason i will only buy phones only with 32gb of storage.

    • Blue Sun

      Couldn’t agree with you more…

    • roberthenderson

      never buying another song from Google. They have it set up where you can’t use any third party music player. Back to Amazon permanently.

      • ramifications

        You can download them on your computer from the google play website then put them on your phone memory. I’ve done this before when I’ve purchased through Google play and it works perfectly.

      • Geoff Johnson

        Uh, what? When you buy a song you can download the MP3 DRM-Free twice to use in any player you want.

    • ramifications

      I also want a 32GB plus phone… but just as an FYI:

      You can download the songs on your computer from the google play website then
      put them on your phone memory. I’ve done this before when I’ve
      purchased through Google play and it works perfectly.

    • starnovsky

      You offline often? Or limited data plan?

      • Eric

        I am on a limited data plan.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    I switch phones so often.. that having my data “trapped” on internal is a freaking pain!! I used to be able to pop out my 64gb card and slip it in the next phone but now I have to manually merge my folders from the internal to the external and then switch it. So no thanks on the 32 gb…

    Although now I think about it.. It would be nice to have the room to keep my nandroids on the internal instead of the sd card… Then when I switch phones I don’t have to clear out old nandroids, I could just leave them behind. HHMMMM

    • starnovsky

      Cloud storage is a cool thing

  • Trevor

    I’ll stick to my 32GB SD card instead. Might even upgrade to 64 in the near future.

  • Thomas


  • pubasnacks77

    How much for full retail? I want to keep unlimited data

    • Mike


    • user311

      699 for full retail. I should have waited 🙁

    • ScoobySnack

      I have the “NATIONWIDE TALK 450” plan with unlimited data. Currently running a Droid X, which is obviously not 4G. The DX is the only phone on my account so there’s no data sharing currently.

      If I buy at full retail, would I be forced to change my plan since this is a 4G device?

      • pubasnacks77

        No if you buy at full retail, you keep your current plan so you would still have unlimited data

  • ITGuy11

    Of course after the 14 day return period of the 16GB model….


    • jaybar

      drama queen. go buy a micro sd card.

      • samg77

        Why are you flaming? Sounds like you don’t know much about smartphones, as the Internal memory is needed for installing APPS. All the SDCARDS in the world, don’t give you more room for installing apps, unless you care to root your phone and run a script which swaps internal memory for external memory. I just bought my S4 last Sunday thankfully, and will be promptly returning for this model, as I myself and alot of other people like having more than 9GB available for applications. So if your going to flame someone, at least be knowledgeable.

        • jaybar

          that’s not a flame, and believe me I know plenty about smartphones

          • Idon’t Know

            No. You don’t.
            SD cards are slow.
            SD cards are unreliable because they use the cheapest NAND left over from other production.
            Many apps don’t work with SD cards. Like Google Music streaming
            Google has ceased supporting sd cards and is negative towards them for the reasons stated above.

          • MicroNix

            I’ve used SD cards for photos, music and vids since the D1 and never EVER had an issue with the speed of it for those items. That leaves the 16GB of internal open for apps, which I never had an issue with that being too small either.

            So either you’ve never used SD or you are a performance spec nut which in many instances has no relative value to the real world. A class 10 SD card is speedy enough for 1080 video recording and far more than fast enough for music and photos.

          • BSweetness

            …or you install a lot of apps, which fill up that 16GB fast. That is becoming an increasing problem for a number of people because many apps (particularly games) are taking advantage of 1080p resolution screens. Just a handful of high-end games could fill up 16GB in no time (especially when you’re looking at actually having only 8GB to 10GB free on the S4).

            Personally, I don’t have many games, but I have a lot of apps that install large amounts of offline information. I’m always fighting for free internal memory on my 16GB Note 2. SD cards are great for personal files, but they’re not great for more app storage. Even after rooting and swapping the internal memory with the SD card, a SD card can be very slow for running many apps, and that can cause a variety of issues. While wanting to force people into the cloud is one reason for Google discouraging the inclusion of microSD card slots on Android devices, another is because of the instability and issues that running apps off a SD card can cause. That’s a big reason why the features to install apps to the SD card was removed from Android.

        • starnovsky

          My apps are taking like 2Gb and I thought I have a lot of them…

          • jaybar

            I’m using about a gig for 50ish apps on my 16GB GS3 and I don’t necessarily even need that many. I have all of my pictures/videos saving to my card. Those of you who are running out of space on internal need to reconsider what you’re using your smartphones for or delete whatever you’re not using…

          • Keg Man

            some apps are close to a gig in size. I have 2 or 3 of them

          • Jaypseudo

            You seriously need to reconsider the usage of your brain. There are those of us that have apps on our phones for just in case scenarios. We do tech work. We also like to make our phones and communications secure and out of reach from the prying eyes of big brother and black hat hackers. Maybe you are OK with your Facebooking and Youtube along with mindless gaming. But there are those of us that like to use that gray matter between our ears. People like you are absolutely the pits of ignorance. Good day!

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    I came to the comments to say the same thing.

    • 🙂

    • Brian Utne

      Lol, sorry, it’s a huge pet peeve. 🙂