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Final Fantasy IV Hits Google Play, a Classic RPG With Some Modern Upgrades


You would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated fan base of a video game series than the fans of Final Fantasy. These same fans who also own Android devices are going to be excited to hear the news that Final Fantasy IV, one of the more classics in the series, has now hit Google Play and is ready for you to get your nostalgia on. 

This isn’t FFIV exactly how you remember it though. Square Enix has put in the world to add 3D graphics into the game and give the visuals a little bit of an upgrade from what they were when the game first debuted. Certain points in the game even have voice overs added so you don’t have to read for the entire game. All of these additions to the original game come with a price however, the game costs $15.99. If you want to relive the game you played a while back or are getting into it for the firs time, check out the game in Google Play below.

Play Link ($15.99)


  • Zilveari

    Meh, we’re not waiting with baited breath for FFIV. what we REALLY want is our translated version of War of the Lions. Been out on Android in Japan for months… WHERE IS OURS!

  • nx8

    Final fantasy ^^

  • carluverdrm2004

    I wish the fanbase of Final Fantasy could give some encouragement to the fanbase of Suikoden. More specifically, fans of Suikoden I and II on the PS1, II being my favorite rpg of all time. I’d pay to have that bad boy on Android, even though I still have my PS1 copy. Random fact….it’s one of the rarest PS1 games of all time, the lowest price on Amazon for a mint copy is $370, and also just saw it for as high as $2,000 on eBay. Rant over….haha. 🙂

  • RBI411

    Is III also blocked for rooted users? Had considered picking it up if I got another gift card.

  • KennyB

    I’ll pay $15.99 in 3 more FF titles (Cloud is still my favorite FF character)

  • radiohead14

    dang! i had just started with FF3 also. i’ve played all the FF’s except for 3, 4, 5.. which one do you guys like the best among those?

    • Mo Satar

      4 had the better and gripping story, 5 was too tongue and cheek for me. Also very cliche

    • JoshGroff

      I’ve played all but 5/6/9/13/13-2. 4 was brilliant, definitely up there with 7 in my book, not a big fan of 3.

      • radiohead14

        you should definitely play 6 (3 here in the US). for a lot of us oldschool rpg gamers.. that is one of, if not the best FF in the series. better than 7 imo.

        • JoshGroff

          Everyone keeps saying that, I hope it lives up to the hype. I’ve been working my way through in a weird way, started with 7 (parents bought me it when it came out, I was 7 at the time,) played 8 then 10/10-2 and 12 then went back to 1, played through 2/3/4. Trying to run through them in order, but 7/4 keep distracting me.

          • radiohead14

            of course nostalgia plays a part in it also.. back when 3 (6) came out here.. the SNES was in its prime, and FF3 brought RPG’s to more audiences.. i know people credit 7 for that, but that to me is not right. i remember buying it with my own money when i was 12.. seeing the artwork.. hearing the music.. getting to know all the many characters.. it was one of the most well produced game at the time.

          • People kept saying that but I was not convinced since ive played and completed both, VII in my opinion is far better than VI, IV is definitely up there as one of the best games in the series

          • radiohead14

            depends on how old you are. there seems to be a divide with older gamers preferring 6 more. a lot of younger gamers don’t realize that 6 was a big part of the series’ success.. that it helped push the series and gain recognition here in the U.S.. without it.. 7 probably wouldn’t have been as popular. imo.. 6 had the better story, music, villain, and def characters.

          • Im 30 years old i played it when it was Final Fantasy III for the snes and i actually liked it but its not in my opinion what i consider one of the best, i tried not to get bored with it. Final Fantasy IV(FF 2 for the snes) was better in my opinion than VI and VII is in my opinion what i consider the best in the series, IX was another that didnt grab me as VIII did so to me my top in the series would be 4,7,8,10 and my first Final Fantasy game which was a gamboy FF was Final Fantasy Adventure recieved a remake called Sword of Mana.

          • radiohead14

            yea.. i also had final fantasy adventure. i loved that game. played the GBA remake, and i wasn’t a big fan.. the nostalgia of having played it on the greyscale gameboy made me prefer the original. i guess you’re just more a fan of the futuristic like FF’s, since you like 7 and 8 more. i’m more into the traditional formula of old castles, airships, music.. tho i did like 8.. but got bored towards the end. 9 to me and a lot of fans, was square’s throwback to the older FF’s, which played a big part in why i loved it. nobuo uematsu, i believe, even admitted that it was his favorite work. now, i’m currently playing 4 on my S3.. i really like it.

  • hoosiercub88

    Again with the $15.99

    Square, this is what you’re doing wrong….

    • hoosiercub88

      Blocked for rooted users too? Shame shame.

    • Paul Hansen

      imagine how many people would buy this if it were $1-3…

      • JoshGroff


    • JoshGroff

      I’ll gladly pay $10+ for a quality game.

  • mustbepbs

    PSP version > DS version (which this is a port of)

    • I like both, played and finished both honestly id have to say i prefer the 3D remake

  • Paul Hansen

    Blocked by root… Otherwise I’d be all over this.

  • flyinggerbil

    apparently it doesn’t work on rooted devices.

    • JoshGroff

      Can it be played if you turn off debugging like 2 was, or do you have to temp unroot to play?

  • EvanTheGamer

    I already own FFIV on Nintendo DS, so I’m good. Plus like one commenter said, I also could never pay $15 for an Android game. That’s just WAY over the amount I would ever spend on an Android game.

    • MyStroPro

      Aside from the fact you already have it, I have to ask the following:

      …. but you would spend well over this on another portable console?

      I find this argument always strange. We gladly pay well over 15 for a game on another device, yet the Android market (which includes numerous devices), all of which are portable to the same level as any handheld console, somehow doesn’t warrant the same cost for a developer?

      We can tangent into any number of other arguments (cost on a re-released game, Hardware of android devices, etc), but the price one is admittedly a pretty weak place to stand on when we pay the same or significantly more for an environment that is more restrictive and less adaptable.

      I’m not trying to say your wrong by the way, I’ve just always been fascinated by this line of reasoning. If all that was out there in the future for handheld consoles was Android or iOS devices, would the price issue still exist? Is it a perception thing due to other app pricing?

      • JoshGroff

        I think it’s largely perception, because when you compare the price to the PSP and DS version, even used, it’s a bargain.

    • JoshGroff

      My phone, unlike my DS is always on me, so I’d drop the money on a game for my phone sooner than I’d spend the same if not more for the DS version.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yeah, that’s true. I just can’t help but feel that the controls are better on a portable handheld system than on a mobile phone. Just my opinion really.

        But then again, this is an RPG so the controls are probably quite smooth and very easy to get use to. FPSs on the other hand, I’d rather have joysticks than touchscreen buttons(I don’t normally carry around my PS3 controller with me everywhere, lol).

        • JoshGroff

          I’m with you there on FPSs, wouldn’t touch one outside of a console. (Black OPs zombies was a bad enough mobile game experience for me, but even just dead ops was well worth the $7 imo.)

  • MyStroPro

    Is this the same as the PSP (Complete Collection) version?

    • JDub

      I believe this is the DS port.

      • MyStroPro

        Thanks. I don’t have the DS, so I was curious.

  • Guest

    I actually prefer the 2D verison

  • Where is FFVII? That’s all we REALLY want.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Might never happen, but we’ll see. It does appear that Square Enix is slowly releasing the Final Fantasy games in order, but given that FFVII is the most famous one of all(in my opinion), may never happen. Who really knows but them though.

    • Walter Partlo

      On PC.

    • Mallahet

      And FF Tactics?

    • geedee82

      True DAT

    • radiohead14

      i’d prefer FF6 or 9 over 7.

      • enigmaco

        You don’t know how much time I spent on those damn chuckoboos to get the knights of the round summon 7 has to rank up there for me. I thought 9 was a little weird for my taste.

        • radiohead14

          i liked 9 in that it was Square giving it a throwback vibe to the classic FFs. Nobuo Uematsu considered the music in that to be his best work also. if 9 was released in the SNES days.. i’m sure it would’ve been an instant classic.

    • JoshGroff

      I’d love to see an HD remake of 7, like they’ve been teasing forever. Seeing as that game WAS my childhood, I can think of nothing else I’d want more.

  • redskins59rocs .

    It looks good but I will never spend 16$ on an android

    • Paul

      $16 for an entire android seems like a steal to me. $16 for a re-release of an old game does seem a bit steep, but I do have a lot of good memories of playing this game…

      • EvanTheGamer

        This game is better played on a Nintendo 3DS(obviously much better controls).

        • Richard Wolff

          i would game on my phone any day over my 3ds i hate that god damn thing

  • waltercool

    Stupidly expensive! On Vita was at 4USD 2 month ago.