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Android 4.2.2 Firmware Leaked for Galaxy S3, Brings Lots of S4 Features

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As if the brand new Galaxy S4 and last year’s best selling phone the Galaxy S3 didn’t already look enough alike, Samsung is looking to make the software as similar as possible as well. SamMobile has a leaked version of the Android 4.2.2 build that Samsung is working on bringing to the S3. Not only does it upgrade your device to the latest version of Android, but many of the new features from the S4 will be included as well. 

The list of features that come from the new version of Android and the new TouchWiz is pretty long, but the big features include the new S4 lockscreen, which includes multiple widgets, clock resizing and other nifty features. New S-Voice, settings menu and smart switch widgets have all been added as well. If you are looking for the full list of changes or to install the leak for yourself, hit the source link below for instructions on how to do so.


Via: SamMobile

  • KJ

    Is this only for I9300 or will it work with SCH-I535?

  • chapman1969

    Well here we go again I wonder how long it will take verizon to give there gs3 customers the long awaited 4.2.2 update

  • chapman1969

    Please verizon don’t make your gs3 customers wait to long for 4.2.2 update.we are asking u to get the update to us in a timely matter thank u big red!!!

  • Oj Simpson

    of course verizon will add their bloatware before we get it, which take another 6 months, I swear when you call 611 ask the customer service person a question they are totally in the dark, they have no idea what day it is. I hate verizon, also the 2gb data plan sucks the big one….at least att has 3 gb…I will quit them as soon as my contract is up…..

    • Doug Wing

      Everyone everywhere says they will dump Verizon as soon as their contract is up, and yet their subscriber base is growing, and they remain the largest carrier in the US.

      I don’t like VZW’s freakish control over their phones. But I do like their network, and that’s why I stay. Well that and my quite old grandfathered unlimited plan.

  • Tyler Cameron

    And yet nothing for the Note II…

  • Mike

    Think this will have the premium suite us vzw customers missed on the last update?

  • Michael Brown

    Now when will the Galaxy Note 2 be getting 4.2??

  • 213ninja

    if this doesn’t work with any versions aside from 9300, i would expect to see that mentioned somewhere in the article(s)…….


    You mean brings lots of bloat? NO THANKS!

  • MentatYP

    Us SIII users can finally get on the DashClock bandwagon to see what all the hype is about.

  • Yoderz

    Sweet. Can’t wait for beanstown to work some magic.

  • Bob Buttons

    Who was it that had a commercial with someone saying “If they look so similar how will people know I upgraded?” Oh yeah… Samsung.

  • trixnkix637

    I’ve had 4.2.2 on my S3 for months now. Thank you Root!

    • Mudokon83

      what rom are you running?

      are all the apps functioning?

      • Phil Austin

        I use AOKP’s latest build. I have no trouble with it on my S3. Everything works great. Including Google Wallet. 🙂

        • Mudokon83

          ah okay, i tried a few s3 roms including CM10.1 and had issue with google music crashing.

          glad to hear aokp is solid.

          • umbrellacorp

            Switch to AOKP. You’ll not regret it. Everything works in the latest build. I always had trouble with 10.1 using wifi hotspot and having to pull my battery regularly. This was after wiping everything and doing a clean install. Others sound like they had better success but since I’ve switched to AOKP, I’ve never looked back.

      • trixnkix637

        I’m currently using the Avator Rom has my daily driver. But I’ve had Cyanogenmod 10.1 RC, CarbonRom, & AOKP all using 4.2.2. No issues with any apps whatsoever.

        Always ensure to do a clean install before flashing, and sometimes it even helps to wipe the caches after install if you experience lots of crashing. Also make sure to download your apps directly from the Play Store, I’ve had issues using Titanium Backup to restore apps & the apps wind up crashing or having problems.

  • wickets

    wheres the note 2 luv samsung??? 🙂

  • is this for international or US?

    • Steve Benson

      This is for the Exynos version only.

  • Where’s the “Verizon like always will be the last version to get this. Eff you, Verizon! You suck! I’m leaving you as soon as my contract expires, but I won’t really because you have the best network where I live.” comments?????

    • JoshGroff

      “Verizon like always will be the last version to get this. Eff you, Verizon! You suck! I’m leaving you as soon as my contract expires, but I won’t really because you have the best network where I live.”

      There’s one, two if we include yours.

    • sc0rch3d

      was with verizon for 6 years and left….best mobile decision i ever made. then again… ATT “4G” speeds rival VZW in my area (20down/10up)

      • I have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon LTE because it’s the fastest network I can get a Nexus device on. I also have a Nexus 4 on AT&T, but the N4 only does HSPA+, not LTE, so the speeds aren’t nearly comparable. Once a Nexus comes out that actually supports AT&T LTE, I’ll probably buy it and see which one I like better.

        • Blue Sun

          I too am waiting for this to happen. VZW contract expires in August, then waiting to cancel based on the new Nexus specs.

        • KleenDroid

          Next month you can buy the AT&T stock Samsung Galaxy S4 with the Nexus like experience.

          • Yes but I’ll have to see a screenshot of the build number first. I’m not entirely convinced that it’ll be a Google ROM. I think the Google Experience S4 will be stock Android, but will be maintained and updated by Samsung, kinda like the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, and all the GSM yakjuxx Galaxy Nexus firmware variants. Unless it’s a Google ROM (meaning the build happens at mtv.corp.google.com and has a standard 5- or 6-character build ID), I’m not interested. Samsung takes forever to update those Galaxy Nexus yakjuxx variants and even the Sprint variant takes a while (to come from Samsung, not even talking about the extra delays introduced by Sprint). If the S4 is going to be inhibited by Samsung as the middleman, count me out.

          • Jared

            I think they said in the Keynote that Google would handle the updates for the GE S4. However, you are right to be apprehensive until you’ve seen the build number.

          • Especially because all they said in the keynote is that it would receive “prompt system updates”. Well on the Galaxy Nexus, even the yakjuxx Samsung ROMs get “prompt updates” if you benchmark it against any other phone on the market. So yeah, until I see a build number, color me skeptical. haha

          • Jared

            Ha, good call. I didn’t think it through that way. I’ve refused to rely on Verizon to be prompt with updates, since they are anything but. If I weren’t heading to grad school, I’d be all over this, if it is getting updates from El Goog.

          • Yeah, thankfully the Verizon GNex updates come straight from Google. Could you imagine all the extra delays we’d get if it ran a Samsung firmware variant? The idea of Google -> Samsung -> Verizon makes me cringe considering that Google -> Verizon takes long enough as it is. haha

  • YYEEAAHHH 🙂 me so happy

  • T4rd

    Kleendroid says this is Amazing.

    • KleenDroid

      Yes he does