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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Arrives in Stores May 30 for $199 After Rebate

verizon galaxy s4

According to Ken Muche, a Verizon PR rep, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive in stores on May 30 for $199 on 2-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate. He also confirms that pre-orders for the device start tomorrow, but for the first time in any sort of official capacity, we now have a date to mark on our calendars. Why on Earth their variant arrives a month later than the rest of the world is beyond us, but I’m sure they needed to “test” it further.

He didn’t specify the version of the phone that is priced at $199, but we would assume it’s the 16GB model. I have to admit, though, that I’m surprised to see them attach a $50 mail-in rebate – I thought we got rid of those years ago?

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Via:  @VZWKen

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  • my question is, if i wait and get it from best buy on the 30th is it going to be $199 or $249 with the rebate crap like at vzw store?

  • Redsun

    Verizon… getting the next best… well after the rest.

  • ckeegan

    Hmmm, with 3 upgrades available on my account between now and August, do I just jump at the S4, and then still have the option to wait for whatever comes from I/O???

    Just can’t take my GNex battery life anymore. I charged my phone three times today, and yes, I’m talking from 90+% to 30% or less THREE SEPARATE TIMES (on the extended battery no less). What can I say, I use my phone as a phone A LOT. It’s called work.

  • I thought Verizon did away with the mail in rebates?

  • Buckoman

    That’s a lot better than that $249 I was hearing about.

  • jd

    Fail, this thing will be old news in the tech world by May 30. I preordered mine yesterday at BB before knowing it would be another month+. Just wait, Google will bring something else out before that time that’ll hurt the S4.

  • Lawson72

    No i want to get rid of my x2. I really wish i could ditch verizon but stuck with them for at least 4 more years

  • Alexander H

    Really? Didn’t they just kill rebates last year?

  • DanSan

    oh hell yea. upgrading my moms dumb phone line and taking them phone from her so i keep unlimited data 🙂

  • mcdonsco

    Why the hell does it always take Verizon so damn long to do things? Grrr…I want this phone asap.

    Damn it Verizon!

    • michael arazan

      Probably because they need time to add 25 bloatware apps and make sure the phone still works after they are installed. And knowing verizon’s cheap ass, they probably use interns for everything so it takes longer

  • lacrossestar83

    This is worse than Apple. Goodbye, Verizon. It was not nice knowing you anyway

  • disastrousrainbow

    Well seeing all the inventory issues that are starting to pop up for all these other carriers, my guess is Verizon would rather avoid that to make sure they have them available on the day they said they’d have it available.

  • yungqb7

    Wow, 5/30. Late to party as usual Verizon. Need that much time to lock down the bootloader? So much for being #1

  • thedonxr

    it takes an extra month to lock the bootloader 😛

  • Verizon……….late to the party, as usual. Big shocker!

  • RaptorOO7

    Verizon killed off the Mail-in Rebate program a year or so back. So now they are using it again to artificially pump their revenue numbers while they drag out your rebate and if people aren’t smart and cut out those UPS codes and then oh crap I want to return it, well you can’t no UPC code on the box.

    • Not necessarily, here in the south (central florida) we use Mail-in Rebates very often on certain devices. As an authorized dealer I am able to presubmit the rebate for the customer and have never heard of it taking longer than 14 days to get back to the customer. Verizon has switched companies they use to process rebates back in early 2012, so it is more accurate and faster…

  • Tim

    Well this kinda sucks. But i guess us verizon people knew it was coming. Question for you guys. Will you be able to stroll into a verizon store the afternoon on launch and get one? Or do you think it could be sold out? Dont really see that happening though.

    • ToddAwesome

      I’ve strolled in on several ‘major’ release days and they’ve had said device in stock. Just my experience though.

      • Tim

        Usually i would preorder. But Im adding my GF to my account. And i figured it would be better if i went into the store to do that.

    • I recommend pre-ordering.

  • EvanTheGamer

    May 30th will be here before ya all know it! I honestly cannot wait. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Galaxy Nexus over the last few years, but it’s about that time to finally upgrade to a new phone! I cannot wait!

    I’ll be pre-ordering my SGS4 at Best Buy today or tomorrow just so I know I’ll hopefully be getting it on May 30th and not a day later! Plus I still have that $50 credit I got through Best Buy a few months back so might as well use it!

    • And if Google announces the 32 gig Nexus 4 with LTE for Verizon?

      • Jordan DeBarth

        There wont be a Verizon or CDMA version of the N4.

  • Emoney

    this is perfect, now we can see if there’s a Nexus 4 available for LTE or any more word on a Verizon One before making the s4 purchase

    • kervation

      I like how you think.

    • gokusimpson

      I’d like a nexus 4 with LTE and Snapdragon 600, but I doubt that.

  • kervation

    Is it confirmed that the 16GB will indeed be $649? I am thinking of purchasing the S4 at retail so I can retain my unlimited data.

    • Me also cause that is the way to go brah. 300 for a brand new phone with the sale of my S3 for 300 and hopefully the 50 dollar mail in rebate pertains to people who pay full price as well. I asked them that on twitter if it does. Have not heard anything back yet.

      • kervation

        I tried Twitter too. Like a previous poster stated, The Verge is reporting it will be $649 for the 16GB at full retail. About time we got an actual date.

        • yep I saw that a while ago. Not bad considering I’ve seen the Nokia phone selling for 749, 799.

      • TranquilBeast

        Rebates only apply to contracts

  • So they’re getting the other high end phone that every non-iPhone user will probably buy, and they’re getting it a full month after everybody else? Why did they pass on the One again?

    • Tim242


  • Sam

    Another tech site (BGR) said they’ll have 64GB option too, can you guys confirm this?

    • I actually stopped by the Verizon store today and a rep told me that there would be the 64GB option, but that Verizon probably wouldn’t carry it.

  • Perfect that gives all us verizon customers just enough time to see what happens on google I/O on May 15-17 to see if this is worth it.

    • Emoney

      very much agree, if the s4 had come out sooner I may have been tempted to get it but now we can see what goog’s has

  • This goes to show, being evil costs more money.

  • Bryan Sparks

    Any ideas when the pre-orders will ship? I imagine it will be towards the end of May but one never knows anymore what the heck Verizon is doing.

    • Sam

      They confirmed May 30.

  • dima


  • viewthis66

    come August when i can upgrade this puppy is mine. so long GS3.

  • Kyle

    What’s the full price….may want to do the new payment plan so I can keep my Unlimited data??

    • My first guess is ~$600.

      • picaso86

        Plus Verizon’s “NEW” fees….

    • chris125

      It’s verizon so most likely $699

    • zepfloyd

      $649 for 16GB, confirmed via the Verge. Yikes.

      • Austin Warren

        That’s for every phone. Yikes.

        • zepfloyd

          No, 16GB is usually 599.

          • Austin Warren

            Never seen that. Show me.

          • zepfloyd

            What? No… how about you go to simply go to Verizon’s site and look for yourself. GS3, Razr HD, DNA are, and launched at $599 for 16gb, 32gb is usually $649. Exception is the iPhone, which they are now bringing the GS4 to how they price that.

      • Considering if I go subsidized, lose my unlimited, cheaper plan, it’s ~$35 more a month. Over 2 years, that’s $840. So $649 is actually a bit of a deal I think.

        • Dude I figured it out what I’m saving my keeping the unlimited data plan and paying for the phone full price, versus losing my unlimited data and paying half. You can sell the s3 for at least 300, if the 50 dollar mail in rebate is good for people who pay full price then you are only paying 100 dollars more to keep your unlimited data and save yourself from having to pay extra for high speed internet service at home (especially if you root your phone). I’ve figured a savings of around 700 dollars a year minimum going the full price route.

        • If you have unlimited data then you are probably on a 700 or 1400 min plan with unlimited text, just add a line for 9.99 a month to your plan to get the phone at a subsidized price (199 after 50 MIR) and put some basic (flip) phone on that extra line and put the GS4 on your phone number. BAM! You keep unlimited!

          • DanSan

            im upgrading my moms dumb phone line and taking the phone from her lol

          • ceejw

            Not a bad idea. When you factor in the two year contract for the dumb phone line you end up paying $440 for the GS4

          • Tim242

            Not exactly. A $9.99 line is about $15 with taxes and surcharges. So that’s another $120, making it $560. Still cheaper than full retail though.

          • Tim242

            Or cancel that line and pay the ETF. Then you get it for $550 instead of $650.

        • ceejw

          What’s a better deal is waiting a 2 or 3 months after the phone is released and buying it used on ebay or swappa for around $375

      • ceejw
      • RaptorOO7

        That’s what they were charging for the GN2 16GB, what a rip off. No Wacom digitizer, same memory, smaller screen.

        • Tim242

          The GN2 was $700 + tax…about $750 with tax.

    • Synaptic13

      I can save your unlimited with an upgrade 😉

  • LiterofCola

    Just get the 16gig model and buy a Sd card for cheap

    • ceejw

      Some people want to use the Google play music cloud sync feature to sync more than 16GB of music or install a lot huge apps. Sd card wont help in those areas, you need more internal storage.

      • hkklife

        When will these idiots learn that we are well into the post-Gingerbread era and internal storage is MANDATORY for application installs? The GS 4 has only ~9.6Gb free internally out of the box. That isn’t very much these days, especially if you are a gamer. And all of the burst shot modes require the faster internal storage.

        • I JUST bought the 16 gig Nexus 4 and now I hear rumors of a 32 gig Nexus 4 going to be announced at the I/O in May….

  • John Ippolito

    Ugh. You have one more month to live, Thunderbolt. You better enjoy it.

    • jb

      Same idea here only mine is a plea… Please live for one more month, Thunderbolt!

    • BigAl80860

      Here I was ready to read ‘Last Rites’ to my Incredible II and it just got a Stay of Execution from Verizon.

    • Mr_Tech_13

      I definitely feel you bro,…but my pain is coming from the always lagging, always buggy, always overheating and shutting down DROID 3

  • May 30th….no thanks…

    • Austin Warren

      You’ll live.

      • yeah it’s the price you pay for being on the fastest 4g and best 4g network in the land 🙂

        • kervation

          True dat

    • Sparxx2k7

      Geesh you’ve waited this long and April is about over …. don’t get your panties in a bunch ….

      • Let me clarify…I wouldnt want to preorder today, and wait til May 30th, if it is that far off, i would just rather buy it in store then lay down the full amount now. Besides i have the Note 2, i am still not convinced i should upgrade…

  • YAY!

  • Roshan John

    So i;m guessing $300 for the 32 gb model? thats nuts.

    • Austin Warren

      SD slot.

      • Roshan John

        yeah. def. but still… they’re just marking up to to show they are boss at this point. Not one other carrier will be marking the 32gb model at 300 w/2yr contract.

        • chris125

          It will probably be $299 with $50 mail in rebate just like the 16gb model

        • It is always more money for something with more storage space no matter what carrier you go to. so to go from 200 with a 50MIR to 300 with a 50MIR is very reasonable…