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New Google Play Version 4.0 Announced, Starts Rolling Out Today (Updated)

google play3

The new Google Play 4.0 that we first revealed two weeks ago has been announced and will start rolling out to devices running Android 2.2+ as early as today.

As you know after watching our early hands-on preview, the focus is on bigger imagery and is “simple, clean and — most importantly — helps you find great entertainment, fast.” The announcement also mentioned that the purchasing process has been simplified, though we will have to wait to get our hands back on it before we know what that means.

Update:  Download it here.

Tablet UI

google play2 google play1



Via:  Android Blog

  • br0

    just download the file –> transfer to device –> go to “downloads” –> and install directly from your phone/tablet
    no need to wait for OTA

  • Matt Gothard

    Will the desktop site get an upgrade too? It would be handy to view, add and delete the wish lists.

  • Can we update it in Nexus ?

  • Worked on my N4

  • EvanTheGamer

    This is great news! Great news, indeed!

  • M.Spit

    did they fix the my apps section to show all my purchased apps? or is it still just a jumbled list of everything I’ve ever installed on any of my devices recently?

  • Patrick Chapman
  • Tyler Casilio

    Is it wrong of me that I designed my mobile site around this 4.0 update? If anyone’s interested I can post the link

    • Malcolm James II

      link us!

      • Tyler Casilio

        take out the ( ) and be gentle lol

        • Malcolm James II

          thats pretty cool

          • Tyler Casilio

            Thanks, I’m working on it with what I can.

  • These instructions posted at reddit. No luck for me so far, but then again, the update may not even be live yet:

    Go into your Settings > Apps menu and scroll to the right until you see “All”

    Under the “All” tab, scroll down until you find Google Play Store and select it

    Hit “Clear cache” and “Clear data

    Hit “Force stop” and “Ok”

    Hit “Uninstall updates and “Ok”

    Back in “All” tabs for Apps, scroll to Google Services Framework

    Hit “Force stop” and “Ok”

    Hit “Clear data” and ”Ok”

    Hit “Force stop” and “Ok” once more

    Reboot device

    • Art Holguin

      funny that i’m literally half way through this and it pops up on here. good stuff. rebooting now

      • Daniel Clifford

        Did it work?

        • Chris Batson


  • Patrick Chapman

    I will give my first born for the APK.

  • Guest

    Maybe they meant that it would actually be on your device around the time of I/O. APK Please?

  • r0lct

    I find it comical how nuts everyone goes over market updates like it’s some sort of killer app. You would think Play Store was the killer app of Android.
    Not trying to be negative or a troll, but I just can’t understand it. I get the desire for Gmail, Maps, etc, but not this.

    • JetBlue

      It’s because of how hard it is to get the update at first until the apk is posted Gmail and maps usually can be downloaded when websites report that there’s updates

      • r0lct

        But everyone’s current Market has 99% of the same functionality. Why not just sit back and wait for it to get pushed?

        • JetBlue

          Latest and greatest so everybody wants it

        • EC8CH

          do you work for verizon???

          you sound like you work for verizon

          • r0lct

            LOL, I’m actually an IT guy and love tech and enjoy the bleeding edge. For some reason my brain still can’t wrap myself around this one. 🙂

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          BECAUSE WE DON”T HAVE PATIENCE MAN!!… Don’t you see we are RABID!

          • r0lct

            I had a bad install on a Market leak on my DX back in the day and after that I decided it was dumb of me to rush to update the market for for no practical reason.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Lol you sound so scared off…. We just like being on the forefront. Come back to the EDGE MAN!!!

          • r0lct

            OK, OK. I’ll load the leak when it comes.

        • ragnarok180

          Because its “new and improved” Don’t you watch commercials? 😐

    • Nothing more exciting than new Android toys. 😛

      And because Google always throws in new features without actually mentioning them.

    • Malcolm James II

      I get excited too, and then ask myself the same question LOL. I guess its just something nice about having new toys. It might not bring much new to the table, but better is still better

  • /fears change

    /hides under rock

  • r0lct

    I hope they kill off all those Andy graphics for app types, just looks terrible. Like Andriod of Reading with Andy reading a book. Just looks out of date.

  • DroidFTW

    So Google is not buying WA. Called BS on that rumor as soon as I heard it.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      What does the new Play Store have to do with Google’s potential acquisition of WhatsApp other than absolutely nothing?

      • Austin Warren

        LOL the dude is clueless.

      • randy

        What does your comment have to do with the new play store? Is it a rule that comments must deal with the post? Just ignore him, no need to be a douche.

        • BulletTooth_Tony

          My comment is related to the new Play Store by identifying the new Play Store and WhatsApp are unrelated. Simple, really.

    • I read your post, thinking that Google was going to buy Washington, not WhatsApp lol

      • Chris Hollenbeck

        I live in Washington State, Google ownership may be an upgrade.

  • It look like they got rid of the dots on the top bar

    • I’m pretty sure that was just there to show that it was a beta, and not the full version.

  • Already did it twice lol

  • Greg Morgan

    Will they be updating the web store as well?

  • If you get the update, be sure to let us know so we can help you extract that .apk. 🙂

    • Yessir!

    • sc0rch3d

      didn’t you guys used to have a way to force these kinds of updates? i can’t remember in the past, maybe clearing some flag or cache?

      • JetBlue

        Doesn’t work since pretty much everybody is trying to pull the update

        • May not be live yet anyway. Google said today, so that could mean in 4 hours for all we know heh.

          • Austin Warren

            It’s 9am their time, so i’m sure people are still sleeping.

          • Was thinking the same thing. Pre-9AM announcement is early for Google.

    • brad kou

      did it work for anyone else?

    • MikeCiggy

      Instructions do nothing. Ill just wait

    • andrew galvin

      warning!! Clearing your google services framework can make your device not show up as a compatible device in the play store.

    • doesnt work on Nexus 4, 4.2.2

    • It worked perfectly. Got the new store on reboot. Thanks mate.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Think they were talking about Babel…if we’re talking about the same someone.

  • Can we get a side of Babel with that order 🙂

  • I doubt it especially if you have the revue, best thing I ever did was upgrade to the Sony GTV.

    • yeah, i have the LG GTV and love it.

    • r0lct

      My Revue received all the other market redesigns FWIW

      • Took mine FOREVER tho, did it finally get version 3 as well?

    • I love my Sony NSZ-GS7. It’s a little slow but the price was right. It seems to get all the latest Play Store app updates. Right now it’s running 3.10.14, which is the same version as my phones and tablets.

  • Waiting on that APK